My name is

Nisandeh Neta

And my mission is to empower YOU to Fulfill YOUR Greatest Potential… and create a better world… TOGETHER.

Are You Ready to Create the Life You Were Born to Live?

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Entrepreneur, business trainer, author, mentor and philanthropist.

Over my 25 years as a business trainer and mentor, I created 48 sold-out training programs, published 4 bestselling books and helped over 150,000 conscious entrepreneurs, just like you, grow their business and become financially free.

I help people like you set big goals and support you with powerful strategies, smart planning and meaningful actions to create the life you were born to live – fulfilling your greatest potential.

What Can I Do to Support You?

Mentoring, coaching, inspiring, butt-kicking... What is it that YOU need right now?

One-on-One Business Mentoring

I'll be your trusted business mentor and  thinking partner for as long as you need/want me

10X Business Mentoring Group

Add at least €250,000 to your business revenue in 12 months

Conscious Entrepreneur

Boost your thinking, problem solving, decision making & creativity

Become Resilient

Prepare your business, personal life & loved ones to deal with anything

Business University

Full access to the recordings of ALL my marketing & business growth courses

What the World's Top Experts are Saying

About my work

Brian Tracy – World Expert on Success & Business Growth

Robert Benninga – World Expert on Top Performance

Tom Beal – The “Simplifier”. Business Mentor to Mentors

Rich Schefren – World Expert on Online Business Strategy

Dustin Matthews – Top Presenter. Speaking Empire CEO

As Seen on TV

My Success Books

Empowering YOU to Fulfill YOUR Greatest Potential

Elements of Success

Turn Your Wishes into Reality

This innovative book explains why success happens and offers a simple, effective program that will allow you to create the life you wish for.

The Enlightened Millionaire

A 15 Step Guide to Wealth, Freedom and Contribution

In this visionary book, you learn the most important strategies and tools you can use to build your own wealth while making the world a better place.

Living by Design

52 Challenges to Create a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Life

This unique book, with its hands-on, interactive challenges, will take you on an epic life experiment, one intended to help you design and manifest your Ideal Life.

Where to Start? Right Here!

Everything You Need to Know to Succeed is Now Yours.

Tens of thousands entrepreneurs participated in my live programs and paid thousands of euros to participate in each program.

Now you can watch the recordings of ALL my programs, for the cost of a couple cups of coffee, at your own time, and from the comfort of your home or office.

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