10 Ideas for a New Client Magnet

The Money is In the List

A lead magnet is a free item or service you give away in exchange for contact details in order to grow your mailing list.

A good Lead Magnet will demonstrate your expertise and help you build your email list – so you can then develop a relationship with your prospects/subscribers.

Use your mailing list communication to get them to know you, like you and trust you – with the end goal to increase sales for your paid offers.

Here are 10 creative ideas for easy and free Lead Magnets that have high perceived value and high conversion:

1. Checklist

Checklists are easy to create (for you), easy to consume (by your prospects) and are in high demand. Checklist is a fantastic way to show your potential clients what they NEED to do, while you can later offer your (paid) expertise showing them HOW to do the more complex items on the list.

2. Template

A template can be anything that provides an outline, or a framework. All your prospect has to do is fill in the blanks. Here is a small part of a 50-page template we used in the past.

3. Plan/Planner

A plan where you mapped out for your prospects what to do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is in high demand. For example, 7 Free Healthy Meal Plans is a wonderful lead magnet for busy parents who are struggling to find the time to figure out what to cook for dinner every night.

4. Worksheet/Workbook

It’s one thing to learn about a new topic in a passive way (reading, watching video or listening to audio). It’s a totally different experience when your prospect can take action with exercises, questions and activities you designed in a worksheet or a workbook.

5. Resource Kit

Lists of resources are valuable because they are huge time savers. Whenever you pull all of the best stuff together, you’re saving your users a ton of research time.

6. Tutorial Video

A video tutorial has a high perceived value so you will get higher conversion. With video, you give your prospects the opportunity to hear your voice, see you, and get to know you. It builds trust, authority and credibility.

7. Infographic

Infographics are being consumed and shared very well on social media. Many people need to visualize a concept before they can fully understand it. So instead of giving users a bunch of boring text to sift through, why not illustrate your point with an infographic? This extra level of detail will make your lead magnet stand out so much more. Here is an infographic that describes our system of writing a book in 28 days.

8. Webinar

Like video tutorial lead magnet, webinars also have high perceived value. In fact, they are even more irresistible because they have another component: urgency. And… you can use 90% of the webinar to get them to know, like and trust you… and the last part of the webinar to present a valuable and relevant irresistible offer.

9. Quiz or Assessment

People love to take quizzes! People are naturally curious about themselves or want some quick entertainment or understanding, so if the quiz (entertainment) or assessment (more serious) you create is an engaging one, you will have a lot of people offering their contact information in exchange for their results.

10. Free Trial

Allow prospects to sign up for a free session or trial for an online course, software/app or a membership site. This gives them an opportunity to “taste” your product or service, and if they’re wowed… they might take you on your paid offer. If you’re not already a member of the Business University… you can try it for free… here.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… for possible Lead Magnets – for your business?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. 10 Ideas for a New Client Magnet

    Here are the ideas I picked up that I really like

    1. TEMPLATE: a template that can be send to prospects.
    Although I am afraid it would scare people off a bit.

    2. PLAN:
    In my case working with kids, that can work. Because I find out that children can improve by a plan that they do every single day.
    So it is good to send parents one

    Although many of my clients like me to solve their problem. Children love workbooks. So I can make one for them.

    This is something powerfull. I can use it for kids. But also for parents want to help their struggling kids and do not know were to look.

    Here are my ideas:
    5. I have my own PLATFORM for learning multimplying. I offer to let them use it for their kids to learn multiplying.

    6. I send every other week a mailing list with video's

    7. Make LOOM video tutorials and send them

    8. In stead of a webinar, make an online presentation with LOOM. It is not so powerfull as a webinar. But this can be one step before that.

    9. Have an assessment, based on the schoolresults.

    10. Just let them bring a friend to the lesson

  2. Thank you for all the tips and tricks. It seems all has been said. Even though I am not here every day, thnx.
    Use a comment, positive or negative, of your customer and make a story around it. This is what X said, and this is my view on it. The lead magnet is in the personal story and in the use of the comment, and what kind of solution you can give. People recognise the comment, like to here your personal view and can relate.

  3. Hi Vered

    Thank you... and, yes I give the full book. The money is in the list, not in the books, so they know they can expect so much more if I offer great value already.

  4. * during an workshop, complicated questions might come forward. Offer a free session to help more personal
    * make a lottery for a free package

  5. WOW , I am quite overwhelmed by all the contributions. My biggest lead magnet this year will be my hard-copy book about how to sell easily and do business freely. So besides an e-book which some of you already mentioned I think there is still a lot good to be said by a book you can hold in your hands and has some more pages than an e-book usually has. And yes free. Only shipping cost :-)!

  6. Start a research where the answers and the trends of your research are interesting to read for your target group
    Organize a walk where registration is required.
    Organize an exhibition of artists for which registration is required.
    Give a free presentation where registration is required.
    Organize several workshops with other companies where registration is required.

  7. My ideas:
    1 ) free strategic session
    2) templates (for emails, reporting, checklist etc)
    3) explanatory video's
    4) (part of) your online program
    5) free workshop (f2f)
    6) challenge
    7) ebook
    8) audio files, which I really want to start trying soon!

  8. We are growing our lists on LinkedIn with so called harvest posts. This technique is what we learn our clients. Some of them have added thousands of subscribers with a 𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗹𝗲 LinkedIn post.

    What we have created so far to grow our own list:

    👉 Free tutorials and work instructions (PDF/Video etc)
    👉 Free workbooks on ales strategy, successful selling and Linkedin for Business
    👉 Free e-book with 100 sales tips
    👉 Free webinars on successful selling and LinkedIn for Business
    👉 Free daily and weekly sales tips
    👉 Free video about LinkedIn for Business strategy
    👉 Free masterclasses, workshops and power hours
    👉 Free network events, actually we have one on March 31st in Voorschoten

    We have stopped giving away challenges for free. This has three big advantages; additional revenue, more commitment, easier upsell to higher amounts.

    1. Hi Franck

      I like your Ideas especially
      - e-book with a 100 tips
      - Network events, I would like to join next time again

  9. There are so many
    I have:
    a downloadable version of my bestseller book
    nutrition books
    empowerment meeting

    1. These are FANTASTIC ideas Naomi... I love them...

      Question - when you say download version of your book - do you give them the FULL book or certain cahpters?

      1. Hi Vered

        Thank you... and, yes I give the full book. The money is in the list, not in the books, so they know they can expect so much more if I offer great value already.

  10. What a valuable lists you all have. My list isn't that long (yet)
    e-book (help your child to learn better)
    at the end of the summer holidays I do a challenge with parents and children for 3 days

      1. @Aramik Well I did it last year for the first time. And as it is for parents and their kids I did it at 8 in the morning the last week of the vacaton. So during the school period is no option. Haven't found another subject yet to create another challenge.

  11. It's a bit harder further in the Challenge coming up with new stuff after having Read all your ideas.
    # a White paper?
    # a game..... challenge 😉

  12. So cool!!

    I am not sure whether this is a lead magnet, it might be a bit big. But I'm doing the first meeting that I take over, for free (normally they pay 2197,-). For my other companies I used tests (that works fantastic), workbooks, and indeed, things to fill in! For instance, a list with things that you would like and not in a meeting.

    Things that I came up with now:

    1. Checklist on preparing your meeting
    2. Ebook with energizers to use in an online meeting
    3. Challenge (for others, I'm not seeing yet how I can do this)
    4. Lunch webinars on how to work with Teams, Miro, Mural, Mindmeister, etc
    5. Send the first chapter of the book for free (or first 5, or 10)
    6. 49 different questions to approach your online brainstorm session
    7. ebook with Virtual Etiquette (ground rules for good online meetings)
    8. LOVE the infographic idea of Bina, I'm sure I can find a way to use it
    9. Video course on how to use brainstorms effectively
    10. Video course on how to quickly get your participant's ideas on the table
    11. Video course (or e-book, or whatever) on how to power up the decision making process.
    12. Fill in the blanks template for a meeting
    13. Digital version of my physical book

  13. 1. People love to give, but very often it's hard for them to find an original present. So, make a lead magnet that is original, valuable and fun for them to give to friends. This idea isn't mine 😉 it is Nisandeh's who gave us an amazing birthday present two days ago (thank you, Nisandeh! looking forward to the webinar). I think you can make this concept even stronger, to focus on 'a present to give away' instead of 'a present for you to pass on'. In my case, I could make a lead magnet that is a present to give comfort to a friend in grief. People very often don't know what to say or give in these situations. In fact, with your lead magnet you give them a big relief and a solution to this problem.

    2. Give people something entertaining or relaxing. Like a short story, a picture book, exclusive access to art photos... You can share a royalty-free jewel you found (on the internet)

    4. Make a 'How to do it yourself' lead magnet

    5. When you create your lead magnet, don't forget to stand out. Maybe you have photography as a hobby. Use these skills to make your lead magnet personal and WOW

    1. Great idea's @Ine! yes..

      And I am just curious: What are your Lead Magnets? You are such a creative entrepreneur, I am sure you have many...

      (ps: Did you check your linkedin-inbox yet? :))

  14. yess! This is one of My favorites as I LOVE free products and Lead Magnets! And I truely believe that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones with the biggest and most Free Products and Give-aways. That's why I made more than 280 (!!) Lead Magnets in these last 4 years and still creating new ones, every 6 weeks.

    And as I said: I love this subjet so I have written a lot of LinkedIn blogs about it and also gathered more than 50 different forms... But don't worry I am not to list all of the 50 I only will list the most effective and most converting ones so that We do keep focus here on Quality and not the quantity... So here comes my top 10:

    1. “Hoe ... “-Instructiehandleiding
    2. Kalender / planner
    3. Videotraining / Videoserie
    4. Serie audio-interviews
    5. Virtual Summit Registration / Gratis Ticket
    6. Online Challenges
    7. Quiz / test
    8. Transcript van video of audio
    9. Good Old Eboek (with more than 49 tips!)
    10. Kick-off Event (of juist Final Event)

    BONUS: Invulbaar werkboek ==> This one made a huge difference! I used to think that a Workbook will get participants to get lazy... Well! not at all! During my last free Challenge (21 Day Boost Your LinkedIn Challenge), 80% of participants sent every evening their workbook back to me. Written and well... It blew my mind!

    1. You're kidding, 280?! Hopefully you do have time left to create paid magnets 🙂

      Nice list, thanks for sharing. And I wonder what your online challenges look like !

      1. No I am not, @Ine 🙂 Time is exactly the reason why I am creating these products 🙂

        Well Which one of these challenges would you like to check?

        21 Day Zichtbaarheid Challenge
        15 Day Jouw Beste Jaar Ooit
        21 Day Sales Challenge
        21 Day Boost Jouw LinkedIn Challenge

        Please let me know and I gladly you grant you acces into these programs 🙂

    2. Hi Aramik,

      I like the BONUS the most. I do not know it will work for my clients. But it could be something just by changing the idea a little bit.
      Therefor you know instantly if your prospects are nice to work with. If they want to do the job.

  15. This challenge is INSANE with the amount of valuable information. Thank you everyone for all your contribution,

    As for today's Challenge I'm amazed to see how many of them I'm already using.
    What works the best for me are the following:

    1. I offer for a limited time my books on Kindle for only 0.99 cents - they can find it there only when they go through my website and that's how I capture their emails as Kindle doesn't give it to us

    2. I found out that people LOVE INFOGRAPHIC and it's also fantastic on Instegram

    3. Templates and Tool Kits work the best for me when I teaching creative writing and coaching writers

    4. Another tool I find that is fantastic in getting people to sign into my mailing list is taking a famous scene from a movie and comparing it with the script and breaking it down.

    1. Halleuljaaaa @Bina 🙂 I love #4 !! Wooww... So where can I sign into your mailing list? (As I do not find you on LinkedIn or where ever..) 🙂

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