10 Ideas for Life Goals Worth Pursuing

Create Your Ideal Life

Here’s a secret to setting life goals: you have to be true to yourself and what you want out of life. Once you’ve tapped into what you want – and not what you think you should want – it all falls into place.

So, how do you set good life goals and create a game plan to make them happen? What if you feel like you don’t have goals in life, or you don’t know what direction to take?

Here are 10 ideas for life goals worth pursuing:

1. Build Healthy Habits

Your habits define the quality of your everyday life. Keep looking for success habits to “install” and sabotaging habits to eliminate. Remember what Aristotle said: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

2. Keep Learning

Pick up an instrument. Learn a new language. Master a craft. Read more books, explore your creativity. Make learning more fun and playful. Become a beginner again and take baby steps with a mindset of curiosity and exploration…

3. Find (or Create) Your Tribe

Knowing you don’t have to go through life alone is an encouraging thought. Strong relationships make the journey less scary and more rewarding. Choose friends, partners and colleagues who challenge and inspire you. Be brave, and choose wisely.

4. Conquer Your Fears

Your ultimate goal in life should be to live free of fear. Figure out which fears are holding you back and start to work on them. Do more things that make you edgy, and watch your confidence increase.

5. Share Your Art

Whether you realize it or not yet, the world needs you. It needs your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your unique perspective. Write, blog, film, paint, sing… It’s never too late to start sharing your thoughts, your values, your ideas, your message – your art.

6. Build a Legacy

Building something that will outlive you. You may want to start a family, build a business, or pass on your wisdom to the next generation. When it’s time for you to leave, you want to feel you’ve lived a life that matters.

7. Have a Positive Impact On The World

The world is a different place because you’re in it. Do your part to have a positive impact on the world in your own way. You can do random acts of kindness, volunteer, start a charity, plant some trees, or make someone smile every day.

8. Accept Life for What It Is (Not How You Want It to Be)

Life doesn’t always go your way. It is useless to fight it, so accept and embrace whatever life has in store as part of your goals in life. Practice enjoying every up and every down. Don’t ruin the symphony by insisting on playing and replaying only a couple of notes.

9. Stop Trading Your Time for Money

Trading time, which is the one resource you can never get more of, for money – is not a great way to spend most of your life. Get a job or a business that pays you for the value you deliver instead of the time it takes you to deliver it.

10. Become Financially Free

You can earn a lot of money, and become financially free at the end. But it might take time, years you spend working too hard. On the other hand – you can lower your lifestyle costs, start shifting from working income to passive income, and when your passive income is bigger than your lifestyle expenses – you’re financially free. This process is a lot faster, and a lot easier.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what life goals are worth pursuing – for you?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Ever since I was little I’ve set life goals. They are like a life compass does me. As it happens My wishes always comes true from type of car to type of relationship. So as my mother use to say: “ be careful what you wish for, it might come true”.

    As I grow older I recognize that a great number of my goals comes from the mind and not my heart as they use to when I was a child. I now know that unattended stress caused by life events or a disharmonial
    Life/work balance has a negative impact on my heart connection. I forget to be grateful and find it hard to really feel what I need at that stage of life. I find it hard to dream dreams guided by my heart. By working with Vered and Nisandeh I come closer to my heart.

    1) I visualize very clearly what I wish for in all its details. And if it’s about a relationship: I imagine in details how the relationship feels and how I feel in the relationship. Or if it’s a house, I imagine exactly what it looks like. I see my family living there. I hear their voices and smell the food. So everything is worked out in my mind in details.

    2) I make a moodboard. Beautiful happy moodboards and hang them on the door in my office which happens to be the door to
    My bedroom. So every morning and evening as well as when I work at home, I’ll see my moodboard.

    3) When my dreams materializes in a manner that is not quite what I had in mind, I reflect on the what I miss and fine tune my dream recognizing that I clearly missed out some details in the first round.

    4) In reaching my dreams I always need to step out of my comfort zone. I need to stretch myself beyond what I thought possible but by having clear
    Goals I clearly attract the “power” to do what is necessary.

    5) I say grace once I reach my
    Goals. And enjoy the fact that I am the architect of my own life’s design.

    6) Financial freedom is a very important factor to living a life of my dreams. I did
    not realize that before I started with the Business Boot Camp so many, many years ago. After that I’ve attended all classes of Nisandeh to work on my (Business) mindset and to built healthy (business) habits and to learn how to
    Take control of the business part of my life.
    In some areas I’ve put my knowledge to
    Good use and in other areas I’m still

    7) I always take full responsibility doe my own life. I know that for every finger I point to others, 4 fingers point back at me. So whenever something does not go the way I had expected I always reflect on my own doing in the process. And when necessary I apologize to the ones who have been negatively impacted by my doing.

    Thanks to Conscious Entrepreneur I know
    Learn to reflect on eg. my habits and recognize the influence my habits have on my life. This helps me reach my next level of awareness.

    I made a few GOAL board with the 7 area's of my life. It is so great when you actually succeed the goals. Put great pictures with a picture of yourself in it.
    Now in CANVA you can let it look like you really did art work.

    This was a hard one for me. But I lost the professional victems. Ore even worse, who like me more as a crying victum

    Now I have people arround me that also are trying to get the best out of live. Especially as a person.

    Not that I am proud of it. But I used to be a professional victum. In a way that was very rewording. Now because I have great people arround me
    I do not even have a chance to go back there.

    In my case I went back to my roots. My accordeon. There was a time I was a little bit ashamed of it. But actually I started when I was 10. Then for 20 years did nothing with it. But I started again with a new mindset. Knowing what I wanted and I have goals I would like to reach. Not big once. But goals that I could reach if I practise regulary. And I found a great teacher who even has an accordeon orchestra. I really enjoy that. I bought a new one.

    We did MIDGET GOLF LAGE VUURSCHE. I enjoyed it fully with my family and extra's. It is short, a lot of fun. And very good for family time.

    We were surrounded by people that did things with us because they needed something.

    Then you have your own litte terrace and do not need to buy expensive coffees somewhere

    In my case I would like to bring an educational legacy. Friends of mine are working on an intrument that can vanish plastic

    After reading some books I found out that in order for me to have a wonderfull life, I do not need MILLIONS. If you just make a list of everything you dream of and everything you want in life. It is much less.
    Then you can put that list, somewhere in the back of your mind and go back to your small 3 month/year goals.

  3. This really reminds me of Open Circles Academy . Especially number 3: creating your tribe. Find people who are like-minded. You will sleep so much better 🙂

    I'm a lifelong learner. Since I want to move to Portugal next year, I trying to improve my Portuguese (I lived in Brazil before and they speak slightly different Portuguese). But I learn about anything health-related. Still, so many things we forgot, or don't hear about.

    Get out of your comfort zone - I remember Vered talking in my ear: "breathe" when I had to stand with my arms open to receive the audience's applause at the master presenter training.

    And breathing. With my asthma (which goes really well right now), I always focused on my breathing. I did "astronaut" training with Wubbo Ockels. What I saw happening with patients with breathing not correctly, I experienced lately as well. Due to stress, I was breathing superficially. So daily focussing on your breathing is literally lifesaving. What I love to do is 4-7-8 with pranayama or superslow breathing - about 1,5 times per minute.

      1. 4 in - hold for 7 - 8 out - and repeat (on your own pace)
        This is for relaxing, lowering your stress level and falling asleep.

        If you combine it with pranayama, then it's more for focussing since you get the two brain parts connected:
        use one hand, put your thumb on a nostril, breathe in for 4 counts, change to your ring finger on your other nostril during the 7 holding counts - breathe out for 8, breathe in for 4, then again change back to your thumb and other nostril - hold for 7 etc...

        I have a video I haven't uploaded yet with me doing this to explain, but I hope this makes sense 🙂

  4. - I work with positive affirmations every day and putting it out there in the universe. Once you believe this works it really works! Sometimes in astounding ways....
    - Think possitively, don't let any negativity get to you, cetainly in these days
    - Do the things that are within your circle of influence, if they are not, look at how much energy it will cost you, but primarily leave it be.
    - I have a special notebook in which I write my goals for one year and write very precisely (or I try.....) what steps to take.
    - I have a jar. I put at least one note per day in it with something that went well. At the end of the year I have 365 positive notes.
    - You can use these to achieve new goals or the same again if those work for you.
    - Get out of my comfort zone
    - Tell your livegoals to someone close to you and have a monthly coffee to catch up and to discuss how you are doing. You can share ideas, reflect, etc.

  5. 1. keep learning
    2. keep talking with other people
    3. keep notes
    4. spend time with your kids, especially when they are doing silly things that are sooooo funny
    5. look after yourself

  6. Nice list!
    Start with mentioning/ considering what your values are.
    What are the most important things in life for you! What's the value of health, work, income, relationships, friendships, environment etc. for YOU!
    What comes first for you!
    Work on your values. Live your values!

  7. Feel what is good for you and for those around you.
    Do healthy things for your body
    do healthy things for your mind
    do healthy things for your social contacts (family and friends)
    value what you have. See what's good and do more of it.

  8. My most important goal in life is a personal one:
    See my granddaughter growing up and give her a key of my home to have a safe place after celebrating life at the Stratums Eind.
    Another personal one:
    Let my beloved ones be as healthy and safe as possible.
    And a goal in between:
    Let there be peace in the world, and let the Netherlands and Europe not look away when pregnant women, elderly people, children and citizens are murdered.
    I feel frustrated that we just talk and talk again, instead of giving a clear sign to the agressors that they should stop.

    Next tho these ones, are the deeply felt wish to let younger people grow up with tools to really understand the information that is overwhelmingly present. What maths can do, and what I can contribute to that, will give me more satisfaction than earning money or improving the profit of my company.
    I know I am late with these comments, but this is what I want to say about it.

    1. Hi Tineke, I have read your contribution with interest and I understand when you say let there be peace in the world. This goal is worth pursuing but the way you formulate it now is not in your own hands. How do you make this goal your own? In what way do you contribute to achieving this goal? How do you turn your frustration into action?

  9. @Marcel - thanks for this clear distinction about habit vs. technique. I guess, for me, in order for something to become a habit I need some kind of technique to install it into my regular life and make it so automatic I don't have to think anymore about it.

    Therefore, again, for me, Thinking in Solutions is not yet a habit but a technique as I need to remind myself doing it when I fall into the trap of focusing on obstacles and problems.

  10. View your fears as great teachers. They make clear to you something that you can use to your advantage.
    Experience every disappointment as a learning moment.
    Put yourself in the shoes of a baby that has just come into the world. What most important life lessons would you hang above the crib? Write it down and read it aloud to yourself. What patterns do you discover that have benefited you the most?
    Learn to recognize the ego in yourself and contrast it with your most important values. Which behavior belongs to your ego and which behavior to your values? Now let your ego follow in the footsteps of your authenticity. They can make a strong couple together as long as your ego doesn't lead the way.

  11. Keep breathing.
    Forgive, do not forget. you will get the lesson again.
    Be grateful.
    Focus on your success habits and fill most of your time with it, you will have less time for your bad habits.
    Keep learning.

    1. LOVE your input Dunja... especially the Keep breathing, so many of us forget this simple one while chasing that pot of gold beyond the rainbow...
      Thanks for reminding us about it

  12. Much said already like #learn to forgive and to be thankful (geest)
    * Be a great dad. Although I know I will get in conflicts, I want ro deal with them in a mature way.
    * Share my life experiences and lessons.
    * Be my true self, pure, take of my mask(s) and dare ro show my real self all the time. (Hard work)
    * Be vulnerable. As the previous one, don't be afraid of it. It's so much better than a sh***y mask.
    * Make my parents proud (before it's too late). And in the same line, don't feel depressed about the things that didn't come on time.
    * Accept that other people are different, do things differently and have different priorities

    1. @Frans: Such a great idea's about being a dad, kid, un-wearing your masks and your vulnerability! I learn a lot from your tips, please do continue sharing them with us!

    2. Your summaries inspire me and if you are okay with it I would like to reinforce it with be credible in what you propagate for everyone who wants to get started with this.

    3. That is a great list you made Frans. Thank you for sharing. I do have a question if you don't mind me asking. You want to make your parents proud you say. Aren't they proud already? And what makes this important to you? (Is there a story behind this perhaps?) If your answers are too personal and you don't feel comfortable sharing, it just triggered me and I am truly interested.

      Your last point is a really good one I think. It makes lives so much easier when you accept the other for who they are. Particularly in relationships partners tend to change you into the person they want you to be. Mostly to cure their pain.

  13. 1. No matter what age you have, make friends in every different generation. Together they will keep your mind fresh and connected to society.
    2. Teach others, have a pupil or an intern. You pass on your knowledge and you learn from them/about yourself.
    3. Always go for quality, especially when it comes to physical products or food. Buy local.
    4. Reduce your waste footprint. Following #3 helps a lot.
    5. Always deliver high quality.
    6. Don't judge. That's a tough one, because our brain is programmed to do so in order to survive. Not judging makes your relationships less complicated and you and I know many more reasons why it's better not to judge.
    7. This one is glad ijs, I might get people angry: When you go for a spiritual quest for your inner self, don't lose other people out of sight. I saw many spirituality seekers drift off, becoming more and more egocentric. Don't go there, use your spirituality to help others.

    1. Your tips are FANTASTIC Ine... I love reading your input. I especially like #1 and I think it's so important - having friends from all different ages gives you a much wider outlook at life. You don't always have to agree with them on how they see life, but it certainly allows you to go outside your own world view. BRILLIANT!

    2. #6 Would like to nuance something. Your judgments and opinions provide structure to order your environment into what is right and wrong. In recognizing whether a situation is safe or dangerous.
      This happens in a fraction of a second. You cannot deny or push them away. What much important is to research them where they come from you. How much influence do they have on your way of thinking and how much direction do they give to your way of thinking. Are you guided by judgment and why is this happening? This process helps you in being congruent with others and what your true intentions are. It erodes your credibility by smiling while disapproving of what you see. Judging isn't bad and having a negative judgment about your judgments doesn't exactly help either. It helps to park your judgments for a while and to remain curious about yourself and the other person.

  14. 1. Make goals in different areas of life. For instance- I never considered friendship as a goal, but making specific goals for my friendships helped me to deepen the existing ones and become very picky on creating new friends, and even say good bye to some.
    2. I can't set goals for my kids, but I can set a goal on how I want my relationship with them to be. Every day and every week I have actions towards that goal. It helps.
    3. Think big, AND think about the first steps that you can do. I finally dared to set a goal to be a conscious millionaire (money mindset is a thing for me). I can see how it works out it my life already (started 2 weeks ago with the daily visualisation)
    4. Think about the end goal. Conscious millionaire to me is not just about the 1M in my bank account. Its about being able to have more impact. I want to be able to spend money the way I want it. I can still be "cheap", or careful, but I never have to think about how I want to use it to help more people. This is a big thing for me.

    1. yeaah @Gerdy! Totally agreeing with all your tips.

      And I don't know about your boys but Our girls LOVE to discuss about our "relationship" goals with them and being part of our Doelenbord. Just check it with them...

      yes! love #4! Yes! That we all should think like that!

  15. yeaaah! Finally! Goal Setting and the endless Power of Manifesting and reaching our goals.

    I still remember the first time I visited "Leef Lekker" and heard Nisandeh talking about Goals, Sequoia tree, Dogs, S.P.I.C.E-method and the Christmas tree... Ever Since (2005), I set goals Every year and I reach more than 70% of them, every year. so a huge Thank you, to you, Nisandeh.

    So yess! Love Goal setting! These are the strategies and ideas that have been working for me:

    1: Always begin with the end in mind ==> your "life intentions" / (grafrede) assignment. Connect with Your Legacy and Purpose + Passion + Potential.

    2: Goal Setting should be FUN! So have Fun while trying to find out about your goals. Put a great music on, drink your favorite drink. I always put "Jim Rohn" at the background in this process. His voice is a great Anker in this process.

    3: Use SPICE instead of SMART. (so Read "Elements of Success")

    4: Get your Wife/husband/kids/team do it together with you! Share the FUN and Share the Fear (as it always will appear while you are setting your goals).

    5: Always think 1000000 UNrealistic and let your goals frighten you. If you really really get scared... then You know that You are in the right direction.

    6: Make a Goal Board (Doelen bord), not a Vision Board. With 7 pictures of yourself, 7 colours, 7 goals and so on...

    7: Share your goals with EVERYbody and let them coach you and hold you accountable.

    8: Put Your Doelenbord in a VERY busy and Visible place (mine is hanging in my Office where I coach, meet and talk to many clients per week!). They always ask questions about it and my commitments grows day by day

    9: Make 2 "Bucket Lists" , 1 Business Bucket List, 2 Personal Bucket List 🙂

    10: Start a Daily Podcast and just record every thought and feeling you have into audio... there is huge wisdom within you and you need to "record" it for the generations to come as your legacy...

    1. @Aramik - I LOVE your 10 Commandments for Ideal Life I totally agree with them.

      I especially like #9 - I always had a "Bucket List" but having one for the business/profession and one for my private life is BRILLIANT!! Definitely going to adopt that one...

      1. @Bina: Yesss 🙂 Glad I can give something back to you and your tips!

        And yes! Please do tell and share your bucket lists with us. We all can inspire each other.

    2. @Aramik - you never cease to amaze me with your endless enthusiasm it's viral (the good one))...
      LOVE your 10 Rules for setting Goals - brilliant ones. I especially LOVE the last one of creating a Podcast. As an auditory person this oen really works for me.

      Thanks for all the value you bring into this challenge and community

      1. Now you just leave me speechless @Vered...

        As the pleasure is all mine and I am learning a lot, every single day. I love this community and I love you both by creating (once again, as many times before..) this amazing platform...

        AND YES! I have so many idea's for Podcast and podcasting for you. All of your Meditations, Visualisations, all those Cd's, Guidlines, Your movie script, Your Books... Oh My! 🙂
        (So yes, when ever you are ready!:))

  16. What helped me and a lot of my clients;

    1. Work on your mindset and definitions. For example, if you don't like sales or certain elements of the sales process yourself, don't let this be your guiding principle towards how you approach your potential customers.

    2. Think BIG

    3. Rely on your expertise and experience

    1. @Frank - Thanks. I'm glad to hear you find them useful as for your question - I think everything I have done and achieved in my life till now is thanks to these principles.

      I moved to 3 different countries over my lifetime, changed 3 professions where each time had to start everything all over again (in new countries and cultures) overcome bankruptcy, health challenges and destructive youth...

      Would love to hear your principles for Ideal Life?

      1. I used to be an employee at DHL for 21+ years. It was great, I travelled the world, met lot's of new people, had a great income and ofcourse enjoyed financial stability. It fit my life at that stage with kids growing up. However it somehow came back at me that I missed making real impact. Since I started with revenuecoach.com I enjoy entrepreneurship and especially making other people more successful. Ofcourse this comes with insights that I need to be in good shape and stay fit and healthy - hence my challenge 😁. In the past 5 years I have worked with a personal trainer and am currently working on something called "heart coherence". I am not the type of guy who gets up early in the morning for some meditation and a cold shower. I prefer working late, getting up late and manage and control my own time. So far so good but it's tough sometimes to keep a good balance. Most importantly I want to deliver good results for my clients, be open and honest also about expectations, I want to add value and connect wherever and whenever I can. I think passion, doing things right the first time and a can do mentality is what I inherited form DHL.

  17. I LOVE this one... Here are my TOP ideas as I can go forever on this issue of goals worth pursuing and on Ideal Life:

    1. READ, READ & READ - not because it is my profession, but because there is a whole world in each book. Make it a priority to read at least one book each week and you'll see how your life turns around.

    2. CONNECT TO NATURE - Nature can teach us so much and has a calming and relaxing effect on us, so make sure to spend some time in nature

    3. LEARN TO TURN OBSTACLES TO OPPORTUNITIES - It's a lifetime journey to master this one, but definitely a worthy goal to have

    4. LEARN TO FORGIVE - Anger, hate, jealousy are human emotions, but carrying them around with you does not make your life happy or richer. Learn to forgive (not necessarily forget) even when it's hard. It would make you a greater person. It's a skill that you can work on and develop.

    5. DARE TO DREAM - and follow your dreams. The challenge is that many of us have forgotten our dreams due to being "practical" - dare to start dreaming again and take actions towards your dreams.

    6. DO WHAT SCARES YOU - At a certain point in life you have to face your fears otherwise they limit you and your life becomes small and insignificant. Dare to take on one of your fears and go through it. You don't have to do all of them, but those that stop you and limit you.

    7 LEARN TO BE GRATEFUL - many times we take things for granted and only realise how important they are when they are taken from us. Life is so much richer when we appreciate and become grateful for what we have. Learn to be grateful each day.

    1. Just a check @Bina :

      First of all: Such an amazing idea's again! love reading them and learn from them. I am copy/pasting them all the time 🙂 I hope you're ok with it 🙂

      Second of all: Why not just write all of your tips that you are giving us into a BOOK or Ebook? You have such a knowledge and wisdom. I would be more than glad to buy this book and pass it on to others 🙂

      So please do keep on this great work, you are doing!

      1. @Aramik - happy to hear that my ideas are beneficial for you, you're most welcome to use them anywhere you think they fit. I always say... "There is no copyrights on the Truth" even though I am a writer and bound by them...

        As for your second idea, my husband keeps bugging me to do it and I'll tell you what I told him numerous times ... When I'm old and grey I'll have time for this book to be written, right now between book deadlines, articles to write, mentoring & coaching, 3 kids, a husband & a dog & a cat to take care of (not to speak of the laundry & other house chores) I have my hands full... Besides it would have a much more perceived value when I fit the position of the "village elder" to write such a book

        1. You rock, my dear @Bina 🙂

          And yess! I totally agree with your husband then 🙂 Hahahah!! 🙂

          Well.. you are already here our "Village Wise Women" ! 🙂

          Ps: Ok, no books, but maybe blogs? 🙂 hahaha!

    2. #4 Thinking in solutions instead of problems is not a technique but a habit, as a supplement. If this habit is deeply embedded in your system, it gives you a lot of space in your creative thinking process.

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