10 Ideas for New Success Habits

Willpower is Overrated

We were taught to use willpower to achieve our goals. But scientific research shows that motivation and willpower run out quickly.

However, we are designed to overcome our limited willpower through developing success habits and routines.

To help you get started, here are 10 of the most game-changing success habits:

1. Plan Your Day, Yesterday

The most powerful way to use your time wisely is to plan your day ahead. Preferable the evening before. Don’t make the mistake of planning only your work tasks and activities. Make sure to plan your personal life to-dos too.

2. Start Your Day With a Great Morning Routine

A morning routine is what all successful people have in commonWhether it includes waking up early, meditation, workout routine, cold shower, green smoothie or anything else – having a supporting morning routine will set your day up in the right direction from the start.

3. Prioritize (Using the 80/20 Rule)

Get good at figuring out what’s essential, what’s important, and what can wait. It’s the old 80/20 rule again – 20% of your activities will create 80% of your results. Each day, set yourself a maximum of 3-6 targets. Achieve these targets and your day is a win.

4. Block Some Time in Airplane Mode

In a world of endless distraction, protecting your attention has to be your #1 priority. Start your day on airplane mode for at least 15 minutes and work your way up to 60 minutes or more.

5. Do One Thing At a Time (Stop Multitasking)

Free up valuable mental space by doing one thing at a time. Also allocate time for work, and time for other activities that enrich your life. When it’s time for work, work efficiently and intensely. When it’s time for life, give your friends, family and activities that same presence.

6. Work On Your Strengths (Not Your Weaknesses)

Identify your strengths and focus your self-improvement efforts on building them up. Anything that isn’t your strength – find a way to outsource it or work around it.

7. Practice Feeling Uncomfortable

Success is always outside of your comfort zone. Practice being uncomfortable, and push yourself a little each day to build your courage muscle, leading to bigger, bolder moves.

8. Take On New Challenges

You won’t grow unless you try new things. Challenge yourself often to do things you’ve never done before, and maybe never thought you could do.

9. Celebrate Your Wins (Even the Small Ones)

Success isn’t a one-time event. It’s a journey. Learn to own and celebrate wins by taking a step back and reflecting on how far you’ve come. Celebrate at least three wins every day by writing them down.

10. End the Day With Reflection On What You’ve Learned

Every day brings a chance for you to get better – with every conversation, experience, insight, and idea. Take a few minutes each evening to write down what the day has taught you.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what success habits would you start?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. New Succes Habbits

    1. Do CHALLENGES and reflect about it
    I found doing challenges really powerfull. First of all I can celebrate every single day, week.
    And if I did not follow trough, I can reflect on why I did not do it and learn from that.

    2. Do not do it alone. In a COMMUNITY like this it is nice to share, get and give Ideas.

    3. What WORKS for you.
    If you want to change your habbits, look at what you need. Do not copy just because your favourite trainer or pears are doing things.

    4. Rather change a few things you can change than setting yourself up for failure. Start small. And if you get the hang of it, challenge yourself
    to change bigger things.

    5. Your surroundings at work, your family might not understand. So if you are not sure, keep it to yourself.
    How ever, if they are interested, they might want to support or even join you.

    6. What is challenging for me how ever is starting with someone that quits. So make sure you will always have people (online) or live that are also committed like you.

    7. One of my challenges is karate practices. If I do not feel like it, I make sure I do at least something. My brain knows than that I am still serious about it.
    (I do not like sport, I do not feel the urge until I have done it of course)

    8. I make a list of what I need to do. With dates. That really works
    I keep it simple. With a note book, I write it down. Every page gets a date. That way I can find everyting I need esely. Writing down works for me. I like text
    Most of the time I do not need to read it again, once I have written it down. So for me personally text and writing works.

    9. KEEP IT SIMPLE: I failed many times because I wanted to change to much in little time. I lost myself. I copied people, which is good. But I forgot to recognize what did not work.

    10. TWIST and TWEEK: If something does not work, I try to find out what I can do to change it. Sometimes a little twist can make an non succesfull new habbit very succesfull.

    1. Tip #10 is good one, Melanie. Twist and tweak till the habit fits you instead that you fit the habit. Everyone is unique.

      1. Hi Melanie

        There are quite a lot of things you can do in bulk:

        -making invoices
        -writing blog posts
        -making graphics for your blog posts / social media (you need the same size for blogs, for Facebook, for insta etc, so it's easier when you can make more graphics in the size you need for your blog etc).
        -checking emails (and set a timer)
        -making phone calls
        -doing administration ...

        Hope you have some ideas now 🙂

  2. - Start with a list of things to do. Pick 2 or 3 things you want to accomplish that day, no more. If you have finished them you will be happy.
    - What part of the day are you on your best? I am at my best in the morning so I start with things that are more challenging at that time. And do easier things in the afternoon.
    - Take time off and plan this in your agenda, it is important to your success.
    - Healthy body, healthy mind is key for succes so excercise frequently
    - Plan time to think. This is the time I miss most. My schedule is very full, so time to think is limited. I find that I start doing this at night. Not a good time, I know, but I do get good ideas.

  3. What good tips, thank you.

    Here are a few more from me

    1. do the things you don't like doing first
    2. be consistent
    3. keep an eye on your goal
    4. stay true to yourself
    5. don't compare yourself to others

  4. Bring balance to your life. Stress is a fact and is not necessarily bad, but there should be something in return. Provide relaxation and massages. Emotions store in your muscles and they get stuck in the long run.
    Get a coach.
    Provide a rich social network with people around you who also dare to say no to you. You simply need others to discover who you really are.
    Study the behavior of successful people and learn from them.
    Name your emotions that you experience (rational process) and dare to really feel (no rational process) and observe in your body.
    Stay connected with yourself and discover what causes you to disconnect from yourself.

  5. Dear all,
    1. Some habits I want to keep and others I want to change.
    2. I tend to concentrate most on the ones that I want to change, and this is also a habit I want to change, because good habits need to be paid attention to as well.
    3. The frame of one day and then 3 tasks and 3 celebrations does feel for me as too much.
    4. The tasks that I define, mostly take a week instead of a part of a day, so my celebrations also span a week. That is really what I do: celebrate at Friday evening, look back, and feel satisfied with what I learned.
    5. I learned from Vered how to calm down, how to ground, and how to energize myself. I even can find my special guide-animal sometimes.
    This mediations are part of my daily routine.

    1. Great tips @tineke! Love to read your tips..

      So can you explain #5 more to us? How does it work? and which guide-animal do you have? 🙂

  6. Well, maybe I am bold tonight (I blame the moon for it :))

    I am just re-reading all of your lists. WOOWW!! I really learn a lot from all of you and what a treasure map do we have here, just us sharing our knowledge and wisdom.

    So I want to take a moment to thank Nisandeh for sharing all of your experience, wisdom, knowledge and expertise in these last weeks. I am learning a lot and UN-learning much more thanks to YOU!

    Also I want to thank you and your team to making this possible. Thanks so much guys that we can connect, network and share our idea's with each other and become family. THANK YOU!

    And a tiny request: I would LOVE to hear Vered more in the blog-posts. I don't know how many people really have worked with you, Vered (or even know you!) and really know what kind of PRICELESS treasures you have...

    Well, I know! I had the privilege to work with you on different positions and roles. And yes: Even though I had my moments of "brrrrr...grrrrr...dmmmmmm",

    One thing I know for sure:

    You are such an amazing Rol Model and Leader. You always find a way to touch and get into my heart and underneath of my skin with your endless wisdom, patience, confrontations, hugs and love.

    So please, Vered... Share your idea's, tips, advices much often than you do know. I know I am NOT the only one missing you here in the community and wanting to have your voice heard again!

    1. OMG @Aramik... now you make me blush....

      I'm honored you think this way and that I could inspire you during our years of working together.

      I promise I'll be more responding and active in this challenge...

      1. YESS @Vered! Whooho!

        I am going to hold you on your promise.

        If you even knew how many times per day (!!!), I hear YOUR voice and YOUR coaching and YOUR wisdom in my head. I owe you so much and yes! i really think we all can benefit from your experience, wisdom, love, friendship AND Experitise.

        Looking forward to your Pro-active comments 🙂

  7. In the beginning of the week I make a rough weekly to-do-list for each day and in the evening I check the list for the following day. It also includes social activities, household chores etc.
    In my morning routine I take some time for journalling, more specific on what frequency I want to focus on that day, like: manifestation, creativity, relaxation, productivity etc.
    After lunch I have a short mediation and sometimes a powernap.
    Weekly an accountabilty chat with my budy.
    I am a curious type and love to learn. Or I (re)read a book.
    Have a gratitude moment in the evening and write it down in a small notebook.

    1. Love your Habits @Dunja and all your tips! great ones!

      So let me check: You Journal at the morning? Cool. How does it go then? Because I always journal at the end of day about my day...

      1. Hi Aramik,
        Good question.
        I check what I have to do that day. E.g. writing a blog. What I need most then is creativity. So, I start with the sentence: Today I tune in on the frequency of creativity with grace, ease and joy. My ego says I am not creative. That is a lie, because I have already written numerous blogs. Come on (kom maar door - 3x) and Thank you (3x)
        In this way you focus already on what you want and what negative opinion you have about it and tackle that opinion on forehand.
        Does this help?

        1. Thanks @Dunja. Aha! Now I get it. So you turn your journaling in to an Affirmation and Intention machine ! Nice one!

          it helps alot and I am going to implement it to check what happends:) Thanks alot!

  8. I love this one:

    Prepare your day in advance.
    Every Sunday night I reflect on the week with an accountability partner and we give each other the goals for the upcoming week.
    Sleep as regularly as possible (for years I slept only 3-4 hours per night but I know what good sleep is worth to wake up productive and boost your immune)
    Focus, refocus. So also every month reflect on what you have been doing and write down your A1 goal.
    And every quarter, do the same.

    Identify your wins, where were you proud of. Celebrate.
    Write down your main goal, your desired change, what are you committed to do.

    Daily gratitude, especially writing down 5 things every day gives you a happier and healthier mind.

    1. Love your tips Naomi, especially the idea reflection of the week with an accountability buddy. That takes the reflection into a higher level as you get more POV to look at what you've done. LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing with us

  9. A lot of people make plans but succesful people execute them.

    1. Contiously monitor results

    2. Recognize and eliminate ineffective behaviour

    3. Optimize what works well for you

    4. Work on your sales effectiveness, this is not just about a process and structure but also about mindset and 21st century skills

    5. Training, coaching and feedback is a crucial part of developing ánd embracing effective routines

  10. yes @Manny! #3 is crucial to any successes ! I love your to-the-points idea's and tips! I learn a lot just to read your comments. Thank you!

  11. 1. Persevere.
    2. Watch and learn from other peoples ways and then choose your own way.
    3. Keep believing in yourself and your cause, no matter what other people say.
    4. Get a good night's rest.
    5. Don't fight obstacles, find your way around them.

  12. I love your #6 and #7 and to help people with that!
    #see a coach or mentor once in a while
    #motivate to maintain new behaviour at least 60 days'. After that, it had becone a habit 🙂
    # make it a challenge 😉 and tell others
    # I can keep stating this: Just DO it
    # Don't be too hard on yourself. There's always a next time...and also Rome is not built in 1 Day!

    1. Absolutly agreeing with you @Frans! Especially the last one. Often we tend to stay angry at ourselves just because we didn't complete it!

      thanks again for your great contribution! Keep it coming!

  13. Nice topic for a Monday morning 🙂 🙂

    1. If you have to quit a bad daily habit, hang a calendar on the wall and check the days you've won. After 3 days: celebrate. 5 More days: celebrate: 10 More days: celebrate. Etc...
    2. Teach yourself. You should always have a project.
    3. Be curious. This is something you can train.
    4. Take care of yourself. Be healthy. Dress up, even when you work from home. It makes you feel more powerful.
    5. Love yourself.
    6. Surround yourself with successful people you can level with and learn from.
    7. Clean up and give structure to your (work) environment. Decluttering is very meditative, it creates space in the mind.
    8. Prepare for meetings and important phone calls by making a short script.
    9. Keep your communication by email short and clear. Stick to the essentials.
    10. Make sure you get enough hours of sleep and catch the right sleeping hours (your recovery sleep is between 23:00 - 6:00)

    1. Love your 10 tips @Ine! Woooww!!

      Great #1...!! I am going to model this one! and the rest..

      AND do not agree on #7 though 🙂 Haha! I LOVE having my work envirement busy and chaotic! hahaaha!

  14. I Love all your tips Nisandeh. They always help me through the daily stuff! And thanks for this great Challenge which has become now a great Daily Success Habit. I even now am turning into my Live Podcast Show and using it there to share and inspire others. So yess! this works a lot!

    Well, here come some of my idea's about Success habits:

    1) I plan every Sunday my "Sunday Lovely Sunday"! I evaluate, visualise, analyse AND also just do NOTHING.... Just sit on the couch in the office and think... From 06:00-16:00, more than 3 years, this has been my success ritual.

    2) I write down my goals every day and end the day with journaling. Works great.

    3) I never thought I would say this as I use to hate (Well.. not really love!) meditating. Fel in sleep a lot and even in the training I did not see any (real)result out of it. well.. These days I meditate 3x a day PLUS doing a Powernap (45 min) around 15:00-16:00.

    4) I set goals every day (SPICE methode) and have my Goals (Doelenbord) hanging in my office as every one who comes, can see them. That's huge out of comfort zone-implementation as I do am a private person and rather have my goals to my self...

    5) BLOCK time for Family! Especially if you have young(er) kids. Just let them know when you are working and when at home: Deicate EVERY THING on them. No phones, No distractions. Just them.

    6) Join different Master Mind Groups to get you accountable on different levels like Business, Investment, Marketing, Parenting, Playing guitar, ...

    7) Find (a) Mentor(s) to model and Accelerate Your Growth and Transformation.

    8) Always Celebrate Your Wins with Your team together! (Family is also your team) as much as you can.

    9) Biggest Success Habit? Speak it out in public and in front of Your Community/fans... ! Now every body's asking me about my goals of 2022 and yes: I need to make it happen 🙂

    10) My best Idea: Just follow this 90 Day Challenge! Just do it. Make time for it, every day for 10 min. 5 minutes of writing your idea's, 5 minutes of encouraging every one else. I promise you: Within 7 days, Your Life Will never be the same!

    1. Hi Aramik,

      I like your ideas. except #1.

      What inpires me is to write my goals every single day.
      Question, does every goal work? What if your goal does not work?

      I totally agree on the 90 day challenge. I really like doing this. Because it keeps me focussed, new ideas, celebrate even the smallest succes and at the same time give me a chance to inspire other people

  15. OMG, This is such a powerful one, I wish I had this challenge years ago when I started my journey as a writer.
    Writing is a lonely profession and most of the time in order to move forward you need to fight your inner demons. I have yet to meet a writer who does not have his/her own moments of self-doubt and the thought of throwing it all out.

    Here are some success habits that helped me:
    1. Each time when I need to start on a new project I set for myself xxx amount of words that I want to write each day. I start with a low amount (500-800). Once I write that amount, I celebrate it. The next day I can only write as much as that amount or more, but never less than it.

    2. I always start my day with an Intention for that day and make sure that I reflect on it during the day to se if I am working with that intention

    3. As part of my morning ritual I meditate on my Intention and visualize how I will use it during the day

    4. As my work demands a lot of sitting (which is bad for our bodies) I make sure that I take small movement breaks every 45-60 minutes.

    5. If I know that I have a big project for that day and a deadline I make sure I divide it into small chunks and each time I finish one chunk i CELEBRATE

    6. At the end of each day I take time to reflect on my day and journal what I'm proud of and what I am grateful for. This allows me to go to sleep with a positive mindframe, which makes my sleep better

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