10 Ideas for Tasks to Delegate to a VA

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~ African proverb

The same principle can be applied to building a sustainable and flourishing business. If you’re a small business owner, then you know there are not enough hours in the day. Your business requires attention to so many details.

By the time you reply to emails, do some paperwork, and put out all the little fires that have started, your long workday is almost over. 

If you find yourself drowning in the day to day tasks of operating your business, missing valuable time with family and often wanting to throw your laptop out the window then it’s time to start searching for a Virtual Assistant (VA) ASAP.

By hiring a virtual assistant to work on repetitive daily tasks, you will have more time in your day to focus on your business and those things you do so well for your clients.

Some VA’s specialize in particular activities such as blog management, or podcast management or social media management. While others, provide a variety of services.

To help you get started, here are 10 ideas for tasks you can start delegating to a Virtual Assistant:

1. Calendar and Meeting Management

Setup appointments with leads, clients and vendors. Schedule or send out appointment reminders. Schedule special events on your calendar. Book flights and hotel reservations. Keep you accountable and on schedule for important meetings. Create itineraries.

2. Email and Communications Handling

Inbox clean up. Setup of email templates. Setup out of office replies. Setup inbox filter automations. Respond to customer inquiries.

3. Research

Data mining. Background information. Market research. Content sourcing. SEO & Keyword research. Service Providers. Travel arrangements. Trends. Influencers.

4. General Admin Tasks

Organize files and folders. Order office supplies. Create business related reports. Manage word and excel documents. Transcribe videos and voice notes. Updating CRM records when a client starts with you, or when key contacts change.

5. Data Entry and Analysis

Collect, sort and input data into whatever software you need. Digitize documents. Prepare product catalogs. Pulling reports from Google Analytics, Facebook or even your accounting software.

6. Project Management

Organize and track requirements, project progress and deadlines. Schedule preparation. Communicate project plans and requirements to the entire team. Defines project tasks and resource requirements. Set up action plans. Ensure that all team members are properly tracking time and fully documenting progress…

7. Social Media Management

Create a social media plan. Create & schedule posts to social media. Upload videos to YouTube. Manage and moderate Facebook groups. Update company information on social media platforms. Review, respond and or remove social media comments. Manage and moderate forums.

8. Customer Service

Create a document of FAQ’s. Respond to customer inquiries. Take care of payments & refunds. Perform lead follow-up. Request (and respond to) online reviews. Updating your CRM after meetings and phone conversations.

9. Financial Tasks

Create invoices. Chase unpaid invoices. Organize payment to suppliers. Record keeping and expense tracking. Bookkeeping. Help with cash flow management and budgeting.

10. Blog Management

Create content for your blog. Source blog images. Proofread blog posts. Schedule posts to blog. Setup blog tags and categories. Monitor your blog’s analytics. Moderate comments.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what could YOU delegate to a virtual assistant?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. I have worked with multiple VA's. So far this never really paid off. I think most of them are over priced (sorry) and still need to learn a lot themselves. It also takes a lot of time to align. What I have delegated; translation work, multiple e-book creations and some event hosting/oganizing. I prefer working with subject experts currently like video makers, magazine creator and designers.

    The ideal VA for me would be able to handle all Inside Sales, Account Management, E-mail marketing, running campaigns and follow up on them.

  2. What I certainly would delegate to a VA is re-purposing my video's in other social media content like blog post, podcast etc. Good Powerpoint presentations for my courses is an idea. And the list is in my view complete. What I would like to have is a sparring partner and maybe the VA could be that as well.

    For the time being I don't have a VA, but I got a tip once: pretend you have one. You could sign with a diferent name stating that it is the VA of Dunja.

  3. When I think of a VA, I think of a kind of secretary who doesn't necessarily know the business I'm in, so I can only give him/her general tasks. But I, in fact, have some freelancers who do the core work (editing English manuscripts) but who also respond to client emails/calls.

    I will start to involve them in writing blogs and making images for advertising.

    1. If you have a VA for long term just let her first learn about your company. Let her read about the subject. I also gave them certain courses to do I wanted them to have knowledge of.

  4. I just have my old VA back and I missed her. She is proactive (fortunately) and she is amazing
    -at exploring new ideas,
    -updating my website,
    -and designing logos and
    -social media posts.
    She will now explore certain subjects for content including SEO and hashtags (I hate this part).

  5. Reading this list and all these great additions in the comments makes me realise how much more I can use my VA.
    Many if the things you've listed I've been using her for, but I now see I can certainly use her more on research and even just on proofreading which is tedious work.

    Thank you all for this fantastic input.

  6. # Cold calling
    # improve your website
    # design a marketing campaign
    # customer support
    # blog handling
    # write content

  7. Things to delegate

    Booking invoices
    Finding images for blogposts
    Answering the phone
    Double checking all kinds of information.

    I had a look at my to do list and what I could delegate now:
    - planning my birthday party
    - sending invoices
    - calculating the profit of last month
    - order groceries
    - create graphs

  8. Reading this makes me realize having a VA would be a major key for growing my small company. There are just too many tasks that keep me from what I'm good at: designing. I'll make it a goal, by the end of this year I'll have a VA.

    Stock management for my webshop would be another thing I'd delegate to a VA.

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