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If you’re reading this, it means you’re still with us in this amazing challenge.

We’re over halfway.
It’s been 45 days now since we started this journey of stretching our creative juices.

I want to congratulate you for sticking with us. You have shown your determination and commitment to your success and have implemented the number one rule for success – GET IN LINE AND STAY IN LINE!

Keep going!

BUT…. Now, I need YOUR help!

In the past 45 days we covered fantastic topics. I have many more topics I’d like to share with you…

But… now that you know what you get – from my experience and knowledge, and even more from all the accumulated experience, knowledge and wisdom of so many others…

I would love to hear from you…

What topics would YOU like us to cover/discuss/brainstorm in the coming 45 days…

Here are 10 of my ideas, but I hope to get new and exciting ones from you:

1. How to Improve Your Sales Pitch

2. How to Build Trust

3. How to Create a Support System
4. How to Get Your Clients to Buy More Often
5. How to Use Crowdfunding for Your Business
6. How to Handle Stress Better
7. How to Work Less and Earn More
8. How to Become More Productive
9. How to Get More Referrals
10. How to Become Better Implementor

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… for topics YOU would like us to cover/discuss/brainstorm?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. 1. Lean WHEN to say no.
    When is a not so great offer a way in. When is it a bone they throw you. Or a great learning opportunity.

    2. How to budget your cost, before hiring people

    3. Qualifying a VA

    4. When is a good idea or the right time to have a VA? When not?

    5. How to qualify a marketeer. Not only if he or she is good enough. But when is there a great fit.

    6. When is it a good idea to have an event?

    7. How to make great goals for you business. Not too small, but doable.

    8. How to get the right strategy?

    9. How to turn good and happy clients into great ambassadors

    10. How to lower costs without losing what you love the most.

  2. These please!

    4. How to Get Your Clients to Buy More Often
    5. How to Use Crowdfunding for Your Business
    7. How to Work Less and Earn More

  3. 1. How to celebrate what you've achieved
    2. Ideas for a customer event
    3. How to distinguish better
    4. How to develop a real Customer Centric Culture within your company
    5. How to create engaged co-workers and team members
    6. How to improve the buyer journey of your customers
    7. How to become a trusted advisor
    8. How to maximize the impact of your sales- and marketing efforts
    9. How to increase your sales effectiveness and get a better return
    10. How to overcome objections
    11. How to prevent objections
    12. How to increase visibility on LinkedIn
    13. How to manage your pipeline more efficiently and effectively
    14. How to close more deals
    15. How to generate more leads

  4. How to set a good price for a workshop, webinar, or a series of (guest) lessons or an online course?

    How to develop and market a good solution to an annoying phenomenon.

  5. How to NOT get overwhelmed by all idea’s and information. AND stay well informed.

    How to stick to your subject/core business and give a lot.

    1. Stay in the drivers seat and determine your own path. Be a creator not a follower. Very challenging nowadays with social media and information overload. Point taken!

  6. Momentarily after two years no work/ business. One question, while the work exploded.
    Where and how to find the right coworkers that like to work on complete irregular base and still can work motivated and skilled.
    With the right sizes to fit our costumes. It's very specific.

    1. It is, Jur, a very (very) specific question.
      Although it doesn’t fit within this general forum, you might benefit from starting or joining an existing mastermind group - where you have the space to brainstorm such specific challenges.

      But one idea that comes to mind, is why don’t you contact potential team members (maybe those you worked with before, or those in your network) and throw the question on them.
      Not with the intention to get them to say “yes, I am your man/woman”, but simply to get their best ideas and maybe some possible leads…

  7. Holyy!! Whooho!! Celebrate!!! 45 days together, YESS!

    Such an amazing journey this has been and I totally agree with @Ine ! This Challenge has changes my whole life and Business, even though I was gone for the last 15 days of it. I missed it ALOT and every day when I got the mail, I felt I was Missing my great friends here. So yes! Thanks a Million, Nisandeh for this opportunity.

    Here are my idea's:

    1: how to become an Enlightened Millionaire?
    2: how to be a better/best Parent?
    3: how to be a better/best husband/partner?
    4: how to handle fear of losing kid(s)?
    5: how to overcome this huge MSM circus as an (open minded, free) entrepreneur?
    6: how to invest, grow and protect my assets? (Bitcoin? Block Chain?)
    7: how to find world class JV Partners?
    8: how to 100X the business?
    9: how to build a 5 star team?
    10: how to maximise the Seasons ? (Summer Sales, Winter Black Fridays, Spring Breaks?)
    11: How to become a Better Leader?
    12: How to become a World Class Authority?
    13: How to creat the best Community?

    Celebration time, every one! Congrats to all of you! and see you on the next topic!

    1. Hi Aramik,

      I love some of your ideas:

      Sone of them because I and some orhers i. This group have the ETR and love to
      Others because I would love to get more ideas.

      1. I love to share about kids
      How to becone a great parent. You talked about seasons. Children have different faces so there are many. Fear of losing children. Especially when you have girls……hard question

      2. How to be a better husband.

      I like to to get ideas about:
      3. A five star team

      4. How to invest. Stone (property) bitcoin I sm not sure of.

  8. -how to write amazing content that stick
    -how to delegate
    -how to get the most of working together with your VA
    -what is really effective on social media and how do I find out (Do I really need to post daily in my community?)

  9. How to think strategically.
    How to choose a social media platform.
    How to find a good balance between work and life.
    How to finish projects.
    How to gain more self-confidence.
    How to overcome fear of talking to an audience.
    Though my son is an adult and doesn't need that much care, I notice that I am not as productive when he is working from home. So, how can you overcome this.
    How to pass the 'gatekeepers', in my case the schools.

    Already day 45. Thought I was just starting. This challenge is doing me so good, it gives me a lot of energy to work at my business, besides all the ideas that are shared. And moreover, also valuable contacts. Thanks Nisandeh and Vered for this opportunity.

  10. How to be/stay creative
    How to manage all your list/ intensions
    How to fix broken relationships
    How to forgive clients or suppliers
    How to forget
    How to remember more
    How to be genuine
    How to keep a good flow (of mind) Young

  11. I was in a rush this morning, but I wanted to tell I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing this brainstorm (almost ;)) every day. Hurray for Nisandeh and Vered and to all the people who joined the Challenge!! 🙂

    I'm kind of overwhelmed by all the great ideas that keep coming every day. Part of the Challenge is picking the ones that are relevant for now and implementing them strategically 😉

    But I'm very much looking forward to the next 44 days and I hope all the people who made it until here will see the finish line.

    And for now: Happy Easter!

    1. That's wonderful to hear, Ine...
      You just made my day.
      (It's not always that we get to hear how what we do actually affect/support the people we care about).

      Thank you for your daily contribution, and looking forward to the next weeks together.

  12. My ideas (which might be covered allready in the previous 45 days):
    how to find these previous 45 topics again easily
    how to make a premium service
    how to attract your ideal clients
    how to have more fun in your work
    how to uplevel yourself so you can attract more ideal customers
    how to market new ideas succesfully
    how to take more holidays and time off
    how to delegate more easily
    how to instruct your teammembers better
    how to start building a team around you
    how to start with tiktok to attract clients easily
    how to find interesting investment opportunities

    Great to make such a list! 😉

    1. Great list, Inge...

      Just a quick response about "how to find these previous 45 topics again easily".

      There is a "hidden" link on every page of this website that leads to ALL the topics that were published so far...
      You will get the link by email on day 90 of the challenge.
      (but you're welcome to look for the link on any page of the website... - just when you find it - keep it to yourself...😅)

  13. 1. How to become an upmarket brand

    2. Ideas for passive income

    3. How to become an established brand

    4. Do's and don'ts for professional communication

    5. How to bring bad news (to customers, suppliers, employees, your bank)

    6. Ideas for better organizing

    7. Effective and original ways to approach a market leader/big company (I think it's similar to Bina's 'get through the gatekeepers')

    8. Ideas for better financial planning

  14. 1. How to deal with the NEWS (e.g. inflation, war)
    2. How to increase self-esteem
    3. How to choose the right investments
    4. How to choose the right business partners
    5. How to become and stay fit

  15. My ideas:

    * how to celebrate
    * how to say NO
    * how to find topics for YouTube videos
    * how to increase engagement
    * how to become a better coach
    * how to become a better trainer
    * topics to write a book on
    * how to get more referrals
    * how to get more testimonials
    * how to get clients from LinkedIn
    * how to start a YouTube channel
    * how to use Instagram well
    * questions to ask during cold calling
    * I would love to also have some specific topics that we can fill in for our own specific topic. You could share your ideas for your business and we could share our ideas for our businesses. For instance on lead magnet, blog post, free webinar, 10K product, challenge, or new product.
    * how to delegate
    * how to save time
    * how to work when your kids are at home
    * how to create a better work life balance
    * how to do a vision week/ day/ weekend
    * things to use Fiverr for
    * questions to ask in a job interview
    * things to consider before you take someone as a client
    * questions to ask before you hire someone
    * how to create a long term relationship with your vendors

    WOW . 45 days in a row every day creating a post like this-
    That’s unbelievable. And so much value…thank you so much!

  16. I can't believe it's been already 45 days!!! I can certainly see how my creativity has improved, which is amazing as creativity IS my profession, but I noticed how I have much less moments of that dreadful "writer's block", which I believe is a result of joining this challenge...

    I have to admit that though when I started on this journey I was skeptical whether it would benefit me as my business is obviously different than most of the wonderful people here, I find myself learning from each post and comments.

    So, here goes what came up for me today:
    1. How to get through the "gatekeepers"
    2. How to choose what social media to use
    3. How to think strategically
    4. How to keep balance between work and life
    5. How to keep track and follow through
    6. How to go beyond self-doubt
    7. How to get support for your ideas
    8. How to create a win-win conversation at times of conflict

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