10 Ideas for Things You Must Do as An Entrepreneur

You Are a Busy Person. I know.

There is always something you need to do…that’s the price of being the entrepreneur – when you spend most of your time working IN your business – trying to keep all the balls in the air, putting out fires, and making stuff happen.

But working ON your business, is not less important… 

Creating time for working ON your business is tough, and requires a shift in mindset. 

You will always have to deal with urgent stuff. However, to create, dream, and thrive as an entrepreneur, you must dedicate on a regular basis time to make room for activities like these ones:

1. Plan Your Next Product

If you have a running business – the best way to serve your clients and grow business – is by creating another product. Make it remarkable. They will buy it and talk about it and your business will grow.

2. Strategize Your Next Marketing Action

Even if you’re not a born marketer, you should dedicate time to brainstorm new marketing ideas often. Your product or service is essential, but without marketing – no one will ever hear about it.

3. Listen to Your Prospects and Clients

As an entrepreneur you should understand that unless you listen to your clients before selling anything to them, you would never know what is the right way to market your product or serve your client. Ask your clients open-ended questions and listen to their fears, challenges, needs, and hopes.

4. Study Human Behavior

When you understand how people think, you begin to recognize what they want and how to give it to them. You learn how they make choices, and how to help them make the right choices. The better you understand people, the better entrepreneur you become.

5. Network. Network. Network.

Have a look at any worthwhile achievement in your life, and you would probably identify someone – that helped you make it into a success. This is what networking is all about. Building relationships. You will make connections like these in the most unlikely places, so it pays to be social. “Networking events” are not the only times that you should be networking.

6. Mentor Someone

If you’ve been mentored by someone, you know how powerful business mentorship is. Find someone less experienced than you… Someone that stands today where you were a few years ago… Share with them what you have learned. And pay attention… you might learn something in the process.

7. Read a Book

The are so many good books out there that could teach you anything you need to learn about taking your business and life to a whole new level. If you can read one book a week, great. Otherwise, read one book a month. Even reading one book a year is better than none. And if you have no time – try audio books. You can find a few minutes during a commute or daily routine to listen to an audiobook.

8. Write a Book

Although reading the right books can change your life, writing the right book will transform both your life and your business. By writing a book on your topic – you gain immediate authority position, you become an expert, your book turns into a lucrative business card, and… a client magnet. Contrary to popular belief – writing a nonfiction book is not hard, and doesn’t take more than a few weeks (check out the Write Your Book in 28 Days course).

9. Invite, Encourage and Reward Engagement

Get your clients to “talk” to you online, offline, in-person, by phone or Zoom; ask and answer questions, solicit feedback, invite comments, send a survey… Each engagement gets your prospect closer to buying from you.

10. Take Time Off

Take time off. Just stop working. Turn off your phone, walk out the door, and don’t come back for a day, a week, a month. Do it. As an entrepreneur you need to unplug, unwind, and do something different. When you take some time off, you can do some of the other things on this list.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what things we must do as entrepreneurs in order to achieve real success?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s take your business to the next level.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s take your business to the next level.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. 1. Try not to think about anything for about 5 or 10 minutes. It will clear you mind and you will be as fresh as ever and ready to take on the world.
    2. Take a walk every day before breakfast and contemplate. Or just enjoy the scenery. Even if you have to get up early in the morning, try to plan that walk
    3. Form a fun peer group with your most loyal (or even new) customers. You can give them review forms, but you can also get together once every now and then. Make it a fun afternoon. Online of offline, whatever is the most convenient
    4. Brainstorm with yourself every day. Come up with one idea a day about any topic you like
    5. Talk to your dog or cat or rabbit. They look you in the eyes and they 'agree' with anything you say.
    6. Get yourself a business budy

  2. Embrace Miracle mornings - get up at 5, meditate, read, exercise, say grace and prepare the day before it starts
    Take care of your body and mind
    Stay fit
    Cooperate with partners
    Love what you do
    Have fun when doing it
    Ensure you have as little costs as possible
    Start before everything is perfect
    Get in line, stay in line
    Learn from the best
    Surround myself with like minded people
    Stay focused
    Stop multitasking
    Start with the client in mind when producing my products
    Be myself
    Create with passion
    Focus on Learning agility
    Know my target group
    Create business models to free up time to work on my business

  3. * Offer something that you are really good with
    *it may not always be original but make it outstanding in quality and service
    * See what is needed, preferably before someone realises it him/herself
    * Keep your knowledge of the field you are working in up to date
    * Keep aware of how some one responds to what you deliver, Is he/she contend and happy?
    * see what the market wants/needs before it is a trend
    * be clear in what you can or cannot do for some one, and when
    * " No" is not and answer, then find a solution or referral to someone in your network who can do what you cannot do or deliver
    * Show empathy and sort out what is really needed, this needs a good ear and practicing
    * Communicate, Communicate!

  4. 1. Outsource the things that take a lot of time: I even outsource sending invoices
    2. Show, let your clients see what you are doing: I am a remedial teacher for children. The parents join. This increases my expert position. The children make better progress because parents know how to help them. And then my expert positions grows
    3. Make, let someone make video's of what you are doing: You can make a product out of it
    4. Loom (video) your explanations. I take loom of plans I had to explain to parents. Looming saved a lot of time.
    5. Make your suppliers your partner: The most expensive supplier, my online website, is a partner. They are more invested. And it saves a lot of money
    6. Ask suppliers that can't be partner, to sponsor you, that way they become partners and your ambassadors.
    7. Brainstorm with your suppliers.
    8. Visit places, fairs, (beurs) where a lot of suppliers come. You meet the right suppliers, get new ideas and also find out what is new in your field
    9. Join courses in your field, you will meet new pears and get idea's for a new product
    10. Make sure your product is more and more online. That saves time later. Make you the expert.

  5. I would like to add these 2 to Nisandeh's list.

    #1 Do something embarrassing in public

    Fear is a rather inhibiting factor both in our business and personal lives. You care about what people will think of you. For this reason, you may be reluctant to do something that might embarrass you or cause others to judge or condemn you.

    To learn how to deal with this, you can do something "embarrassing" in public. For example, you can lie on the floor somewhere on a sidewalk in a busy shopping street for 10 minutes.

    And yes, it feels a little uncomfortable at first, but you'll get used to it eventually. Doing something similar every week will notice that you are less and less interested in what others think of you. And you will also start using this in your entrepreneurship. I'm not kidding, this helps.

    You are going to learn to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and not let anything or anyone stop you anymore. Entrepreneurship and selling is mindset and mindset can be trained.

    You don't want fear and emotion to stop you from achieving your goals?

    #2 Follow the news
    Find some news sites that you like and make the effort to spend some time on them every day. There is plenty to choose from. By reading these sites you develop a lot of knowledge and stay well informed about current events. Why is that important?

    I'll give you two good reasons why following the news every day is good:

    1. Current events affect business:
    When big things happen in the world, it can affect your business both negatively and positively. For that reason alone it is good to stay informed. A lot is going on in the world at the moment isn't there?

    2. People like to talk about the things that are happening in the world:
    When you attend networking meetings about other events, it's often about current events. Then when someone starts talking about the corona crisis or the extremely high fuel prices and you look at: "what's this about?", that's not very helpful. If you can show that you are informed, you generally make a good impression. And that first impression is important.

  6. Give grace every day for all things in life

    Take time to prepare before you contact a client, practically and energetically

    Excercise in real listening

    Look around you and enjoy the good stuff in life

    Find a way to make fun with the parts of your business that you like less

    Connect with people from your heart

    Be honest and real and especially loving to yourself

    Celebrate every achievement, your personal ones and the ones of your clients

    Follow the rythem of the year, there are moments that people buy and moments that people rest

  7. 1. Automate invoices, quotes etc to have time for more important areas of the business
    2. heatmaps and recordings if ecommerce to see how customers are responding to the website
    3. stay loyal to social media plan
    4. shower storm for new ideas and functionality to streamline yours and your customers' process
    5. Stop, think and pre-plan

  8. 1. Make your customers more successful
    2. Share valuable insights
    3. Connect and Engage with your network
    4. Add value to your network
    5. Optimize your sales effectiveness

  9. - Stop working on several projects at the time, but first- make one plan concrete and finish it until the requested end result.
    - recording videos
    - develop additional product
    - professionalise and structure marketing (outsource?)

    - Niet meer aan diverse plannen tegelijk werken, maar eerst 1 plan helemaal omzetten naar concrete stappen en die helemaal afronden tot het gewenste eindresultaat
    - video's opnemen
    - aanvullend product ontwikkelen
    - marketing professionaliseren en structureren (uitbesteden?)

  10. A great reminder Nisandeh.
    Many thx for your list.

    Off the top of my head, I'd make this list:

    1) Get at least 1 coach
    2) Surround yourself with like-minded people who challenge your ideas or help you
    3) Have regular conversations with people who have a totally different mindset
    4) Travel, and mingle with locals, it'll open your mindset and you'll get new ideas
    5) Block time to work on your marketing, and batch it
    6) Schedule ME-time and don't let anything or anyone get in the way
    7) Meditate daily

    1. I agree with your first point Véronique. Too many people think that they can and need to do everything alone and therefore struggle way more than necessary.

  11. 1.regularly evaluate with your customers, ask, ask, ask.
    2. journalling daily on your roadblocks, eg procrastination
    3. Exercise and meditate daily, before breakfast.
    4.discover the core of your added value and make it into a remarkable product.
    5. Plan making new contacts. Keep networking.
    6. Create and renew your supportteam if needed.
    7. Practice gratefulness daily in meditation and contacts.
    8.be trustworthy and helpful, always.
    9.write expert articles as chapters of your expert book.
    10. Build and keep healthy daily routines to divide your working an recharging time wisely.

    1. Your first point Alma is spot on. I know this is a very vulnerable thing to do but the answers you get from your customers are so valuable. What is important is that you have to create an environment where you get the most honest answers. Prevent that your customers tell you only what they think you want to hear.

  12. Hi team here are my brainfarts on today's topics:
    1 Stay kind over greediness
    2 use automation in you communication with your prospect that can turn into a customer but keep the automation human-like.
    3 provide value in sharing free content
    4 keep a daily rhythm for yourself in completing tasks
    5 leave your cell phone and other digital stuff for 2 hours after waking up.
    6 work on your own well-being
    7 do not depend on to many digital external features to build your brand
    8 keep it super simple
    9 learn and dare to make quick decisions so you get noy stuck in over-thinking (my famous trap 😀 )
    10 listen to people you talk too in a regular day they might give you a golden nugget without them even knowing
    11 have a notebook with you and write down ideas that pop up or the nuggets you receive from others
    12 find people that are way smarter than you and love doing what you are not to or even are not good at.
    13 work smarter not harder.

  13. Giving more value
    Give anwer to a question and share this on social media and in the mail
    Show yourself everywhere, online and offline
    Regulary promote someting you already have made
    Go to meetings, online and offline, and meet new people
    On special days, make there a post about it or a gift or a give away
    Tell your story!
    Visualise your succes
    Ask for referral

  14. - In the first place ASK clients for feedback, testimonials etc.
    - Keep track of time  stop in time and don’t go and on and on (a timer helps )
    - If having another job next to the business  plan and divide the tasks for both on different days (if possible)
    - Dare to be visible on Social Media  choose what feels the best for you (if having enough money… delegate this )

    1. Your first point Kahtrin is spot on. I know this is a very vulnerable thing to do, to ask for feedback, but the answers you get from your customers are so valuable. What is important is that you have to create an environment where you get the most honest answers. Prevent that your customers tell you only what they think you want to hear. And testimonials are priceless of course. Happy customers can say more nice things about you than you can tell yourself about yourself.

  15. Spend a few minutes each day to be gratefull for the people in your life, for the house you live in, for your clients and for the lessons learned that day. 🙏🏻

    1. That is so true Alexandra thank you for bringing that to the post.
      Choosing to become an entrepreneur is as we all know a Happy Risky Business...you never know what pops up you need to deal with. Therefor learning to be truly grateful to your clients and yourself is to me like the motor oil that runs through all my actions keeping all actions running without friction.
      Thank for sharing. Kind regards out of Finland.

  16. improve your product
    Invest in training
    Discover the core of your added value
    Make a product that other organizations charge a lot of money for and give it away for free
    Ask for references
    Make youtube videos
    Create podcasts
    Respond to current events with a suitable product
    Give a present to existing customers
    Make sure you get in the newspaper or on TV
    Get a prize

    1. I like your suggestion to give your existing customers a present. Too many times we (or entrepreneurs in general) focus on getting new customers and forget about the ones who are already in. I see this with my customers a lot. They tend to forget to pay attention to their most valuable customers and therefore lose them in the process. Getting new clients in takes way more effort than keeping the ones you have happy and onboard.

  17. Stay focused
    be consistent
    but also act on impulses (gut feeling)
    feel free
    be happy and honest
    help people
    be different
    give value - more than expected
    networking - make new contacts

    1. Great topic i love the "gut feeling" as that always has been our first primal signal since our birth that keeps you alert and in your zone. Unfortunatly i experience in my surroundinga that people are loosing to trust the inner feeling / knowledge over that of an AI.

      Lets us exhale more consistant through Belly & Nose. Connecting with your gut feeling.
      Thank you for your contribution.

      Q: Can you share an example of when you followed your gut feeling and what was the result. And what could have happend when you would have rejected this signal . Look forward to read your and other attendees to this 90day challenge.

      Kind healthy regards from out of Finland
      Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij

    2. Hi Christine,

      Great tips.
      Thx for sharing.

      Could you perhaps give an example of what you mean by "Acting on impulses" so that I can better understand what it is that you mean exactly.
      The way it is formulated now feels not right at all.
      I strongly believe in trusting your "intuition" and acting swiftly when opportunities pass by. Most of the time those 'opportunities' as one experiences them, are already very much in line with how people feel and live their life for quite a while.
      Or they are perfectly in line with a dream they cherishes already for a very long time.
      So all that makes a lot of sense.

      People acting on 'impulses' though, give me personally the shivers.
      They don't sail the wind or act upon circumstances, they just choose another wind all of a sudden.
      Such people are unpredictable, making the business very unstable and making everybody around them nervous till the point where they quit or end up in a burn-out.
      At least this is my experience.

      Looking forward to some examples so that I can better understand what you really mean. 😁

  18. Search for prospects, investigate their company, ASK: would they be interested?, what are the benefits for them?, what problems do your products solve?, who is the competition?, find the right niche (NOT the red ocean), clear your mind by doing something completely different, let all these ideas rest for a day or two, revisit the ideas, make a final selection, discuss with partners, etc. then test your assumptions by contacting a new prospect.

  19. 1. Use the socials more strategically
    2. Learn how to use socials
    3. Eat well and healty
    4. Excercise every day
    5. Keep your focus
    6. Make a plan and stick to it

    1. Clear your mind by mindfullness or meditation.
      Set daily goals.
      Cerebrale your finished goals.
      Do something different, out of your comfortzone

  20. These ideas are not general but important for the phase where I am now with my company.

    1. Don't wear all the hats yourself. Get a good team around you to work with. If you keep doing everything yourself you will stay small.
    Do the things you can do best yourself and outsource the rest, what you don't have to do you don't do.
    2. Be more of a CEO of your company than the employee.
    3. Overdeliver to your customers giving them more than they expect. Keep the high standards even when you work with a team.
    4. Make 1 fan a day and spend some money on it.
    5. Give your customers a good experience. Especially if there is a lot of competition in your field.
    Give people a good feeling from the first time they come in contact with you until they leave the building again.
    6. Make sure you have the right USP and stick to it. Again, overdeliver.
    7. Practisce what you preach be real and authentic to your customers.
    8. Write a book.
    9. Create a working funnel and automate it.
    10. Take good care of your staff because they make your customers happy

    1. Great list Nathalie... for businesses at any stage.

      I loved especially #2 - Be more of a CEO of your company than the employee.
      I wish every small entrepreneur will get that into their heads.

      Thank you for sharing.

  21. Tip 0 : Always read this blog of Nisandeh 🙂 Every day from now on!
    1: Be consistent in everything you do online
    2: Always make a good impression with your Social Media Profiles
    3: Listen to your ideal clients! Act on what they want and what they need.
    4: Create free products that you can give to your Network via LinkedIn.
    5: Your Profile Pictures on Social Media is Your business card. Get a professional photo.
    6: Invest 30 minutes every day to network on LinkedIn.
    7: Be honest and integer when you position yourself as the #1 expert on LinkedIn. Integrity above all! LinkedIn is not a beauty pageant or popularity poll.
    8: Make a list of the benefits of working with you on Your Profiles.
    9: Be professional. Don't gossip.
    10: Create a clear message that everyone immediately understands.
    For instance:
    Make a difference, Every day, Every Hour! (Maak Het Verschil, Iedere Dag, Ieder Uur!)
    11: Create a support team around you. Don't do everything alone. There are only 24 hours in a day.
    12: Become the #1 Expert.
    13: Create a long-term vision and mission.
    14: Stand out! Don't be boring! (even if you are laughed at…).
    15: Focus on Education Based Marketing.
    16: Use color in your posts and photos.
    17: Set your goals, sharpen your goals and share them with your network on LinkedIn.
    18: Make a really good Networking pitch: I Help, I Believe, I Promise.
    19: Be flexible. That's so important! Business is moving! LinkedIn is moving! Move Along!
    20: Repeat your message continuously. Make the difference every day because we are entrepreneurs!
    21: Overdeliver and overpromiss: Always give more than is expected.
    22: Give value to your network every day. Make sure you are worthy of their attention.
    23: Stay on the frontline. You are the initiator and Leader. You're the one who is constantly leading the way even though it's never been done before… Remember how Steve Jobs was working at Apple……."CrazyOnes…".
    24: Get recognized and VISIBLE on your timeline. Be the Joy Bringer. Radiate enthusiasm and energy. Be positive!
    25: Take advantage of LinkedIn's content sharing capabilities (via posts, videos, and blogs!).
    26: Be consistent with your daily posts and pictures you use.
    27: Get to know your target audience on LinkedIn
    28: Use recommendation and add them on LinkedIn.
    29: Give, give, give, give…. One of the most important tips: Keep giving no matter what you get in return.
    30: Always keep on creating NEW free products with a call to action so you can grow your Mailing List every day
    31: Be the Master Networker. Make sure you set aside 30 minutes a day to go through your timeline. Time to network!
    32: Make sure you give lots of free valuable and relevant content every day.
    33: Combine marketing strategies. Make sure you share your LinkedIn article on multiple social media channels.
    34: Mastermind with like-minded people. Make sure you meet live at least once a month.
    35: As an Expert, always give your honest opinion regardless of whether you make friends with it or not.
    36: Start a Business Blog on LinkedIn! (Sorry Nisandeh... :))
    37: Follow your own course and believe in your own expertise. There is only one expert like you.
    38: LinkedIn is just an online platform. Meet Live with your LinkedIn connections on a regular basis.
    39: Sponsor a good cause. For example an event, a sponsored run, local football club or hockey club.
    41: Keep learning. Keep developing yourself and investing in yourself. You first learn and then you earn.
    42: Be professional in everything you do. Be the Expert.
    43: Share your successes with your community Everywhere!
    44: Get involved in your community. Be the engaged leader.
    45: Think Global, Act Local!
    46: Help as many people as you can!
    47: Only ask satisfied and HAPPY Clients for a recommendation. (No ex-colleagues, ex-employer or family and/or friends)
    48: Make sure your branding is visible everywhere. On banners, blogs, posts and photos.
    49: Print out this list and implement them one by one!
    50: These Tips Only Work If You Implement Them Daily!

    And let me know below which of these 50 tips you like the most! Love to hear your comments as I am really new here and want to make some great friends here! 🙂

    1. Now that's what I call OVER-DELIVERY, Aramik.
      Thank you so much for all the value you share.
      I can't wait to see what you'll share in the next posts.

    2. OMG @Aramik!! This is AMAZING!!!
      Though I do not see myself as an entrepreneur (but certainly as a business owner), your list is so inspiring!!!

      One thing I will certainly do is print it out and hang it in my office and on a weekly basis check what I can do...

      THANKS so much for it.

      1. You are so welcome my dear @Bina! yes! I have printed it out and every day I looked at the list and just implement another one! So it does keep me moving! GO GO GO! 🙂

    3. Hi Aramik,

      I really like your list. I like it so much, that I went over it, one by one. (I could recommend that)
      I made my own Idea Generator on how to use your comment and get the most out of it.

      1. I made 3 rows: Do/ Improve/ Do not in my paper notebook
      2. I went to all the comments (nr 40 is missing, is that on purpose?)
      3. I put all the numbers in the rows. FIRST ROW: I already do. SECOND ROW: I need to do THIRD ROW: the ones I do not do
      4. In the first row I have stars with things I already do, but have to improve still
      5. I now have a smaller list with things I really want to do: the second list
      6. I go over everything I already to and put that in my Acknowledgment Diet

      Number 17: Aramik: Do you share your goals on Linked in?

      And another remark:
      I am a learning problem specialist. The times you use on network, to me it seems like a lot of time. Not only to write it, to think about it.
      I tried to do that once. But I felt like a marketeer in stead of a learning problem specialist.
      That is why the numbers: 4, 6, 26, 32, 36, 38, 49, 50, go in the third list.

  22. 1 ask for feedback
    2 collaborate with others
    3 follow a course / training
    4 have coaching sessions with a business coach
    5 plan distraction free time blocks to work in without distractions
    6 work ON your business in stead of IN your business
    7 set goals
    8 measure progress
    9 have enough sleep

  23. 1) Follow the news especially about regulation and find ways to make it easier for business to comply.
    2) Find ways for passive income to come true.
    3) Make slowing down profitable. That's the hardest part...

  24. Take 10 minutes each time for meditation and reflection, like Vered teaches.
    Communicate a lot (more) with people that found my business page
    Fill in a calendar and produce content upfront
    Derive from this also messages to be posted on business page and groups
    Start a podcast and make content for that upfront
    Learn about websites and webshops

  25. 1) Ask my costumers and what they need and want.

    2) Inventorize on everything I have built and gathered in knowledge, experience and results.

    3) Zoom out, relax and meditate to get a clear view of the big picture.

    3) With now a fresh mind; Formulate the Right Question how to serve my clients best. The best answer comes from formulating the best question.

    4) Trust the process and allow inspiration and ideas to flow in

    5) Do extra research to find where the edge is.

    6) Inner guidance will lead to the added value.

    7) Implement with the help of this article and comments.

    Thank you all for your inspiration 🙏🏼

  26. Check your ideas with friends.
    Don’t think small.
    Stay excited about what you are doing.
    You yourself are your business card.
    Get involved in politics and business clubs.
    Ask for help. People like to help.
    Share your knowledge - help others.

  27. What comes up is DO the things you need to do, DELEGATE tasks you don't like (and you are probably not good at), DELETE (things, tasks etc. that don't work) and DARE.

    Just read these lines in a post: We don't need people who conform to the standard now.
    If we want to grow as humanity, if we want to evolve in this time when so many people are waking up, we need people who dare to do it differently.
    Which inspires me to DARE.

    For me it is:
    Start to be more visible again on social media.
    Plan my courses.
    Take me time to speed up the creative process.
    Be more consistent with my posts on social media.

  28. Back again!
    1. More self-care to relax the mind and let my creativity flow
    2. Work on 1 project at a time and finish and scale the one first before starting a new one
    3. Make a daily plan and stick to it
    4. Meet with at least one stranger a week
    5. Consistency is key.
    6. Write down why I am procrastinating, at what time, and what I do then...
    7. Restart my webinars on a biweekly base

    1. Yay... Naomi... Welcome back.
      Love your ideas... Just wrote down your #2 on a Post It note - and stuck it to my computer screen...🙈

  29. 1. Check step by step every process of your business in order to improve (or innovate) each part.
    2. Do not think how to earn more money but how to serve the customer better. You must see every single customer as your little brother that you want to help as much as you can.
    3. Try to add a membership service-product in your business.
    4. Keep customers informed about the news around your business in order to make them trust you.

  30. If you want to keep all the balls in the air “in” your business 😃 you need to take some ME time too during the day. Just Quality time like a walk in the woods and ENJOY nature. Or I will do some gardening work, smell the plants, see the birds 🥰 That gives me positive energy. After this energy boost it gives me new ideas.

  31. Thanks for the challenge. Curious to what is going to be up.

    Ideas I came up with:
    Keep on developing/studying
    Keep website etc up to date
    Be on google business, so people can find you (on google maps)
    Work together and trust others
    Be visible online and offline

  32. Thanks for this challenge it reminds me how important is to take time to work ON my business (somehow I neglected it last few months).
    Next to this also make content on a weekly basis;
    Add to my study also time to study Business University and apply the ideas I get there;
    Celebrate what I achieved;
    Grow my team;
    Add more passive income

  33. - Newsletters with question and answer are a success, answering the responses to the newsletter ensures engagement with the readers
    - Stay focused on the new project and make sure you meet the deadline, because your brain keeps giving new ideas, which distracts you.
    - Find the right, committed, inspiring talents to help you, so you have more time to focus on your business,
    - Automate the processes that can be automated.
    - keep in touch with ambassadors of your company, the ones who mention you or your company on social media, instagram or blog, by doing this you put them in the spotlight.
    - Write assignments to yourself in your calendar, and as Nisandeh told you, kind of put them by species so you waste as little time as possible. for example. Handle all phone calls as much as possible in succession,
    - As mentioned in previous comments, take time for yourself, so that your brain has time to relax.

  34. 1) Asking happy clients to tell other people their good experience with you and to give recommendation
    2) Learning something new (e.g. choose a Business University course)
    3) Giving live workshops and presentations to meet possible clients again
    4) Writing content for your website, which later can be part of your book
    5) Look for collaboration partners

  35. Take care of yourself. Keep yourself healthy and happy. It is much easier to service your clients when you are healthy and happy and it is much more attractive too.

    Standardize and automate mundane or repetetive tasks. You will free up more time to be creative and add more value.

    Go outside. I work at a desk most of the time. Each day I make sure to take the time to go outside for a bit. Some days this is just a short walk through nature. Also I try to do some of the calls (1-1) on the phone while taking a walk. You will get you ideas flowing differently while moving.

    Create a different perspective. Try working in a different location from time to time. A different view will litteraly change your perspective on your current challenges.

    1. Rowan… I love your idea of doing the one-on-one calls when walking around.
      I walk the dog for one and a half hours every day… just the two of us in nature. No disturbances.
      My creativity is flowing…
      Never thought of doing my mentoring sessions during these walks.
      Thank you so much for a great idea.

      1. Even better if you can physically walk with your client. I read a study some time ago that found especially men can access their emotions better while walking. While walking we are able to understand an put into words our emotions easier. This goes for everyone but especially men can benifit most. 😉

        1. Yes... of course... Rowan.
          Vered used to do that for years, getting her clients (CEOs of the biggest companies) barefoot and walking in the fields - coaching them in the process.
          But living 3,000 km away from my nearest mentoring client - I guess I'll have to settle for a virtual walking together.

        2. It also works better with kids I found out. Walking, or driving. I think it’s the fact that they don’t have to look at you/ are looked at. That it’s less threatening. I used it with my adolescent step kids.

  36. Make time to reflect and improve. Choose a time where you reflect on what was accomplished, what didn’t work, but also on what you are doing now.

    Try to eliminate everything that is not needed. As the saying goes: ‘make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler than that’.

  37. I believe it's my first job to carry the vision. Without it, we are unguided projectiles.

    Enjoy it. I actively choose for entrepreneurship and all its challenges and benefits.

    Have clarity. Know each of the important numbers of the company. (It's unique website visitors, turnover and number of followers/subscribers for me)

  38. 1. Do aftersales. After 3 months, call the clients you helped. It will make them even more enthusiastic ambassadors.
    2. Don't be afraid to collaborate with your colleagues/competitors.
    3. Be patient with yourself.
    4. (Re)connect with the contacts you already have.
    5. Control perfectionism. If you don't, it will slow down your progress.
    6. Keep your fixed costs low, don't spend too much on a working space (I invite customers at my kitchen table and have my workshop in the living room and garden. I have to mention this will only work, if you choose the right husband 😉

    1. It’s funny you mention #6, Ine…
      They say that the most important decision you will make in your life is who to marry.
      The second most important decision is what business you’ll start.
      Good points… thank you for sharing.

      1. Haha, that's a good one! So I did quite well on the 2 most important decisions (like you and Vered 🙂

        Getting there...

  39. Thanks for this nice challenge! These are the things I can think of in addition to the ten above.

    1. Immerse yourself in a completely unknown environment and let yourself be inspired
    2. Pay attention to the sentiment in society
    3. Learn something new every day, for example a language

  40. Thanks for the list. I added:
    * Educate yourself. Whether IT or knowledge or (leadership) skills, taken time tot follow courses or trainings.
    * Take time periodically to reflect on your product(s) and the way you run your business
    * Interview or learn from someone that is your example

  41. 1. Improve. Always improve.
    2. Look at your finances.
    3. Dare to look back at what you did (in my case watch back videos of the courses I gave)
    4. Be out there in one way or another- start blogging or make videos or whatever
    5. Build a mailing list
    6. Follow up on leads
    7. Evaluate with your customer
    8. Look at ways to help your customer further
    9. Celebrate successes! Also the tiny steps
    10. Be kind to your customers and also to the people who only come for your free stuff
    11. Plan your day
    12. Set goals for yourself that are challenging and do every day something that gets you there
    13. Reflect

      1. I'm helping teams to work as effective in a remote/ hybrid environment as they did live.
        One of the things I do is "hijack" one of their meetings and show them how to do it differently.

        I did one last week and I really, really hate looking back at it.
        I find my voice high, and I'm stuttering, and when something goes wrong I run away and jump to the next point instead of letting it happen and even address it, which would be the right thing to do.
        So... that's what I learned from the last one.

        Funny thing is that the customer was raving enthusiastic so it's not that I messed up.
        But him being enthusiastic doesn't mean that I can't watch and learn how to do better!

        Thank you for your question...
        Do you have a similar thing in your business that you find scary to look at but you do it anyway because you have to learn too?

        1. oepsss @Gerdy!

          So you did grow, fantastic!! Love to read your thoughts about it!:)

          Well, to be honest: I don't ever look back on what I did. (Inhoudelijk), I do evaluate it with myself, team and the Clients.

          I am still a kind of Avoider and I learned to be very ok with it as I know I am improving EVERY day. I love to kaizen my business, so My "being an Avoider" has its own place 🙂

          I just focus on the next best thing coming in my way and take my learned lessons to it. That's actually what I do, the whole "Sunday Lovely Sunday".

  42. Thank you for reminding me AGAIN, how important it is to work ON your business. Most of the time I am lost in working IN my business.
    I'm happy I joined this 90-day Challenge. It's so simple, it only takes 5 minutes and I already have so many good ideas of what I should do to improve my business.

    Here are some insights I had from your ideas and mine:
    1. Creating a system for my Social Media actions would make my life simpler and easier
    2. Dedicating one day for writing "bulk blog posts" would make it easier and less stressful in my life
    3. Looking at my statistics would teach me A LOT on what to focus and what to drop

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