10 Ideas for Things You Must Do Every Day

It's not what you do once that shapes your life, but what you do on a regular basis

Success in business is a daily progress to become the best version of yourself. When you put out information, services and products that help your clients’ lives, it’s a constant work in progress, which requires consistent effort.

Because there’s so much to do and so little time, you can easily fall off track and become distracted with nonessentials.

Here are 10 things you can do every day to become a better entrepreneur and to accomplish all your biggest goals:

1. Plan Each Day the Night Before

Every entrepreneur knows this… yet, only few make at night a solid plan of action for tomorrow. This plan includes knowing what are the things that must get done and what are the things that can wait. Spend some time each night getting honest about where your focus should be.

2. Start Your Day with Positivity

When you wake up, avoid ‘fast/junk food’ (i.e. social media). Instead, take a few minutes to start your day consuming inspirational and motivational content (podcasts, videos, books and articles like this one).

3. Establish a Routine

No one can really provide you with a routine. Set up one yourself based on who you are and on your personal life and work habits. If you have a family and are an early riser, then you probably want to start early in the morning before anyone at home wakes up. If you’re more productive at night, then set up a routine based on being a night owl. Create the routine that works for YOU!

4. Don’t Give Your Time Away

When you steer away from your plan in order to deal with someone else’s urgent problem, you give up control. Becoming a better entrepreneur starts with planning and sticking to your plan. It also involves having the strength to say no (to people and other distractions).

5. Work on One Project at a Time

Multitasking is not an effective strategy to achieve your goals. Instead stick to your plan for the day and tackle each task one at a time. Give your full attention and energy to making what you’re working on the best it can be.

6. Build Authority Through Content

If you aren’t already blogging, you should start. Not much of a writer? Start a podcast. Or use video on social media to share your knowledge. Be consistent. A daily piece of content would do wonders to your expert position.

7. Nurture (the Right) Relationships

Schedule time to follow new people on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Reach out to your favorite bloggers and authors. Offer to help them out, or feature them in your content. Your own blog, podcast or Youtube channel give you the best ‘excuse’ to reach out to experts and influencers. 

8. Think About the ‘Big Picture’

Take some time every day to think about the bigger questions. What kind of business do you want to build? Are you there yet? Are there undiscovered opportunities in your market? Is there something none of your competitors are thinking about that the market wants? Should you be offering new products or services to your existing clients?

9. Respect Your Work-Life Boundaries

As entrepreneurs, we are all about pushing hard to hit our goals, but that’s a guaranteed way to burn out. You need to decide in advance when you’ll stop “work” and focus on your personal life. You’ll need to decide not to take business calls all hours of the day and night.

10. Check Your Progress

For a couple of minutes every day check how far you’ve progressed toward your goals. This way, you’re breaking down these goals into attainable tasks that can be accomplished daily. Taking the time to evaluate your progress will help you decide how to further prioritize your time.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what can YOU do every day to become a better entrepreneur?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Do every day,

    1. PLAN Make a plan for the day
    It does not have to be a beautifull list. Just a list in your notebook. After one day you see how productive you are.
    If you were not productive, you realize that immediately.

    In my case: avoid useless koffie meetings/breakfast as much as possible.
    Use your time wisely
    What I used to have is a note in my phone asking me: Is this what I am doing helping me to grow my business?
    In my case it was easier to talk my time away, spending time with so called millionairs and billionairs who weren't.
    Or being miss busy important.
    Most of the time it is a wast of time.

    3. THINK
    This platform is a great tool to help me think and work ON my business.

    4. Take good care you my FAMILY TIME/FREE TIME
    I make a real effort to eat and have coffee with my husband and kids every day.
    Even if it is a short time. This is very important.
    Now I make sure that on free days my husband and I are actually taking care of this time. We like to play golf, together or with friends.
    Or we just plan a nice trip.

    5. LOOSE ENDS Take care of "Loose ends" so that you do not have to worry about them anymore

    Check your agenda for appointments

    7. EMAIL
    Check your email 2 times a week

    Look at what you can delegate to your "VA or Admin"
    Do not wait

    9. Make sure you send your receits to your admin.
    In my case it takes me for every to find find the missing bills after a while.

    10. Make one offer at least every day

  2. 1. Don't panic - can't do everything in a day
    2. Plan the day in advance - use an agile software for repeated tasks and projects
    3. Prioritise according to deadlines and urgent issues that will bring more money

  3. Great post, thank you!

    It made me realise that clients calling or mailing about their challenges or about something "not functioning correctly", my instant reaction is to solve the problem. I'm intrigued by their questions and often know what to do instantly to solve the issue. So I'm super responsive to them, which is very customer oriented, but at the same time, I'm losing my focus for the day.

    I will stop this habit; instead I will write down or document my thoughts in a client file, and will get back to my clients in due time.

    Also, I particularly like idea number 7. It helps me focusing on the essence, and practical ("to do") part, of my own and clients' content marketing.

  4. Things I add every day to your list:
    quality time with my partner
    intermittent fasting (14-18 hours)
    making a veggie (& fruit) drink
    eat healthy fresh food (at least 500 g of veggies)

  5. Things to do everyday
    aside for what has been said.
    - have a good night sleep
    - have healthy meals
    - do good to at least 1 person
    - give a smile away (and look what happens)
    - check if the todo list is stil oke to do.

  6. Build a competition into some routines, just like exercising. First press 10 times, 20 times, 30 times etc. I notice that I am more motivated by the section at the top of Top Commenters. I experience that it challenges me to participate in this routine here 😉
    I can enjoy my routines such as having a cup of tea with attention at a fixed time. Routines shouldn't feel like work, but it will take you further by enjoying yourself more by growing through your routines. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle in which I exercise enough and eat healthy. If certain routines make you worse, it is high time to say goodbye to them.

  7. # Reflect
    # Take a walk
    # Kiss your kids (or loved ones) goodnight
    # have some "me time"
    # think of what went well and what to be thankful of
    # take a shower 😉

  8. Things to do every day:

    KEEP A JOURNAL. Writing every day about what did work and what did not work. So I can learn from my successes and mistakes. (I think the learning from success is maybe even more important)

    CALL A FRIEND I try to call my parents at least once a week. Which made me realise I have 5 more days that I can use to reach out to people important to me.

    MOVE. On days I am not running or doing a sport, i want to walk.

    EXPRESS LOVE. Do something to show my love to others around me and to myself once a day. Like saying it, cooking well, taking a bath.

  9. FOCUS each day on one task that fit in a plan for the week.
    FOLLOW ONE PATH instead of being distracted every time by:
    - self-named and self-made coaches that try to attract your attention
    - going from one to the other did not help me further
    - also going from program to program within the offer of one coach gives more distraction than I can handle
    START UP: with grounding and a guided mediatation to wake-up
    RETHINK and get rid of people that absorbs energy

  10. PLANNING: At the beginning of the week I already plan what I have to do daily. And the evening before I make a definitive list for the following day, including non-business related things. E.g. calling the dentist for an appointment, which can only be done during specific hours.
    INTENTION: my morning routine includes making an intention for that day. What energy will benefit me most during the tasks like creativity, focus, mindset etc.
    KEEP SPACE: in your schedule for tasks which took longer to work on, but then you can finish the task. You will have space for unexpected interruptions.
    ME TIME: plan me time.
    CREATIVITY: when you get into the creative mode to do a specific task use that energy to work on it. It will most likely be done in less time and effort and has more effect then the moment you have planned to do same.
    GRATITUDE: be grateful in the evening what you have accomplished that day.

  11. 1. Reflect together, with you partner, a friend or family. Plan 10 minutes to discuss your progress of the day, the difficulties you encountered and your plans for tomorrow. I think it's best to have different sparring partners, they all have their own point of view. Perhaps 'sparring partner' isn't the right definition, an informal chat with a friend can be very helpful. Last Wednesday, my dad gave me exactly the right advice I needed.

    2. Write down the important experiences of the day, you don't want to forget. Archive them, so you can easily find them back when you happen to be in a comparable situation. You can combine this habit with your daily planning in the evening.

    3. Check your financials daily: where am I standing? Maybe this is not so important anymore when you're a financially successful entrepreneur...?

    4. Count your blessings and your wins daily. It's stimulating and good for your confidence.

    5. Tidy your house, office and workshop. Give it structure. It wil keep your head clear. People associate creativity with messiness. This is a misconception. Successful artists, designers and craftsmen work very precise and have a clean and structured workshop. Entrepreneurs use their creative powers as well, same for them. The creative process can be chaotic, but the outcome needs a clean and clear environment to come to life.

    6. Use notebooks and make notes all the time. This habit also clears your head. And your memory is not as good as you expect.

  12. I love this topic, Here are a few things that I believe are crucial to day every day:

    1. MAKE AN INTENTION - I always start my day with an intention for that day that guides me through the day. It's like having a compass that shows me the way during that day and when I'm "lost" during the day or confused it centers me

    2. SPEND TIME IN NATURE - Even if you live in the city, find a park or a balcony with plants and just spend a few minutes in nature and listening to it. I'm lucky enough to live in pristine nature so I make a point to spend some time just sitting and listening to the nature around me it brings me back tomy center and focuses me

    3. PLAN YOUR DAY - I like to divide my day into units of time - 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes depending on how big the task. Even it is a big one I will divide it into smaller ones, like the above ones. I also make sure that there is a difference between the tasks I do in the morning and the afternoon - to keep me "entertained"...

    4. PLAN IN "FUN" TIME - I make sure that part of my planning includes some fun time - whether it is celebrating finishing a task, or just talking with a friend or dancing for 10 minutes

    5. GRATITUDE - I make sure to end my day with writing what I am grateful for this day, in many cases I do it together with my hubby - it gives us also time to spend together at the end of the day and listen to each other and be together

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