10 Ideas How to Achieve Your Goals

“Begin with the end in mind.” ~ Stephen Covey

It’s common knowledge that in order to be successful you have to set goals.

But setting goals is not enough.

To achieve your goal you need the RIGHT Mindset, the RIGHT set of goals, the RIGHT Strategies, the RIGHT Plan, and of course… Implementation of that plan.

Here are 10 tips to help you set AND get your goals…

1. Create Your List of Goals

From years of experience I found out that setting 7 goals, in several different areas, helps focus your creative energy and lead to manifesting a balanced, ideal life. Set 7 goals, and make sure to have at least one goal in each of the important areas in your life (Money/Finance, Profession/Career, Health/Fitness/Weight, Relationships -intimate/family/friends, Personal Development…)

2. Set Your Goals the Right Way

Make sure you phrase your goals as follows:

  • Include yourself (“I”) – e.g. “
I earn xxx euro per month/year”
  • Phrase it in the NOW – e.g. “
I have a new car”
  • Phrase it in the POSITIVE – e.g. “
I am thin” – instead of “I’m not fat”
  • State the END RESULT and not the means or the process to get it. – e.g. “I earn xxx euro”, instead of “I spend xxx euro on Facebook ads to grow my business”.

3. Tell the World

By sharing your goals with your family and friends or posting them on social media, creates a public expectation of completion. This ‘pressure’ AND support will help you keep yourself accountable and get things done on time.

4. Visualize

If you want to accomplish your goals with razor-sharp focus, visualize your goals as accomplished. When you use your senses and emotions during the visualization – you “recruit” your unconscious mind to help you attract into your life everything you need to accomplish your goals.

5. Define the Strategy to Achieve Them

First step is always setting the goals (where you want to go). Only then choose the strategies (the vehicle that will take you there). For each goal, brainstorm the most effective strategy/strategies that will get you where you want to be.

6. Create a Clear Action Plan

When you know where you’re going to (goals) and what vehicle you’re going to use (strategies) – it’s time to create the roadmap (plan). The plan is a series of steps/actions you need to take in a certain order – to get you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

7. Take a Daily Action

Momentum builds momentum. It’s hard to start, but as soon as you’ve got some momentum, it’s easy to keep your business and life moving forward. Take daily actions (even small ones) that will take you closer to your goals… every day.

8. Track Your Progress and Correct

Every week, check your progress. How much closer are you to meeting your goals? Are you doing everything you can to make your dreams a reality? Be honest and realistic. These check-ins will help you track your growth and pinpoint where there is room for improvement. This will create even more momentum and help you use your time wisely.

9. Progress is Just as Important as Results

The goal-setting process and the journey you takeare just as important as the result you’re looking for. Reminding yourself to love and appreciate the process of reaching your goals will help you to stay confident, positive and motivated.

10. Celebrate Your Progress

Celebrate each milestone and progress you achieved to motivate yourself to keep working until the total accomplishment of your goals.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what could YOU do to achieve your goals faster and easier?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. 1. I set my 7 goals like the book: Elements of Success

    2. I make the different areas cristal clear.
    Every area on a different color background
    And pictures from the internet that represent my goals.

    3. I use canva to make it look like a scrabbook

    4. I put the collage on my phone. So I am reminded every day

    5. I show my foto of the goals to relevent people
    (Relevent for achieving them

    6. I set a question om the phone:
    Is this what I am doing bringing me closer to my goals (I did this in my “out of focus time”) with an alarm for every day.

    7. Check the goals:
    Goals are doomed to fail if they are
    - not relevent
    - have a very low or negative ROI (read I as invesent in time and energy and of course also money
    - not the right goals for the right time
    - not exiting

    8. Celebrate small steps
    Of you are a bit lije me, you tend to demonish small achievements
    It helps me to talk about it with my buddy. She recognizes my (small) progress. We celebrate this just by having a “happy moment”
    Or I treat myself with a cappuccino

    9. Look back and see where you came from
    When I look back, and see hoe much I changed. This helps me to see the grows on the days it looks like I did not achieve anything.

    10. The most important: HAVE FUN
    It is very important to have fun while achieving your goals. Even when it is a bit hard.
    If it is not Fun, mybe there is something wrong with the goals.

  2. Make your goals actionable.
    Also think about what happens when you will not reach your goal. How bad is it? And if you're perfectly fine with it, have you set the right goal?
    Sometimes you take another path on your way to your goal. Don't feel like everything is lost when your goal slips through your fingers. Embrace alternative goals, they might even be better!

  3. We work with SMART Revenue plans. This starts by defining a SMART revenue goal breaking it down to pieces. And determine both qualitative and quantitative KPI's like number of leads, quotations, deals, new contacts, followers, profile views, content views etc We set monthly targets, use a good forecatsing tool both top down and bottom up, and keep eachother accountable. This way we grow gradually every month.

  4. The first thing that comes into my mind about setting goals, is in formulate them.
    The way in which they are formulated should be clear and measurable, without the 'how'.
    I tend to have small, vague goals in mind for the week, I am going to make them more precise.
    Apart from these detailed weekly goals, I have to fit them in larger long-term strategy to let them contribute to longer term goals.
    Perhaps start with setting longer term goals first and derive a plan and weekly goals from that.
    I like weekly goals, to celebrate it is weekend again.

  5. For deadlines: plan something online, so you can't go back. With courses... I always miss the deadline, since it's never good enough (so I don't launch).

    Have a mentor... and a accountability buddy, that works for me.

  6. one other.

    Make an implementation plan. Not just about what steps I need to take, but also what obstacles might come in my way and how I will deal with them.

  7. 1. Make it small steps that I can celebrate. It really doesn't work to only see the big goal..
    2. Turn it into a 30 day challenge.
    3. Put them on a piece of paper and hang them in my face
    4. find someone to keep me accountable and report
    5. Put them all as an alarm in my phone that rings with one of the goals so I keep on being reminded with them

  8. Well, This is one of my first lessons I learned from you, Nisandeh, and until today I am so greatful to have learned this magical skill of Setting & Achieving My goals from you. And the great thing about learning it, was seeing you giving the right examples every year, by growing your business, setting bigger goals and just repeating this whole proces, EVERY single year! A big thank YOU to you for this life long Inspiration and teaching.

    So I don't have really much other idea's... I do have some suggestions as I see so many Small business owners are struggling with this part:

    >> Make sure that you always make a "Bonus"-list near your Goals <<

    It does not matter for which goal or how BIG your bonus is: Just come up with 1 bonus per goal that you want to achieve. Make it into a Vision bord(Doelenbord) and Read it out loud 3 times per day. Just read it as if you believe it (Ofcourse write it exactly like Nisandeh teaches you here above)

    I still remember the bonus-lists (and vision board) we used to have in the office of Open Circles. Every day we would Stand up, Say the 3 goals out loud and Visualize the bonus that came with it and we complete the proces by taking an Inspiration Card as the Intention of the day...

    Believe me: It worked like magic! 🙂

  9. To be honest I'm not a big fan of setting goals in the traditional way. I certainly agree that you need to know WHERE you want to get to in order to get there.

    I've known about goals since the mid-'80 and even worked with them for a while, but it only got me stressed out. with the years I've found my way of working in order to achieve my dreams. For me what works best is having INTENTIONS.

    I set my INTENTION for each area of my life and create a VISUAL presentation of how it would look when it is completed in the best way.
    Then I sit down and create a plan how to get there.

    I use A LOT visualizations, but for me what is more important is taking each day a step towards that picture I have according to my plan and checking each time what my action has brought me and whether life is showing me it's the right direction I should go with.

    I have no problem changing directions if my results show me that my plan is not going to take me towards my INTENTION. What is more important for me is my INTENTION and not necessarily the end result.

    I'm not sure if this is clear or whether it connects to this topic, but in my opinion at the end of the day goals should represent how your ideal life would look like and this is how it works for me

    1. Interesting view @Bina !

      So don't you just do the same proces and then call it "Intention" in stead of "Setting Goals" ? 🙂 It pretty looks like that way 🙂

      And I am sure if this is the way it works for you: Then Just keep up the great work!

      thanks for your great view and sharing it with us!

  10. This topic comes at the right moment for me. I'm facing a tough job, this list will be a great help 🙂

    1. Find the right tools that will help you when obstacles like self-doubt, fear, setback and procrastination pop up - In the last 49 days we got a lot of tips & tricks in this Challenge. Use them.

    2. Ask friends/colleagues/your partner to actively support you - Use them as a sounding board (?? klankbord). People who love you will be happy to help.

    3. Create a deadline - Make it a nice deadline, a moment you can celebrate (together), something to look forward to. An exhibition, a fair, a party, a book presentation, ...

    4. Don't forget to give yourself compliments and celebrate your progress.

    5. Look forward, don't look back - Setbacks and experiences from the past can hold you back. Remind yourself that's where they belong: the past. Focus on today and on your goals.

    1. Go go go @Ine! You have now 91(!!!) comments! GO GO GO!

      I've missend your comments and your great idea's! Love All 5 of your great Idea's and tips, especially The Celebration part! YESSS! 🙂

        1. @Ine : I have missed you a lot and sooo cool to see your weekly growth and dedication and Commitment!

          Ps: When will be your next Video? 🙂

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