10 Ideas How to Celebrate Your Successes

"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate" ~ Oprah Winfrey

By celebrating every success, you encourage yourself to be in the moment and enjoy what you have, instead of being continuously busy with what you don’t have or what you didn’t achieve (yet).

The joy and celebration alone will push you forward, and… by keeping a record of your successes, you can remember and reconnect to this power in moments when you might feel low, stuck or unmotivated.

Celebrating successes will motivate you to keep going and aiming higher. Start incorporating celebrations into your work routine:

  • When you reach a goal, celebrate it.
  • When you receive good news, celebrate it.
  • When you feel inspired and have a new business idea, celebrate it.

And if you’re thinking…you’ve got nothing to celebrate, you do! Celebrate being awesome, how hard you work and how you make things happen every single day.

If you don’t celebrate, no one else is going to do it for you. So you need to make it a point to plan these celebrations throughout the year to reward yourself. Set your goals with specific celebrations attached.

Best of all, your celebration doesn’t have to be an expensive, roll-out-the-red carpet party. It can be as simple as taking out a few hours to kick back and do something enjoyable.

Here are 10 simple ideas how you can celebrate your successes:

1. Establish Traditions

Create a list of celebrations, what needs to happen to start celebrating, and what would be the celebration (e.g. achieving your sales goal for the month – celebrate it a week after finding out the results by spending an evening in the spa.)

2. Treat Yourself

Decide your own rewards! Whether it’s a full blown party, a celebratory dinner, a glass of champagne, a hot bath with your favorite book or a stroll in the park! You’ve earned it.

3. Take Time Out

Celebrating doesn’t have to be about buying something fancy or going somewhere flashy. Celebrating can be as simple as deciding to take time out from the day-to-day activities so you can kick back, relax and enjoy a little down time (watch a movie, have a glass of wine, spend the evening hanging with your favorite people…)

4. Plan an Experience

Make plans with someone far away that you miss. Sign yourself up for that class you’ve been dying to take (cooking, yoga, wine tasting, gardening…) Get tickets to the concert of your favorite band. Go do something you loved as a kid – paintballing, go-karting or a scavenger hunt, and then treat yourself to an ice cream. 

5. Start a Success Jar

All you need is a jar, paper and pens. Every time you accomplish something, write down the date and the achievement. Place it in the jar and you can review it weekly/monthly/annually or when you’re down…

6. Write a Success Journal

Similar to the Success Jar, you can add an entry with every celebration. You can connect with the emotions, feelings and thoughts that arise as you write this achievement.

7. Take Success Selfie
Go one step further on the Success Journal and take a photo of you in the moment. Save electronically or print for your journal to document your journey visually too – watch yourself GROW and DEVELOP!

8. Share Your Successes
Shout from the rooftops and celebrate with others – your family, loved ones, friends, virtual connections on social media and supportive groups. 

9. Write Your Success Story
Connect with the story behind your achievement and document it in a newsletter, blog post or a chapter in your upcoming book! Document it now and share when you are ready.

10. Do a Victory Dance

And don’t forget to create yourself a special dance to your favorite song. Whenever you have success, turn up your song and dance your heart away.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what can you do YOU do to celebrate more in your business? Give it a try and post it below…

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

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Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Celebrate succes:
    * treat myself AND share that with others.
    * plan the celebration with others
    * make it a team celebration (work together/celebrate together and make a habit of it)

  2. In our family we have the saying: we celebrate everything and when there is nothing to celebrate we celebrate that. 🙂
    Having said this I love Bina's idea of s, m and l celebrations for the different successes. I wil make a list which will take longer that the 5 minutes.

    For big wins I go to sauna. Preferably alone so I can enjoy it the way I want it. Otherwise I will adapt myself too much to my companion. Though I also like to go with a friend.
    A good cup of tea and for a short time nothing on my mind, just drinking the tea, looking out the window.
    Treating myself to a good book.
    Spending time with my kids.

  3. I love the JAR!
    For me, it's really celebrating with my partner. I love the sauna at the lakeside.

    Then ok, so what's next? I love to grow, to accomplish things. So I can get excited about the next steps 🙂

  4. My ideas for celebrating success:
    - take a screenshot of the posts that touched people and collect those screenshots in a folder
    - enjoy a glass of port, I don't care what time it is
    - thank myself out loud for following a hunch and persevering
    - thank those who contributed whether they know it or not and say how happy I am
    - reading a book in the sun
    - really let positive reactions from others get through to me
    - listen to a victory song like "Celebration" (Kool & The Gang) or "I'm still standing" (Elton John) 🙂

  5. How to celebrate!

    Personal celebrations:
    1. Take a bath
    2. Get nicer food. (My girlfriend and me love Burrata. It's something I buy for us when there is a success)
    3. Or go out to eat or order takeout.
    4. Give someone a gift
    5. Spend time with loved ones

    Celebrating with clients:
    6. Send all your clients (or the top 10) a bottle of champagne to thank them for their partnership and helping you to reach a goal.
    7. When a project finishes, give a gift about the work you did together.
    8. Call someone, ask if you can share your success and ask them to share theirs.
    9. When your new opt-in offer is ready, celebrate by sending it to everyone who is already following you.

    Celebrating with the team:
    10. Go to an escape room
    11. Have a team member explain what they are proud of


    1. I LOVE YOUR IDEAS Max!!!
      The fact that some of them are sop simple and daily things make them so do-able!!

      Thanks so much for this contribution!

    2. I want to be your client 🙂
      That sounds great to then thank other people, be happy together (and they will even learn more about your new things maybe?)

      Sushi it is for us btw 😛

  6. THis one is fun... I never could understand how some people can not celebrate their own achievement and successes.
    I LOVE doing especially min-wins success celebrations.

    I make a list of things that I love doing/experiencing/getting and then I divide them into S/M/L rewards for myself. So each time that I achieve something that I call s S success I look at that list and reward myself with something from that list, If I complete something that is a M size and reward myself from the list of M rewards etc...

    Sometimes there are task that might sound like a S task to complete but the importance of it is much bigger.
    For instance, I was struggling with a chapter for nearly a month and was stuck on it. Today, I finally finished it, and it was only 700 words that I wrote in order to finish that chapter I rewarded myself with an L size reward because I finally overcame a HUGE obstacle that was in my way.

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