10 Ideas How to Create the Ultimate Community

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” ~ Helen Keller

Once upon a time you decided you want to start your own business.

Maybe it was decades ago, maybe during the pandemic, maybe you’re still dreaming…

But if anyone asked you, “why do you want to start your own business?” your answer(s) will fall into these 4 categories:

  1. MONEY – the joy of getting paid doing what you love, the ability to remove the ceiling over what you can earn, the opportunity to get paid for your value instead of your time, and the possibility to earn passive income while doing your ‘thing’.
  2. FREEDOM – being your own boss, charting your own course, controlling who you work with and how you spend your time, experiencing that you always have a choice…
  3. FULFILLMENT – using your knowledge, skills and talents to enrich your own life as well as the lives of your clients, knowing that you manifest your own vision and core values, stepping out of your comfort zone and growing every single day…
  4. CONTRIBUTION – making a better world, every day, by helping your clients succeed and grow, sharing your knowledge and gifts, being a role model for your family, team members, clients and community, sharing your wealth (money and time)…

Can you recognize how your reasons and motivations to start your business fall into one or more of these 4 categories?

I have no doubt, you can achieve every single one of those goals with your small business.

But we can all reach those goals faster, easier and bigger when we’re not doing it alone.

Together We Can Do So Much

I am a big believer in the power of a community, a tribe, a village… whatever word you want to call it. A group of likeminded people that share a big vision, similar core values, and are willing to be there for each other.

We used to have such an amazing community in the past and it’s time to bring it back. Or better – build a new one.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could share a vision and values that are missing in the world today? 

What if we could help each other grow our businesses and use them for good, spreading knowledge, kindness, sustainability, togetherness, respect, freedom, fulfillment, generosity and equality?

If this sounds like a community that creates and celebrates Enlightened Millionaires… that’s exactly what we’d like to initiate…

I’ll share more about our vision, values, ideas and plans in the coming weeks, but before we go too far…

We Want to Hear YOUR Ideas

What would YOUR ideal community look like? 
What interactions, support, benefits, practicalities, structure or anything else you would like to have in this community…

To get your creative juices flowing… here are a few ideas that came up in the live brainstorm sessions we conducted last week with dozens of our students and subscribers:

1. Ask (and Answer) Questions

Can be a Q&A forum, or a button “ask a question” next to posts and videos, or…???

2. Get Implementation Support

For example: Monday – a short “how to do/create/achieve XXX” video or Zoom session. Then everyone goes to work. Wednesday – a short Q&A session. Friday – everyone comes and report/celebrate… More ideas to support implementation are welcome…

3. Search for Accountability Buddy

Can be a random connection, search based on certain criteria, or maybe “looking for a buddy” button in the profiles of those who are interested… Any other ideas?

4. Share Successes and Best Practices

“Winning Wednesday” or “Success Sharing Saturday”, or… ?

5. Exclusive courses for community members

Online, offline, interactive, video… we’d love to hear your ideas…

6. Experts in the Community Share Their Knowledge

Content based, hot seats, implementation days, group coaching… What do you think?

7. Marketplace to Exchange Services
Where you can offer your services, and benefit from the services of others. Paid, free, barter…??? 

8. Organize Mastermind Groups
For brainstorming and accountability – members can self-organized mastermind groups based on random pick, search criteria, or…?

9. Online Brainstorm Sessions
Scheduled or ad-hoc Zoom sessions – where participants can share their challenges and get the other participants to “throw” ideas on them…

10. Online Co-Working Space

What does that mean for you?

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what can WE do to create the ultimate community for YOU?

Feel free to give examples, to repeat ideas that were already mentioned, to expand on ideas you like… The more ideas and the more detailed they are… The better…

One thing though… if you read an idea you hate, find stupid, naive or counterproductive… please do NOT shoot it. We’re at the brainstorming stage where any idea is valuable, and even a “stupid” idea can spark a brilliant idea for someone else.

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. - build a kind of 'co-workers space/culture' (= so of instead of working alone, ensure & enjoy the sense of togetherness, knowledge shared, feedback given & received, brainstorm and lot's of inspiration
    - starting working today online, alone but also together, with some music and time to set the 3 goals for the day, same for week evaluation & setting goals next week, similar for quarter and year design
    - online tomato-timer & brainstorm tools
    - find business partner and build successful, new services together

  2. Pitch a business of one of the community members to the community and let them shoot/improve/comment/advise/counsel/...

    Pitch a website one of the community members to the community and let them shoot/improve/comment/advise/counsel/...

  3. First of all just start. It took me a while to get the people to really interact, but now it's growing by itself and people help each other.
    I welcome every new member and ask a question.
    I try to interact as well and acknowledge other people responding.

  4. Hello there,

    Good ideas!
    Always nice to meet likeminded people! I really like those.
    Reminds me to the first years at artschool. Misfits and dropouts, people that think and act different.
    Most of them introverts that feel the need to express themselfs.
    ( want to be seen, as normal people, with different ideas)
    All living on their own Island, safe, trying to make the world a little lighter, more beautiful.
    Still very recognizable.
    I think in art, things work a little different as in business. Mindset is ( I think) different of business people. We only come together at festivals and events, to create a vibe of colour and happines.
    It's harder to create a new goal together, as it does not serve the economy. ( this is only my opinion)

  5. 1. Exploring ideas to start new business together using the synergie of two or more mindliked.
    2. Working together on new business (implement point 1).
    3. Exploring ways to active use eachothers network
    4. Sharing eachothers books, bike, car, boat, knowledge, printer, tools, etc

  6. No. 9 is definitely most appealing to me. I love sharing ideas and experiences with other small business entrepreneurs. It has brought me so much when I really started my business as self employed musician and stil does up on to this day.

  7. I still stand behind my own idea number 2 Get Implementation Support because I believe in building a group is building results. If you don't apply what you've learned, you can ask yourself the question, what have you learned? To supplement this idea even more concretely, if you start something on Monday, you also want to see the effects of it. For example, the system of turning strangers into friends and turning friends into ambassadors. Why does this system work great for some and not for others. These are great challenges that you can start on Monday and turn into a success through the feedback of the group members. For example, there are many lessons that we have received from Nisandeh that I would like to experience in practice with a group of like-minded people.

  8. All the above are great ideas and inspiring! So is there anything I can add?
    Maybe waht could be fun and would help building a community sense is if we get to know each other better.
    So how about having theme-session-reflections-exposure moments of everybody that wants to share it.
    Like a question a week:
    - How and why did you start your business and why did you choose this subject?
    - What line/quote/moment stuck with you or is your quote on the wall?
    - Who in this community/group is your buddy or inspires you, and what did they say or do that meant something for your business?
    - What are things you love to do next to your business? What makes you walk the extra mile?
    - When you first started your business what were your expectations. And how did it evolve?
    - What was the turning point (if there was)?

    And I am always happy to read tips and books, products, tools others found and use.

    Wouldn't it be great to get together? Party time! And whoever wants can add something they enjoy/are good at. (Somebody is playing accordion f.i., and I am sure there are great cooks that can bring a dish.)

  9. All great ideas posted by Nisandeh and all the others. Not sure whether these are already mentioned?

    Have a short presentation what your are passionate about, which might also be outside your business.
    For those who know they have to have a workout, but skip it have an online workout in the community.

  10. I am a selfmade creative entrepreneur and also work with kids..organisations are hirung me..I feel happy get lot of money meer many people & go with the flow. Now I bought a global pass my plan is 2ho stond Europe meet new people Products & help the planet. I feel it's time to create art; dance, paint, sing & meditate 2gtr & being as oké tribe 2gtr as one.. suppporying life & online

  11. I am part of several entrepreneur communities already. What I would love is to work on a specific marketing project, where we are guided by lessons (videos/written), do the exercises and then once every two weeks report on all the exercises done and the outcomes.

  12. This Idea Generator Challenge made me realize that I am not a pure entrepreneur. I miss some entrepreneurial qualities. I would like to have a community where I can find in others the qualities I lack and where I can complement those who lack the qualities I have in abundance. I need a safe place where I don't have to be everything as an entrepreneur. To make it more concrete: I'm more philosophical and artistic, then adept at finding ways to make money, even though I desperately need the latter. I recognize myself in the motivations Freedom, Fulfillment and Contribution. But of course Money is also part of the deal. Therein lies my challenge. For me there is a connection with personal energy: the amount of information and impulses quickly becomes too much for me. I also recognize my inability to sell myself, to convince others. I will understand it, if my kind of community isn't what you're looking for. And I understand that I am most likely not your ideal customer. (Although from my heart I really like to be involved with you guys.) But I want to be honest.

  13. To have a community where we can connect online and offline.

    I actually host online co-working sessions for my clients and friends once or twice a week. And I have experimented with several ways of doing accountability buddy systems.

    1. Set up local groups that meet regularly
    2. Organise network meetings
    3. Be connected to entrepreneurs in the same stage. Still working on your basic FEBE like me? Let's connect. All into automatizing the business? Let's connect.
    4. Have shared goals to work towards. Like raising a certain amount of money, planting a forest, running a marathon (or maybe one of those estafette runs)
    5. Make it really easy to show and reward initiative. Someone wants to offer a daily guided meditation, give them a platform. Someone wants to give everyone a scan of their website, give them a platform.
    6. It's probably worth it to connect on different media. We could have whatsapp groups, discord groups, subreddits, shared mailing lists (not like a newsletter, but for emailing each other.) , facebook groups. (Of these suggestions I prefer the whatsapp groups)
    7. Shared video watching times. Maybe someone else wants to follow the course on referral systems. We could set a date and time, host a zoom and 5 people can watch together, discuss their insights and set up an accountability system. This could be really easy to coordinate.

    Now I will read the rest and build on it 🙂
    8. Organized groups from Laurien. You could buiold a piramid where there are 5 people in a group with Nisandeh and Vered, they each coach a group of 5 people. And they all coach a group of 5 people. Does your business reach the next milestone or you have mastered something, you start with your own group.
    9. Frans's knowledge sharing. I bet some of us can explain some topics even better. Let us upload video's/images and challenge us on a weekly or monthly basis to summarize and expand on a topic. Best explanation wins ....
    10. Expanding on Ine's zoom sessions. Brainstorm zooms where members can come up with topics. Participants help with brainstorming and maybe network to actively increase that person's business.
    11. Gerdy asking questions. You can get quite far with BuddyPress for wordpress or a system like Mighty Networks (standalone community software).
    12. Building on Aramik's ideas. Synchronised product launches. You just tell us that we have one week to plan, a month to tell our audience about it and a month to do the launch. Then during this time we connect weekly, share successes and challenges and learn from each other.

  14. As had been said in the blog itself I would add more specifically a online way of connecting on specific subject and/or field. As a martial arts school I'd like to see if more in my field are here and can help me. (Find a buddy as well) But also being able to look in other fields at the same problem and see how they deal with that. Thinking the same can help but also looking from the outside in, into a totally different field can help just as much. So, both would be great for me.

  15. organized Mastermind-sessions, Buddy, Questions and answers, tips&trics, inspiration, a kick under my ass...., live meetings with likeminded people, expertise and 'best practices' in partnerships, course in partnerships.

  16. I'm completely blown away by all brilliant suggestions of Nisandeh AND the others! I've been avoiding communities since I was a child, so that says something!

    Here's some more ideas:

    1. Bring a guest - to a selected number of programs, maybe once a month or so

    2. Give structure, make periods for challenges and buddy collaboration limited - for keeping momentum and enthusiasm

    3. Co Working Space - Super focus hour on Zoom (like the stiltecoupé or the library) and brainstorm hours

    4. Stand by service - One of the community who is available for an informal chat on the phone. Not always, but in shifts of maybe 1 to 3 days.

    5. Christmas - giving each others gifts (related to our business)

  17. Yes! Would love this.

    1. I’d love to have a place to ask my own questions too not just react on posts. If there is a way to be like Facebook without having to be on Facebook I’d be very happy:)
    2. A place to put a commitment every week, month and year
    3. A yearly start together with the passion test
    4. Celebration place
    5. Do challenge together absolutely. For instance writing a book: every day at 9 you can login, someone starts and ends the hour. It’s an hour being on mute but it’s super effective!
    6. I never did the beehive!! Is there a way to do it online?
    7. There is networking software that you can use to walk virtually from table to table. I’d love to simply have a networking session once a month or so.
    8. Option to ask for connections. For instance I’d love to get in touch with a manager at Vattenfall. Then I put it out and whoever has a brother in law or whatever working there can get me in touch. This is one of the principles of BNI that works for me well.

  18. Connect
    Learning more. Maybe about Marketing, law and contracts of/with publishers (I'm a writer/artist and this week I'll receive a contractproposal for my books).
    Helping eachother
    Inspiring eachother
    Become a motivational speaker fot larger audiences than I do now.
    Bring positive awareness in the world, connect people with themselves and with others and with nature.
    Help others to implement joy and relaxation and music and fysical activity in their working-days. It all makes you happier, more connected, more energised, more focused and more effective/productive.
    The power of communication.

  19. I'm a HUGE believer in communities and the power of them, so creating one like this would be an awesome thing.
    If anything the Pandemic has taught us is the importance of a supporting community is crucial for us all.

    I LOVE the ideas above and here are some of mine:
    1. Peer reviews on ideas and projects
    2. creating something together
    3. Q&A is fantastic and I would love o have it on specific topics - like Monday Q&A - website issues, Tuesday - building funnels etc...
    4. I think that #3 is SO IMPORTANT - would be fantastic to get support in implementing stuff
    5. I would love to have some kind of Monday - mini-win - kind of a place where we can "brag" on small wins (or big ones)
    6. I think it's so important to have some kind of cheer-leaders that bring in fun and acknowledge members on their efforts and contributions

  20. Such an Amazing Topic! I am a huge fan of Communities and Building Strong Loyal Network of Like-minded memebers who Share mutualisme goals and dreams.

    And YES! I love many of your Idea’s here above as “Q&A’s”, “Expert sessions”, “Co-Working” and creating Buddy & Master Mind Groups.

    And here are some of my idea’s:

    1) Community Challenges : 10/21/40/90 Day Challenges with great Business & Persoanl development theme’s like “Boost Your Online Visibilty” or “Email Marketing to The Max” or “Morning Routine” Challenges

    2) Any kind of Gamification with competitive Touch like a Pub Business Quizz or Online Cash Flow Game

    3) Monthly Crowd Funding : For mutual Charities or Causes

    4) Experts/Students (Online/Podcast) Interviews or Live Streamings

    5) Behind The Scène - One member of the community Share a daily video or Story about her/his daily work/routine/habbits

    6) Celebration / Kick-off Events : Get Together Events with Friendly themes (online & offline) like a FRI-Mi-Bo’s

    7) “What Would Nisandeh Do”-Sessions: making it Possible for us to pick Your Brains

    8) Book Club = Monthly Book Reviews and Readings (together and apart).

    1. @Aramik I also love nr. 8. For input during the writing process as well reviews on the completed book with suggestions on potential readers.

      1. Exactly @Joyce 🙂

        And not only for This proces, we can discuss a book per Month and learn from each other.

        So a Book (discuss) Club

        And a Book (Writing) Club 🙂

      1. How does it sound @Frans?

        Actually I use This phrase alot in This last 17 years and it helped me alot to get things clear.

        So Love that you love the idea 🙂

    2. WOW this sounds good Aramik! All of them. Are you a Community Guy...? 😉 Especially love #1 #3 #5 #6 and #8!

      1. Hahaha @Ine! 🙂

        Let’s Do all of them Then 🙂

        And you know... As an Introvert (yeah... I know...) I hated Any Communities and gatherings (Where I did not have Any Role). So Community Building really Challenges me and I still need to train myself to not run away...

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