10 Ideas How to Energize Yourself When You’re Low

I made it from the bed to the couch. There's no stopping me now. 😅

Your mojo is your magic power, charm and influence. When you have your mojo – your days are filled with excitement, energy, positivity and hope. When you lose your mojo – you feel stuck, trapped, a lack of desire, energy and confidence…

When your work life is repetitive, you might feel stuck replaying the same monotonous tasks every day. It’s easy to fall victim to the mundane and routine – even if you love what you do.

Keeping yourself energized and supercharged may not be on the top of your to-do-list. But, when you do – it will boost your productivity, mood and results. And, along the way, it will help you continue to grow and become more whole as an entrepreneur and as a person.

If keeping yourself energized may seem like an uphill battle, here are ten ways to energize yourself when you’re low:

1. Do What You Like

Yes, do only what you like and delegate or outsource what you don’t. Whether personal chores (e.g. cleaning your house, being a taxi driver to your kids…) or professional tasks (e.g. bookkeeping, managing your social media accounts…), get someone to do the stuff that lowers your energy and choose the activities you enjoy.

2. Shake Things Up

Sometimes we lose steam because we get stuck in a routine. Whenever you notice this, shake the system a bit. For example, start your day in a different time, work from a different location, commit to a xx-day challenge, do something different or do things differently.

3. Reserve Time to Play 

If you don’t have a hobby or activity in your daily life that gives you joy, now is the time to find one. Do something daring you always dreamt of. Take an overnight hike, learn something new, go on a “playdate” or game night with friends…

4. Gamify Your Most Important Tasks

Gamification is turning a task into a game to motivate yourself to do it. It’s effective because it creates a feeling of being rewarded each time you complete a task. It makes your progress feel tangible. For example… earn points for achieving a goal, “compete” with colleagues/team members using leaderboards, get an award or a badge for collecting a certain amount of points…

5. Minimize Distractions

Whenever you concentrate on one thing – your energy is focused like a laser beam. As soon as the phone rings, a message comes in, a notification appears or someone asks “got a minute?” you lose focus and concentration – and your energy dissipates. To keep your energy high – work in blocks of uninterrupted time.

6. Reevaluate Your Workload

If you’re feeling bored with your workload – you may need to look for more or new projects to spark interest in your work again. On the other hand, if you’re feeling overworked, you may need to delegate some of your tasks to others.

7. Find/Join a Community

An accountability buddy or a mastermind group are excellent resources to re-energize you when you’re low. Sharing your struggle might bring some creative solutions, and brainstorming together will take some of your burden. Helping others is also a fantastic way to get energized again.

8. Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture

Sometimes business (and life) might seem like a constant struggle… like swimming aimlessly in a big ocean. That’s the time to stop “swimming” for a moment, get your head out of the water, and re-align yourself with your vision, your purpose and your goals. Remind yourself that what you’re doing has a purpose, no matter how trivial your tasks may seem. 

9. Hold a Fitness Challenge

To raise your energy – commit to a 30-day fitness challenge. A few of the daily challenges I committed to over the years were: 100 push-ups/pull-ups a day, 15-minute trampoline, 8 km walk, 500-meter interval running… You can do it alone, or invite colleagues or family members to join you for company and mutual accountability.

10. Express Your Gratitude

Feeling grateful is one of the best feelings in the world. Yet, most of us experience it seldom – when something almost earth shuttering takes place. Raise your energy by experiencing gratitude every day… Write hand-written thank-you notes to people in your life – clients, team members, friends, family members… 

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what would YOU do to energize yourself when you’re low?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

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Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Energize myself

    The biggest thing I did was outsource the following
    - Cleaning: I hate cleaning
    - Laundry: I hate doing laundry even more. I first did a barter. My cleaning lady did my laundry. I taucht her
    daughter. Now she does not want that any more. She askes only €12,50 more. HELLOOOOO.....
    Well let just say that I thought of it as contribution.
    - My car: Car survise of Hubby
    - My admin!
    The next thing is: Planning!!!!!
    - Social media. I do that sometimes.
    I hate doing social media.

    When I am bored a bit. And I want to meet people I join them. It is OK. As long as I promise myself it is just for fun. And do not loose too much time.
    And, I leave if it is not fun anymore.
    I also have my so called office brother. An entrepreneur I met in on of my offices.
    Our meetings give me just pleasure.
    I have some clients that were friends before. I love to meet them for dinner.

    I like to play golf, because then we can have fun and still move around.

    I love the selling the most. I am focussing on that. So that I can have sales meetings.
    How ever. Sales meetings are nice with people that are looking for my service. I love critical friends.
    They are very critical. They make me improve my business. And they are the best clients.

    I have to sports in with I can measure myself and improve my skills. I love that.
    This makes me want to go even if my couch is SMILING at me.

    I used to call a business coach my very expensive cleaning boy. After every meeting I got soo exited
    that I started cleaning my house from top to bottum.

    I had the tendency to chase after suppliers. Or friends. That is exhausting.
    I just go and do things I like to do. And meet the right people

  2. My sister is keep telling me to do breathing excerises and I am always ignoring her lol.

    Maybe stop working and get out, do something different.

    1. Breathing exercises are great so listen to your sister 😛 For energy and focus, I use the 4-7-8 with an alternation of closing the nostrils.

  3. I dance, or do a 4 minute tabata.
    I work a bit in the garden or clean my desk (yeah that gives me energy).
    or cuddle and more with my partner, then back to business 🙂

  4. Get up, out of your bed immediately, not snoozing and don't push the alarm button twice. Take cold shower! Have a good coffee/ tea.
    Do breathing excercices, stretch. Smile! Welcome yourself in the mirror and wish yourself a good day. You earn it!
    Keep away from negative people. Stay focused on what you want... DO IT!

  5. Keeping your energy high can be challenging. It can be useful to feel low in energy now and then so you recognize when your energy is high. These are my favourites.
    Movement: my body needs a lot of movement. In the morning I start with a Tabata and followed by an exercise from Brian Gym. At the office I have a high-low desk. In combination with the song playing on the radio I cannot stand stil and at least make 'dance movements' with my legs. Love it. Or I go for a walk.
    I don't follow the new on t.v. neither have a newspaper for years, I hear once or twice the news on the radio for a couple of minutes and that is enough for me.
    Youtube: either I search for music I am in the mood at that moment or look for a short inspiring video from e.g. Inspired.
    Call a friend or family just to have a chat.
    Go for a walk in nature.
    Enjoying the sun whereever I can.
    Give myself a balance with Brain Gym. In 20 minutes you have tackled a small problem and 'see the light'.

  6. Positivity, energy, enthusiasm and joyfulness are worth to immerse yourself in. I would recommend a book from Kay Redfield Jamison 'Exuberance: The Passion For Life'. The book is about the power of enthusiasm, with examples of inspiring people (Theodore Roosevelt), nature (blooming plants) and playfulness (children and animals). This book learned me that joyfulness is contagious.

    1. Do dynamic activities - Ofcourse, it raises your levels of endorfines, but I mean for the sake of joy. Dynamic moves are associated with play and playfulness make you happy. Play around with your kids, with your dog or go for a ride on your motorcycle.

    2. Play music that energizes you - I have an imaginary string from the back of my head to my tailbone. Music makes it vibrate: it lifts my spirit or calms it down.

    3. Connect with like-minded people who are high on energy.

    4. Sing & shout - you can sing and shout because you're happy and full of energy, but it also works the other way around.

    5. Surround yourself with beauty - When you're down, read your best art book, go to a beautiful park, go to a museum etc.

    1. Nisandeh & Vered proofed at the Business Bootcamp that #4 really works: the audience danced on the chairs while singing and shouting on The Black Eyed Peas. At the beginning I felt so uncomfortable, but soon I was dancing along and it really raised my energy and the energy in the entire room 🙂

      1. # make up with people you're in a bad vibe with
        # find the sun
        # buy new clothes or perfume
        # do some sport
        # go out

  7. Start the day with a morning routine that fits you. I have to move every day and I find it so helpful in my energy to start my day with moving! I choose based upon how my body feels, it can be a run or an intense workout or yoga. Also following the seasons a bit.

    Spend time with loved ones. Nothing works better for energy than an uplifting conversation or a big hug.

    Plan the day. Planning makes me accomplish more things and checking off my to do list also gives me energy!

    Laugh. Sometimes I get in a negative spiral. When I talk to a friend and he tries to cheer me up with a joke, it helps me see the brighter side of things.

    Do something totally different. When I get stuck at work, I start cooking.

    Celebrate! Sometimes I must do things that are not in flow, I find them hard. Taking the time to always celebrate them gives energy. And it helps for the next times. And they often turn out to give a lot of results too!

  8. Take 5 minutes to write your successes. A success can be a small or big accomplishment and also a mistake or something that went wrong and you've identified. Write it down on a daily basis and even better: share your successes with other people.

  9. I'm a great believer in the saying that Everything is Energy - therefore I make sure to be around and use as many things that give me energy and not drain me.

    Here are some things I found that energise me or help me keep my energy high:

    1. STAY AWAY FROM NEWS - If you're my age, you probably were raised with the belief that you need to keep yourself updated with what is going in the world and be connected via newspapers, TV, radio and the internet to the news. But this is a concept and a belief that is from the... 19th CENTURY!!!!
    I found out that the less I connect to this endless cycle of news the better I am. I make sure I am updated on the news only once a day and only for 30 minutes. Since I started this habit it improved not only my energy levels but also my mental health.

    2. 5-10 MINUTES BODY MOVEMENT GOES A LONG WAY - Due to the fact that most of my day I sit and write I discovered that taking a break of 5-10 minutes every 1-1.5 hours for stretching, dancing, walking bouncing on the trampoline etc... - goes a long way in both keeping my energy high and my creativity fresh.

    3. FOOD IS ENERGY FOR YOUR BODY - What you eat makes a HUGE difference on your energy. However, it changes with the years and with the seasons. Therefore I've became a really good friend with my body and attuned to what signals it gives me and what it needs to eat.

    4. NATURE IS A GREAT HEALER - Anytime I feel down and that none of my usual "tricks" are not working to raise my energy I take some time to connect with nature. Whether it would be a nearby park, or a full day in nature doesn't make a difference, I always come back recharged.

    5. ELIMINATE NEGATIVITY AROUND YOU - Just like with then news, which is mostly negative, I have also, during the years, start to avoid and eliminate people who are negative and drain my energy. Sometimes, it's easier to do it and sometimes, when it's family members or co-workers, I simply either set borders or limit my time with them

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