10 Ideas How to Get People to Buy from You

Build it and They Will Come? Not Really...

You could be offering the best product or service, but if you don’t get people to buy it  – you’re going to be out of business… fast.

Many entrepreneurs hate or are afraid of promoting and selling. But if you have the solution for your prospects’ problem – it is your MORAL OBLIGATION to make sure they know about your solution and its benefits.

Here are 10 ideas to get people to buy from you:

1. Learn From Your Past Successes

Many entrepreneurs avoid selling – because of past failures or rejections. Focus on those sales that went well, learn from them and try to replicate your past successes, instead of looking at your mistakes or failures.

2. Sell The Dream

Sharing with your prospects a vision of what THEIR life would look like when they purchase your product or service is the best way to start when talking about YOUR product or service.

3. Make Your Prospect a Part of Your Team

Ask for your prospects’ opinions and take them seriously. We are wired to help others, so ask your prospects’ help (with information, feedback, access to decision makers, testing…) Use the information they give you to close the deal.

4. Use a Special Introductory Offer

Rather than announcing your product or service, make it available as a part of a special introductory deal (with discounted pricing, buy one get one free, double points if you have a loyalty program, gift for every referral…)

5. Focus On the Biggest Benefit(s)

Clients don’t care what or how your product or service is doing. They only care about how your product/service will improve their lives. So, focus on the benefits for THEM and not on the features.

6. Be Passionate About Your Product

Don’t pretend to be unbiased. Nothing you say will make a prospect forget that your job is to get them to buy. So, do the opposite: Believe your product/service is simply the best and get excited sharing about it.

7. “Bombard” Them With Social Proof

No matter how well or how often you’ll tell your prospects how good your product or service is, people want to hear it from another source. Referrals and word-of-mouth are the most effective ways to attract new leads AND closing a deal. Use reviews, testimonials, endorsements and recommendations in all your marketing material.

8. Make it Easy for Them to Say “Yes”

First – make sure your offer is irresistible. And then make sure the whole buying process is easy and flowing. Simplify your conditions, payment methods, contracts, customer service…

9. Create a Sense of Urgency

There will always be prospects who “sit on the fence”. They’re solid prospects, but you just cannot get them to buy. They need a gentle push into making a decision. There are several soft ways to create urgency like a short-term discount or incentive, scarcity, and communicating the immediate benefit of your product or service.

10. Follow Up All the Way to the End

If you don’t succeed in making the sale the first time you pitch, don’t be discouraged. Keep following up in case they change their mind, or are a better have a different offering. Don’t stop following up until they buy, or ask you to stop.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… how can you get people to buy from you?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. -Make new clients feel very welcome, offer them attention and a drink
    -Meet them with a happy face so they feel special like an old friend.
    -Tell them a personal story about yourself but keep it as short as possible
    -Reply a request for information immediately no matter the time of the day. Clients always like a quick response
    -Supply valuable advice/information at regular intervals
    -Organize meetings between clients to cooperate and exchange experiences.

    This is fun but 5 minutes is still short when you have not done your homework for some time 🙂

  2. 1. Ask WHAT you can help them with.
    They they tell their full story.

    2. Ask what is the PROBLEM
    In this question I narrow it down

    3. Ask WHAT have THEY DONE already?
    Sometimes nothing. That is great. You get virgins! If they have had help from other people you must know EXACTLY what they have done already. Or even worse. They want you to compare or compete. I told a prospect once: Do not change.
    You already have a great person. Or they are not my client. It is far away from my expertise.

    4. Ask what they really WANT.
    In order to know what kind of offer you give, you ask what they want to be solved

    5. Ask what they want from YOU.
    In my case, I want to know if they are looking for a specialist? Or someone to do their job, take care of the kids and their homework.
    That is totally fine, but that is not me. I am a specialist. I like to work with parents who take their kids and education serious. And are willing to pay for good quality.

    6. Then if they are on board, you can tell them your plan. I had 5 questions and answers to think about it.
    In 2 minutes I tell them what I can do for their child. I tell them what they result I believe we can achieve and how much time I need for this.
    Of course I tell them that this is based on the information that is given to me.

    7. Make a FOLLOW UP appointment.
    I take much effort in free initial interviews. But schedule them right away. Also the starting date.

    8. If you work with children. NEVER EVER, let them come the first time.
    First of all, this takes too long for them. They are often not so patient.
    Second, you talk about things that do not go well. That is not nice to hear. In my case young children come and tell me they can do everything. And that is GREAT.
    And when they are older and they hear that their parent have to pay money in order for them to learn, they get frightened. They feel protective of their parent. Or they feel stupid, because their parents must pay money in order for them to grow in school.

    9. If you work with children, take time to connect to the kids in a different meeting. Just to connect.

    10. Seed with your clients when the project is nearly finished.

    11. What I did one time, with a parent that already spent a lot on her child with no result:
    Offer one month money back guarantee. However... make it crystal clear what you expect from them. And the free month is only in the first term.
    You let them pay first. Than if they are not satisfied. Or you are not satisfied, you give the money back.
    I do that when there is good reason to do so. For example: there is a great connection with the client, but you are not sure if you are the right person for them. And the prospect already spent a lot of money to the wrong people.
    They will be your best ambassadors if it does work.

  3. Get people to buy from you.
    - start with a free webinar (give first)
    - keep it (laagdrempelig) accessible in the beginning

  4. - I contact people who have been a client and ask them how they are doing and what their results are after our collaboration. And if I can help with anything.
    - Be passionate about what you sell is absolutely true. If you have any doubts or if things are not quit clear about your product, you either don't have the right product of your sales is not sharp enough.
    - Write an ebook about your product.
    - Give something for free, webinar, masterclass
    - Give people in your blog free advice and fe. templates how to start.
    - If you give a lot, people are interested and eventually will buy from you.
    - Be top of their minds by emailing regularly

  5. 1) Do research about the person about what he or she likes and is specialised in. It helps to create more rapport and to make the person feel understood
    2) Avoid negative words
    3) Set before you start an intention for the best possible outcome for anyone involved. In other words: Let Love Be Your Guide in anything you say or do
    4) Give sincere compliments
    5) Be genuinely interested

  6. What makes a top sales person better than the rest? What makes them so good? Are they born that way? It's really not. It's because they apply various best practices in their daily activities. Here are 13 strategies of enterprising top salespeople.

    1. They set clear and ambitious GOALS and have oversight
    Top performers do not wait for someone else, an accountant for example, to tell them how they are doing. They set their own goals, have an overview of their finances and are not afraid to think big.

    2. They PLAN very carefully their year, quarter, month, week and day.
    Many entrepreneurs act and react very much on the short term. This sometimes makes you feel that you are always behind the times. The following actually sounds very simple and yet few do it: look at the big picture. The Bigger Picture. Where do you want to end up with your business? First formulate your final goal for the year for example and calculate back from there is a good method to get your planning clear and know where to start.

    3. They set a PURPOSE for every call.
    When you do call, do it with purpose. It is extremely important that you have a crystal clear idea in advance of what you want to get out of the conversation. Both by phone and face to face. If you have that intention and show it, you will get it.

    4. They ask the right QUESTIONS that have a high value and get to the heart of the matter.
    This sounds simpler than it is. In my trainings, I spend quite a bit of time and attention on teaching you how to ask the right questions. It's all about knowing exactly what your prospect is struggling with as quickly as possible and what you can do to help them.

    5. They LISTEN very well and carefully instead of just talking themselves all the time.
    You can ask all sorts of questions, but what's the point if you're not listening? You can then not possibly come up with the right solution or: your offer.

    6. They ask for DISCUSSION when it is unclear what the prospect means.
    People are not always very clear and the trap many people fall into is to fill in what the other person means. Good salespeople don't do that. They ask through with questions like, "What exactly do you mean by that?" or "Can you clarify that for me?". It seems like an open door, but trust me...I train many experienced salespeople who go wrong here.

    7. They WAIT to present their OFFER until the situation is clear.
    The majority of entrepreneurs come up with their offer far too quickly, but top sellers know exactly what the right moment is. When the situation is clear and the prospect himself has spoken out loud where his needs lie. If you are too early, you create resistance. At the right time, it delivers immediate results.

    8. They begin every follow-up conversation with a brief SUMMARY of the last conversation.
    Again something that seems so simple. By summarizing you indicate that you really listened well last time. It also gives you the opportunity to check whether your story and offer meet the needs of your prospect.

    9. They know how to properly POSITION their product or service.
    Many entrepreneurs are bad at this. They talk and talk and talk about aspects that their product or service all contents and offers, but which have no relevant value for the situation of the prospect.

    10. They are PREVIOUS of possible objections.
    If you have a good understanding of exactly what you are offering, what pain you are solving and know what your prospect's need is, then you know what they could possibly object to. You then also know how you can prevent or parry this objection. You are prepared. In my training I pay attention to this.

    11. During the meeting they already discuss the CONTINUING STEPS.
    It can sometimes be quite difficult and time-consuming to speak to the person you want to speak to. When the time finally comes, make sure that you don't leave contact. You do that by scheduling a follow-up appointment right away. Either by phone or face to face.

    12. They always do a FOLLOW-UP after every conversation.
    This is probably the most common mistake that is made. I sincerely think that most deals are lost because of this. You can't go around waiting for your prospect to call you. You have to take the initiative. Plan this out in advance. When do you call (or visit) after you've made contact?

    13. They make sure their PINE is continually filled by constantly acquiring.
    I know it's hot these days to think that your marketing will ensure that the customers are in line. In practice, it often works differently. My advice is to remain active and to approach your target group yourself. Plan this on a weekly basis. Besides online marketing, offline sales remain crucial.

    I can tell you so much more about it, but I'm sure you can already do something with this. Right?

    1. Hi Muriel,

      Always a great pleasure. A great gift. Normally I sit down and write down the things I can check or change by reading Nisandeh's ideas
      Now I do the same with yours. Here are my comments.
      1. GOALS: I set a lot of goals, big GOALS even. But the people have to want. In my mind, working with schools would help. However... The schools do not always want. Having said that, today, the minute I was reading this post, a parent told me the school wants to talk to me.

      9. Position: I do a lot: Blogging, movies etc. I believe my website is good. The rest, my emails I am not sure.
      What do they really want? I asked, I did surveys, but never seem to get the right answer.
      Sometime they told me what they did not want. Accept that parent want me in the schools and schools paying for it.

      13. PINE: I agree, I get the best sales by talking to people.

      My personal problem lies not with sales with parents. They want the best for their kids.
      Once they are in my office, it is easy to sell. On the phone it is much different.

      With schools it is totally different. They know about apply for a job. And people that want to sell.
      Entrepreneurs that want to have a great connection and want to select is a different story.

  7. Very tricky this one.

    1. Vouchers - welcome vouchers. 10% off with your first order
    2. Free shipping
    3. Newletters with offers
    4. Good customer service
    5. Reviews - if you have reviews for individual products connect them to a system like trustpilot to show them in organic results and google shopping
    6. Reply to reviews even if these are bad or unfair
    7. A gift, something to say thank you
    8. Social media - we use influencers to wear our lingerie
    9. Ads to create awareness with a combination of google ads, facebook and instagram

  8. My biggest change came when I started to believe that they should be happy to have found me, instead of that I should be happy if someone would buy.
    So don't be needy. Be confident in that you are valuable.

    1. I Really like this comment.
      Can you tell me how this changed you?

      This sometimes works for me. But I fall back sometimes.
      Are you always able to think like that? Or do you sometimes fall back.

  9. What has always worked for me is that they are desperate and by giving them perspective that exceeds their expectations, they can't wait for me to start working with them.
    Maintain intensive contact with your customers and they appreciate this and they think of you more quickly when they meet someone who is looking for the service or product you have to offer.
    Don't convince, but live completely in your customer and think for him in solutions and not in problems
    Make it much worse for your customer first and spend the most time on that and only at the end offer the solution.
    Refer to your recommendations for unknown customers.
    Always offer a casual conversation and give them space to think. Pushing often backfires.

  10. Good question. First of all in order to make people buy from you stop selling to them. This may sound easy but it's the biggest pitfall for entrepreneurs and salesreps.

    What helps me;

    ✅ Add value
    ✅ Listen and ask questions
    ✅ Listen and ask questions
    ✅ Listen and ask questions (yes this is important s I repeat it three times 😁) be genuinly interested
    ✅ Connect and engage
    ✅ Give!

    1. @Frank - I enjoy reading all yoru tips and ideas, they are so valuable. I LOVE and agree with the first one here - "In order to get people to buy from you... STOP SELLING" - It's truly refreshing to get such a wise advice.

      Thanks for all your contribution here.

    2. I agree with what Vered is saying and listening and genuine attention creates understanding and they feel taken seriously.

  11. Every now and then give your clients an insight into your life. They feel more like friends.

    Ask them questions in your email about what they want and need (however sometimes I get whole books back... too much information about their whole life, don't know how to act on that).

    Whenever you talk somewhere, tell your clients. There is always someone nearby who can benefit from your LIVE event.

    Give, give, give, and then ask, ask, ask. People don't know what you all have, but very often they want more of you...

  12. 1 make them know, like and trust you
    2 celebrate something and provide a good deal with that
    3 demo the product
    4 let enthousiast clients of you tell/convince others
    5 do not forget to emphesize the emotion of the result the product brings
    6 make sure you talk to the right people, your target audience

  13. 1. Put the client at the first place, ask what he/she needs most, and offer a solution for these needs.
    2. Build a relationship with people in your target audience, by follow up contacts that are created in workshops and so on.
    3. Stay in contact, for sure when they complain about something
    4. Try to react fast, which honestly is something difficult for me
    5. Invest time in starting that Podcast to have quality time with the target audience.

    This was it for me for this moment.


  14. The things that brings me the biggest successes:
    - know & love your target audience
    - check out where they “hang out” (online/offline)
    - then offer them the perfect solution for their biggest challenge and do all of the above & below 😉

    Remember not to sell a steak to a vegetarian 😉

  15. For my niche I contacted the municipal organisation "Binding" which facilitates a platform for organizations and volunteers to connect with eachother. I was brought into contact with the 'buurtsportcoach' (neighbourhood sport coach). They organise for schools a specific program with several organisations and I will be on the menu as well.
    Contacted the petting zoo, which organized activities for schools in the week of animal day, we were implemented.
    At the library we could have an activity as well and one of the kids visited the library just at that time and recognized us.
    Depending on your product/service local organisations might be of interest.
    I use KOE (kaken op elkaar - keep your mouth shut) and listen.

  16. * gain trust
    * Ask what needs to be done so that 'they' Will buy your product/service... When Will you buy? What needs to be added? What do I need to do in order to ... Etc .

  17. Listen carefully to the complaints people have and use their words to describe your solution instead of trying to sell your product or service as how you see it.

    Be an example. You are your own living and breathing testimonial.

    1. Halleujaaa @Manny!

      Be an Example! yesssss! Nisandeh talked about "Talking Your Walk". I love that Concept and ever since is that My mantra!

      thanks for your great contributions here! Love to read them every day!

  18. #1 Give a deadline to make a decision and remind them about it. Make the deadline short. If they have two weeks to contemplate, they will do so and come up with more reasons not to buy every day.

    #2 Tell them why it is important they make a decision, any decision.

    #3 When you sense doubt, ask them what they need to make a decision. Do they need more information, do they need to sleep on it, do they need to talk to a spouse, etc. After they have done so, they are thus ready to make a decision.

    #4 Make sure your free-stuff is tha bomb. If they are really happy with the free stuff they will be happy to pay for more.

    #5 Make sure they know you are trying to sell to them. I have seen entrepreneurs do a sales pitch where I only noticed they were trying to sell me something at the very end. All the while I was wondering why they were telling me a certain story and what it was about. Very confusing.

    1. yess @rowan! I like #4... Our Free Products are a reflection of how we do business and how much we care!

      Hahah!! I laughed out loud at #5... hahahah!! I recognise that.... Some call it "Blind Recruiting"... Drove me always crazy and felt really used and misguided...

  19. I started a new business, and lately also a new product. Here's what I learned from it:

    1. Ask them what they WANT. I tend to think I know what they want. But it's usually- what they NEED. I concucted a research and asked them about their biggest problem during remote times. That was: we lost the connection with the team. so- you would think that if I asked them for what they want, they would say: teambuilding, right? But no... they didn't! I asked: how would you "use" me, if you could have me for one day for free? And they all chose to have me facilitate a meeting that is giving them a headache. Which is what they WANT! And what I do then, is I give them a meeting, and I pour teambuilding elements in it, because it's what they need. So customer is happy.

    2. Ok this one is fun. Do NOT offer them ANYTHING. Just ask them about their problems. If they have a problem, just wriggle in it until it really hurts. And then tell them "thank you so much for the information". When I started I didn't know what to offer them yet and I didn't want to, so I didn't have something and the one in need practically BEGGED me to help them! How awesome is that! the good thing is: when your customer doesnt have a problem and you don't offer them anything, you keep the relationship intact because you are not pushing them. Of course you do follow them up.

    3. Which brings me to the next point. FOLLOW UP. We tend to take no for an answer. Keep the relationship. Be on top of their mind. And call them every three months, ask them how they are doing. Be interested.

    4. Ask questions .I just heard: a good sales person asks 7 questions. A fantastic sales person asks 32 questions. Always ask more questions than talk.

    5. Give them something so they can "try you out". I am selling an expensive product to B2B, and there are a gazillion coaches and trainers. So I decided to give them the first meeting that I am redesigning for them for free. It's a huge gift, but they really appreciate it! And the best thing is that - when they decide to put their people in a meeting for 2,5 hours with an hourly rate of 125,-, it's not the money they don't pay me. The investment is so much bigger than that... and then if I blow them away, they will always turn to me. Especially because I created a lot of reciprocity. The very first meeting I did was a success but not over the roof, and still they would look everywhere in their organisation where I could do more for them.

    1. WOW ... Great tips @Gerdy!!

      Love the #4 the most... and yes! Asking is a great way AND listening to it as well. I get lots of Sales people who do ask questions but they just don't listen to what I just said 🙂

      Thanks for your daily sharings and engaging! Love your energy!

  20. I think in the Business Bootcamp you tell about how to bring people to the level they want/think they need. And sell on from there. That resonates with me.

    1. Solve a problem
    2. Learn about the prospect in advance
    3. Let them know how it helped others.
    4. Offer the product
    5. Give clarity that the meeting/event/webinar is about selling something at the end (if they stay it is a good sign and it reduces my anxiety)

  21. Today, I focused more on physical products

    1. If you use Instagram a lot, make an Instagram shop.

    2. Go further than recommendations: put stories/examples of satisfied clients on your website/Social Media

    3. Give examples of what they can do with your product

    4. Offer additional services, like: wrapping the ordered product as a gift

      1. Haha, good point, ouch! My Instagram is @monumentalista_design. Monumentalista's my company.

        Actually, I just came up with this idea #2, so I will implement it from now on! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  22. I LOVE this Topic and yes! Totally agreeing with you Nisandeh: It is our MORAL obligation to let our communities know how we can help them!

    That's why I gathered my 10 Social Selling Principes:

    #1: Always Relationship(Friends) First, Business Second!
    Most of entrepreneurs first do business then become friends. So how about you first fall in love, get together, give a lot and then do business?
    How? Just by providing Huge Amount of Personal Value in the relationship by being interested not Interessting.

    #2: Use LinkedIn recommendations and Ask for relevant and recent Recommendations
    It's a shame how many great expert do not have recent and relevant recommendations on their LinkedIn profile, above it: They not even use it as "Social Proof" on all the platforms.

    #3: Forget Social Selling, Just remember Social Serving!
    so always be a servant and always find ways to overdeliver.

    #4: Always be a Joy Bringer!
    In these times of uncertantity and fear, the best way to get connected, is by being a Joy Bringer! Spreading the Joy and Positive into the world. Kindness is always IN and nobody got poor by giving joy...

    #5: Always have a IO (Irristable Offer)
    Get your clients always BEST Deals. Do not put your "tarief" on the website of your products with the prices. always Give your very very best products and prices as a "Special Deal"

    #6: Remember 80/20 rule

    #7: Social Selling is about Your Target Audience (not about YOU)
    Focus on adding Value EVERY day into your market and your community. Time, Attention, AND your Presence are essential...

    #8: Always GIVE first
    Make sure you have Multiple Free products in Your Funnel/Marketing with different forms like Video, Blogs, Audio, Checklists

    #9: CHOOSE your Ideal Target Audience!
    If You can't define them, you won't find them, I learned a long time ago from Nisandeh. So just get yourself an amazing ITA and focus on delivering lots of Relevant and High End Free Value to them

    #10: Social Selling is not about Sales.. It's all about Marketing!
    So stop trying to sell your stuff, but get your Marketing (and messaging, media and IO) together and make a Master Marketing Plan. Be Consistent about it and see magic happening...

    (Bonus: Since I am engaging in this blog , just a week ago, I witnessed so many great things and so much joy is coming my way! Thank YOU Nisandeh for this opportunity and thanks Every One to letting me learn from you, every day! I am loving this!)

  23. Ohhhh... this is a painful one...

    Us writers we like to... CREATE and WRITE. Deep in our heart we wish it would have been like in the movie "Field of Dreams" where a voice said... "Build it and they will come" but we know it doesn't work that way and we HATE the whole part of trying to sell our books.
    We think that this is what publishers were created for. Only after we go through the "school of hard-knocks" we realise we need to do it but still avoid it as if it's the plague...

    Here are some ideas I came up with during my years, which might be applicable here on this platform:
    1. Let your readers/clients get to know YOU - I go on book fairs to connect with my readers, they would be much more likely to buy your book/product from you after a small chat with you and you can give them a signed book, which makes it even more valuable

    2. Create events (with bookshops) where you read a chapter or two and then offer signed books/you can give samples of your product or a "taste" of your service - again it's an opportunity for them to get to know you, which would make it easier for them to buy

    3. When COVID hit I contacted bookstores and publishers and offered to do an online reading event. They promoted it and it was a HUGE success

    4. If your book/product/service is aimed to a specific niche, contact organizations that are in this niche and offer a "taste" of it

    1. Well @Bina, You are being modest! Love your tips and idea's!

      woowww!! Love #3!

      btw: I tried to search for you on LinkedIn... Couldn't find you, Love to invite you into my network there! And please do keep it coming, I love reading about you and all your tips and stories you tell from experience! Thank YOU!

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