10 Ideas How to Get Press Coverage for Your Business

Not a Mission Impossible...

Getting media coverage is a great way to build your brand awareness, increase your credibility, and boost your sales.

In order to get your business on the news, you need to grab media attention first, which can be a tough job to pull due to the overwhelming number of pitches each publication gets per week.

Getting media attention is not impossible, though. If you take the initiative and give it a little thought, you can get valuable media coverage for your business.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Think Like a Journalist

Your press release should be interesting and to the point. Grab their attention quickly, and add some great photographs. Avoid 1,000-word essays. The more you can think like a journalist, the better.

2. Build Rapport With Journalists Before You Need Them

This is the opposite of what most businesses do. When you’ve built a relationship with journalists before you need them, they will be more likely to cover your story. You might even find them contacting you before you even ask.

3. Pitch Journalists (Not Publications)

Although it’s tempting to go for large publications straight away, it’s a lot more effective to start with less popular media outlets first, find relevant journalists working for these outlets, and tailor your pitch to them.

4. Target Freelance Reporters

Target specific freelance reporters who cover your topics or your industry, as freelancers are highly motivated to get their stories picked up. Not only that, by focusing on a freelancer, you might receive a variety of media placements instead of one specific outlet.

5. Do the Work for Them

Many publications have their staff overworked. A great way to ensure your business catches their eye is to do the hard work for them. Send a well-written press release with all the relevant information (including great quotes) that can be printed with very few changes.

6. Find Ways to Add Value

Think beyond your news story. What else can you offer the publication and especially their readers? An original infographics, a self-assessment quiz, a freebie… Get creative!

7. Make it a Two-Way Relationship

When you do get coverage, write a quick thank you email and tell the journalist they’ll be the first person you go to next time. Share any success stories that happened as a result. Follow them on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

8. Produce the Content You Want the Media to Pick Up

Become a journalist and produce the content you want the media to pick up, post it on your website and on your social media channels. If the story is newsworthy, the media might pick it up as it trends on social media.

9. Offer Original Research and New Data

Original research is always in demand, and is a powerful way to show your expert position. The easiest way to do it is use your own data or survey your own clients or network.

10. Serve Your Local Community

A great way for your small business to provide a great story is to provide value to your community through giving your products or services for free. You can give them to a local charity, to deprived people in your community, or as incentives for people to volunteer in your town.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what can you do to get press coverage for your business?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Like Melanie I too had no clue what to write. My input is based on some of all the great ideas shared in this blog posts:

    1) use software (eg. prfire.co.uk/ - p) for Press releases and content distribution (thanks to Chris)
    2) be visible with valuable content on Social Media to position yourself as expert in your field (Bina)
    3) write a press release for the local paper with valuable content to the readers (Gerdy)
    4) Make sure you have a BIG WHY (A VISION) for your product/service (Bina)
    5) Show how your product/service helps/helped people in need and made a difference (Bina)
    6) Create an event where you "donate" your service/product and ask media to come a see in their own eyes how it helps the community (Bina)
    7) Create some kind of a competition whereby the winners can win your service/product and ask the media to cover the competition and the prizes the winners get (DAHHH)...(Bina)

  2. I had NO CLUE what to write. I started to do a few things
    1. Scroll to other peoples messages, especialy from the top commenters.
    2. I chose the ones with the likes and comments from: Vered Nisandeh and Aramik and Gerdy
    3. I checked out: tree that looked interesting: The PR release (I found the dutch version): RuM on FB and https://vidm.nl/ from Janneke van Heugten.
    I found out I already was a sleeping member. This could be something very valuable. So I improved my account.
    I commit myself to join at least one Online Lunch with journalist and one session with only 4 people participants.

    To all the people that are a little bit like me and have no clue: Just scroll and share with us what it brougth you.

  3. - Give them a relevant picture/ photo, very clear, right pixels. In one view you have to see or guess what the picture is about.
    - Or if it is meant to be funny keep it professional.
    - Call the media and tell them your news. Only a press release will not always trigger them. Or send the release and then call them.
    - Choose the right media. By sending to everyone is sending to no-one. Choose them if they are relevant.
    - Look per media how they write and try to write in the same style. Writing about something financial is different than for Story or a newspaper.
    - The subject header of your news has to be catchy. A dull subject is usually a skip for a journalist.
    - Journalists (not all!!) go for the easy work. I call it: journalistiek vanuit de luie stoel. Keep this in mind when you want them to do something with your story. They usually have little time to come to you for an interview, so make the work as easy for them as possible.
    - An interesting story works better when it has no commercial lead. Try to look for something that is relevant for them and 'fiets' your commercial idea into it.
    - Anything with pets or animals attracts the attention more of the journalist. Honestly, I have seen this many times.

    1. WOW Mirja, these are fantastic ideas and so practical and easy to implement.

      Thanks so much for your valuable contribution

  4. 1. Find a software for press realease and content distribution with journalists
    2. Influencers - not the big ones but those who are willing to work with you for free or for a small fee
    3. Bloggers
    4. Try and solve a problem. Don't try to sell anything
    5. Maybe use something like buzzsumo to see the trends out there and find opportunities

      1. prfire.co.uk/ - pay as you go but a bit limited. They'll publish to specific websites but we found if the press realease is good bigger websites will approach you.
        agilitypr.com/ - subscription based. More organised with journalists and bloggers from big and small websites
        cisco.com/c/en_uk/index.html - pay as you go, but more expensive than the first one

        I hope if helps.

  5. A clever way to do it is to target the press workers via facebook ads.

    Let s suppose that your fb ads budget for the next month is 1000Euros. Do not spend all 1000euros to your potential clients, but spend 500Euros to target your potential clients and another 500euros to target people who work for press, reporters....newspaper-magazine working people....

    When all of these people see your ads everywhere not only they will try to come in touch with you, but also they will talk each other (all the reporters) about your product-service.

    Imagine how your business life will change !!!

  6. Once had a barter deal with "libelle". For their 75 years anniversary I performed at their party for free. They would write an nice article in the media.

    After 2 Corona years an old client stopped his bussiness and promised a nice article in "Marktvisie".

    Sometimes it helps when you send information to local newspapers when it's "komkommertijd". They are more willing to publish your story.

  7. Take a media training course because this is an experience that helps you to develop further.
    Monitor people in your industry and discover how they make it into the media.
    Put yourself in your target group and what kind of media they read.
    Always be clear, brief and playful. Media has become entertainment and dare to be different, because that attracts attention. Be credible in that.
    Respond to items with wise statements that make people think and curious about you.
    Learn to write press releases
    Interview acquaintances and shorten this as much as possible so that only the essence remains.

  8. Tjee what a great ideas!!! almost overwhelming.

    what I thought;
    1. say also yes to a little question of a local paper who wants to publish something about your product
    2. result of a longer research/ actually something unique

    1. I looked at 'roept u maar' and to get noticed ... it might help to give tips to journalists so they get to know you. (as an expert)

  9. Guys. I need to share this. I immediately followed up my own idea of getting to the facebook groep "roept u maar". I answered on a request for a fiancial debacle that I had. I just finished being interviewed by the journalist about it- but the first question she asked was: what kind of work do you do? And when I said I was helping companies to get the most out of their meetings also online, she poured out all her frustration on it, which was FANTASTIC input- so I told her that I was writing it down too for my book. She asked me about the book and I told her what I was writing, and she promised me that I could contact her as soon as the book was out, for an interview so she could write about it. in both AD and nu.nl. IT WORKS:D haha. Now I really need to jump and dance for a second, if you'll excuse me:D

    1. WOW !!! @Gerdy!!! - That's AWESOME!!!
      Just shows the power of the speed of implementation! WELL DONE...
      Going to raise a glass to you! Thanks for sharing this with us


      I told you:




      Thanks for sharing and being such an amazing Example of "Niet lullen maar Poetsen" !Whooho!!!

  10. Some interesting suggestions here.

    The way I got media coverage and got asked as a speaker on numerous events like the Social Selling Summit and Dag van de ZZP;

    ✔ I am executing a LinkedIn for Business strategy
    ✔ I am extremely visible on LinkedIn (annually millions of views and 20.000+ followers)
    ✔ I am engaging in various communities both on- and offline, firm networker
    ✔ I have a PR plan (although but this could be executed more proficient) including building relationships with influencers, journalists and community owners
    ✔ I am regularly proactively reaching out to media owners and look for collaborations

  11. 1 make it personal in your communication with the journalists
    2 do not try to only reach the big media, several small media can also give a big boost
    3 make it newsworthy, so the journalist are more interested

  12. Just read some great ideas.
    When you have published a book seek coverage in the media. Once covered in an article or interview reach out to other press, radio etc. to point out that you have already been covered there.
    Have a special week for your clients with, in my case, lot's of services against a special price and donate to a local charity the revenue. Seek for coverage in the local media.

  13. Thank you all so much for your amazing knowledge.
    I am so sorry to say I have gone blank yesterdag and today.
    This challenge is a bit too intense for me. But I keep on trying.
    I am not used to receiving without giving. Lot's of gratitude here!

    1. Breathe in, breathe out, Manny… 😅
      Your contribution is fantastic.
      And when you draw a blank… then let it be… either come back to it another day, or let it go…
      There’s a new topic every day…

  14. 1. Join things like "vaker in de media", discuss, show your face, speak!

    2. Media begets media begets media. So once you're in something, show it to the world on all your platforms.

    3. Local papers very often give more real exposure than big newspapers. Don't forget about the "small" ones.

    4. Ask to write a series on a local weekly paper.

  15. @Bina : Great tips thanks! I couldn't reply to YOUR reply (make a note to Nisandeh :)), so that's why I respond here 🙂

    aha! Such a sightfull conversation, thanks a lot!

    It opens a total new world to me and thank you so much!

    So My Event becomes an Event of The Year award for Social Media, featuring CEO of LinkedIn or Country Manager of LinkedIn Benelux! 🙂

    So who wants to be on the VIP-list? 🙂 Say yessss!

  16. I just checked RuM (Roept U Maar) and there is a request for someone who had a mentor for the next step in their business:) Hint hint!

  17. OK... this is probably not just for me challenging:)

    Here is what I found out when I tried to be covered in the media.

    1. If you are in Holland, you need to be a member of the Facebook Group "Roept U Maar" and check it regularly. Journalists who are looking for experts are posting their requests there. I was in VIVA with an article, and in an IT magazine (both for different purposes and companies:)). Wait. I should do this myself again (I just so hate facebook)

    2. If you are interested in US Press, be a member of HARO and you'll get twice a day an email with what reporters are looking for. This way you can really write your pitch towards the question.

    3. Be consistent and specific. When you do send a press release and you get an answer that they can't use you now but would like to have you later on, make sure you send them every now and then food for their specific audience!

    4. Write an opinion article for a specific newspaper. If it's well thought it will be published and if it's also well written they might ask you to give an opinion as an expert later on.

    5. Local newspapers are always looking for news. Write them an article and they're super happy! And the local newspaper "het sufferdje" might be really small, but usually they are part of a bigger group with more newspaper and your story might just be picked up by a national one.

    6. When you create your marketing strategy, make a list of which magazines or newspapers you would like to be in. A newspaper might cover more readers but a magazine is way more focused target audience. Then it's also so much easier to write something for them...

    7. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Most magazines have instructions on how to deliver a piece of content to their website. To which mail address, and what should be in your pitch/ article. Usually they don't want you to send the full article but only the headlines so they can see if the angle is interesting enough.

    8. If you are interested in global: medium is fantastic. Everyone can post there, and you can create followers, and people can vote for you... it's great to start practicing there!

    This is all from experience. Jeez. I know more than I thought:)

    Thank you for pushing this button again! Very interesting.

    1. oh ander another idea: start your own podcast and start interviewing other people. Everyone loves talking about himself, and one day they'll invite you too! 🙂

  18. In my opinion, it starts with this:

    Be aware of any newsworthy developments in your organisation or niche as an opportunity to make it (more) newsworthy and catch that PR moment.

    Many people and organisations don't realise it when they have something to share. It's similar to when you think what you do isn't that special, when you are actually the specialist that knows far more than any other person. When something happens in your organisation, whether it is a new product or service, some discovery or a new hire, it's newsworthy, even if it's just for a platform that's purely focused on your niche, or a local platform.

  19. Have never thought of this before, so it's a challenge today 😉

    #1 organize an interesting event. something that benefits multiple businesses to make sure it's relevant to write about. Preferably related to current events.

    #2 Be innovative. Do something new, different and valuable and people will want to know about it.

    #3 Offer an exclusive. Make sure there is some time pressure for them to act on the exclusivity. If they don't act, you offer it to the next one.

    #4 Get someone that is well known in your field to pitch in on your topic. It will elevate the discussion and the newsworthyness.

  20. Totally blank today. I notice that when something overwhelming happens to you early in the morning, that it blocks your creative brain...
    Having said that:
    * Think of something 'overhelming' meaning something crazy, silly...something too much which draws attention (where suitable).
    * As already mentioned, user your Social media to support this
    * When the brainfreeze remains, get up out of my chair, put music in my ears and have a walk in the morning sun (as I will do right now).... To open up brainpower.

  21. 1. Ask friends/colleagues that have good media coverage to recommend you to magazines/journalists he or she was in

    2. There are many sections in newspapers and magazines about persons where the interviewed's profession/company is always mentioned. Example: 'how do people manage to live in very small houses' in NRC. Try to get invited for these sections too.

    3. There are many (in-house) magazines for professionals that need content too. Find the magazines that you can offer value with your expertise and experiences.

    4. If you have an interesting hobby, for instance oldtimer cars, you can find (online) magazines about the topic. This kind of magazines often do portraits of hobbyists. Have yourself interviewed, tell about your car AND about you and your company. Among the readers you'll find new prospects that trust you, because you have shared interests.

    5. Many magazines have sections where they highlight products. Try to get your product there. Maybe the first time you send it to the editors, you won't get response, but keep sending them updates. One day you'll get their attention.

    6. Write a letter to the editor (? --> ingezonden brief) about your professional vision on a certain subject. So.. show your expertise instead of promoting your product. This kind of article might be published more easily than an article about your company.

    QUESTION that came to my mind while reading Nisandeh's first brainstorm points:
    How do I effectively connect with journalists? I can imagine they get overwhelmed with people who want to be published. I produced one idea myself:

    7. When you read an interesting article, reply to the journalist

    1. To answer your question #7, Ine…
      In many publications (both online and offline) the journalists will have a contact information at the bottom of their articles (usually email address or Twitter handle).
      That means - they WANT you to contact them.

      Yes, I think your solution - contact them after an you read an interesting piece they wrote, acknowledge them, compliment them, maybe offer an extra valuable information - is great.

      In addition, I would make a list of those journalists that write about your topic/area/profession/industry and on a regular basis send them some valuable information they can use when writing on your topic. Don’t make it about you or your business, but about them, their readers, and what’s interesting for them. Don’t ask for anything - just give…

      It won’t take long for them to remember your name and contribution, and one day… out of the blue - they might respond to one of your communications with a request for a quote or participating in an interview…

      It really is no different than the way you should treat your mailing list subscribers… it’s just another “target audience” you could serve. Serve them well and it will come back to you a hundred fold…

      Just my 2 cents…

      1. Hi Nisandeh, thank you! Very valuable information.

        I think I'm just too insecure and I don't want to be a burden. But you're right: If you GIVE, offer them valuable information, you are not!

      2. Love your Tips Nisandeh to @Ine and a great example.

        And such a eye-opener... WOW ...!

        "It really is no different than the way you should treat your mailing list subscribers… it’s just another “target audience” you could serve. Serve them well and it will come back to you a hundred fold…"

        Thanks for sharing!

  22. Great post, thank you Nisandeh!
    - I'm aware now that I'm not very focused on newsworthy aspects in my own business nor that of my clients. It would be interesting to see what it is that makes their businesses "not as usual". So it would be interesting to ask them what have they done recently or what were their experiences that made them learn, or stand out or thought "something to remember" or made them aware of possible innovations in their business.
    - I wonder how I could implement a feedback system where clients share this type of information. Maybe just give them a call once a month. When I get this type of information going on a regular basis, this could be put into a newsletter.
    - I know a newsletter-specialist. I will discuss this idea with him, maybe we can work together here.

    1. I love how you think, Theo…
      And coming up with that feedback system you mentioned - can be huge - especially for your clients… getting them to look at their business through a new lens.
      Go for it, and let us know when you came with a system. I’d love to learn…

  23. WOW ... Such an amazing topic at which I do not have any expertise on 🙂 So Big time learning and exploring these 10 idea's from Nisandeh and you guys.

    Well, I do have a suggestion: Get to know Janneke van Heugten form VakerIndeMedia.nl . She organises every Tuesday (I think?) a Media-Lunch with one of the Board members of a Magazine, TV, Radio or a Journalist. She is the one who is introducing Experts to Journalists and vice versa. She has great tips and fantastic Network concerting this topic.

    1. Yes! I met her a few times so that's a great idea. I just was never interested in covering dutch media haha.

  24. Having been a journalist for many years here are some ideas of how to get the media to cover your story:

    1. Have a unique angle to the service/product you want the media to pick up - your service/product does not interest the media - they want the STORY behind it make sure you have it, that's what would get them interested in you.

    2. Make sure you have a BIG WHY (A VISION) for your product/service.

    3. Everyone loves a "schmaltzy" story - show how your product/service helps/helped people in need and made a difference

    4. Create an event where you "donate" your service/product and ask media to come a see in their own eyes how it helps the community

    5. Create some kind of a competition whereby the winners can win your service/product and ask the media to cover the competition and the prizes the winners get (DAHHH)...

    1. yesss @Bina! Love your ideas, especially the last one! This one is on my list for at least 3 years. I wanted to create an event to encourage Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to become "The #1 Visible Expert on LinkedIn". SO thanks again for the great inspiration and tips!

        1. yess I absoutly will, dear @Ine! I am so glad that you are here every day, networking with us and sharing your expertise and knowledge! You Rock!

      1. Hi @Aramik - happy I could inspire you and get you going... Just one remark - better make the event BIGGER than just LinkedIn, which I assume you're a expert of... Make it something like "How to become an influencer in social media" and LinkedIn would ve one of the channels where you can offer your services as prizes. This would attract others and the media will not see it as pure publicity for you but as an EVENT!

        1. Thanks so much @Bina!

          Thanks for your suggestion: Just a check and re-check.

          I want to only focus on LinkedIn. I don't care about all the other media as I am lasersharp on LinkedIn/

          So if I would organise a "How To Become an Influencer In LinkedIn", it would NOT be seen as an event?

          1. @Aramik - The way I see it...it would definitely be an EVENT, but the media would look at it as promotion and might ask you to pay for covering it, it would be more of an advertisement than a media coverage.

            On the other hand if you would get famous people that share how they use LinkedIn, or get the CEO of LinkedIn (better founder) then it could be a much more interesting angle for the media .

            Remember - you don't want it to be about YOU or your product and service - it has to be on something BIGGER than that and the prizes are what you offer

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