10 Ideas How to Get Them to Like You

The more they like you, the less you need to worry about price sensitivity and competition and the less you need to pay for marketing.

Most entrepreneurs assume that having loyal customers is as good as it gets. If clients are buying your products or services, what can be better than that?

However, clients’ loyalty, in most cases, comes from their head… They find your product or service to be good, your prices fit, and often – they’re simply used to buy from you.

On the other hand, when you build brand affinity – meaning – your clients like you – they are emotionally connected to you or your business.

When your prospects and clients like you and are emotionally connected to you:

  1. They will first buy and only later rationalize their purchasing decisions
    E.g. If you don’t have a special “like” to a specific mobile phone brand, you will do your research and find all the reasons which phone is the best to buy. Someone who likes Apple and its products will go out of their way to purchase the next iPhone as soon as it is launched, without any research – rationalizing this decision later, if at all.
  2. It’s harder for other companies to take your clients
    E.g. Imagine your favorite hairdresser. Even if there are plenty of less-expensive hairdressers around, you’ll pay more for “your” hairdresser every time.
  3. You create lots of brand advocates
    When people like you and your company… they will go above and beyond to let others know about your company, especially by word-of-mouth and on social media.

Here are 10 ideas how to get your prospects and clients to like you:

1. Get to Know Them

You must start with understanding your targeted audience and what they care most about.. You can collect information from different data sources (surveys, interviews, reviews, your website analytics…). You can also find a lot about their likes and dislikes on social media.

2. Interact with Them

Getting them to like you is about building a relationship. And in order to build a relationship with your prospects and clients – you need to “talk” with them. You can initiate the conversation by posting relatable content where they are (e.g. social media and online forums) as well as interacting on their posts and forum entries. Offer expert opinion with a friendly tone, and you’re on your way to start a great relationship.

3. Listen to Them

In order for them to like you – they need to feel that they’re being listened to and heard. You can passively listen to what your clients say about your company or products on social media. And you can actively survey your subscribers and social media followers and make sure you carefully listen to their input..

4. Stay Connected

Starting a relationship with your prospects and clients is not enough. To keep them liking you and your company you must stay connected. You can use social media marketing, content marketing strategies, email marketing, printed media and also direct phone calls to stay connected with them.

5. Find Your Voice

People only create emotional connections with companies they can identify with. Since no one relates to a building, or nameless corporation, that means you’re going to need to show your (or your business) “personality” (e.g. sincere, exciting, competent, generous, ethical, fun …)

6. Share Your Values

When you find your “personality” – you’ll have to “prove” it. It’s not enough to talk about being environmentally friendly… prove it by driving an electric car. If you’re touting social responsibility – get involved with local charities and causes that resonate with your audience.

7. Offer a Personalized Experience
Do whatever you can to make each of your clients feel that they’re valued. One of the ways we do it – is by allowing our active subscribers to create profiles on our website. We also celebrate their achievements in our communication. You can offer a gift to your clients on their birthdays, or invite them to your office or Zoom room…

8. Improve Your Customer Service
Remember when we talked about building relationships? Well, you won’t have a great relationship with clients if the service you provide them is less than ideal. Realize that customer service is part of your marketing “department” not your “administration”. Even if your service is good – keep improving it consistently.

9. Encourage Engagement
Give your people a place to interact with each other and with you. It’s important they know they are not alone. One way to increase engagement in the comments is to post content that followers want to engage with. 

10. Create a Community

The next step after getting your prospects and clients to engage is to create an (online) space for them to come together. A community. You can promote the idea of community by having opinion polls, contests and other activities that encourage engagement. By showing them you care about their ideas and feelings you are going to get them to like you more.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what can YOU do to get them to like you (and your company) more?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Get them to like you.
    * dare to be vulnerable
    * accept different worldview
    * stay in positive energy
    * see and hear them

  2. I think everything is already said. Just be me. Share my experiences past (with my children) and present.
    Listen carefully to your clients.
    Be enthousiastic about your product/service. Love the idea of Ine about the packaging.

  3. Give insights into your life, and your company. Always talk in your own voice, and how you really are, so you will get only the people who are really fitting you.


  4. For me, most important are:
    1. Listen to my potential customers: what is their problem to which I might give a solution. And how can I influence it.
    2. I do not believe in selling them what they want, and give them what they need. It feels like giving them something that they did not really wanted.
    Or maybe I misunderstood...
    3. Be honest and straight in what you share about you. People will feel it when you just tell a story that is not your story.
    4. Continuity in sharing content is important, I feel this is difficult. I try to use a social media calendar, and hope this helps in planning messages upfront.
    5. Be more selfconfident in the value of your offer. Even if it is not (yet) perfect.

    This is my part for now. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Hi Tineke,

      About your #2. You can indeed see it in two ways. What I meant with that sentence (I assume you saw it in one of my comments) is that you give what they ask for and in the process give what they need. For example: a client wants to have more space in his/her calendar. During the conversation you find out he/she cannot delegate. In the process of making more space in the calendar you give them the tools to delegate and the trust that things will get done as well.

  5. The main thing I found- is to be AUTHENTIC. If I try to be what they expect me to be, it usually does not pay out. And yes... some people will drop off because they find me loud, or blunt, but more will stay because they feel safe- because they know what I stand for and what I do.

    Authenticity also means being honest when I make a mistake and not trying to hide it.

    I think also personal contact makes a ton of difference. If you do your own contact with "your people", they see you, can ask you questions, really have a conversation... that is how they get to like you. I am doing zoom calls with people in pretty high positions, and they still give me half an hour, and if they find it interesting even an hour of their time! and after that- they will not forget me anymore... so if you are doing strategy calls, I can give you the tip to do them in zoom instead of by phone. It helps.

    Show them their opinion matters. And that you actually do something with the feedback you get (I have to learn in this part:))

  6. It's amazing to see how often people are happy to work with me. Also really funny how I can see how it works in people I coach, but not necessarily for myself (oops...)

    1. Be interested. Ask questions. Come prepared.
    2. High energy. People respond to jokes, compliments, games.
    3. Enjoy. When I am having fun, I create an atmosphere of joy. And it's even more fun and so on.
    4. We did a whole brainstorm about the types of gifts you can give.
    5. Be visible. Especially if you want to meet people through online media. Make sure they can find you so the liking process can be started.

    Now we need to do a brainstorm on how to get the whole team to do this 😉 Because there are several video's where you explain we cannot sell a business that revolves around us.

  7. 1. Have a good product AND packaging - It's obvious you need a good product, but the packaging is important as well: with good packing you show you give something precious to your client (a gift, something valuable). It says you care about your product AND you care about them. You show you're aware of their little celebration moment (the step they took in order to 'solve' their 'problem'). By packaging I mean physical packaging, but also digital packaging (when your product is a service) and presentation (when giving physical trainings).

    2. Give people something to show or tell to others - A remarkable story, a beautiful image of your beautiful product, a first impression they will never forget (I'm tiny, often with nice high heels, but the work I do can be very tough), an unexpected experience (a ride to the graveyard in my American car). Be genuine, it's already in you and your product, you just need to enlarge some elements to make them even more remarkable.

    3. Show them you're human too - Of course I share my successes, but sometimes I also share my failures (not the really embarrassing and personal ones). People like it, I think because gives them the feeling I'm genuine and honest.

    4. Fulfill a role - Choose a role that fits the situation (your client, your product). Sometimes your client needs a mentor, sometimes a mother, sometimes a BFF, etc. If you can fulfill that need in a professional way, your client feels appreciated.

    5. Their problem is your problem - Let your client know, that you CARE about his/her problem being solved. Encourage him, give compliments and have a little celebration when it's accomplished. And after that, stay in touch.

  8. This is a fantastic list.

    For me #5 is one of the most important ones. Not only it makes them like you it also makes you stand apart from the others.
    I know that for me that what makes the difference. One of the reasons I'm with my writing mentor is because she has a very distinct voice, which is unapologetic and says things as they are without going around the bush. Not everyone likes it, but it works for me and that's why I stick with her

    I really would love to learn more how to get them more engaged and how to create a community. In some ways I've managed to create a small community for the topics of my books with parents-teachers and the kids, but I would love to know how to make it more active

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