10 Ideas How to Grow Your Business

Why is business growth important?

I share a lot about growth, it’s what I teach, coach and mentor all day, every day. Growth is important. But why should you grow? Why should your business grow?

Good questions.

Growth means a lot of things to different people. I am talking about YOU growing as a person and as an entrepreneur, your TEAM growing and your company growing. It’s about growing wealth which is far more satisfying than money alone.

You might not want your business to grow. You may be perfectly content where you are. You may have a permanent small business. That’s ok.

Just remember – nothing stays the same.
It either gets bigger or smaller. Better or worse. You either grow or you shrink.

So… instead of telling you all the reasons why you SHOULD grow, let me share a few things that may happen if you do not grow:

  1. You won’t be able to make as much impact on people’s lives as you could;
  2. You won’t be able to reach many of the people that need your products/services;
  3. Your earnings will stay about the same, or even shrink;
  4. You won’t be able to pay yourself and your team (employees or freelancers) more;
  5. You won’t be able to help your clients with innovative products and services;
  6. You’ll won’t be able to attract great team members;
  7. Your competition will grow;
  8. You might be left behind in your industry;
  9. You may get bored in your business;
  10. You will limit your potential and the potential of your business and team members;

The single best reason to grow your business is to help yourself, your clients and your team members to grow and fulfill more of their potential.

Don’t grow for the sake of growing.

Grow for the opportunities and “wealth” you create for yourself – and for others.

If you are ready… here are 10 ideas how to grow your business:

1. Know Your Target Audience

It’s not enough to create a product or service and hope people will buy it. You need to know what it is your prospects are looking for and what they expect. Who is it you’re trying to help? What do they want from products like yours? Start with answering these questions, and keep working on getting to know them better.

2. Stay Focused on Your Core Strengths

What is the one thing you bring to the table that others don’t? Keep your focus on that. You may feel like you should/could/would do so much more in a perfect world, what you NEED to do is keep doing what you do best, and keep doing it better and better and better. Hire or purchase other solutions, staff, and expertise to take care of the rest.

3. Focus on Quality Content

Creating high-quality content your audience wants to consume will bring them to your business. Some of the best types of content to create include: How-to guides and tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, resource lists, value-packed blog posts and social media posts

4. Use Testimonials and Reviews

Include testimonials and reviews of your products and services in all your marketing material. Most buyers consider reviews when making a purchase. This is because most people trust the opinions of others over any form of advertising.

5. Build a Sales Funnel

Think of a sales funnel as a customer’s journey. When they enter your business or visit your website, they’re at the top of the funnel. When they buy something or sign up for a service, they’ve successfully gone through the funnel. You should start with a free offering to get them to opt-in to your list, and by nonstop delivering value to them – build the knowing, liking and trusting cycle.

6. Increase Customer Retention

“It’s anywhere from 5x to 25x cheaper to retain an existing client than it is to acquire a new one”. (Harvard Business Review)… A few ways to increase customer retention: remarkable customer service, client loyalty program, regular email campaigns, social media engagement…

7. Form Joint Venture Deals

Entering a joint venture partnership with another business can give you the chance to reach new clients or deliver higher value to your existing prospects and clients. Here are some great ideas for potential win-win-win joint venture deals.

8. Measure What Works and Keep Improving

It’s important you measure what’s working and what’s doesn’t. For example, if you create a loyalty program and find it’s not improving client retention, you may need to change your strategy. Maybe you’re posting a weekly blog post but you don’t get (enough) engagement – you may need to improve that.

9. Focus on Scalability

When money, time, and expertise are scarce, it can be tempting to go with the quick (or cheap) fix. But shortcuts are rarely a good strategy. Always consider the long-run, and what solution will serve you and your business a few years down the road – even if it’s more expensive (e.g. good email marketing program) or has a longer learning curve (e.g. making good video content).

10. Make a Plan to Grow Your Business

From email marketing campaigns to optimizing your website for mobile, to encouraging testimonials – there are many ways to grow your business. The key is first having a plan. Then implement, test, improve, implement, test, improve… 

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what can YOU do to grow your business?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta


    Before I was focussing on the wrong things. I compared myself with other people. I still tend to do that sometimes.
    But my business, my target audience and the way I am is different than anybody else. I know that I have to go out of my comfort zone.
    And that I need to see what my target audience wants. I learned the hard way if I don't.
    How ever, if it does not feel right, I will not be powerfull. So............
    It is a fine line. Find out, what my TA wants in a way that they like it and I feel comfortable with.
    That does not mean that I do not want to try something new. It can mean I take small stepps. But a lot of small steps, if you take them fast enough will eventually became bigger steps.

    1. FOCUS on YOUR TA
    I went to different network clubs. My TA was not there. And if they were. They did not want to tell me.
    So I stopped going there. Unless I knew I could meet someone that could help me. How ever. I rarely find people in networking clubs. I rather go for people that do not have time to go there. And let myself introduce to someone.

    I have a few product. I talk about 3 of them, because they relate: Reading writing and mathematic.
    Everything around that is related to this.

    3. SCALEBILITY is a bit of a problem.
    I thought of Franchising and online programs. At the moment I am creating an online program. Because I can use this right away. That means that I can see first hand if children will do it or not. And if there is a mistake, I will know right away

    This is for me something to explore more. I have good contact with my suppliers. I believe I can work out other things.
    I also have great contact with other specialists in my field.

    Making bigger programs. I had small programs. Now the minimum is 6 month. This made an enormous difference. The small programs I use to get my client better. Some client I gladly let go of.

  2. 1. Content is the king!
    2. Invest in latest technology
    3. Get an investor
    4. Work with influencers
    5. expand and be everywhere; organic, paid results & social media
    6. keep an eye on competition

  3. Don't be good, but be the best in one specific area.
    Find out how to multiply this specific part through a chain so that you spread your expertise over a wider area. What other disciplines do you need to achieve this?

  4. Operational excellence...
    Overdeliver and always 'surprise' your customer.
    High quality and service and no 'hassle' will play-off in many ways, like mouth to mouth promotion and publicity.

  5. A challenging topic.
    Personal growth is important for me and with that I improve my services and can grow my business.
    A joint venture is appealing as it is indeed a win-win-win situation for everyone.
    When your business grows you can expand your team and let them handle the things you are not good at. So you wil have more time to do what you are best in.

  6. KNOW YOUR KEY METRICS - If you don't know what you are growing, there is hardly a point to do it. For an online business it's traffic, opt-ins, number of sales. And often some specific things that differ depending on what you sell and who you work with.

    DEVELOP YOUR FUNNEL - I really agree with the getting to know someone first. Having several opt-ins available and a Front end product.

    BE PROACTIVE - Especially towards existing customers. Help them with clarifying their questions and then solving them.

  7. I love this topic and Nisandeh's introduction. This is where you separate the real entrepreneurs from the people with just a nice business. But if you choose to be that entrepreneur, it means you have to stay woke and ambitious for the rest of your life. Looking at it that way, being an entrepreneur really ís a choice and a lifestyle.

    Here are a few things I learned at the Design Academy:

    1. Become an authority in the field.

    2. Keep up with trends in society. Or even better, be ahead of them and become trend forecaster. As a trend forecaster you can give lectures, write articles and get invited by companies as a (paid) speaker.

    3. Develop new products that are on top of trends, but be aware you're not too early (especially for physical products that need a lot of investments).

    4. Do social projects (I don't mean charity). Research how you can help people on the margins of society with your expertise and set up a program. Involve other companies. Give: education, tools, motivation, an open ear, attention, publicity, wealth, a chance and more. Get: (social) significance, new connections, information, motivation, publicity, appreciation and more.

  8. I used to be content with keeping my business small. I used to say "a long as I get paid enough to keep the roof over my head and cover the bills, I'm fine... there are more things in life than just my business"....

    However, with the years I came to realise that it's not about what growing my business gives me, it's what I can GIVE people and how much good I bring into the world. Reading what you wrote Nisandeh makes me think I can do more while keeping the golden rule of 20/80 which is my basic rule for life.

    So here are a few things I realised I can do even this year to grow my business and help more people:

    1.CREATE A LOYALTY PROGRAM - though I have regular clients I'm sure with this program I can get them to do more and purchase more from me

    2. IMPROVE ON TESTIMONIALS - I have lots of testimonials from happy clients but I never used it strategically. Using it strategically and getting even video testimonials could get more attention

    3. START THINKING STRATEGICALLY - I usually plan my work 6 months in advance, but according to what I have and compared to my goals. tarting to think strategically and planning from there ahead will definitely improve my business

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