10 Ideas How to Have More Fun Working

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." ~ Dale Carnegie

As an entrepreneur you choose what you do at work… and I’m sure a lot of the things you do at your work are fun, enjoyable and fulfilling. But we all have those times when work is not so much fun anymore…

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you enjoy what you, you tend to do a better job and give of yourself more into it. Therefore making your job something which is fun, rather than a responsibility, is essential.

Many people think “fun” is something that belongs only to breaks, vacation, weekends, and childhood.

But fun at work is essential to your motivation, creativity, engagement and staying in line. And if you have a team – fun is crucial for team building.

Fun can and should be part of your every workday.

Here are 10 tips how you can have more fun working:

1. Start Your Day With a Playlist

Want to feel more motivated every day? Start your day with a playlist that gets you energized. Research shows that athletes who listened to motivational music took more risks, suggesting that some inspiring music could help you think outside the box at work, too.

2. Create Happiness-Boosting Traditions

This can be anything. In our office we would have regular hugging breaks (that anyone could initiate with a ring of a bell), lunch together and clearing at the end of the day. With our training teams we would start each day with active and fun processes to raise their energy to the roof and they would brainstorm new and creative ways to greet our participants at the door. With the volunteers in our home we would start each day with someone teaching all of us something new, we would cook lunch in changing teams and they would initiate their own projects once a week.

3. Make Your Workspace a Joyful Place

Decorate your office in a way that inspires you or makes you chuckle each time you look around… keep any cards, thank-you notes, and emails from clients that made you smile, and pin them to the wall… have some fun or stress relieving toys on your table…

4. Compliment Someone Every Day

Getting into the habit of giving a compliment every day would “force” you to look for and find the good stuff people around you are doing AND would make you feel good about yourself.

5. Eat Lunch Anywhere BUT At Your Desk

Take the time to step away from your desk, and enjoy your lunch in a non-work environment. If you have co-workers… have your lunch together.

6. Start Every Meeting With a Little Fun

Meetings can be a drag… and yet… they’re not going away. Start each meeting with a little fun to build a culture everyone wants to be a part of. Even 5 minutes of jokes or games can be exactly what someone needs to have a much better day.

7. Engage in Some Friendly Competition

Compete with a team member or an accountability buddy – who can get their inbox empty fastest, see who can raise the most money for a charity, or make a friendly bet who’s email subject line is going to get a better opening rate…

8. Brainstorm Crazy Ideas

Invite anyone and everyone who thinks they have the next big idea (either for your company or for the whole world) to come together for a fun pitch/brainstorm session.

9. Organize a Daily Virtual “Happy Hour”

Make a daily appointment with team members or other entrepreneurs to have a 30-minute Zoom meeting, each one from their own office, with their own drink of choice, and just chat, unwind, joke, have some unofficial fun, before you end your working day.

10. Reward Yourself for Completed Tasks

Give yourself a reward every time you check a task off your to-do list. Give yourself a small snack, high five a team member, or do a little winning dance when you’ve completed any item off your list.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what could YOU do have more fun at work?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. I just love the FUN tips.
    I will use them with my clients (kids) as well: Start with a game (instead of ending)

    Fun tips I ad:
    1. I eat lunch with my hubby everytime possible
    2. If we have some free time, we practice a bit of golf.
    3. At my office the cleaning lady is there, I always great her.
    4. I always talk to the receptionpeople, sometimes I sit with them. I make sure I know all those people that are always there.
    5. I go to coffee/ afternoon get togethers every time possible
    6. Going to the schools, when kids play, I have a talk not about work.

  2. A joke a day keeps the doctor away.
    draw a smile (with lipstick) on your mirror
    focus on your mimic (make a smile once in a while while your working)
    don't take yourself so damn serious 🙃

  3. High time to add more fun in my working day. At the moment I am way too serious.
    When I see it is 11:11 I act silly as it is the crazy number in the Netherlands (and maybe also in other countries).
    Rocking on the swing is one of my favourites.
    Doing double doodles. Helps you also with your creativity.

    Great to be part of this community with so many ideas. Especially these fun ones.

  4. This is pretty hard for me at the moment. Just behind the computer all the time... bleh. I should set timers to dance, to do some pushups (yes that's fun to me:) So I will create a perfect list now - and stick to it.

  5. The day I consider my work as work I'll stop working. I simply enjoy what I do and although I could be dead serious most of the time I always need to HAVE FUN as well. Ofcourse there are some elements of my job I don't particulary like. That includes working late hours. But I consider this also part of the entrepreneurial journey.

  6. Great topic. Lovely ideas!

    What gives me fun is:
    * Using journalling to get into contact with my inner Business Expert, so to have a much higher level of inspiration, great enthousiasm, and focus on my most effective and fun to do's

    My standard questions for journalling:
    *What am I happy with in my business at the moment?
    *How do I want to feel today in my business?
    *What would be the best to focus on today?
    *Which mega wild idea/fact would be great if it happened in my business?

    The mega wild idea/fact: so great to write about it... It happened often that I write about appearing in media, and afterwards it effortlessly happened. Fun!

    * In my trainings I include movement (on music), nature walks, being outside, as it helps greatly to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. People love it!

    1. Inge I love those questions. I’ll add them!

      And also adding a different environment is fantastic and I love to do that too! I’m not so much walking but I’m doing teambuilding outside, bare feet on the beach for instance, or with 200 people on a huge lawn. That is definitely adding to the fun. Not just for them also for me.

      I think that I could make my work more fun also to every now and then find a new environment. Go to a workplace. Or take my laptop and work outside

      1. Sure. What I mean is what is your definition of work. Most people associate work with something they don't like doing. Work has a negative connotation. So instead of finding ways to make work more fun, you can also list the things you consider fun and decide to call this work. Even the things you don't like doing so much.

        Or maybe it is about working (too) hard. What does this mean to you? When are you working and when are you not working? Is there a difference? When do you call something work? When is too hard and when is too little?

        First, you have to know what the reason is why you don't like certain things and go to the root of it. Most of the time you can discover a pattern in the things you don't like. Maybe because you think you're not good at it. Playing music (for example) doesn't change it.

        1. I love this changing of definition! Thanks Muriël. It's redefining and changing norms.

          In what way did it make such a difference for you? I'm curious!

  7. Ah yes! The importance of fun at work is so much underestimated. I wonder why it's so hard for all complaining people to add more fun to their days. Okay, it's easy for me to say. Every day I'm playing around with tools, materials and cameras connecting to all kinds of people. But still...

    1. Create yourself an inspiring and playful working environment - My former studio used to be a factory and had a steel construction under the roof. The first thing I did when I moved in was attaching swings to the construction. Everyone enjoyed it so much! Not just ourselves, but my clients too. Besides the swings, I had an 'art exhibition' of my work and the work of others. A lot of plants made my studio complete.

    2. Make your studio or office a WELCOME place - Take some time to decorate the entrance with plants, nice objects and signs. Your team and clients will feel welcome every time they enter.

    3. Drive a cool car and at the same time use it for promotion - Okay, this one is tricky because we all know we have to reduce our carbon footprint. Unfortunately today's new electrical cars are extremely boring, but at least you can choose a smashing color. Anyway, I drove an american youngtimer car for years (on gas ✌️) with my logo on it. It was huge, I am small, gravestones fit in the back 🙂 Every trip, with or without my team, felt like joyriding.

    4. Dress up and encourage your team to do the same by giving them compliments

    5. Use nice tableware - Everyday or on occasions

    6. Make pictures of fun moments. So nice for later.

    7. Do inspiring trips for you and your team - A museum, a trip to the beach, an inspiring supplier, a beautiful graveyard, ...

    8. Whenever you have a serious deadline and have to work late, ask a friend or your partner to drop by for a break.

    9. Make networking personal and fun - If you have time, call people in your network for a quick check how they are doing on a personal level.

  8. Haha.

    I remember that I worked with Nisandeh for two days and that he was taking it all sooo seriously 😂 I made him a picture of a card with the text “if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun” exactly because of this!! In the beginning it was almost only super hard work and a bit too little time to enjoy ourselves.

    That changed in the years and not just because of me.

    Here are my tips.

    Make sure you celebrate with the whole team! Especially online this is sometimes a challenge. But doing it together feels connected and is inspiring.

    I can totally recommend a buddy for that too!

    Take your time for creative work as well. Just think of what you can do to make your clients happy and give it to yourself:)

    In hallmark you can schedule postcards to be sent. Schedule one for yourself a month from now.

    What I love doing: tell someone about what I’m doing and what makes me excited. It’s wonderful to feel how enthusiastic I am and making a difference. It can be my kids too!

    Only make stuff that make me proud. I used to be ok with what I delivered but when I step up and deliver great stuff instead of good, I have more fun in my world.

    At the end of the day ask yourself: what’s the best thing that happened to me? And come up with a work thing and a personal one.

    Don’t take yourself too seriously. Share your mistakes with someone ans laugh about it. It really helps.

    My. I find them a bit serious all my ideas! 😃

    1. Every masterclass I share this picture of Kermit the frog. His quote: "Always be yourself (unless you're not a nice person ;-)) Never take yourself too seriously. And beware of advice from experts, pigs and members of parliament"

      1. This is not really good to focus... I read all the comments and get so many ideas. I looked for Kermit now (love that quote and then I thought it's so cool to take Kermit pictures in different places (or Elmo) ... and then to implement another fun thing - trampoline - searching for that. 10 minutes later... hehe

        Anyways, all fun things.

  9. OOOHHHH THis is such a FUN post and an important one... I really believe that unless you're having fun with what you're doing what's the point of doing it. we spend so much time on our work what kind of life would it be if we're not having fun in it.

    Like I wrote yesterday in my comment on starting a team I think having fun with your team is ESSENTIAL for keeping them going, but the same goes for one self.

    I LOVE all the 10 ideas up and I would certainly adopt the idea of hugging breaks with my team at home (family is also a team)...

    Here is what I came up with:
    1. Have an "Upside-Down" day once a month - dinner for breakfast breakfast for lunch and lunch for dinner... or any order you'd like

    2. Set an alarm for 15 minutes a day of "unleashing your inner child"

    3. As I write most of my day and I do my best to block outside disturbances, one of my way is writing with headphones which would be playing music that fits what I'm writing. Anything goes (except maybe heavy metal - and even that not true when I write some violent/scary scenes)

    4. Stretch and energize yourself with Hula-Hoops, or trampoline - it keeps you fit and is so much fun

    5. As I wrote, once a week I have with my team a FUN meeting where each time someone else is responsible for creating something that is fun for everyone and we get to know them better. In the last two years it had to be on Zoom due to lockdowns here in New-Zealand, but even before some would join on via Zoom/Skype

    6. Once a year I host a fantastic theme day for my team and family so they could meet each other. Obviously taking in account my professions and my relationship with books and films, I had a year where the theme was Alice in Wonderland, another was Peter Rabbit, another was Avengers and even one was Outlander (as I am a fan of it) and obviously being a Kiwi could not escape the Lord of the Rings...

    1. Ok, Now I officially give up... 🙂

      With these 10 tips of @Nisandeh and @Bina... I just want what @gerdy wants !

      I love this 90 Day Challenge so much and learn every day from all of you guys. Thank you Nisandeh for your never-ending effort to provide us with the best business tips and THE very best Master Mind Members here like @Bina, @Gerdy, @Ine and @Muriel!

      I commit to use all these tips in the coming month and keep you all posted about all the transformations that Me and my team members will be creating! yess! Thank You all, Dream Master Mind Team Members!

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