10 Ideas How to Improve Client Satisfaction

If you don’t appreciate your clients, someone else will.

Your clients are expecting to be fully satisfied by the products or services you sell them, as well as by the support you provide them.

How satisfied your clients are has a direct impact on your ability to keep your existing clients, and get them to spend more money.

Satisfied clients become great ambassadors for your company, give you repeat business, and truly want you to succeed in the market. When your clients are not fully satisfied – they will switch to your competitors or the next best option when they get the chance.

Here are 10 ideas how you can increase customer satisfaction:

1. Create a Remarkable Experience

Your goal should be to make every experience a client (or prospect) has with your business – a remarkable one. From your marketing, to initial contact, to sales, to delivery, to the product or service itself, to the customer support… Always look for ways to make a unique and valuable contribution.

2. Set Clear Expectations and Exceed Them

Your clients only expect what you promise them. Let your clients know up front what your standards and practices are. What results should they expect from using your product or service? What does the process of working with you look like? How long will they wait for a response to a question? And then… no matter what you promised – over-deliver on that (if you promised to deliver in 7 days… deliver in 5 days. If you promised to give X, give X + Y…)

3. Personalize

In everything you do, make sure your client feels he or she is the only one that matters. Use their name, refer to personal information and congratulate a client on his or her birthday. Make them feel special.

4. Ask for Feedback

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find ways to improve client satisfaction. But there are always more clients who have valuable insights that they haven’t given to you. It’s your job to go fishing, not for compliments, but for criticisms. Then ask: “What could we have done differently to improve your experience?”

5. Respond Quick (and Smart) 

By answering your clients as quickly as possible, you’re reducing their stress and the chances they will look for what a competitor has to offer. But it’s not just about speed. You want to make sure you give the best response possible. So if you need some time to do some digging, let the client know you have received their request and are looking into possible solutions.

6. Turn Feedback into Action

Once you know what your clients want, it’s time to act on their feedback. Look for ways to use their feedback to improve every area of your business. And when you did – contact the client who gave that specific feedback and let them know how you used it to improve.

7. Improve Your Product or Service
Your main action from your clients feedback should be to improve your product or service. For instance, if clients request new features – find a way to add them. If they look for a better user manual or onboarding process – improve those. If they want a new product/service – consider those seriously. And always, always keep them updated on what you chose to implement, and what you skip for now.

8. Treat Them Like You Would Want to Be Treated
Put yourself in the shoes of your clients and go through the whole customer journey as if for the first time. Make every part of the process as smooth as possible. And when contacting your clients – treat them with respect, your utmost attention, and commitment. And make sure your team does the same.

9. Reward Loyal Customers
Give repeat clients special discounts, send them gifts and freebies, celebrate them with recognition and “Thank You” notes, invite them to test new products and services, offer them a special treatment…

10. Build a Community

Setting up a community is a great way to handle customer service, promotional and marketing activities, address any client concerns and give them a place to hang out with like-minded people – supporting and encouraging each other, asking and answering questions… 

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what could YOU do to increase your clients’ satisfaction?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. We are trying to be as helpful as we can even if in same cases it means losing money. Also for returning customers we like to send them a small gift with a thank you tag.

  2. The most important points to have in-place for achieving customer satisfaction are (for me):
    1. Having a smooth and easy to follow path through your website or from your mails starting from "what is in it for them" till the possibility to have contact or get a gift in response to giving an e-mail address, and to have an offer for a free workshop to explain where it is all about.
    2. You may sell things that you want to develop together with a group of clients, but be honest about that.
    3. Trust is one of the main topics here again.
    4. When you encounter unsatisfied customers, listen to them and compensate.
    5. Give thanks to people that helped you and treat positive reviews in a modest way.

  3. In my live courses besides the content of the course I also have tea, coffee, some snacks and when it is a day-training a vegetarian soup to go with the lunch. I don't serve lunch as many customers have specific diet wishes. My groups are small, so I do the catering myself. Brain Gym courses are not suitable for groups over 16 to 18, as there is a lot of practice and you have to check everyone is doing it in the right way. A lot can happen during those courses, so a safe setting is advisable.

    When I have a session with a client I offer tea or coffee. Drinking water is mandatory during a session as it is a Brain Gym 'exercise' and is part of a protocol. Depending on what comes out of the session I give them some extra information or tips for home.

    Mailing after a session how they are doing is one of my services.

    Furthermore, be available should they have questions or have doubts whether their (physical) experiences are normal after a session.

  4. Be open, be vulnerable. People feel much similar, and dare to speak more themselves.

    Maybe this is not for this subject, but also my team needs to be satisfied (especially when they all work alone). When the team is happy, the clients are happy. So I check in every now and then with them, and send a card, or have a day together.

  5. If I respond right away, I also create a connection for myself. This works very well, this client is on my mind and I will run the extra mile.
    A while back I would feel troubled asking money in return, I am always worried someone has little or no money. But I forget not everybody is poor. And what I have to offer is worth a certain value.
    But it was not the right way to comfort them by just giving discounts.
    If I give attention, call or mail extra they feel heard, and gerust gesteld.
    I now do ask for result-comments, not just for feathers. I explained to my colleague how getting criticism is a good thing, then we know we have to pay extra attention. Also on parts in the procedure we have been doing for years. Listening to it and taking it serious helps the client feeling heard and we can optimize our product and service.

  6. My 2 cents:

    Co-create with them. A training, a book. It’s a fantastic way to get them engaged. Reward them for it.

    Doing it now and I love it.

    1. heee! There you are @Gerdy! I have been missing you this week, glad you are back. I wanted to take you a Challenge here, but I will tell you another time...

      So can you tell us more about "Doing it now" ? Sharing = caring!

      1. Im reacting on every single one of the challenges Aramik!

        Writing a book and having a group of over 50 people proofreading it. Need to see how it works out but so far it looks very promising.

        1. Yesss! 🙂 I was Ofcourse Just teasing you: You rock! 🙂

          Wooww! Over 50 people already?

          So What’s your Secret? And Ofcourse: a huge Congratulations! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. All of these 10 tips should be a blogpost or a video-training, Nisandeh. Love them all!

    Love #9 and #10 as Communities Are Very dynamic and Fun 🙂

    So here come my Idea’s:

    1) Make a Birthday Calender and send them a simpel whatsapp/sms with your personal Note to them.

    2) Creat “Family Events” to being their families along... This works Amazing and This way You’ll Creat a mutual Moments with their loved ones

    3) BUY from them and reffer them to your Friends. This way your inner Circkle will Grow fast!

    4) And YES; Just a simpel “How Are you today” Once in a while, is a Great gift.

  8. I LOVE every single of the ideas Nisandeh offered... Here are a few more that came up to me:

    1. Behind-the-scenes - People LOVE to see what goes on behind the scenes of things they like, so give them a peek at your ife or the process of what you do to create the product/service you give your clients

    2. Let them know YOU as a PERSON not just as a provider - share with them your moments of celebrations or ideas that came up for you (that's also a great way to do market research on them)

    3. ACKNOWLEDGE - give them acknowledgments each time they connect with you and encourage them to be engaged more

    I LOVE the last point you mentioned Nisandeh - creating a community - would be really interested to get tips how to do that...

      1. Hi @Aramik - Thanks for you lovely remarks. I REALLY LOVE your input in this challenge and the way you encourage people and acknowledge them

        As for your question - I share with them many times different ideas I came up with for my next book/project and ask them to help me pick one.

        I invite them to ask me ANY question they want (even not necessarily in my field)

        I introduce them to my family and I once had an interview where they could ask questions my hubby and kids (I of course asked first a permission from them for it)

        I ALWAYS invite them to my book publication day

        I share with them when i'm STUCK on a character or plot twist

        I once had a video on how I outline a new book (it was time-lapsed)

        1. Ahhh @Bina! Now you touch my heart and soul!

          Ofcourse I consider all of you as my dear friends and fellow Master Minders, and my Team members. Thank you for your kind words.

          Such a great idea's...

          And please forgive me if I am really not getting it:

          I get the "what", but "how" do you bring them into your home? and introduce them to your family? Like in your house? Live? or online...

          Sorry for my childish remarks But I really love to know how you are doing this process and to learn form you.

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