10 Ideas How to Stay Focused

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus” ~ Bruce Lee

You are an entrepreneur because your mind works differently than most people’s. You think about new ways of doing things, instead of how it has always been done.

With so many ideas, sometimes the outcome is that you can’t stay focused long enough on one thing.

The result is that most entrepreneurs suffer from FDD (Focus Deficit Disorder).

Productivity is not about the amount of time you spend working but about your ability to complete tasks consistently and effectively. If you lack focus, you may spend twice as many hours doing a job you could do in a much shorter period.

Here are 10 ideas how to stay focused on what’s important:

1. “Show Me The Money”

Each time you’re about to make a decision, ask yourself, “Where is the money?” Keep your business lean and focused by always keeping revenue present in your mind when making decisions.

2. Prioritize

If you’re suffering from FDD – you might want to change how you prioritize your tasks. There are many methods you can use to prioritize tasks, including Eat the Frog, the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, the ABCDE Method and Chunking. Using any of these, helps you focus your time on the most important things.

3. Just Say ‘No’

Some people are afraid to say ‘no’ even when they have too much on their plate. When you say ‘yes’ to avoid disappointing others then you might let things fall through the cracks, get sick or have a breakdown. Develop a realistic sense of your capacity, and don’t go past your limit.

4. Streamline Tasks

Streamlining tasks helps you stay focused and avoid wasting time. A streamlined task is one that’s done in the easiest possible way. You can optimize each task if you focus on the simplest route from Point A to Point B. You can also streamline your daily to-dos by making sure you’re working on similar tasks at the same time. Need to write a newsletter and a blog post? Do them one right after the other so you don’t have to switch hats and your thinking style.

5. Create a Better To-do List

Create your to-do list so you focus first on important tasks needed to get done, and limit yourself to three to six tasks. Create your to-do list each evening before you leave your desk and make sure it only has the tasks you know you can get done the next day. During your most productive hour, you should do your toughest task.

6. Work Everyday on Your Business 

No matter what day it is, do one thing for your business. Doing at least one thing every day for your business keeps your mind fresh and focused on your business. On a vacation day or weekend, choose a small, quick task that keeps your brain thinking about the business. Then get on with your rest and relaxation. It’s better you work fewer hours but spread them out over seven days instead of five. 

7. Exercise Your Focus Muscle

Like all skills, focus takes practice. Multitasking decreases your focus, productivity, and accuracy and can even make you less intelligent. To increase your ability to focus on one task, start small. Maybe only focus on one task for five or 10 minutes. As that becomes easier, increase the amount of time you focus.

8. Disconnect While You Work

Each time you’re distracted by an email ping or a message coming through on Slack, you need to refocus, which wastes valuable moments of your day. Improve your focus and productivity by disconnecting from your phone, email, and messaging apps while you work.

9. Create Habits and Routines

By reducing the number of decisions you make each day, you can focus on the decisions that are difficult or important for your business. You can easily reduce the number of decisions you make each day by designing your ideal lifestyle and living by a set routine that is comfortable for you. Once your routine is established, you no longer need to decide when to shower, how to dress, what to eat for breakfast, or when you’ll have time to go to the gym.

10. Take Breaks

You can’t focus if you don’t rest. Whether your break is 15-minute meditation after lunch, a walking meeting that takes the place of sitting down in the conference room, going to the gym, or just making sure you’re getting eight hours of sleep every night – you need it.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… how could YOU stay more focused?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Make an initial plan the day before.
    The pomodoro technic is good, smaller tasks even for the same project. Finish it and have a small break. Go back and move on the next task.

  2. Daily routines work!
    Start off with the "difficult" jobs.
    Take a break and do the simple/ small tasks later.
    Don't stop till a job is finished. Challenge yourself.
    Plan the amount of time on a job.
    Just DO it.

  3. Create habits one by one.
    Open max 5 pages on your computer
    Set a timer for 20 minutes to work on a task single-mindedly
    Get rid of all the distractions

  4. This is a hot topic for me. Staying focussed seems to be difficult with so many things that distract me:
    new mails or apps arriving, messages in Facebook from the groups I like, switching tasks and pay attention to yet another coach that promise me
    heaven in eleven steps.
    What I found to be helpful thus far:
    - buy a nice little notebook and write down what I promise myself to do
    - celebrate whatever is reached in a day or a week or a month
    - look only once a day in my mailbox and turn off the sound of my private mobile phone
    - do not spend time and money on coaches unless I really belief that they can bring me further in some practical aspect
    - find ten minutes to brainstorm these topics and keep on track again

  5. Good topic.
    My morning routine helps me to energize myself and get focused on the day ahead.
    In the beginning of the week I make a plan for all the working days. What appointments do I have, business-related or not, what has to be done and what would be nice to have done at the end of the week. Every evening I check my to do list for the following day and if necessary finetune it. I do'nt fill in the time needed for a task. When I am in a flow it takes a shorter period then when I am not.
    Being a more rightbrain person I need the flexibility to change the order of the tasks when I feel like it. In that way I can find the flow for a specific task.
    When I lack focus I give myself a Brain Gym balance to get focused again, go for a walk or take a power nap.

  6. 1. plan my day upfront. Not doing that means I don't do pretty much anything. Planning it means I am super focused. It incluses the times WHEN and HOW LONG I am working on something.
    2. Create routines absolutely- I have 2 different ones: one for with kids and one for without. without kids I am usually super focused and can move mountains. In the days with kids: not so much. It's what there is. I stopped planning too much, which is my next point on the list.
    3. Never plan more than 6 things on a day. I won't manage to finish them anyway and that only adds to the frustration.
    4. I decide upfront how much time I want to spend on sales (my main focus nowadays), on marketing and on working IN my business (since I am starting this is hwere I spend the least time, at the moment).
    5. Reflect on how I did and where I can improve. When I look back I can see where I tend to slack- later in the week I am getting tired and get less done.
    6. I really need my workouts, and when I don't do them I get tired and its also f*cking up my focus.
    7. The same with dips. I do a cold water dip every week, and it helps me to be sharp and laser focused.
    8. Keep on repeating the same thing. I have a friend who has a business with only 2 products, and he only sells the first one (second is upsell/ VIP). I LOVE how he every single week focuses on that one product, and only that one. He got so good at it, and it's so clear what he sells! I managed to bring my products down to 3 different ones but I think 1 would be even better.

    als Bruce Lee said somewhere else: I fear the man who practised one kick 10.000 times.

  7. Ah nice topic and I love Point #1! Money stands for growing my business and all the great things I can do with it. That is a powerful motivation.

    The fact that you can improve your focus is encouraging and challenging. I can identify 3 groups to make it myself easier: 1. improving conditions 2. training 3. mentality. I think creating better conditions is the easiest to start with.

    Here's 3 things that help me:
    1. Always have a clean and structured environment - a cluttered working space means a cluttered mind. Besides, you don't waste time on searching your stuff.

    2. Wear hearing protection from the hardware store - it works better than noise cancelling headphones. Wearing these, you create the perfect bubble. You can hear your heart beat and the soft sound of the blood running through your veins. It helps focusing. A while ago, there was a news item about a primary school that gave its pupils hearing protection. It was impressive how it increased the kids' productivity.

    3. Do brain training games on your iPad or phone

  8. For me it helps to:
    - be fit... For me rhis means:
    1. Eat healthy
    2. Have a good night rest
    3. In a regular basis excercise your body.
    When body and mind are in shape, it is much easier for me to focus.
    - #6 on Nisandeh's list works different for me. After periods of focus I need to check out without the thought of " I must"...like the short to do list. On holiday I am available for everything but my business (except in case of fire). Giving my mind holiday also makers that things start to pop-up or I see solutions that I did not see before. Some things become razorsharp. Not because I focus, but because I 'not focus'

  9. OMG!! do I suffer from FDD... I used to be proud that I can multitask 4-5 things at a time and thought it was a good skill (not anymore). In my days it was called hyperactive and never assumed it has to do with something I can DO anything about.

    However, with the years I've developed ways and mechanism to overcome my short attention and learn to focus. Many of the things are described above but here is a few modification I do:

    1. When planning I plan also each task how long I estimate it would take me.
    2. I never have on my list more than 6 tasks which in total should not take more than 6 hours
    3. When I sit to to do a task I set a timer for 25 minutes which would ring and then I give myself a break of 5 minutes doing something else
    4. WHen working on the computer all tabs are shut off and if I realise I need something to search I write it down on a piece of paper and search for it later
    5. Obviously all phones are off and any other device that I'm not working with and all notifications are switched off
    6. Before I start my day I make sure my energy is quiet but high - the combination of meditation and 30 minutes Yoga/stretching/trampoline does that for me
    7. I have a VERY STRICT morning routine that I've following for the past 10 years, which without it I'm lost. I have, by the way, one for winter and one for summer and one for vacation...
    8. As I have so many ideas ALL THE TIME... I have 2 Ideas notebooks. The first one is the one that I write any idea that comes up in my mind and that I like. The second one is a notebook I write once a week where I go over all the ideas that I had in the previous week and I look and write down ONLY those that still make sense (Point #1 of Nisandeh) and I am still excited about it. Some weeks it would be 3-5 some weeks NONE...

    1. Love the idea notebooks.... ! I'll do something with it too. giving myself a week to think something over is a very good idea:)

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