10 Ideas How to Stay Mentally Fit

Thinking is the toughest kind of work which is why so many people avoid it.

Keeping yourself mentally fit is just as important as staying physically fit.

Your body and mind are connected. Your thoughts and feelings can either positively influence your body, or affect it negatively in a very serious way.

Here are a few of the benefits of mental fitness:

    • Being more mindful and in the present.
    • Being responsive instead of reactive.
    • Improved cognitive abilities (focus, processing speed, memory, concentration, time management and communication).
    • Increased positive emotions (optimism, satisfaction, joy and happiness).
    • Increased confidence, self-esteem and self-acceptance.
    • Increased ability to develop supporting, empowering habits.
    • Improved sleep.

What does it mean to exercise your mind? Can you take your brain to the gym?

Here are 10 easy and helpful ways to stay mentally fit:

1. Get Physical Exercise

Your body was made to move! Regular exercise floods you with endorphins, which can boost your mood and help improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. When it comes to exercise, make sure to pick an activity you enjoy (pilates, yoga, dancing, team sports, biking, hiking…) Even a 5 minutes of stretching or walking outside can help improve your mood!

2. Meditate

Create a routine that works for you, and commit to it. Only fifteen minutes a day is enough to notice significant changes over time. The key is consistency. If you’re new to it, start with a beginners program on an app such as Headspace or InsightTimer. Once you’ve learned the basics all you need is a timer.

3. Take a Daily “Mindfulness Break”

Take a couple of minutes break each day to decompress, check in with your body, and assess how you’re feeling. Some simple ways to practice mindfulness include: observing the present moment, connecting with your senses, observing your breathing… You will find many one or two-minute mindfulness meditations on our Mindfulness Place website.

4. Pursue a Hobby, or a New Activity

Participating in activities you enjoy helps you stay engaged and happy. Picking up a new skill challenges you, increases your concentration levels and makes you feel good about learning something new. It also increases your confidence in being able to face new situations, challenges and people.

5. Manage Your Stress

Pay attention to what makes you stressed, where do you feel it in your body, and how you react to it. This will help you manage your stress better. Learn to express anger when it’s “small” instead of allowing it to build. Relaxation breathing, yoga or meditation can help. Or use our most popular stress release mindfulness meditation

6. Challenge Yourself

Learn a new skill or set a difficult goal. Try something different, commit to fitness or a healthy eating goal, learn to cook something new, or learn a new computer skill. Learning improves your mental fitness.

7. Play Games

Games can be good for the brain. Jigsaw, crosswords, and number puzzles (e.g. Sudoku) help improve cognitive function. Board games, chess, checkers and analog games help enhance the brain’s processing speed and memory. Make time every day to play a little.

8. Practice Neurobics Exercises
Neurobics are mental exercises that stimulate different areas of the brain, prevent memory loss, and improve memory recall. Here are my all-time favorite top Neurobics exercises…

9. Do The ‘Acknowledgment Diet’
At the end of each day, write a list of all the things you achieved that day. These don’t need to be “big” achievements. Acknowledge yourself for stopping when you caught yourself complaining, for taking your dog for a long walk, for having the courage to ask for a deal, for participating in this challenge, for eating well…

10. Get a Good Night Rest

Aim for 7 hours of sleep at least. Go to bed and get up at a regular time each day. One hour before bedtime, turn off your electronics and wind down from your day…

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… how can YOU stay mentally fit?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Go through the mails that were not prioritized. Handle, response them also. ( 2nd quarter of Stephen covey.) Not important but important enough to stay in line.
    It releases the stress on the todo list, after a weeks holiday without wifi. 😃.
    Getting things done is so happy for the brain.

  2. I notice I do everyone you mention. What I haven't seen yet as ideas:

    1. hopping. It really raises your state and gives you also rhythm.
    2. go the playground and use the swing. Besides the fun it has so many more advantages.

  3. Woww... I listend 3x times to your Neurobics. Coool! From Monday on I will Teach it to my team and we will have some Fun at the office 🙂 hahaha!

    I am alreayd having Fun visualising them spilling tea, Changing their desks and doing the Dishes as they dance 🙂

    Great and Fantastic tips Every body else! Love you all guys! Woow!

    My favourite idea’s for now:

    1) Learn a new Music Instrument Every 9 months. You would be amazed how Any Great apps There Are that will Teach you how to play the Guitar, Piano, Drums...

    2) Master Mind Once a Month with your Inner circkel! This is a Great way to Braindump all Your thinkings and worries

    3) Become a Mentor/buddy for a Great cause (does not have to be Just only for Cancer Patients or Addicts) There Are so many groups who love to hear your Experiences

  4. I sometimes forget that I need to plan things, like a sauna (there is a beautiful one at a lake with a view over the hills) to get new ideas.

    I feed my body with nutrient-dense foods after fasting (which is good for focus as well).

    Get fresh air, sun... do some reading on a topic you would normally don't learn about.

    Learn new languages.

    Sleep, dance, repeat 🙂

    Every hour I move at least a little, from some pushups to some tabata...

  5. This is a topic close to my heart.

    When I am super busy, my brain fries at one point and I can't get anything done anymore. I wish I could feel the signs earlier.

    And then, btw, always somehow I manage to find some time to sleep or relax.

    there are two sides to the same coin. One is stretching, the other is relaxing.

    I stretch myself by taking up new things. I give trainings and I try new things all the time. I also stretch myself by giving myself 10 things assignments: Coming up with 10 ideas how to...

    this morning I came up with 10 ideas how to make my sales calls more effective.

    Stretching is usually not the issue. Relaxing is, for me. Taking the time to unwind. I started taking vision weekends a while ago- twice a year a whole weekend without plans. Just walking, writing, being in nature. Nothing else. My brain needs it and it helps me to keep the bigger picture. I believe its a huge part of staying mentally fit.

    In smaller parts- taking a bath for me- resting an hour, or sometimes going to the sauna. I often go with a friend, but I go earlier, so I have some time alone. Those are my best thinking times.

  6. Talk...to your (business) partner, Friends, ..I this way you can detox from your unhelpful thoughts.

    Read,... This excercises your brain in several ways

    Take a Bath... There is not a lot to do besides studying your mental state. Good for body and soul.

    1. For me a bath as well! I get so many great ideas... Since I don't have a bath right now, and the weather is getting better, next week I'll put my jacuzzi in the garden... without the bubbles... since then I can't let my thoughts flow 🙂

  7. Yes, this is an important topic! The list with the benefits is impressive and I think there's more that can be added.

    First I'd like to say something about #5 'Manage your stress'. A while ago, I made a personal 'signaling plan' to get insight in certain signals that warn me when my mood goes down or up. The signals are personal and specific: leaving my clothes on the floor in the evening, a bicycle ride that takes too long, singing songs, thinking fast, getting annoyed by sound, etc. It was really helpful in detecting rising stress levels so I could anticipate in an early stage. I used the plan for a few months and now I don't need it anymore. I integrated it in my daily life. It's good to get insight in your behavior and the signals the body gives you, because it says something about your mental condition.

    About #9 'The Acknowledgement diet': I did it for two weeks now and it works like a charm! Vered advised me to do this. Do it right before you go to bed. The things you acknowledged yourself for stay with you during your sleep.

    Some other ideas to stay mentally fit:

    1. Do what you're scared of - When you experience fear in the beginning, the victory will be bigger. You'll get more self-confidence that will help you doing the next challenge.

    2. Use hands & head - Making stuff is good for your brain: your (fine) motor skills will improve, it stimulates your spatial insight and finishing the job gives you self-confidence. If you don't like sewing, modelmaking and crochet, you can repair your own bike or hang that painting on the wall yourself.

    3. Stay in touch with other generations - Stories of the elderly, slang of the youth (and other things they do). It keeps you open-minded, which contributes to your mental fitness.

  8. This might be one of the most important posts not just for business but especially for life.

    My mother (actually my whole family on my mother's side) suffered from dementia and I saw the devastating effect it has, so I vowed I will not go down that lane and have researched and changed a lot in my life to prevent this type of end of life for myself.

    Here are a few things I found that truly help:
    1. Learn a new language or to play a new instrument
    2. Avoid any refined sugar, grains, white flour & all "fast-food"
    3. Exercise - I HATE this one - but find an activity that fits you - even walking, bouncing or Hula-Hoops can be counted
    4. Dance - that can also cover the above one
    5. Change your routines - helps you become flexible with your mind
    6. Experiment with new foods, vacation places, meeting new people - the idea is not get stuck on doing the same old thing
    7. Spend time in nature

    1. Dance.... I love that Idea of yours, Bina.
      In general, it would be nice if people dance more.. even when the music stops playing

    2. I've had a salsa dance school for 16 years, and I stopped last September. Since I danced 7 out of 7, I felt I needed a break. But I missed it so much and lately I just wanted to dance, just for 10 minutes by myself, ending up spending an hour... I love it...

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