10 Ideas How to Use a Book You Write to Grow Your Business

Is writing a nonfiction book worth it?

Today, more than ever, people read nonfiction books and look up to their authors as trusted leaders and authorities.

If you have a business – selling products or services – writing (and publishing) a nonfiction book is a crucial step in building credibility, authority and expert position.

However, what can you do with your nonfiction book once it’s written? It’s not enough to know how to write a nonfiction book and get it published.

Nonfiction books have tremendous potential to change your business and life. You need to know what to do before, during, and after you write the book and publish it.

Here are 10 ideas of how to use your nonfiction book to change your life and business forever:

1. Create Relationships with Experts

When writing your nonfiction book, don’t hesitate to reach out to other experts and interview them about some of the topics you write about. Not only will most experts be happy to contribute to your book, but they’re also likely to spread the word about you, your book, and your business.

2. Create a Signature Talk

A signature talk is a speech only you can give. It’s your message, your story. A signature talk is an important component of your personal brand. If you write your nonfiction book with a very personal touch, your signature talk is a shorter, spoken version of your nonfiction book. If your book isn’t personal, then your signature talk is the personal version of it.

3. Show Thought Leadership

Your thought leadership may be based on expertise, education, or experiences. What matters is that you give other people in your field a reason to listen and follow you. When you are engaged, informed, and giving, you stand out as a thought leader and become authoritative and influential.

4. Create a Methodology You Can License 

You can use your book’s contents to create a methodology that can then be licensed. A methodology is simply a repeatable process you and other people can use to generate the desired outcome.

5. Create a New Program

Why do people choose to hire a coach (for example) when all the information they need is available at a low cost online and in books? That’s because information alone doesn’t get you to your goals. With a coaching program based on your book, you can guide people, either individually or in a group, to the outcome they seek.

6. As a Lead Generation Tool

You can sell or give away your book on a landing page where people must enter their contact information. This way, you can sign people to your automated email sequence and offer them other products or services.

7. As a Gift to Your Clients and Partners

You can also gift your book to your clients after they have purchased your product or service. Instead of increasing conversions, you improve the customer experience by overdelivering. You can also gift your book to strategic partners. 

8. Get Yourself in The Door

Once you have a book, you gain access to opportunities you never even thought possible. You can send a copy of your book to any prospective client, no matter how important or busy they are. Include a few post-it notes on several pages, where you describe (in handwriting) how this piece of information can help them. Then follow up with a phone call…

9. Land Speaking Engagements

If you’re not a public speaker already, now is your time to get started. With a nonfiction book, you have increased authority and credibility so you can reach out to event organizers and organizations. They will ALWAYS prefer a published author on their stage.

10. Raise Your Prices

What you charge is directly correlated to the amount and quality of the intellectual property you own. The more IP you have, and the more recognition your IP has, the more perceived value you create and the higher prices you can charge.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… how can YOU use your own book to grow your business?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. YES! This is my topic! It is very important to write your own book in order to build your expertstatus. To be honest, you, Nisandeh, are the inspirator to my niche. I am working hard to get my expertise out there in helping people writing their book. My additional tips why you should get your book out there are:
    1. You are already a writer, Yes, you are!
    2. Your an inspiration to others.
    3. You discover who you are.
    4. You get a passive income.
    5. Your time in this world is limited, start writing !
    6. Revive your passion.
    7. You distinghuish yourself from the masses.
    8. You get more knowledge the more you write
    And there are many more reasons of course. 🙂

  2. 1. to create awareness
    2. to show your exprert position
    3. refer to the book when suitable during a discussion
    4. if only optimise it to get organic results and use structured data to be in positions 0 and the questions or also people asked

  3. I love this one. I have 3 books now. I started with one in English, then during this C crisis, I published it again in Dutch and added more value (with lots of QR codes inside for free downloadable checklists etc - to get people on your list as well).
    By promoting it, people are getting interested. I even had to put it on hold for a while since then I found a company (actually they found me - they loved the title: De Vrolijke Mantelzorger) and we made a JV deal with my book (they paid for some pages in my book, to tell about their company).

    You can do book launches! Not just one! So relaunch, in different places, have an informative speech with it.

  4. Visit as many libraries as possible, because there you will find the people who read books, sign your book and give it away for free.
    Be present at trade fairs with a stand where your target group can visit, give several short lectures and hand out the books to the audience for free afterwards.
    Know what the favorite stores of your target group are and make a nice book presentation together with the store owner.
    I myself led a book presentation on behalf of the Red Cross and that is also an idea to turn it into a book presentation where you have the presentation led by a presenter. That makes more of an impression.

    1. I did some talks in the evening in libraries. They had the money for that, but not for my book. So I gave it to them for their "memory library" (book is for dementia caregivers).

  5. All the 10 points Nisandeh has already written are vaulable to invest in writing a book. And the additions Muriël made as well. I can't come up with more. I am still looking for a topic to write a book about. So, until then I skip this project. There is still enough to work on.

  6. This is what I found out:

    1. It's a FANTASTIC sales thing! Almost every manager I reach out to wants to be interviewed for my book! It's amazing! And there are some serious hot shots among them that I normally would never get access to. A book is a magic word.

    2. It teaches me so much. I use it to structure my thoughts. I am very good at being all over the place, and now I need to focus.

    3. Writing the book changed my mind on my point of view, simply because I researched and found out that I needed to change my opinion.

    4. Using the blueprint and the system from the Write Your Book Course I came up with an incredibly powerful system that is easy to teach. It will blow people's minds... (it's called POWER system:)) Preparation, OWN your meeting, Wisdom of the Crowd, Energy and Results)

  7. 1. It's proof I am an expert. I mean, I wrote the book on that.
    2. It's a great gift for clients
    3. It's a way to attract new clients. I also think during the writing stage. Getting some people to proofread one or more chapters, will get them to understand what they can learn from me.
    4. It allows for different kind of Search engine optimization. Including listing yourself as an author on Google or wikipedia.
    5. It's a good extra for VIP packages on trainings

    Nisandeh, I have another request for a topic 🙂 How to get the best testimonials. I have a lot of clients who are willing to support me with it, but I think the testimonials could be better. A brainstorm on how to get better video's, better content would benefit me a lot.

    1. Oh... I love that, Max.
      I will schedule one about testimonials.
      AGAIN... thank you for thinking aloud and helping make this resource more valuable all the time.

  8. For my new book 'Indische roots, van lijden naar leiden' I interview ten people who are also experts in the field. I launch them one by one during the presale of my book. The interviews take place with Zoom so that I can upload them to YouTube and other channels. Zoom also provides the audio, so I can use that also.
    I also claimed the domain name indischeroots.nl and .online (I was very surprised it was free!) so that I can build a business around the book.
    Also I made new channels/pages/groups/profiles with that same name on FB, LI, Insta, YT and Podbean.
    And of course I'm contacting the media about my new book that will be published in July.
    Most of these points I did also with my current book 'Life without Grace, autonoom leven en werken zonder je tweelinghelft'

  9. Lately, doing one of the brainstorms from this challenge, I had the idea of writing a book 'How start and grow your own design studio'. Entrepreneurship is a huge blind spot in design and art schools. Many creatives want to have their own business, but most of them don't make it and end up working in a cafe or other jobs that are below their qualifications. I experienced there are specific challenges for creative ZZP'ers and I am sure in the coming year I will learn a lot more that will be very valuable for other creatives. As I've been a tutor at an art school, I'll make special version for design schools with an educational program (lespakket).

    Nisandeh, thank you for bringing up this topic! It makes me self-assured, that it is something I must do. (btw I already started writing down al the ideas and insights that are useful for my book).

    1. Make an educational program of your book that you can sell to schools and universities. They can hire you as well as a speaker or a tutor.

    2. Create an event. Invite an expert, let her/him interview you about the book, do a live stream and put the video online afterwards.

    3. Writing a book is a good training, especially if you do it in 28 days 😉 It increases self discipline, your knowledge, self-assurance and it's fun (I guess).

  10. This year I am launching my first hard-copy book. I have already written 2 e-books, but now my first "real" book will be published. I recognize myself in all the 10 points Nisandeh has written down. This is exactly how I use my book to grow my business.

    But I think it is interesting to add some points as well.

    #1 Moving from middle-end to high-end clients
    Following on from point 10 I use the opportunity to make a shift in clients. I will move from middle-end programs and clients to high-end programs and clients. For this reason, I gave my last masterclass last January and will launch my new program together with my new book in September.
    #2 Creating a great Joint Venture
    I used it also already to create great Joint Ventures. I will work together with a huge expert because I am writing this book.
    #3 Getting publicity
    With this book, I will become more interesting for influencers.
    #4 Growing my mail list
    #5 More followers on social media

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