10 Ideas How to WOW Your Clients

The Best Investment

WOWing your clients is the best investment you could ever do – where the ROI (return on investment) is lifelong loyalty and constant stream of referrals to your business.

You don’t need to break the bank to create a WOW experience for your clients. All you need is the drive to do so and some creativity. Here are a few ways to put these drive and creativity to work:

1. Get to Know Them

Build rapport and trust by taking the time to get to know your clients. Learn about their interests, goals, pains and frustrations and what they care about. Make sure to use it to custom design their experience to WOW them.

2. Make Things Easy

Don’t make your clients jump through hoops every time they need something from you. Make sure they can easily find everything they need on your website, have a comprehensive FAQ section, simplify your ordering and payment procedures, and most important – every time you get a complaint or a question more than once… fix it in the system!

3. Respond Quickly

Focusing on cutting your response time is one of the most powerful things you can do to WOW your clients. Reply to a client within a few minutes of reaching out to you, and they WILL talk about you.

4. Always Offer a Solution

When your client has a problem, a challenge or a setback, the only thing they’re interested in – is a solution. As soon as possible. So here is a mindset you should adopt, “ALWAYS, no matter what, offer a solution”.

5. Give Them More Than They Expect

Average businesses deliver what is asked of them or what was agreed. Remarkable businesses deliver more. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Save them time, save them money, be available to assist. Join forces with them and focus together on their goals.

6. Express Gratitude

Thank your clients as often as you can: at the start of emails, at the end of emails, just because. Especially, if a client leaves a positive review, it’s a great reason to say thank you, and it’s an opportunity to build a deeper relationship.

7. Be Personal

Another way to WOW your prospects and clients is to adding personality as much as possible. Don’t respond as if you are the head of a corporation’s legal or accounting department. Instead, use your clients’ first name, add something about you, share a little personal anecdote… be… YOU!

8. Do Something Unexpected

Everyone loves small, positive surprises. We’re not talking fireworks and a trip to Hawaii, but offering an unexpected extra bonus or a discount or a small gift card can go a long way to wow your clients.

9. Do Regular Check-Ins for No Reason

It doesn’t take much to reach out when someone crosses your mind or even at random. Let your client know when you contact them that you don’t want anything from them and that you genuinely care. Consider even having a small budget to send “just because” gifts. Keep your focus entirely on your client (not on you).

10. Focus On the Very First Client Experience

The very first time a client works with you is like being on a first date. Focus on making your “first date” unforgettable… in the positive way.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what can you do to WOW your clients?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. First:
    Ten Nisandeh-idears to WOW my cliënts:
    1. Get to know them;
    2. Make things easy;
    3. Respond quickly;
    4. Always offer a solution;
    5. Give them more then they expect;
    6. Express gratitude;
    7. Be personal;
    8. Do something unexpected;
    9. Do regular checkins for no reason;
    10. Focus on the very first cliënt-experience.

    Own idears:
    1. use attractive, convincing and proofed methodes;
    2. f.e. use the questionaire from 'persoonlijkekracht' to make a very good start with me getting to know the cliënt and the cliënt to learn to him- or herself better;
    3. use attractive materials to use during meeting and to give to the cliënt to use at home, to make results and next steps visible and more easy;
    4. help the cliënt to learn how to learn and to make steps;
    5. explain to the cliënt and et him/her experience that the proces of learning gets more interesting for both of us when we both take responsibiliy and when cliënt really exercises;
    6. make / use a workbook to give nice structure and rewards to the process;
    7. aim at high quality of communication towards the cliënt;
    8. ...

  2. Thanks everyone for all your ideas. One of the things I do is to give my clients the opportunity to be interviewed by me. I'll offer this as a free service after our sessions together are finished. I'll do this live via Instagram or recorded via Zoom. Especially the live interviews are incredible. Most of my clients, before working with me, feel really insecure about speaking in English. They are constantly translating, searching for the right words, doubting their English grammar and pronunciation etc. In the Netherlands they're real experts in their fields. In English they can't fully be themselves and they're unable to express themselves the way they want to. After our sessions, if we agreed he/she's ready to take the next step out of the comfort zone, I'll offer them this interview opportunity. It's still safe, because they know me and I'm the one asking questions, but they can show their international audience who they are, what services or products they offer etc. Luckily entrepreneurs love talking about their businesses ;-). It's truly amazing to see.

    Writing a personal card is something I could do as well. I sent all my clients a Christmas card, but I think it's also a great idea to send a personal hand- written card before the first session.

    1. This is brilliant, Kimberley…
      The idea of interviewing your clients about their expertise, and then they can use it in their own marketing.
      Thank you so much for sharing it…

  3. 1. Organize (small) events. It's a great way to know your customers. If you do not want to do it in person, you can host a zoom meeting about a topic you think they might like.
    2. Tell them (in your newsletter of Facebook or when sending out an order) how much you appreciate them. Give compliments regularly
    3. Let them get to know the real you. Show them there is an actual and caring person behind your website or webshop.

  4. - keep track of activities by following FB pages , linkedin and or subscribe to newsletters, show interest,
    - anticipate on coming activities , by checking what is needed when the client forgets to call in time,
    remind them of the coming need for specials;
    - bring replacements when something is broken as service, for the time it take before spare parts etc. have arrived
    - when the client decides to buy something after renting something make a credit invoice for the last rent
    - make it possible to drop of or pick up things outside of office hours, be flexible and think with the client
    - go over a project with a cup of coffee or tea , take time for the client (share contacts and advise for free)

  5. WOW clients:
    1. Use great materials.
    In my case I use schoolbooks. I see a lot of people in my field, using copies. I alwase use nice new workbooks.
    2. Use great envirnment.
    Live: I have a nice office. I believe is WOW , even if they have to wait outside.
    3. Contact your client if they had a setback. See if they are ok.
    4. Be very professional if they have a very sad experience in their personal lives, by showing empathy without crying with them.
    5. If possible, connect your clients to people in your netwerk
    6. Be very honest in what you can and can't do and if nessesary, send them to people in your netwerk that you know and trust. Of ask around.
    7. Be always very professional. Even when your client is not. Thank them for your honesty.
    8. Keep your office presteen clean
    9. If you ZOOM, make sure it always works. And send a very professional email with alle the details and prepraration.
    10. In stead of being the slave of your client when they are not satisfied. Make sure you improve your system.

    1. HI Melanie, could not find your reply to me, which I received by mail, to the topic 'customer service' on the page. So, I reply on this one. Yes, it was great to talk to you yesterday and I am looking forward to the 23rd as well. Your tips on this topic especially #4 is a good one. Thanks

  6. 1. Be completely honest to them even when it will be not easy for them to hear what you have to say. If you play nice all the time and are only focused on pleasing your customers, you take away an opportunity for them to grow. Be sure you always provide a safe environment before you give your confronting feedback but do it even when it also means you have to step out of your comfort zone to provide this feedback.

    2. Show your vulnerability. I often see that experts make the mistake of thinking they need to be perfect and that this is what is expected from them. It creates a huge gap between you and your customer where they start to believe that they can never achieve what you have achieved. Showing your vulnerability and showing them your struggles and how you have overcome them is way more inspiring than presenting yourself as the one who knows it all.

    3. Get back to them after some time or stay in touch even when they are no longer your customers anymore. When I look at my customers I still have a connection and relationship with them even after they stopped paying me (because the traject or training finished of course, not because they didn't pay me at all;-)).

    4. Kiss them (but be sure to ask permission first)

    5. Be unexpected by using examples they will never see coming. For example...when I talk about sales I often compare this process with dating. It's not only funny to me (and for them) it's something they never forget.

    6. Provide spot-on one-liners. When I ask my customers what they take out of my masterclasses a lot of times it's the one-liners they take home and provide life-changing experiences to them.

    1. Love your #4 - Muriël... "Kiss them".
      I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS hug my clients, prospects, employees, and... suppliers (including lawyers, accountants, advisors, bankers... anyone).

      I never thought about it as a way to WOW them.
      It just what feels right and the type of relationships I like to create...

      You just took it to a whole new level...🤗

      1. I feel you. Sometimes people told me this kind of behavior is not professional. "You don't hug a client." I had to laugh. I decide how I want to interact with my clients and what type of relationship I create with them. There are so many opinions in the world, but I like to follow my own. To interact with my clients this way feels right to me because I believe in making the real connection. If they feel loved, seen and heard I can do so much more for them.

        1. Muriël and Nisandeh, thank you both for this comment about ways to interact with your clients. I think this is super important for lots of entrepreneurs to read. That it is indeed about making a real and meaningful connection to your clients. It is up to you to decide what feels right. When I started as an entrepreneur, I thought that some of my personality traits weren't professional enough. Now I know that those personality traits are one of the reasons people want to work with me. In addition, by being myself I also attract my ideal clients. Win-win situation.

          1. I agree that it is important. A lot of entrepreneurs want to know how they can distinguish themselves from the competition and I think bringing out your unique personality is the best way to do this. When I look at myself I don't think I am telling a lot of different things than other mindset/sales trainers do but the way I do it and my examples make it different and more suitable and fitting for my ideal clients.

  7. - Offer a book that will help them grow
    - Have a strategic call with them to grasp their need and where they are right now, where they want to go
    - Ask questions and active listen
    - Send an article that help them in their journey
    - Send a message on special events : birthday, ...
    - Come regularly to them to get feedback on their progress

  8. 1. Read about their sector what they do
    2. Identify common problems with daily tasks that they are taking them more time to complete and give solutions.
    3. Study their competitors; products, service etc. Propose a plan, solution, functionality to put them ahead of the competitors instead of following what their competitors are doing
    4. Give them something they are not expecting; a gift to say thank you
    5. Have a generic chat to understand how they respond to different subjects. Even get a bit personal. Use story telling to connect with the customer
    6. Discuss about relevant issues in their sector and general economical, business news.

    1. I like point 1 but I do wonder how you manage this in time Chris? I mean, it takes a lot of times to read books about a sector your clients are in. Do you have an example how this works for you?

  9. 1. Pick-up the phone and call them, not many people do this nowadays
    2. Show genuine intrest and ask questions
    3. Really LISTEN
    4. Give, connect and add value
    5. Provide great value for money
    6. Be Extremely Customer Centric
    7. Have an onboarding protocol

    1. Great tips, Franck...
      I was wondering about #7.
      Could you elaborate a bit on what kind of onboarding protocol you recommend, and how does it WOW your clients?

      1. Our onboarding protocol provides guidance to our customers in terms of what to expect, how to contact us and how we will contact them. This helps them to get maximium benefit from our programs. It seems rather basic but 99% of suppliers don't do this and just point to a website with contact details or send a confirmation mail after a booking. I have bought many (online) courses and often didn't use them to the max but also never ever received a phone call afterwards or during the course to manage my expectations.

        1. This is brilliant, Franck…
          And I’m guilty too…
          Going to look immediately how to improve it in the next workshops.
          Thank you so much.

  10. I actually don't have specific campaigns around this.
    I try to WOW my clients on a regular basis, though it's never really premeditated, it comes from the heart and when I get an idea or inspiration I simply act upon it.

    - I've already given personalised pens in the color of their corporate logo. (personalised with the name of the CEO or the client engraved on them)

    - since I live in Antwerp - next to the Schelde - I have already organised a boat trip in the harbour with different clients who didn't know each other yet

    - I send info about personal stuff that clients told me or that I know about them.
    Ex. I send articles, titles of books, or info about upcoming events about a topic they are interested in.
    Ex. I have a client who also uses magenta in their corporate logo and the CEO adores that color just like me. When she once saw my magenta coat, she wanted to know where I got it but since it was from a previous collection I couldn't help her. A while later I saw a coat in a certain shop in town and texted her the address + picture.

    - I spontaneously refer others in my network to clients when I know they can use their products or services

    - Even when it's not included in the assignment, I can never withhold a creative marketing idea when I get the right inspiration for their specific business or niche.

    - When I work with a group, participants are always pleasantly surprised that I already know stuff about them because I did my homework of getting to know them via an online search.

  11. Hey guys,
    I wanted to THANK you all as I have been Live Podcasting about all your amazing Idea's to WOW Our Clients. I choose the best 30 ones and I have been sharing it the last 3 days. It has become a huge success and I want to THANK YOU all for your wisdom, knowledge, experience and all of your sharingsss!!

    Make it a great weekend and keep up this great work and community!

    (Ps; Please let me know if you want to get the links of these Live trainings ok? I don't want to be rude and just put the links here)

  12. Sending birthday video by Facebook/messenger.

    Reply mails with extra personal info that is not on the website.

    Think with the client, or refer other collegues when I can't do the job.

    1. Your number 1 is absolutely a WOW Jur! I always love them and since I am getting them for a few years now I always look forward to it:)

  13. Invite their partner and the three of them discuss their buying experience with coffee and tea
    Hold an annual walk-in and discuss the highlights of the past year.
    Take your customers to a charity to which you give money.
    Send your customers a gift every year on their birthday.
    Give a discount on their next order.
    Write a personal letter and add it to the order. Mention their name and say something about the service or product they have purchased and how they can enjoy it even more.

  14. - give some extra information like a book thread, YouTube info, podcast to listen.
    - if I could give my client a solution, Call back to them to ask how it worked for them

    1. “Call back your client and ask how it worked for them” - so amazingly WOW experience.
      Thank you Maria for reminding me.

      I knew a dentist that would take 30 minutes after dinner every day, to PHONE all his patients that had that day a root canal (or another painful procedure) and ask them how they feel. Each conversation took him just a couple of minutes, but his patients were raving about him to their friends. He created a WOW experience with a 2-minute phone call.

  15. Giving = Receiving.. Giving time and real attention is very valuable and always appreciated. Creates interaction. Can be done in many ways, which makes it personal. From person to person. Without a sense of routine and automation, that's the challenge 🙂

  16. Respond quickly, be nice.
    Thank the customer, that they reach out to you. Tell them the exact steps you take, be open, so they don't get surprised. Clear prices. Overdeliver. Build relation.
    ( get to know your client)

  17. 1. Be available. Pick up the phone when they call you. Reply to emails quickly.
    2. Be clear in what you can deliver. Even a 'no' can WOW your client. Put it in a nice way!
    3. Be consequent. A 'no' can certainly change into a yes. Definitely if it is an opportunity, but changing all the time is not a good thing.
    4. Deliver one product well

    1. So true, 2! I find this a challenge but you’re right. Thank you for the reminder. Any tips on how to do it in a nice way so I can still WOW them? 🙂

  18. The most important thing for me to do:
    1. Send messages and request for mail plus promise them to send something to all the people who liked my page or a message.
    2. Write a message in my Facebook group
    3. Give away free stuff but afterwards always ask for feedback.

  19. Our clients are not customers. But we make them feel like they are part of a community. For example, we send cards on birthdays. When they sign up for a coaching program they get a welcome card. Also when they are in the hospital we send a fruit basket. If we haven't heard from a client for a long time, the therapist will contact them personally. It would be nice if we could do more in an original way. To really make the customer feel at home. I look forward to all the new ideas.

  20. Show them you know more than the general person in the field. Bring up real new stuff. Show out of the box ideas. Don't be afraid. Then you'll be surprised how many people will really LOVE you (and some people will go - but those are not your real Tpop, your ideal clients you want to work with). Like-minded people are so much easier to work with.

  21. 1 give first
    2 focus on helping the client
    3 Make the client feel understood / Make the experience about the client and his/her problems
    4 give a heads up by problems, before the client even notices it
    5 overdeliver

  22. - Send a birthday postcard with a voucher, what they can use in our webshop
    - Follow up them after a purchase to see if they need help with their products (bought from us)
    - Celebrate with them their our wins
    - help them to find an another professional, if I'm not the right person concerning some matters
    - answer questions they haven't asked yet

    1. I love #4 - helping them find another professional when I'm not the right person...
      That's an AWESOME one as two people are now grateful to you

  23. Remember their birthday if possible send a note
    Offer give a discount for regular clients
    Be original, if selling a product add a personal letter or a small gift

    1. Great to have you back with us David... it's been a LONG time...
      I love your contribution of adding a personal letter...

  24. When I give a course I make a soup to go with the lunch they brought with them. I also ask about any alergies etc. for the snacks I serve with tea and coffee. My groups are small so I don't ask a caterer to take care of it.

    I add something extra during a consult and make sure they have a drink.

    When a child is seeing me I make them the prince or princess, so they feel special.

    At the end of a consult I do something joyful with my client to celebrate the work my client has done.

  25. Oeps!! I forgot:

    Yess! I always check their Blogs and posts and when/if they don't have enough engagement, I just Fire it up little bit and help them with their engagements. This one is always been appriciated more than sending card on their birthday or some things like that!

  26. I love this topic! This is what gets me going every day!

    This what I do to WOW my Clients every day:

    + I go LIVE every day at 10:00 (day 434 in a row now!) with an amazing and WOW -topic that my clients have chosen through my Community

    + Then I post this Live into all socials AND creat a podcast of it (day 434 in a row now!)

    + I blog every week on LinkedIn (now for more than 233 weeks in a row)

    + I have new free products that only my clients get

    + I Suprise my clients by giving them Unexpected Bonuses and gifts after they register

    + I invest 60 minutes every day in my community, just to be there and give my advice and engage with them

    + I ALWAYS overdeliver on Energy and Excitment when I launch free products

    + After a session, I always send an Whatsapp with encouraging messages and Follow Up daily

    + I have an amazing teammember who is THE best in Client relationships. Well Every Body Loves RAYMOND!

    + I am always personal and give though-love-advice.

    + And I always focus on their socials to see what's going on with them. Often they don't have to say a word and I am prepared with my answers for their problem

    + I organise 21 day Free Challenges Everyday with some great Kick-off parties and Q&A Celebrations at the end

    + I organise "Live Streaming Marathons" for every possible occasion (Valentines day, Mother day, my birthday, Black friday, Cyber Monday, 10-th of december, Christmas, Blue monday, Upcoming 31th of March, Womens day, ) and invite all of my Expert-friends to celebrate it with me from 10:00-17:00

    + I always introduce them to each other when I know they can do business with each other

    + I organize special Networking Events of Cash Flow Game events to just get them to know each other...

  27. Hi there, I'm a bit late, because I became aunt today of my very first nephew Hugo 😀

    But here's the result of my brainstorm (tough subject 😉
    - Write down small personal details about your client, after every contact. In later conversations, you can mention something nice that refers to one of those details. Clients really appreciate it, when you remember personal things about them.
    - When I deliver a project (something valuable, in my case a gravestone or an urn), I give my clients a tangible and sustainable present. Something that they can use (a maintenance set) or something that lasts (a plant).
    - Remember date of birth (date of death) and send a card or an email on that day
    - Frequently give updates on the process of the project
    - GIVE people something, every time you contact them (nice new information, updates, pictures)
    - Beautiful packaging, very important!
    - Give your clients a 'kijkje in de keuken'

  28. - I could WOW my clients with a more pro-active approach. The nature of my business (keeping hosting, mail, websites etc. up-and-running) is that I need to react (solve things) when something goes wrong. That's a fact of life and can't be changed (considering hackers, spammers, bad software, etc). You made me realise that I don't like to react but actually get a lot of energy from inviting clients to start something new. To think up unique and innovative ways to make their brands or business services stand out.
    - As a zzp'er this would also help me to involve people with complementary talents. This would give my clients a different feel, and provide agency-like dynamics and quality.
    - For branding purposes a new idea has come to mind.

  29. This is to me a tough challenge. This is what I came up with during the 5 minutes:

    1. Getting to know them by name (also a bigger group)
    2. Send them a thank you gift after an order
    3. See if I can help them with anything else (I once connected a programmer to a company in need of such)
    4. Make sure I know what the company does and brings and is more than a company to me
    5. Always take the time to evaluate and listen to them how I can do things better. The first time I did this and was not offended with it but just took it in and thought about how to make it better- and then showed them HOW I made it better and asked them if that was what they would expect, that was for them mind-blowing. I should keep this in mind more:)

    1. Hi Gerdy. The knowing the names I guess are really important. When I had events of around 1500 people I knew (almost) everyone's first and very often last name. People were surprised but mainly felt special...

  30. Take extra care when preparing the package you send. Customers buy a product either to give it away, but most of the time to give themselfs a treat.
    When they open the neutrale box they find nicely wrapped order inside like a present!
    Take extra care in client who is disappointed in product or service.

  31. @Nisandeh. I think we can create more value in the brainstorms if the subject is more narrow. For instance. We could do a brainstorm on any of the 10 points you mentioned.

    How can I WOW my clients by making things easy?

    How can I WOW my clients by being personal?

    How can I WOW my clients by overdelivering?

    That way it will both be easier to come up with actionable ideas, as well as learn from others.

    My take:
    Send a personal note every few months
    Connect clients who can help each other
    Offer free or cheap sessions to help with new challenges
    Show new solutions they have not yet thought of
    Give a plant or seeds when they buy a product
    Send notes of meetings afterwards
    Send graphics of notes of meetings afterwards

    1. Good idea, Max...
      I'll be sure to narrow some of the topics a bit more (while keeping others wider)...
      Thank you for thinking aloud...

      1. I wanted to give you 5 stars for your answer and was WOWed to see what extra things you do for involved clients. Haha!

        1. Oh... you just discovered one of our secrets, Max...😅
          There are more already hiding around, and many more coming in the next few months...
          Stay tuned!

  32. Underpromise - Overdeliver.
    This was the very first thing I learned about dealing with clients in my very first job. And it is so true. Tell them they can expect something by Tuesday and deliver on Monday. Just one example.

    Customized examples/lessons.
    When you have a meeting with a prospect, customize the examples you have to fit their business. It will be much easier for them to imagine.

    Be proactive
    Find out what is important to them and help them proactively. This involves some monitoring on what is going on with your client. An easy practical thing you can do is set a Google Alert on your clients name. Whenever they are mentioned somewhere on the internet you will receive an email about it.

    1. I totally agree with you Rowan and I love the suggestion of setting a Google Alert on the client's name. That is an awesome idea. thx for sharing.

  33. Oef...
    * The customer is always right, even if (s)he's niet
    Avoid arguments or discussions, most of the time you win more by 'losing' the argument. This way you distinguish yourself from your competitors.
    * Overdeliver. Deliver your product or service earlier, faster, richer, more complete than agreed upon.
    * Always communicate. Give An update on each step in the process. Make sure you communicate first. E.g. when you have An appointment, make sure your cliënt receives a 'welcome' message on the upcoming appointment. This also reduces 'no shows' 😀
    * Organise 'customer days'.. events where customers or clients can elaborate on their wishes and desires, can give feedback on your product or service and van receive some free information/knowlegde. Make it a nice mixture in a dynamic form.

  34. In this country, you can find the client's birthday in the register of the chamber of commerce.
    On special days like new year's eve, walk in with a tread. (Oliebollen)

    Be careful with advice 7. Be Personal.
    Use your clients’ first name, it can be perceived as disrespectful in some cultures.

    1. It’s a good point, Han…

      But, since you’re probably referring to the Netherlands… here’s my experience…

      In my 20 years plus in the Netherlands as a immigrant (allochtone) I never understood the formal/informal ways of communication, so I decided to treat everyone as a friend, and I always, always, always, referred to everyone I met by their first name. As a rule.

      I don’t know if it’s me being clearly a foreigner, or me sincere wish to know and befriend people, but I never sensed from anyone I referred do by first name (including CEOs of big companies, highly regarded professionals, top politicians…) that they felt disrespected.

      I do accept your point fully - “be careful”, but don’t be afraid to experiment. You might just stand out from the crowd…

  35. 1. Have focus on how you can WOW , instead of thinking it's too much/I'm doing enough 😊
    2. Send a great book for Christmas
    3. Surprise them with great Belgian chocolate
    4. Surprise them with biological tea that supports their energy
    5. Ask how they are going, where they need help in a personal message

  36. Really listen to them when they tell you what's going on and use the tiniest information later in the conversation to make them aware of what they do; at a point they notice that you ARE listening, because it rarely happens to them and then they are pleasantly surprised.
    I always ask them what they would like to drink, and if they like tea, I offer them a small variety of quality teas to choose from.

  37. I LOVED this challenge... My philosophy has always been to treat my clients as friends and my loyal clients as family.
    I thought I was doing good on this aspect but this challenge gave me an opportunity to find even more ways to make them feel close to me.

    I am always on first name basis with my clients and also in my communication with them.
    I make sure to know their date of birth and send them a "Happy Birthday" message and a small gift (I make sure to know what they like)
    On MY birthday I also send all my clients a special gift
    As a storyteller and editor most of my services are digital, however, when I deliver I make sure that there will be also an exciting graphics that goes with it that inspires them.

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