10 Ideas of Things to Stop Doing in Your Business

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” ~ Peter F. Drucker

If you’re like most small business owners, you have a long list of things to do every day, which makes you overwhelmed.

But there are ways to find more time and become more productive and still achieve the success you desire.

By STOP doing those activities you routinely do that do not support you, you will accomplish more every day, improve your cash flow, empower your team, and keep your sanity intact and your life balanced.

The bonus? You will be more focused, fulfilled and relaxed.

Here are 10 things you should STOP doing in your business:

1. Looking for Shortcuts to Success

If you believe success comes without a price, you’re wrong; if you believe success is easy, or can be achieved in no time, you’re wrong again. Do yourself a favor and get rid of these false beliefs and start seeing success as it actually is: a combination of hard work, commitment, consistency, time, making mistakes, bouncing up, and the list goes on.

2. Setting Unrealistic Goals

Set realistic short-term and long-term goals. Make them specific, measurable and achievable within a reasonable amount of time. 

3. Waiting for a ‘Right Time’ to Get Started

There is no perfect moment. You create your own success now, working on something in the present moment. It all starts with the first step. And step-by-step, inch-by-inch – you will achieve your success.

4. Working 24/7, 12 Months a Year

Are you always on, always working? When you own a business, you can never completely disengage. But you don’t need to do everything yourself, every day, every week. Remember, you are the most important resource of your business. So take care of yourself. Give yourself a break. Take time to think and to recreate yourself. Plan a vacation now.

5. Using Social Media as a Distraction

ALL social media platforms are designed to get you hooked and addicted. If you need to use social media for your business, then during your workday, set aside a set amount of time — let’s say 30 minutes – to manage your company’s social media presence. Otherwise, keep it off.

6. Checking Email All Day Long

Any email (or text message) can seem important, and it feels like you’re doing work when you’re going through your email backlog. But virtually every message can wait. Turn off email except to check it once or twice a day.

7. Micromanaging Your Team

To grow your business, you must learn to trust and delegate. If you hire the right people, they should be capable of doing their tasks on their own. If you want your team to perform better and own their work, give them space and work with timelines. Don’t micromanage.

8. Neglecting Your Clients

Don’t take your clients for granted. If you are too focused on attracting new customers you risk losing your existing customers. Make sure you deliver excellent customer service, and keep creating new ways for your existing clients to engage with your business and buy from you.

9. Compromising on Your Vision, Purpose and Core Values

Be flexible and adapt, and certainly keep improving how you deliver your product or service. But don’t allow your team, clients, financial hardship, or opportunity compromise your vision, core values and purpose.

10. Wanting Different Results, But not Changing Your Actions

If you’re trying to achieve something, only to fail over and over again – STOP. Stop whatever you’re doing and analyze carefully the actions you perform every day. Identify actions that are not productive, and stop doing them. Identify actions you’ve never taken that can bring you whatever result you expect, and immediately start taking action.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what should you STOP doing in your business?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. 1. Stop being misses or mister or busy important

    2. Stop working with suppliersthat are not really committed to giver you the service you deserve.
    And suck the energy out of you.

    3. Stop chasing or even work with clients that are not committed

    4. Stop trying to take shortcuts by meeting GIANTS/GURU.

    5. Stop going to network meeting that do not give you anything.

    6. Stop blaming yourself I you end up make the wrong choices Just compliment yourself for recognizing it and change.

    7. Stop PLEASING anyone that you work with. Wether it is a client or someone you hire!

    8. Stop checking your messeges every time.

    9. Stop letting clients be in charge of your agenda.

    10. Wasting time connections that you know will not bring ypu anything.

  2. 1. Be afraid to be different
    2. Adding too many tasks during the day
    3. Do something quickly with the plan to go back and finish - yeah that never happens

  3. Holding back, waiting for a better idea
    Believing others more than myself/ and compare
    thinking time is over (am I too old?)
    being afraid
    try to arrange things out of controle

  4. Stop selling consultancy hours and if I do so the rate needs to reflect my 20+ years of experience when people want to pick my brain. I currently ask 197,- per hour but I am considering a firm increase.

  5. This is one of the most important topic for me. I recognize almost all in the comment lists above. Not all at the same time and severity, but recognizable anyway.

    My list:
    - stop with keeping me small, resulting in a struggle on what I can ask for my lessons/workshops etc. This struggle only frustrates and lead to distraction of my goals
    - stop with buying courses (and coaches) when it is not clear what they can contribute now and here.
    - stop investing in Facebook ads
    - stop improving my website over and over again
    - stop with reading emails when they come without filtering them appropriately
    - stop working without a schedule and a daily goal

    And more, but the five minutes were over.

    1. Oh Tineke, I love your stop doing list. So for me 🙂

      About the email, if you use Gmail, you can pause your inbox. That's what I do if I want to first go to inbox zero before I start first with the newer emails.

  6. Here is my list I should stop doing:
    1. not finishing a project and already working on another one.
    2. saying 'yes' too many times, learn to say 'no' more.
    3. comparing myself to colleagues and find my strength. They see it, now it is my turn to see it.
    4. keep consuming information/knowledge/education both for my business, but also outside. I will leave the inspiration in. Saves time and energy so I can finish my projects.
    5. looking up to people because they have studied or have more experience, I have my skills and experience which are just as important.

  7. Reading today's confronting lists I have 3 topics that really stick...thanks.

    1. Stop comparing
    2. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
    3. Related to #2 keep consuming content... Education is one thing, but blindly trying to understand and knowing everything is another thing ..

  8. So happy with my amazing VA! So I could stop creating new pages on my website. My social media will be mainly created by her. Time-consuming tasks...

    Stop being a course junky. Stop investing in more courses, I know so much already - just check on all my bought courses first, like the Business University...

  9. oh boy. I think I do all of them, or at least most of them, every now and then:) Especially the first one.

    Here are a few of mine. I didn't read the others yet.

    1. Stop starting new stuff before I finish the other project.
    2. Give up too easily. Results take time.
    3. Do 100 things at once. FOCUS
    4. Compare myself to others.
    5. Put time in networking with other entrepreneurs hoping they can do something for me. It's usually a waste of time. Have a very concrete goal for any appointment, and if I can't come up with one, don't do it.
    6. Look at others how they're doing and feel disappointed in myself.
    7. Spend hours to do research on how others do stuff. I am me, and I do it myself.
    8. Do it all myself.
    9. Plan my day too full and then beat myself up for not making it all happen.
    10. Stop working when I am with my kids.

    1. Hallujaaa and totally agreeing with you, @Gerdy 🙂 Great list and totally "herkenbaar" 🙂 Thanks for sharing and let's keep each other accountable, my dear friend!

  10. 1. Stop comparing yourself with others - Instead, let them be your inspiration

    2. Exaggerated perfectionism - Completely stopping your perfectionism is not a good idea, because it keeps the quality of your output on a high level. Instead you should manage it better and hit the brakes when your perfectionism kills the flow. The 80/20 rule is a helpful tool.

    3. Stop being impressed by your fear - Fear of giving feedback, fear of starting, fear of showing yourself to the world, fear of being criticized and so on. Identifying it and analyzing where it comes from makes fear easier to handle. Everybody is scared from time to time. And if it doesn't kill you...

    4. Stop using 'busy' as an excuse - I have the tendency to neglect my social contacts when my workload is high. That's very stupid: my friends and family are important to me. They give me joy, relaxation and inspiration. Who else should I address my love to? Busy is never an excuse (and besides: everyone is busy. Nothing special.).

    1. @Ine : Great idea's! Love #3 and #4 !

      And no, I don't think it is stupid. It is natural and You by writing it, becoming aware and so you will just never do that again! Love your comments! Keep up the great work!

      1. Thank you Aramik!

        About #3: let me give my credits to @Vered. I had a great mentoring session with her last Tuesday. She made me aware of this..

        1. WOW @Ine! Can you share more about your session with @vered?

          What did you learn more and what are you going to implement? (More videos on Instagram? You did an amazing job with it, last weeks!)

    2. Ine

      I like the fear part:
      Very recognizeble. I like the word you choose:
      Being impressed by fear.
      Thank you for sharing.

  11. I love this topic, even though it is about NOT-Doing! I Find #7 a huge Challenge as I am so black/white in this matter:
    Whether I Micro Manage EVERY little detail OR I just totally let go of the project... Well Guess which 2 does not work for me? 🙂 So yes, thanks for this great reminder, Nisandeh.

    These are my not-to-do's for you:

    1: Comparing your Social Media Results (You don't know what their team and efforts look like )
    2: Comparing your Turn-over/Cash-flow results (you don't know what their budget is)
    3: Get FOMO about anything in Life or Business (just truss your gut feeling and be present)
    4: Try to Impress others by faking who YOU really are
    5: doing it all by your own (working without a team of at least 2 VA's)
    6: Worrying about the near future (in stead Win the day, win the week, win the month!)
    7: Keep on Consuming information/knowledge/education/inspiration (in stead: Get out there and product real content)

    1. Great list, Aramik! Especially #1 #2 and #7. To overcome comparing is a huge challenge, but once you've stopped doing that, you got rid of so much negative energy and self doubt.. And yes, consuming information can be a real addiction.

      1. Thanks @Ine ! 🙂 And yess. I see it so many time with my Target Audience. it is a huge waste of Energy and Comparison is always "killing". This is one of the biggest challenge of High Performance Women.

        My question to you: how do YOU handle this? Any tips that I can give my audience from you?

    2. I think your #7 is SO IMPORTANT... I've stopped doing it about 2 years ago (due to COVID-19 nightmare) and have not regretted it at all...
      Wish people would give it a chance and see how liberating it is...

        1. @Aramik - for me what worked most was first canceling all my newspaper subscription (also save money). Then cancel my TV and all the channels subscriptions (again saving money).

          Next I blocked all the internet news sites on my devices.
          As for professional education I made a vow to myself that I will take/buy a course only once I sold xxx amount of products/services of my own and only if it's on topics that I have no clue about that are related to my field.

          Once COVID started that although everyone around me were in panic (especially during lockdown) me and my household were very peaceful... actually it was one of the best times for our family as we had no outside influence on us or disturbances...

          1. Thanks @Bina for your clarification! WOW !

            You are such a Rol Model and it's really inspiring how you dealt with this crisis as a Leader. Thanks so much for sharing!

    3. Love the idea’s
      The numbers 2,3,4,6, I can just copy past and implement.
      A VA is a big scary, I govemy boomkeeper the task to do the invoices.
      My website/ or marketeer company to do social media ads.

  12. This post is an interesting post as I could see that except one of the items (#7) all the others are not something I do. even #7 is not relevant for me as I have no team.

    However, because of #7 I realised that I must STOP doing everything on my own. So basically what I need to learn is delegating and certainly making use of my VA much more (absolutely influenced by the post on what to give to a VA).

    Here are some things I'm definitely going to STOP doing:
    1. Scheduling my posts on Social Media - I will only write the post and let my VA handle the scheduling and posting
    2. Doing my taxes
    3. Taking personally negative feedback and reviews that are posted about my books (probably will be good also not take personally the positive ones too), just remember it's THEIR opinion and have NOTHING to do with ME!!
    4. Trying to satisfy everyone and adjust to every note that I get about my writing
    5. Proofreading - I HATE that one - and I can definitely delegate this one

    1. Love your Idea's as always, @Bina.

      Btw: Why don't you have a team? 🙂

      And yes! I love all your 5 NOT-To-Do's 🙂 Keep up the great job!

      1. Love your ideas too @Aramik and have missed your input which is always so valuable...

        and... You're right... I should consider my VA as my team, so in that sense I do have a team.
        I wonder - you said you use 2 VA - curious to know why do you have 2 of them and what are their tasks, if you don't mind me asking so openly...

        Good to have you back...

        1. Thanks dear @Bina 🙂 And thanks so much for your kind words. I missed you too!

          Yes, You should. She/he can mean a lot to you and your business (Automation)

          Ofcourse! I would always have a "technical" VA for all of your "technical"(website, automation, ICT, mailing) stuff and 1 "Personal" VA to handle your mails, connections, planning and events.

          I discovered that many VA do want to the same type of work but those are totally 2 different area's of expertise and I did not yet found 1 VA(and believe I have been looking :)) that could do both functions.

          And yes! I love to being back and back on track on my daily routine here with all you great Business Partners!

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