10 Ideas What You Should/Could Outsource

Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses.

No matter how hard you work – you can’t do everything on your own. At some point, if you want to get your company to the next level, you will need to hire a team. While some roles require dedicated personnel (anything to do with your core activities) – other responsibilities are often better outsourced to contractors, agencies, and freelancers.

In general, small businesses decide to outsource work for two reasons:

First, they might not have enough budget to hire a full-time employee – covering their salary and benefits, taking care of payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, and other expenses.

Second, there are never enough hours in the day to do everything yourself. So, as your operations start to scale, you should consider outsourcing certain tasks you’ve taken care of since the beginning.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing:

  1. You get more time to focus on the bigger picture (working ON your business);
  2. You get experts to do specific tasks that are not your expertise (e.g. bookkeeping);
  3. You get the job done cost-effectively (employees are a lot more expensive than freelancers);
  4. You can focus on other areas of growing your business (like marketing or building your expert position);
  5. You improve business continuity (you’re not the bottleneck anymore).

Here are 10 tasks you could (and probably should) outsource:

1. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting are essential, but can be tedious and time-consuming tasks. When you outsource your bookkeeping and accounting you not only save time and money, you eliminate mistakes and increase accuracy so you’re running an organized and profitable business.

2. IT Management

As information technology becomes more and more complex by the minute, you should consider outsourcing the management of your website, databases, hardware, software and data analysis…

3. Administrative Tasks

A virtual assistant can make sure your company works effectively by handling all repetitive tasks like scheduling and setting appointments, sending emails, entering information and so much more… In my experience – a good virtual assistance should be the first person you outsource to. 

4. Research

Is there something you need to learn about your clients or your market? Whether you’re launching a new product or expanding into a new market, you must do your research. Instead of spending days or weeks in surveying your target audience or reading tons of online content, outsource this step. Professional researchers have access to resources and information that is not available publicly.

5. Web Design

Your website is the face of your company. It needs to be appealing, engaging and responsive. It also needs to be updated and it has to be able to convert your leads. If you don’t have web design, it is best to outsource this to a professional.

6. Copywriting

Not everybody is a natural writer. Copywriting is an art form, and when done right, it can be the influencing factor for a visitor to buy from you. Outsourcing this task to a professional copywriter can make the difference between a sale and losing the prospect.

7. Graphic Design
Just as you need a professional website, you need high-quality graphics. Most businesses only need a few graphics a month, plus some extra when they’re redesigning a website, releasing an ebook, or running a print marketing campaign. By outsourcing, you can pay per image or per hour. In either case, you’ll only be paying for time the graphic designer spends working for you.

8. Videography (Filming/Editing)
Videographers already have the equipment and software, which helps your business save money. Send them the details of the videos you want, and they’ll deliver the videos or post them directly to your social media accounts.

9. Social Media Management
Social media might be a critical tool for keeping your company in touch with prospects and clients, but managing social media can take so much of your time. Make sure to outsource this task to someone who has experience in advertising, developing new ideas and getting engagement.

10. Customer Service

If your business deals with clients mainly online or over the phone, outsource your customer service to an outside call center or chat service. Set processes in place and make sure you provide clear instructions to the company that will deal directly with your clients.

Now It’s YOUR Turn

For five minutes… come up with as many ideas as you can… what could YOU outsource – so you can focus on your strengths and grow your business?

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Let's Brainstorm


Please share your ideas (all of them or just one) in the comment box below… and let’s get WOWing.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Right from the start I outsourced bookkeeping and website building.

    I used a designer for the covers of my courses and my logo. And I am very happy with her designs. So, future designs I will most likely outsource to her as well.

    The process of outsourcing will be in small steps, just like Tineke does.

    And I outsourced cleaning of my house. Unfortunately, they all quit due to health reasons. It makes me reluctant to hire someone else, because health is so precious. Maybe the last one can come back, but I am not sure if she does. Apparently I have to de the cleaning myself.

    I know people who outsource their ironing or washing.

  2. I like the clarification of Nisandeh on Bina's comment. Me and my business is not in the stage yet to think about outsourcing, left alone about a team. I still feel the need for instance to have full control of my website and webshop. While I am thinking of generating more passive income, I also will encounter tasks that should be automated more. This goes hand-in-hand in small steps for me.

    What I would like to outsource already, is the interpretation of the statistics of advertisements. And bring the content of the social media calendar alive in a consistent and appropriate way.

    Regards and love on this special day for mothers in the Netherlands,


  3. Many things are mentioned already. I still find it difficult to outsource. Like cooking is meditating to me, plus I want everything pure.

    But translating... if I find someone who is really good and affordable, it hasn't always been so great so far. Or just skip the whole Dutch part (most of the courses I have written in English).

    Planning social media...

  4. I love This topic as This is one of the best pillars to Become Financially free and Build several Businesses.

    I must admit I am still in the learning fase and learning by falling Forward many times.

    Thanks for the Great idea’s. I am making a list now...

    There has been said a lot, these Are my Idea’s:

    1) Sales departement. You can outsource your Follow Up’s to a Company who already has all the Systems and you Just come Up with a win-win commission rate.

    2) Your Online Learning Back office! This one saved a lots a time and Money during Begining of COVID. And it still does.

    3) Technical VA to handel all (mail) automations, Follow ups and Mail Flows.

    4) JV-Partnerships: Some one who is searching the Market for the Right JV’s for you. No cute No pay and it is a Great time Saver!

  5. When you decide to delegate tasks so you can focus on your strengths and growing your business, its' important you find the right professionals. About a year ago I thought I was smart to outsource research, photography, modelmaking and more to volunteers and semi-professionals. I ended up managing them all day and doing over their job. It was very frustrating and counter-productive.

    Here's my ideas, some are specifically for makers/designers:

    1. Have a driver - When you need to travel a lot, hire someone who can drive you. In the passenger seat you either can work or relax. In this case you don't need a pro, just someone with a driver's license. Your driver can also pick up stuff that can't be send by mail.

    2. Outsource the cleaning of you office and home

    3. Outsource location scouting, checking and taking dimensions

    4. Have your products and objects produced by specialized suppliers

    5. Outsource the handling of your webshop to a company that does fulfillment

    6. Outsource to technology - There's so much more you can automate and outsource to a computer program or a machine than you think. 3D scanners, printers, modeling programs, laser & water cutters. The possibilities are endless and computers are faster & more accurate. A combination of doing things by hand and outsourcing to a computer keeps the 'character' in your work.

  6. You can outsource also personal stuff-


    In business:
    Sales calls
    Mail - for small businesses it’s not so relevant anymore but for bigger ones it’s really helpful-
    They’ll scan your mail and only send you (difitally) what you need.
    Same with phone calls. For a few euro you can hire someone who picks up the phone. Very helpful if you are not (or don’t want to be) often available.

    I outsource one time only work, but repetitive stuff I still keep to myself. Because I like it, or because I’m better at it than others and then it takes me too much time to explain or because I don’t want to spend my money on it yet.

    One last thing: subtitles for videos, or transcriptions is also a great one to outsource.

    For a book: proof reading and editing. You really don’t want to do this yourself.

  7. I have to admit this one is a bit confusing for me. If I hire a VA is that outsourcing?
    What is the difference between outsourcing and getting a Virtual Assistant or a Personal Assistant?

    I guess this whole thing of having a team is overwhelming for me, so would love to get some clarity from those who have experience about it.

    So far I have, I guess, outsourced:
    1. My administration & Customer Service - to my VA - During this Challenge I also gave her control over all my Social Media activity & some research
    2. My financials - to my accountant and a lot is done automatically by Kindle
    3. Anything that has to be designed is done by my publishing house
    4. I guess all my IT issues and Web design I outsourced to my hubby as he's an expert on those issues - so I can say he's on that team...

    1. You can outsource some of your tasks to a VA, sure.
      You should.

      But a VA couldn't necessarily handle your accounting, or IT, or cleaning your house...

      So, outsourcing is the act of delegating your tasks to someone else.
      A VA can be someone you outsource (delegate) to...

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