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Hi, I Am Nisandeh Neta

I am an entrepreneur, business trainer and mentor, author, philanthropist and totally dedicated to empowering YOU to fulfill YOUR greatest potential.


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A Little Bit About Me

I started my first software company at the age of 18 with nothing more than passion, a PC and a dream. Within 5 years I became a millionaire.
Two years later my company went bankrupt.

And then…
I immigrated to the Netherlands at the age of 25, financially and emotionally broke…
A few years later, my new training company brought half a billion euro into the Dutch economy.

This is what I learned through the school of hard knocks…

  • I became a millionaire when I was 23 out of sheer luck, and lost it all because I had no clue.
  • I became financially free, and a multi-millionaire at 37, because this time I developed the right mindset, set the right goals, chose the right strategies and followed through my implementation plan.

And this is what I did…
sometimes succeeding against all odds…

  • I ran marathons and climbed some of the highest mountains on earth, in spite of severe asthma I had since I was seven.
  • I built a business empire in the Netherlands, in spite of being an immigrant, starting with a debilitating debt and not speaking the language.
  • I successfully stood on stages in front of thousands of people at a time, in spite of being an introvert.
  • I wrote several bestselling books in English, all in 28 days or less, in spite of getting a regular F on my writing exams in school, and English not being my mother tongue.
  • I worked together with some of the most influential entrepreneurs and business experts in the world, in spite of being a “no one” coming from “nowhere”…

And today… 
after semi-retiring…
to live a sustainable, spiritually-centered, off-the-grid life on the island of Tenerife, I am making available to you the recordings of ALL my live programs, to empower you to achieve similar results to those my students in the live events achieved, from the comfort of your home, and for the cost of a couple cups of coffee.

Now It’s Your Turn…

to make your dream life come true

Those are the same mindset and attitudes, same goals, same strategies and same plan that worked for tens of thousands of my students, and are now available to you… The only thing you need to do is… follow through.

I believe…
that when you set your mind to it, NOTHING can stop you from fulfilling your potential, in any area of your life.
I believe that no matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you’ll make this world a better place.

Because you already have everything you need… a unique set of gifts and talents, a unique personality, and most importantly heart and passion.

I am here for you…
… as a coach, a teacher,
a cheerleader and most of all…
as a friend, showing you how I did it, and whispering in your ear, “you can, you can, you can…”

To help you build a life that you truly love. A life that is one of a kind, unique and brilliantly tailored… to you.

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