Answer THEIR Questions

Let’s get close and personal… and helpful.

After the workshop My Expert Book, I’m sure you started realizing the power of answering your prospects and clients most burning questions…

But it’s not just for your expert book, or your expert YouTube channel (to be revealed in the workshop on October 27), or your blog posts… but even more so… in a small group setting live (online or offline).

So this week, we’re going to get you answering THEIR questions LIVE.

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

Answering THEIR most burning questions is a good thing…


  1. You can cover a lot of topics, quickly demonstrating your knowledge and experience, throughout your area of expertise;

  2. Your answers give them just enough to see that you know what you’re talking about, but not enough for them NOT to need your products or services that go in-depth into their specific question/problem;

  3. It gives them a reason to come back to you over and over again, keeping you in their top-of-mind for longer;

  4. It gives you dozens of opportunities to GENTLY “plug in” your paid products/services
    (“to learn more how to use this tool, check out my xx product” or “if you want me to guide you personally in implementing this method, contact me for a free intake session”…)

  5. It trains them to look at you as their personal, trusted advisor;

  6. And, of course, when you record your answers on video, you have the content for your expert book, YouTube channel, blog and social media posts PLUS a built-in marketing machine for your business
    (which you’re going to learn in the workshop My Expert YouTube Strategy – on October 27).

IF you have any doubts how effective it is…

Just notice how you feel about my expertise after every Wednesday Q&A and Hot Seat session in this WOMB program.

Wouldn’t you want to achieve a similar effect with your prospects and clients?

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

I am going to demonstrate MY expertise by answering THEIR questions in a LIVE Q&A session.

How’s that for a 5-day challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

Here is the 5-step process you could follow in order to demonstrate your expertise in a LIVE Q&A session:

  1. Decide if this is right for you and your audience
    If yes – then make a commitment to do it;

  2. Choose the format of your Q&A session and give it a name
    This is an experimental phase, and you should keep trying different formats and names, until you find what works best for your audience;

  3. Schedule your Q&A session;

  4. Design your communication plan
    Don’t expect a full room without several communications;

  5. Activate your communication plan.

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to physically plan this process in your agenda.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the process above.

Depending on who you’re going to communicate, when you’re going to start the communication, and how engaged they are – you will probably won’t be able to conduct your Q&A session during this week.

That’s OK – as long as you make it happen as soon as possible, so you can learn, adapt, and if necessary get my support as well as support from other WOMB participants.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10-15 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – come up with as many reasons as possible WHY you should conduct a LIVE (online or offline) Q&A session;

    Make sure to list all your reasons in a comment below.

    When you exhausted your ideas, make a conscious decisions… “Am I going to experiment with a Q&A session or not?”

    If the answer is “NO” – then let us know in the comment box below, and you’ve got yourself a one week break from the program.

    If you answered “YES” – then make a public commitment in the comment box below, so we all know you’re going for it.

  • Day 2 – come up with as many formats as possible for the Q&A session (Zoom, phone, over breakfast in a restaurant…) and as many names as you can think of (Q&As, Hot Seat, What would xx Do …)

    Choose the format and name you believe would attract THEM the most.

  • Day 3choose the date, time and duration for your first Q&A session, make sure it’s as easy as possible for THEM and let us know in the comment box;

  • Day 4 – design your communication plan – landing page, announcement, reminders, follow-up, etc…

    decide how and where you’re going to announce it – email list, your social media channels, private messages, discussion forums and/or social media groups, ask your list to bring friends, etc…

    Make a clear plan and share it in the comment box.

  • Day 5  create your communication pieces, and launch it.

    If the announcement is somewhere public (e.g. your blog, landing page, facebook post…) share the link to it in the comment box – maybe someone can help you spread the word.

Each day share with us in the comment box your ideas, actions and results.-

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear the goal(s) and plan you’ll come up with).

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Day 5 – create your communication pieces, and launch it
    So we are in the middle of creating a podcast and ofcourse when we finish it and are ready for the launch we will make it public. We do want listeners obviously. I am very excited about it.

  2. Day 4 – design your communication plan
    There is a landing page to explain why and how people can make an appointment. For a live appointment, I do not need a communication plan as it happens spontaneously. Depending on the questions a customer has.
    However, I have an collaboration with a businessfriend about making a podcast. We pick a theme (about a sustainable subject) and talk about that. I suppose it is not quite a Q & A but we can also make a video out of the podcast and we could ask our listeners to send in questions.

  3. Day 3
    Choose the date, time and duration.
    So that depends on the customer and when he/she is coming and for how long. In our shop, we ask people to make an appointment beforehand. Some people take an hour (or two or even three), some people are in and out. However, maybe it is an idea to make a video of our Q & A. Not live, but answering the (standard) questions we normally answer in our Q & A in the customer service section of our webshop.

  4. Day 2
    Come up with as many formats as possible for the Q&A session.
    In my case IRL works best. When people come to the showroom/shop they want to know about the sustainability of the fabrics and/or manufacturers, the sizes, new/best combinations and colours. Secondly the Q&A on the phone, which is mostly to make an appointment or to ask about sizes and or colours and stuff. A zoom meeting would have been fun when in a lock-down but normally it is better to answer questions directly either on the phone or irl.
    It is called service and I think that is the best word for it. No need to come up with a fancy name...

  5. Day 1
    Come up with as many reasons as possible WHY you should conduct a LIVE (online or offline) Q&A session
    I conduct a live Q&A session every time I am with a customer. They ask me questions and I answer. So it is always a one-on-one session. In my line of business it is better to have IRL meetings than online. I also answer the telephone and people have lots of questions I answer 'live', meaning right away. It is inherent in this line of business, when you are selling actual products/clothing. People expect you to answer their questions. But it is a bit different from a Q & A session you organize when you are a coach or something and you provide trainings.

  6. WEEK 16 DAY 4 – design your communication plan 

    Well, I don't even have a name for my new business, let alone a website where I can create a landing page, so I'm going to start simple and at a low cost.

    - making a facebook page De wijsheid van 50+ (this week)
    - using striking images
    - putting there my positioning statement
    - putting there the anouncement of my huiskamersessie
    - private messages to a selection of 50+ woman I am connected to through Facebook and personal, like my buddies and friends with a invoitation
    - post a message with extra information on every saturday and tuesday until November 2.

    My living room is not that big, so there will be a limit to the amount of women I can welcome into my house. That’s also a good thing because I want to keep it kind of intimate.

    >> I am going to demonstrate MY expertise by answering THEIR questions in a LIVE Q&A session. <<

  7. Date: I'm a bit stuck while I can't see when we will be ready with the implementation of the automation. It should start next week, so tuesday 16h till 18h might work. Tbd. Worst case i can do a zoom for the first one, Deloitte for nr 2 etc. .

    Communication: i'm gonne mail them, and call or sms if they don't register after 24 hrs. Reminder mail and sms 1 hr upfront. Replay via mail and or whatsapp. So no public links.

    Goal: demo, 4 to 5 testers, 1 hr themed questions based upon a 7' intro lecture, check interest for inner circle.

  8. Formats
    - chez moi.
    - chez eux, meaning at least 1 client attents
    - a client offered to do it at deloitte, meaning I can an into to Deloitte
    - officenter
    - some fancy place, like a castel
    - zoom + recording
    - at a partners office, so the program is a double win
    - in an inner circle forum with video responses
    - in an online learning platform
    - whatsapp group
    - with an automation
    - in an faq
    - in a blog post
    - at ams
    Could be fun to host it at clients offices. The original idea was to do them at my place, but i need more furniture to do that. I could rent it, but that seems a lot of hassle.
    I'll do the tech q^a on zoom, could start with Deloitte for the first one.

    I'm calling it the inner circle. Might rename it when it get more clear where the experiment might be going.

  9. >>I am going to demonstrate MY expertise by answering THEIR questions in a LIVE Q&A session<<.

    WEEK 16 / DAY 5 – create your communication pieces, and launch it.

    • Before I to that I’ll first need to develop my communication strategy based on the advice I picked up from Willow and girlboss (see my answers from day 4).
    • After that I will set up a scheme from which content to create and how many knowledge clips of each type of content.
    • After that I will put them into social media content planner.
    • Then I will start recording, editing, publishing, measuring and
    • I will make a start in the period from October 17-20.
    • I will not start public publishing before January 2023 as mentioned in earlier posts.
    • Once ready I will share them with this community

  10. >>I am going to demonstrate MY expertise by answering THEIR questions in a LIVE Q&A session<<.

    WEEK 16 / DAY 4 – design your communication plan – landing page, announcement, reminders, follow-up, etc…

    As I have no knowledge on content planning for social media, I’ve searched internet for advice and got attracted to the advise from Six Pillars to Win at Social Media - Willow.pdf and Break the Social Media Algorithm by girlboss + Dash Hudson on how often to post E-Book: Break the Social Media Algorithm (
    I needed to understand the strategy and guidelines for how and what to post before I start building by communication plan.

    The Social Media Management Tools I’ve came across which looked interesting to me where
    o Later (One social media management tool) – Just drag & drop to plan
    o Brandwatch

    • Post a minimum of two times a week on both your personal channels as on your business channels.
    • Posting at a consistent rate
    Firstly: Posting every week at a consistent rate. Never leaving a gap. Always having something out there.
    Consistently showing up in your audience’s feed. It’s also the key to be remembered and stick in people’s minds.
    The second one: Consistency in the language you use, the visuals you use, and the tone of voice.

    • Content Calendar
    Start by listing all the special moments taking place in your organization, in the lives of your clients or in your own life. Launching a new product?
    Welcoming a new hire? Your clients have to pay their taxes?
    Next, plot all these moments on a calendar. These moments can turn into posts later that month. I call these moments “events”, since they are
    unique and only happen now and then.
    Besides those unique events you should always create some extra spots in your social media calendar to provide value.

    • Social media calendar

    Maintaining a social media calendar lets you plan ahead, batch your work, avoid multitasking, and note down all your creative brainwaves for later.
    I need to commit to how often and what I will be posting. Without this plan at the start of every month I’ll be lost.
    Basically it’s the best way to make sure I’ll never find myself desperately scrolling through generic inspirational quotes hoping to find something to
    post ever again.

    • Frequency
    A much debated question. How often should I post per week? This might already come as a shock to you. Multiple times per week? Yup, that sounds
    about right. The biggest reason is that one single post per week will only reach a fraction of your followers. Not everyone will get to see that post
    in their timeline. Unless you always get crazy engagement. LinkedIn itself recommends posting every business day on their platform. Other
    platforms haven’t put out any recommendations. We recommend posting 4-5 times a week. But doing that every week can be difficult when you’re
    starting out.

    Remember: Quality over quantity.

    If you can’t commit to posting 2 quality posts every week, you certainly won’t start posting 4. So instead of just filling 4 posting slots with subpar content, post 2-3 quality ones. It’s good to set a realistic goal. Of course if you’re comfortably posting twice a week, surely doubling that won’t be a big change for you

    How often should I post?

    Advice from Break the Social Media Algorithm by girlboss + Dash Hudson on how often to post E-Book: Break the Social Media Algorithm (

    • Make sure your content plan aligns with your bandwidth and resources as well.
    • If you’re a team of one, posting to feed 3x a day and to stories 1x a day might be unrealistic.
    • What’s manageable and realistic for your team?
    • You can always scale up if you find you have bandwidth to spare.
    • As you build creative content brainstorms and calendar planning into your routine, one important rule for consumer-facing brands is to strike an
    effective balance between your promotional posts and organic content.
    • We like the 80/20 rule, where ~80 percent of your content is authentic, unbranded editorial content, and about 20 percent of your posts are
    dedicated to selling a product or service.

    Crush. One. Channel. At. A. Time. Distributing your focus between all your social media channels at the same time will likely not succeed. Why? Each
    of them requires a specific approach and specific types of posts. For example, you can’t just share articles or blog links on Instagram. Interpret
    researched what people are looking for on each platform

    There are a gazillion brands on social media trying to get the precious attention of people online. So, making your message stick has probably never
    been more difficult. But on the other hand, it’ll never be this easy again. So here’s how you can stand out with your branding consistently.

    Build a Persona & Visual Identity

    • Start with your building your brand persona. If you have been in business for quite some time, you can even ask a few of your customers how they
    perceive you. What words come in to their heads when they think of your brand? That’s a great starting point.
    • Next, figure out the visual elements that complement that persona. It doesn’t have to be a complete brand guide. Just figure out a colour palette,
    some visual elements (patterns, shapes, pictures) to go with it. Needless to say, it’s easier to stand out with brighter colours, but if your brand
    warrants a more sober outlook, stick with that.

    2. VALUE
    • A pay-it-forward mentality is an important mindset to win on social media.
    • This means that you should be giving before ever even thinking about asking something.
    • Sharing your knowledge with your network is a solid way of creating a value-perception about yourself and your business.

    • Stay relevant by sharing a diverse mix of different content types.
    • This will help you to stay interesting for your audience, but will also help you to achieve certain business goals you might be looking to achieve

    Guidelines for a good Content Mix

    You need to keep the interest of your audience with a good content mix.
    Nice splashes of colour on your visuals to get their attention, generous helpings of information to get their buy-in, and promos to get them walking down your funnel.

    Content Mix
    The rule of thirds:
    • 1/3 social engagement,
    • 1/3 curated content
    • 1/3 original content.
    • 1/3 of your updates are about you and your content (original)
    • 1/3 of your updates are for sharing content from others and surfacing ideas (curated)
    • 1/3 of your updates are based on personal interactions that build your brand (social engagement

    • Your biggest asset is the people you work with every single day. Period!
    • Make sure to capitalize on this the right way.
    • Asking your co-workers to engage with the content you share is a great way to grow your audience the right way and build a valuable followership

    5. ENGAGE
    • Make sure people know you’re invested in your company, your people, and your projects by engaging with what’s going on, on social media.
    • Make sure to interact with matters that are linked to you and your business to stay on-point.

    • Humans connect with humans and although a company is basically a group of humans, your presence on social media must radiate personality.
    • Show yourself as you are and nurture authenticity by always keeping it real

  11. >>I am going to demonstrate MY expertise by answering THEIR questions in a LIVE Q&A session<<.

    WEEK 16 / DAY 3 – choose the date, time and duration for your first Q&A session, make sure it’s as easy as possible for THEM and let us know in the comment box;

    My first Q&A session was today. It was a try out with the second person whom I'm helping with the start of their Airbnb against collecting all their questions and gaining advice on the kind of support prospect and customers will want.

    Date: September 9th.
    Location: At the home of my prospect.
    Time: 1st part at 10-12 a.m. General information on Airbnb and 2nd part from 2 – 4 p.m. Setting parameters

  12. Day 1

    To answer their questions
    For my expert position
    For serving the audience
    To gain more insight in their needs
    To get inspiration for new products
    To build my Youtube channel
    To create content for social media
    To plug my online programs
    To attract more ideal clients
    To get them opt in on my mailing list

    “Am I going to experiment with a Q&A session or not?”
    Although I this it's a great assignment; my answer is: No. Not for now.
    I'll use this as a pre-launch strategy for my new online program.

  13. Day 5

    Another thing from what I said about yesterday is that I already do. And that often think that it has to be bigger. When it comes to that, I find it very scary.

    For now it's just going well and all steps are energy and movement and then something happens. Material to get on with.

    Celebrating is to be aware of that because it does bring an intense feeling of happiness and certainly to see what has happened.

    It's almost full moon again and do another liver / gallbladder cleanse this weekend and a high colonic flush on Monday. I can let go of things again.

    Grateful for pad with this training that is in sync with my process in what I need and what the next step should be.

  14. Day 5 – create your communication pieces, and launch it.
    I did't bring it in the open.
    Just for existing clients.
    There ar 10 parents on the list, see how it works (the VIP session is today)

  15. Day 3
    choose the date, time and duration for your first Q&A

    zaterdag 8/10
    from 13.00 t0 15.00
    in a restaurant/ VIP lunch

  16. day 2
    Choose the format and name you believe would attract THEM the most.
    1. Ask Maria
    2. casus /hot-seat
    3. at my kitchen table
    4. parents mastermind
    5. parents-inter vision/ this is how we do it
    6. from your own practice / bring your own
    7. how to deal with ....
    8. how would you solve this....

  17. Day 1
    WHY you should conduct a LIVE (online or offline) Q&A session;
    1. to answer the questions THEY have
    2. to help them get more conscious around the subject
    3. to show my expertise
    4. to give them a place to go to with questions (platform)
    5. to increase know like trust
    6. to find out about the best content for a book and let them know its coming
    7. to repeat tis kind of sessions and let them bring friends and family
    8. to be in contact with IC
    9. The world changes so questions might change (keep in touch with the field)
    10. It's feels like a place for the client (feel seen and heard)

  18. I had a great week,
    Got someone who made notes during a workshop I gave and wrote down all the questions. Working smarter:)
    I will make short video’s of them and make blogposts.
    I can see now that when I make little peaces of it I will have lots of content. And be at service.
    Work in progress.
    Didn’t get to the posting part and video.

  19. Day 4

    As I mentioned I scheduled my 2 Q&A as announcement posts on the same social media plaform on the same day.
    And I have 2 mailings ready (to subscribers and customers) in which these Q&As with dates and times are mentioned.

    What I also can do, is make some stories for the coming week about these Q&A's.
    And I know myself, I will already make them... :-). Stories are easy for me

  20. Day 3

    I immediately scheduled 2 moments: October 13 on Instagram and October 14 on Facebook. Both days at 12 noon

    I scheduled this on these social media channels as a post that is scheduled around 8 o'clock the same day.

    And I have 2 mailings ready planned (to subscribers and clients) in which these Q&As are mentioned with dates and time and where it is.

  21. Day 2

    The formats in which a Q&A can do
    - Via ZOOM
    - Via Webinar software system
    - Via social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc
    - Offline on a location
    - Zoom
    - Whatsapp or Telegram groups
    - On a congress/seminar
    - Phone

    How can I best attract the prospects/clients? I Think quite anonymously, so my prospect/customers via social media channels. My ideal customers prefer to do it via zoom or telephone, but I have actually already done that in the section 'What does my ideal customer want'.

  22. Because why would I do Q&A?

    - Engagement followers and potential clients and current customers
    - Due to online visibility live, my follow-up posts will be better seen and read
    - I learn from the questions
    - I can use (some) of the questions again as content for my book, for videos and for blogs
    - After a live Q&A I can make a call to action such as referring to my online program, or to a next plannend (or on demand) webinar
    - If I like it, I can do a Q&A more often on a social media platform, which increases my visibility and probably followers
    - It teaches me to get out of my comfort zone a bit by showing my own face, and because it's always something technical, going live is always exciting. Also technically. If I like it, I can schedule it more often and more regularly

    Yes, a Q&A - I'll do that!

  23. We managed to map out all the questions, with those fantastic tools.
    The webinar was really mindblowing. I completely underestimated how important it is to simply start answering questions.
    Not all questions have been answered yet, but we try to do that as soon as possible. A LIVE Q&A session is not possible for now, I can't pick that up so soon. The pre-work has been done and that is something to celebrate for us. So far so good.

  24. Day 4 Communication plan
    We will have two types of Q&A’s:
    1 for management of our (new) client(s)
    2 for an open audience

    Our plan for the management session is that we “sell” it to our contact at our client. After that we will make an email together to get the management interested and committed to the session.

    For the open audience the plan is like:
    1. Create a landingpage on our website and put it on the agenda page
    2. Create a new webinar in webinargeek
    3. Write short text for announcement on LinkedIn
    4. Write short text for announcement by email
    5. Write two follow-up mails and posts
    6. Divide our (small) maillinglist in three groups (Product Owners, Managers, others)
    7. Send mail to new mailinglist (2 weeks before session)
    8. Send whatsapp to well-known contacts

    1. Goed bezig buddy. Mooi je commitment om dagelijks ermee an het werk te zijn. Je ziet en voelt mogelijk ook je groei in kwaliteit

  25. Day 5 07-10-2022

    — create and launch your communication pieces.
    If the announcement is public somewhere (e.g. your blog, landing page, Facebook post...), share the link to it in the comment box - maybe someone can help you spread the word.

    This is the link to the call on LinkedIn and every thumbs up is more than welcome. Many thanks to my buddies for changing the question session from 'Live question and answer on authentic leadership' to 'Live question and answer on developing your own leadership style'.

  26. Day 5 – create your communication pieces, and launch it.

    - Made promotiontext for the Q&A event, to be published in the regular parent info schoolbulletin.
    This action and also reminding parents in the school app. should lead to 20 to 50 participants.

    The participants will get an email with all details one week before the event and 2 days before the event.

    After this experiment I will evaluate how to go further and edit the video content.

  27. With this weeks assignment I had a different thing in mind. I think the ideal a Q+A is fantastic. I have one main reason for this: I am trying to hard to deliver value with content that I forget (their) context. Also 'what if I could do this by removing stuff, instead of adding'- I wanted to make it as easy and valuable as possible.

    Further, I asked a couple of weeks ago how to close a deal, in the situation that the ones that want my help, don't pay for it- management does. And management is not persuaded by content (so much). The Q+A is perfect way of tapping right into their questions, frustrations and problems, and building trust at the same time.

    So I have been pushing Q+A sessions at different talks this week. Still have to market them better, so I will think of 10 names (I forgot that bit). I think within some weeks I will have 2 (to 4) Q+A's with different management teams.

  28. Day 3 and 4. Date + plan with actions.

    The official name: Q&A over video maken en blijven delen.

    Values: Joy, Growth, Focus

    Goal: 26-10 - 75 registrations and 20 questions to answer

    19-10 - 50 registrations and 10 questions to answer
    12-10 - 25 registrations and 5 questions to answer

    Max: Create an opt-in page for the registrations
    Get Robin an e-mail address
    Create visual posts for: How do you hold the camera? - How to do lighting - Start with the answer
    Create a video about: These are the materials I use.

    Robin: Write the first e-mail people will receive
    Create these video's and post them: Invitation for the Q&A, 2-3 video's about preparation
    Share the invitation in our coach group.

    Support. Who can help us invite people?
    Coach group (week later)

  29. Day 4 – design your communication plan – landing page, announcement, reminders, follow-up, etc…
    Also decide how and where you’re going to announce it – email list, your social media channels, private messages, discussion forums and/or social media groups, ask your list to bring friends, etc…Make a clear plan and share it in the comment box.

    My communication plan for my event on 26 th of october:

    1. announcement: in online school newsletter
    2. reminder: in parent group apps
    3. reserve paid seat by email including their phone number as well for payment (and questions).
    4. possibility to bring in questions in advance by email as well.
    5. call to action in the event: join the course of 8 lessons, if you decide in 48 hours you get a discount.
    6. follow up: announce in the event that I will call them possibly in a few days, to ask some feedback.
    7. edit the video of the evening for several occasions to reach more parents.
    8. Put the video on my website (front end of my academy).
    9. ask parents for testimonials.
    10. write a blog about the event.

  30. I am going to demonstrate MY expertise by answering THEIR questions in a LIVE Q&A session. Yes. Tonight.

    Ok, yes: I was wondering long wether I could go for it yes or no.. somehow I made it happen, I will do a Q&A TONIGHT with 9 of my customers.. long story short, all things come together.. I did a 80 panel project for them with the builder of their apartments, now I will probably make an upgrade for them. Excellent opportunity, and I made it happen.. so I'm happy to share and commit. Sorry for the late commitment, I keep you posted.

  31. I love the way of working with questions. It keeps your audience captivated and interested. I am sure that a lot of people will maybe not think of the questions but recognize the problems.

    I will not work with a Q & A session. My customers prefer to talk about the salestraining and coaching in a 1 on 1 session.
    But I could do it for the salespeople themselve. But I do not target them.

  32. Day 4 – communication plan – landing page, announcement, reminders, follow-up, etc…

    I will schedule it one week in advance, I will invite daily in Stories and I will inform my email list in my newsletter Sunday before

  33. Day 4 06-10-2022

    – design your communication plan – landing page, announcement, reminders, follow-up, etc…

    The website page on my website is ready with an ActiveCampaign form to enumerate the questions with an email in response that they will receive the link to join the live session. I will start with an announcement on Friday (tomorrow) on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram with a link to the page of my website. This live session will mainly be a test to see how things are going. It was immediately a refresher course for ActiveCampaign. On Monday and Tuesday I repeat the call on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. On Wednesday 12 October I will send the link to FaceTime and the live session will be from 11 am to 12 noon.

  34. day4 Share plan.

    In my online (facebook/LinkedIn/tiktok/Instagram) messages I will from now on make a call to action to live session.

    What would the bicycle mechanic do?

  35. day 3

    Every Wednesday at 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM and starting October 12, 2022

    What would the bicycle repairman do!

    I wanted to do facebook live. Are there any suggestions?

    1. Share plan.

      In my online (facebook/linkedin/tiktok/instagram) messages I will from now on make a call to action to live session.

      What would the bicycle mechanic do?

      I find it very difficult to make a plan out of it. I find that I am busy with too many things at once. G This takes the focus and quality away from basically everything I do.

  36. Q&a:
    For alumni I schedule for 17th of October
    Lunch with me -online va zoom
    Ask all your questions

    6th of October special workshop in Bussum.
    I will answer all the questions and demonstrate my expertise with fun and ease:)
    And take notes of questions I can answer in future training etc

  37. Formats:
    - zoom
    - speakevent ( I have one Thursday) I will give and ask questions
    - live @home
    - invite a special vip group for a call or lunch
    - you tube /fb /insta live
    - short movies on socials

  38. WEEK 16 DAY 23 – Date, time and duration 
    Choose date, time and duration your first Q&A session, make sure it’s as easy as possible for THEM and let us know in the comment box.

    Format: Living Room Rally / Huiskamersessie.
    Name: The Wisdom of 50+ / De Wijsheid van 50+.

    For my first session:
    - Date: Saturday November 5, 2022
    - Time: 14:00 hrs
    - Duration: 1,5 hrs

    >> I am going to demonstrate MY expertise by answering THEIR questions in a LIVE Q&A session. <<

  39. Day 3 – choose the date, time and duration for your first Q&A session, make sure it’s as easy as possible for THEM and let us know in the comment box;

    wednesday 26th of oktober. I will organize an two hour event between 7.30 en 9.30 pm for parents at a school in my city with a co trainer about communicationproblems in families, causing a lot of stress. In the event I will ask the participants to come up with as many questions on topics as possible to be answered now or later. The school supports me in organizing and promoting the event.

    1. That’s fantastic news, Alma, that you get the school to support (and hopefully promote) the event.
      Looking forward to hear how it was.

  40. Day 2 Formats and names

    1. Teamsmeeting
    2. Zoommeeting
    3. Whatsapp videocall
    4. Within the Digital Product Owner meeting at my assignment
    5. Live at the next Scrum Gilde Amersfoort meeting
    6. Live on FB
    7. Live on Youtube
    8. Webinargeek
    9. VIP session during breakfast, lunch or a drink

    1. Q&A for Product Owners
    2. Vraag het aan Henny
    3. The Product Owner Hotseat session
    4. Live Q&A, 10 of your PO questions answered
    5. Q&A; Answers to the questions you've never asked
    6. Product Owner VIP session

    1. Hi Henny,

      love that you intend to use Whatsapp videocall as a format. That is easy for everyone to use. No additional login information and always close at hand.
      Never heard about Webinargeek. What are your experience with this format?

      1. Hi Marie-Louise,
        Webinargeek is a tool to support webinars.
        After I wrote down and published my formats I realized that with Webinargeek you don't see your audience and the only way to ask questions is by chat. So I'm not sure it's the right tool for a A&Q session.

  41. Day 2. Possible names

    For the business program
    • Business issues on the sofa Q&A
    • Management question marks Q&A
    • Solving business issues Q&A
    • Answers to your business questions
    • Your business issues answering machine
    • Business Q&A Bites

    For the self-development program
    • This time it’s Personal Development Q&A
    • Help with Self-help Q&A
    • Self-help … Help! Q&A
    • Everything you always wanted to ask about self-help

  42. Day 3 05-10-2022

    – choose the date, time and duration for your first Q&A session, make it as easy as possible for THEM and let us know in the comments box;

    Wednesday, October 12 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. They can submit their questions on a furnished website page and I place the call on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

  43. Hey there,

    YES - I already do a Q&A once a month for my clan, and I really love it.
    It is via Zoom.
    They submit their questions before the session starts and we make hot seats and a kind of "What would Cornelia do?" after the group has finished brainstorming for the person on the hot seat.
    Afterwards I ask the person to choose the favorite idea and to commit to implement it in the next xxx days.
    I somehow get less questions - i guess because of this -, but this is what they paid for 😁

    I communicate this in my newsletter, to bring new people in my clan and on the community-plattform.
    Sometimes I do posts on social media but since I am still looking for a VA, this is not very often.
    I mention it also in my online trainings which I am doing for an organisation serving founders and new business owners.

    Here is the link to the landingpage - in german:

    Since the last workshop I am collecting the questions I get in the Q&A Sessions too 🤩

  44. >>I am going to demonstrate MY expertise by answering THEIR questions in a LIVE Q&A session<<.
    WEEK 16 / DAY 2 – These are the formats I will (look into, test and) use as possible Q&A software for my session (Zoom, phone, over breakfast in a restaurant…)

    YouTube Shorts (Morning Fa.Me) – max 60 sec
    YouTube live (know that it exits. Will find out how it works)
    ZOOM sessions
    Instagram sessions (seen how it works, will learn how to use it myself)
    MS TEAMS session
    Meeting Pulse (heard about it but have not yet used it)

    Top 8 Q&A Platforms – Google - September 22, 2022
    • Stack Overflow for Teams.
    • Bloomfire.
    • Tribe Community Platform.
    • Tettra.
    • Rungway.
    • Starmind.
    • Together Mentorship.
    • AnswerHub.

    Once I have build up a client base I will start offering
    • Personal meetings at home (thanks to Max)
    • Meetings at someone else’s home (a la Tubberware party) (thanks to Max)
    • At a beautiful location offering breakfast, after work drinks, Sunday Morning champagne brunch or high tea

    NAMES I have in mind
    • How to decide on whether or not to start your own money making Airbnb
    • Q&A session on “How to become a SuperHost”
    • Hot Seat Session with a 6 x SUPERHOST
    • ….

    1. In order to ensure I deliver the utmost value to my prospects and customers I’ve searched internet for research on what motivates people to pose questions. This is what I’ve found which might be of interest to other than myself

      MOTIVATION FOR ASKING: While there are many different ways of fulfilling information needs, a large number of people are asking questions in online Q&A services. What motivates people to take advantage of those systems? And what do users expect from using these systems? Choi (2014) surveyed 200 people who actively asked questions on Yahoo! Answers, and asked them the motivations and expectations of asking behaviors in online Q&A system. The five most significant factors of asking behaviors in the survey are:
      • Learning; Self-education through acquiring information
      • Having fun asking a question
      • Seeking advice or opinions for making decisions
      • Finding relevant information
      • Gaining a sense of security through knowledge

      EXPECTATION FROM ASKERS: The next step regarding the cycle of question and answering behaviors is for askers to assess answers to see if answers meet their expectations from information needs. In the same survey examined by Choi (2014),[9] the most desired factor was “Additional or alternative information (4.03 / 5)”, followed by “Accurate and complete information”. It is interesting that factors related to information itself surpassed “social and emotional support (2.47 / 5)” which is related to affective needs.

      1. The name and format I believe will attract my prospects the most are

        NAME: “How to decide on whether or not to start your own money making Airbnb”
        FORMAT: YouTube Shorts (Morning Fa.Me) + Instagram