Are You an Ideal Client?

It’s a week of self-reflection…

Like everything in life, what you give is what you get.

And since this Ideal Clients’ block of the program is all about what you GET, it is appropriate to take a moment and reflect on what you GIVE…

This week is more about changing your mindset, than practical actions.

This should give you some time to both “upgrade” your mindset AND contact some of your Ideal Clients to find out what THEY want (if you didn’t manage to complete this part last week.

Here’s what I’d like you to observe this week…

If you’re not an Ideal Client to (some of) your providers… why would you attract Ideal Clients to your own business?

I’m going to share a few examples from my life – where I believe I’m an Ideal Client to my providers…

BUT PLEASE – this is not about you behaving similar to me, or doing what I do. The only purpose of these examples is to open your mind to honestly look – do you deserve your Ideal Clients?

When I wanted to transform myself from a “couch potato” to a marathon runner and a mountaineer – I hired a personal trainer. She said that there’s a lot of work to be done (“no kidding”) but without a moment hesitation I told her,  “I’m a good soldier”. “I’m gonna do EXACTLY as you tell me without arguing.” Which I did. I ran marathons, and climbed some of the highest mountains in the world under her guidance.

I think this already made me an Ideal Client (most personal trainers need to deal with excuses, resistance, evasion and whatnot). But I was so happy with her – that I referred my friends to her, I created a whole marathon group to be trained by her for a year, I even wrote an enthusiastic foreword for her book.

Wouldn’t you want a client like that?

When we started with the Business Bootcamp I hired an image consultant to design my “uniform”… I’m not into clothes and fashion, but I chose to trust him completely, I never negotiated (no matter how “expensive” every shirt and jeans cost me), I shared about his business and products during our trainings, I put him in one of my books, presented him on stage, and produced a video about his business and featured it on our website…

What do you need to do to get a client like that?

When I realized that my students struggle with finding the right web developer, I gave my web developer the stage in some of our trainings – to share about his products, make an irresistible offer, and sell like crazy (we’re talking hundreds and hundreds of thousands of euros)…

I NEVER got a cent from him (there was NOTHING in it for me), and my only condition was that he’ll overdeliver to every single client…

Are you someone’s Ideal Client? And if not, WHY not?

Let’s answer those questions in…

Your Ideal Clients – Part 3

Are You an Ideal Client?

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

Become the ONE You Want to Attract!

This is a rule that works in every area of your life (personal and business), and I’m sure you heard it before.

But when I ask a new client for their most important goals, almost always, without fail – they never bothered to become the person they want to attract…

  • THEY: “I want to get comments on my blog post, why no one is commenting?”
    ME: “Are you regularly commenting on other people’s blogs?”
    THEY: “Eh… No… Who has time to comment on other blogs?”

  • THEY: “They only take my free opt-in offer, no one is paying for my backend…”
    ME: “How many products/services did you buy in the last 12 months after downloading the free front-end?”
    THEY: “Eh… None… I don’t have that kind of budget…”

  • THEY: “I have satisfied clients, but they rarely refer me.”
    ME: “How often do you refer your providers to others?”
    THEY: “Eh… Almost never… If I’ll tell my friends about this fantastic restaurant, it will become full, and I won’t be able to enjoy it…”

I can go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Just for full disclosure, those are not hypothetical examples – those are actual conversations that took place hundreds of times during the years…

So… if you want to attract more and better Ideal Clients – you better be an Ideal Client yourself…

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

I am going to become an Ideal Client for some of my providers.

How’s that for a 5-day challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

There are many things that you (or anyone else) can do to become an Ideal Client. But probably the main one will be referring

You might be an Apple enthusiast – and buy every single new iPhone the moment it comes out. You might even stand in line all night to get it…

But I’m pretty sure that’s not what Apple sees as an Ideal Client.

When you move to a whole new level, which Apple calls “evangelist” – where you’re actively trying to convince anyone around you to get the latest iPhone – that’s when you become an Ideal Client.

Now… this is not necessarily the level I’m asking you to reach, but it seems to me that in the northern European countries – referring is not part of the culture, while where I come from (Israel) and where I live now (Spain) – referring and word-of-mouth (both positive and negative) are the norm.

So, if you suffer from referral-allergy – it might be a good week to practice getting rid of it.

In the implementation section below, I will offer you 5 actions you can do to that will help you transform your mindset to one of an Ideal Client…

And if you’re already an Ideal Client for some of your providers… that’s wonderful. Chapeau to you (or “respect” if you’re too young to know what “chapeau” is)…

In this case, simply choose another provider (or more) to practice on…

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to physically plan this process in your agenda.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the 5 steps of the process below.

AND… If you didn’t yet interview your Ideal Clients about what THEY want… you will need to plan time to conduct the interviews  (physically or virtually).

Since we’re going to use the information you collect and analyze in the coming weeks – I suggest you try to get in touch with at least a few of your Ideal Clients for some quick answers – as soon as possible.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – come up with a list of providers you believe you’re an Ideal Client for and next to each provider add the reasons why you believe you are their Ideal Client.
    (don’t get upset if you’ve got no one on the list… that’s kind of the norm, not the exception);

  • Day 2 – Make a list of providers you’re happy with but that you probably don’t qualify as their Ideal Clients and next to each provider add what stops you from becoming their Ideal Client;

  • Day 3 – Go over your list of providers you’re happy with (from yesterday) and write down what could you actually DO to become more Ideal for them and share it in the comments;

  • Day 4 – Go over your list from Day 1 (the providers you believe you are already an Ideal Client for) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you believe needs them OR simply by sharing how good they are on social media…;

  • Day 5 – Go over your list from Day 2 (the providers you’re happy with but not yet an Ideal Client for) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you believe needs them OR simply by sharing how good they are on social media…;

Each day share with us in the comment box your ideas, actions and commitment.

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear the strategy you’ll come up with).

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Day 3:
    More ideal is difficult, they are larger companies with less possibilities for personal contact. They could be more ideal to me if they changed that and then I could communicate better with them so I could become a closer and more active/engaged customer.

    Day 4:
    I shared their last blog announcement with an introduction and comment of myself about why I think their blog is important, correct and valuable.

    Day 5:
    As they are not personal enough, I cannot recommend them fully. Suppose something goes wrong and they don't get the help they need, people will lower their trust in my professional opinion. And that is one of my unique strengths.

  2. Day 4 & 5: I wrote a review on GOogle Maps for 3 of the companies. I love thinking about why I love them so much, and spreading positivity also makes me feel good!

  3. Day 5 – Go over your list from Day 2 (the providers you’re happy with but not yet an ideal client for) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you believe needs them OR simply by sharing how good they are on social media…;

    I referred one of my collegues tot he car dealership.

  4. Day 4 Go over your list from Day 1 (the providers you believe you are already an ideal client for) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you believe needs them OR simply by sharing how good they are on social media…;

    I told my landlord from the office building about the baker. I wrote a testimonial on the website of the CRM.

  5. WOMB WEEK 8, AUGUST 12 2022, DAY 5/5
    AM I AN ideal client FOR MY PROVIDER?

    Yesterday I referred Open Circles Academy directly to someone who is committed to becoming a very successful entrepreneur. This woman Daniela is an implementation monster! She has a super hands-on mentality. I believe she will truly profit from following Business University and the next WOMB round. If in the coming days you get a new client called Daniela, you know where she comes from 😉

    Further, I also shared how good is Open Circles on social media (Facebook) and why I believe the WOMB program is the best entrepreneurial program I have ever done.

    1. Wonderful to hear, Maru...
      Thank you so much.
      In the coming days/weeks we will actually make some smaller workshops available for people who are not yet in our inner circle, so you could invite your connection to join them and taste the work that we do.
      Make it a great weekend.

      1. Awesome Nisandeh! I will definitely invite Daniela to join the workshop. Please send me the info as soon as you have it. I think she will profit so much from it!

  6. DAY 4 & 5

    I spend some time in thinking and finding a way for me to support without draining my energy - because it is online - and I found a forum, where I will comment at least once a week and more if it feels good. I set a note in my calendar after 30 Days and am curious if I like it better then 😆

    Refered my photographer and my ads-specialist - both got the job! 🙌

  7. WEEK 8 DAY 5

    Go over your list from Day 2 (the providers you’re happy with but not yet an ideal client for) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you believe needs them OR simply by sharing how good they are on social media…;

    Just now I posted a gratitude message on my personal facebook account about Greetz. My mother turned 75 and I am in Portugal this summer. I really wanted to get her a surprise gift and have it delivered in time. Greetz made it possible. I am grateful and very satisfied with their service.

    I am going to become an ideal client for some of my providers.

  8. WEEK 8 DAY 4

    Go over your list from Day 1 (the providers you believe you are already an ideal client for) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you believe needs them OR simply by sharing how good they are on social media…;

    I viewed my list of three from day one. All of them I recommended or referred to more than once. This time, just now, I expressed my gratitude on LinkedIn in for Cyril Wijte and his company Digit Services.

    Afterthought: it actually made me feel GOOD! 🙂

    I am going to become an ideal client for some of my providers.

  9. WEEK 8 DAY 3

    Day 3 – Go over your list of providers you’re happy with (from yesterday) and write down what could you actually DO to become more Ideal for them and share it in the comments

    1. telephone provider > I could find out if there are any other services of theirs that would really help me and recommend them to others
    2. business growth courses provider > I could take more courses, grow and give more of myself to them, and keep recommending them
    3. appointment software on my website > I could ask them questions and help them improve their product and tell others about this new dimension of our relationship, if it’s positive
    4. storage facility - I could recommend them
    5. bank - I could take their communication with me more seriously, because they are trying to be a good bank. I could interact more
    6. Mollie - I don’t feel the need to be ideal for them
    7. software for signing documents - I could become a paying client and recommend them
    8. portal for coaches - I could ask them questions and help them improve their product and tell others about this new dimension of our relationship, if it’s positive
    9. publisher ebooks - I could ask them questions and help them improve their product and tell others about this new dimension of our relationship, if it’s positive
    10. Greetz - I could use their services far more often
    11. social media - I don’t feel the need to be ideal for them
    12. my bookkeeper - I could be more timely with my actions, try to understand more, so he can be my sparringpartner, I could keep refering people to him.
    13. provider of assessment tool - I don’t feel the need to be ideal for them
    14. shop for office supplies - I could buy more, but I don’t have the need for more

    I am going to become an ideal client for some of my providers.

  10. Day 4 – Go over your list from Day 1 (the providers you believe you are already an ideal client for) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you believe needs them OR simply by sharing how good they are on social media…;

    I did go over my short first day list
    And shared them on social media.
    With Zhivko I allready did that long time,
    With PersoonlijkeKracht I did for the first time tell on Facebook that I am starting with their training and how enthousiastic I am about their method.
    And our handyman Jos, we allready spread the word, lots of people do, he gets his ideal customers very easily.

  11. Ok, i did some more thinking 😉

    My providors list is short. I looked them up on the tax listings. I got a brand new bookkeeper, fiverr contractors, my proofreader, some software and hardware providers, memberships, and a swepth path guy. I also have jobstudents and the payrolling company.

    I have a personal relationship with all of them. I take a personal interest in how they are doing. Make sure they are doing all right, also when things are tough. I provide them with a steady stream of income. I get it when life happens. I communicate pro-actively. Ask once a year how we are doing, if there is room for progress. I could do better on referrals.

    What holds me back is that if they have more clients, I get slower service. A mindset that needs some closer examination. It is part of a larger "don't take this away from me" reflex.

    I will have a talk asap with key providers on this topic and what would make our partnership even better. Monday if possible. Key takeaway this week: let the expert decide based on your pointers/wishlist. Want to get to a larger agreement with them. Including basic sla's.

    Need to think about the referring. I feel a real and big resistance. Surprising! Guess I prefer to sell more while offering their service over referring them. This needs some digging, it's not ok.

    1. And of course there are my business courses. I'm actually not referring but buying 3 people a year a ticket. People react strangely, imo, if they here about the kind of support I seek from trainings, mentors, sjamans etc. Very reluctant to discuss that. Hmm.

  12. WEEK 8 - DAY 4 & 5 - referrals

    Referred Open Circles to my bookkeeper today
 and a colleague zzp-er earlier this week (but no concrete action yet possible...will follow-up when new program opens)

    Tsuki - referred the whole country already, same for Bridgeman

    And for anyone reading this: if you’re doing your bookkeeping in Acumulus and need assistance, Count4You is fabulous. Very supportive, knowledgeable and always on time.

  13. Day 5
    Not sure about posting on social media about my providers… I will check if anyone needs the service and I will personally recommend it to who needs it.
    I realize I am not there yet!
    But I realize it is important I become a better client to attract ideal clients.

  14. Day 4 Well I asked her if she would like to be referred (I know I am her only client at the moment) and she said "yes".
    I will pay attention to my interactions with other entrepreneurs, to see if anyone could benefit from her services, then I will refer her.

  15. Day 3
    Not sure what I should do to become her ideal client.
    I will think about how she could help me better. Maybe if I sold more based on the work I do with her, but it's been 3 months and my results have not exactly improved.

  16. Day 2 - Providers I'm happy but not ideal client yet
    Well… there is a lady who helps me with marketing, reading my copy and choosing content topics.
    I am happy working with her BUT if she were to raise her price I would probably stop.

  17. Day 5 – Go over your list from Day 2

    This is a good exercise. I will go over the list of companies that I like on social media but have 0 interaction with because I do not take the time. On social media engagement is key. There is a lot of room for improvement in that area for me.

  18. Day 4 – Go over your list from Day 1 (the providers you believe you are already an ideal client for) and refer one or more of them

    As I said before, when I am happy, I want the world to know. So every time I have a networking event, I will tell people how content I am with. e.g. my bookkeeper/accountant. She really is the best: Accuraat in Finance in Almere. I have the best webshop caretaker/builder you can ask for: Adventis in Steenhoven and I can really recommend having a phonecare service. The best investment you can do when starting a business. Better than an answeringmachine which is impersonal. Pluscare in Utrecht is the best.
    But I will certainly make a list to see whether I can do beter in referring my providers to other companies.

  19. Day 2 – Make a list of providers you’re happy with but that you probably don’t qualify as their ideal clients

    When I am happy about someone/a provider I want the world to know. So I write reviews on Google. If I get an invitation to write a review on whatever platform they want me to leave a review on, I will do it. Whenever I ate in a restaurant, stayed in a hotel or was helped in a shop, when I am happy, everybody will hear it. I will take the time to write a nice Google review. I get a lot of requests for references when people are in the running for a job or when providers want someone to vouch for their service and/or products.
    However, there is certainly room for improvement when talking about social media. There is not much engagement on my social media platforms because I do not engage myself in any platform. I am willing to give people a like and then it stops. So I cannot expect people to engage in any of my social media postings or whatever. So there is definitely room for improvement there.

  20. Day 1 – come up with a list of providers you believe you’re an ideal client for

    It is a good question. I think I am an ideal client for all my providers. My problem is more that I am too trusting and too 'easy'. Most of my providers now, know how to deal with that and they do not take advantage of it. But in the past, that was the biggest challenge. I give a good briefing and I am willing to pay. I do not argue about the price. Problem is that there are a lot of people that overestimate their skills. Furthermore, in the beginning they are willing to go to great lengths to help you and offer quality. But after a while, they slack. One of my most important credo's in life is that you treat people the way you want to be treated. That is key. So what I am looking for in a provider is someone who's in the relationship for the long run. A lot of people want to make extra money without going the extra mile and in the short term they will have more money. But in the long run they will loose their clients, and they will certainly loose me. But when I am happy and a provider respects me as I respect hem/her I am the most loyal and ideal customer/client.
    I was with my accountant for 30 years before she retired, My phonecare service, 32 years and counting, My emailprovider 30 years and counting, my bank: 43 years and counting, financial provider (Ideal, etc. ) 13 years and counting, My shippingprovider (13 years and counting, which is as long as Ditha Bonita exists). A (business) relationship is based on trust and respect. I want to surround myself with people that have that same philosophy and for them I am the ideal client.

  21. First two days after the vacation were jam packed, so here's my list for the week.

    Day 1: Who am I an ideal client for
    I try to be an ideal client. I write reviews (often only when asked), and refer people to companies or individuals I've worked with frequently. Some examples:
    - Cutting Edge Studio (they provide me with some of my formatting work, but they offer a lot more services - I actively refer people to them, comment on or share their posts)
    - (I write reviews on all products I buy from them, inform people about their Select program)
    - (hosting provider, I actively refer people to them since they are one of the best and most priceworthy providers in the Netherlands)
    - Bas Geraerts (a Dutch artist who created a beautiful aquarel for me that is also the logo of my business, I share his tweets, comment on his posts and have referred a few people looking for artwork to him)

    I am very much aware that I'm not an ideal client for this program or any other of Nisandeh's offerings yet, mostly because I'm still experiencing it. I'm also not an ideal client of a lot of companies I take for granted, like insurance companies, utility suppliers, etc.

    Day 2: who am I not an ideal client for and what is stopping me
    Nisandeh - Still experiencing the program, I'm positive but still need to find the time
    My personal trainer - I pay the bills but never considered leaving a review
    Insurance company - Never even considered they could benefit from me becoming a more ideal client

    Day 3: who am I not an ideal client for and what can I do to become a (more) ideal client
    Nisandeh - Share that I'm working in this program, comment on social media, write a review
    My personal trainer - Leave a nice review on their Facebook page, actively refer friends to her
    Insurance company - could write a message about how well they handled a claim of mine

    Day 4 and 5:
    I just wrote a nice review for my personal trainer on Facebook, shared a post of Cutting Edge Studio on my timeline and wrote a short review on this program on Facebook. I will translate the last one in English and will post it on LinkedIn later today.

  22. Day 5 – Go over your list from Day 2 (the providers you’re happy with but not yet an ideal client for) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you believe needs them OR simply by sharing how good they are on social media…;

    - I have asked these providers how they want me to refer and where. 😀

  23. Day 5
    During the week more providers, companies or busyness came by( in my memorie.) so there is more. I got more and more awair of ideal client behaviour and how ‘in love’ or grateful I am and can be with them.

    What happened is that a startup asked me for information questions. Which I will give, with another mindset.


  24. Day5

    For this assignment I referred BuddyBoss to my buddies and I also referred it to a few of my friends. Because I am quite inspired about their product.

    With Wedo
    I put myself on the waiting list so that they know that somebody in Holland is interested and I also asked some people to put themselves on the same waiting list.

  25. Day 5. Refer one or more suppliers to whom I am not “ideal”
    Like yesterday, this seems like a good place to (also) refer – in this case for people who occasionally need new websites (or maintain / update / blog a lot, and want to do that themselves):
    Elegant Themes / Divi – the ultimately versatile premium wordpress theme by which you can build any website you want. If you take the trouble to go through all the basic manuals (I thinks 2 days will suffice, but do practice while learning, instead of merely watching the videos without experimenting yourself), than you can build and/or maintain websites yourself, which will save you literally 1000’s of euros. Fair warning: you will still need to install (and learn) various other plugins for special purposes (like facilitating payments, or restricting access to members), but that is the nature of wordpress – there is no theme that caters for everything you might want.

  26. Day 4 – Go over your list from Day 1 (the providers you believe you are already an ideal client for) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you believe needs them OR simply by sharing how good they are on social media…;

    Yes I have made 2 referrals and asked by email where my providers want me to react. 😀

  27. I noticed that I'm an ideal client for a lot of providers, more than I thought. Talking about them, give their names to others. Sharing how happy I'm with their service and passion.
    -my VA, gardener, hairdresser (wrote a blog about our relation and his passion, felt very good), my filmmaker, etc
    This exercise helps me be more aware of it. And share more on social media or make a testimonial for them.

  28. >> I am going to become an ideal client for some of my providers <> I’ll recommend them already in my network and I’ll gladly refer them on LinkedIN once I know which products will be launched.
    2. Airbnb >> I recommend it already to friends and family. Next to this I will start a masterclass and training to introduce HOW TO AIRBNB
    3. MKB clients >> Whenever a provider has delivered a good service I recommend him/her to friends upon request. I will however ask them how I can refer them in a manner that works for them.
    4. Pro-Act >> I refer them to every ZZP-er or company I know. But again I will ask them what I can do for them to give them the referrals they would appreciate.

      1. These were the names eventhough the order in which the names have been placed might have been different:

        I wrote that I can only assume what makes me an ideal client to them but if I really want to enter into a partnership I must ask them directly. This way I know for sure and can make sure I deliver what they need.
        I’ve wrote specific DO’s next to all of them, but I am not going to repeat this for a third time if it has been stored somewhere in the cloud.

        1. Luttikhuis tekst.
        2. Account Jose Boers
        3. Liederholt clearning
        4. TransparancyLab
        5. DLP plummer
        6. AIRBNB
        7. Open Circles Academy

  29. Day 4
    Already doing quite some active referring. Going to push more on referring to some businesses from day 2/3.

    For all the people here, instal Grammarly app for Mac, Windows, iPhone or the keyboard app for Android. You will love the feedback on your English.

  30. Day 3 > My contract is no longer complicated since I ported my landline number to a different provider so now I can order my next phone with them including a contract.
    WeFact > Refer someone successfully
    Drukzo > Order more standard printing.
    Comptimus > I spoke to him and we agreed on a monthly fee for his services. Need to also refer people with success.
    Nisandeh Neta > I have to make WOMB work, so I can work more with him and be a better client. Now trying to go from Non-profit (Break-even) to Non-profit (with-money-to-pay-for-professionals) Also get people to join one way or another.

  31. Day 3. What can I do to become more ideal for my good providers?

    Hosting provider.
    Reach out to them, let them know my take and what client I want to be for them.

    Meeting locations.
    Contact the previous places I was happy with and a few new places. Ask them if they want to work together and if some sort of cooperation is possible.

    Albert Heijn.
    Start buying the more premium products and shop there more often.

  32. Day 2. Realising I interpreted day 1's exercise a bit wrong maybe. However.

    My hosting provider. What is stopping me from becoming an ideal client for them is a suitable affiliate program. I would do so much more if we can share in each other's success.

    Meeting locations. So far, every meeting space that I booked has been fine. I would choose for the same space every time if they have national coverage and did an evaluation afterwards and followed up on the evaluation. (For instance, when there is a sound bothering me and they can remove the source, I know they are a partner)

    Outside of the business. I am loyal to Albert Heijn. However, I think I am not their ideal customer. I think to move me up from just any good regular customer, I would need to understand what the benefits are of buying more exclusive items or taking other services.

  33. WOMB WEEK 8, AUGUST 11 2022, DAY 4/5
    AM I AN ideal client FOR MY PROVIDER?


    I have two providers where I believe I am already an ideal client.

    The first one is my baby's sleeping coach. Even if I do not have contact with her anymore (unfortunately), I will still referr her secretely to sleep depried parents that I know. Tomorrow I will interview two families who currently suffer from sleep deprivation. Then I will referr Trudy to them with all my love and gratitude.

    My second provider is ISOC (International Saray of Oriental Culture). I just shared an amazing post broadcasting the newest choreographic creation of my beloved professor Dr. Hassan Khalil to my 2000+ followers. He directed the Story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves for the the Art House for Folk and Exhibit Arts in Cairo. In this post I describe how fantastic I think he is and give a call to action to enroll his coming workshops and dance journeys worldwide.

  34. Day 4
    Share on social media or refer to someone... I prefer to do this in silend mode and not public.

    - Blue Line Zeewolde I include theme in my yearly brithday ginvings to the poor people from de Voedsel/kleding bank.
    - In 2 weeks I will buy a laptop for someone (a boy) I dont know personaly but I saw the call on linkedin from a woman I knwo who lives in my town.
    The boy had a lot of troubles and is now going back to school to make something of his life. I contacted her and she told me that there was an IT frim who
    wanted to donate so I sayd fine but the offer still stands maby for some one else who needs it. After a week she contacted me again and told me that the
    IT firm only wanted to lend it for a month so basicly an no use offer. My only demand was that we go and buy it local and not with a big company online.
    - Every Christsmas I go to the Lidl and surch for a family who just a day before Christmas is shopping on all the groceries on offer and I aproche theme and
    make sure they have a lot extra long shelf life food products and I pay for it. Somewhere on my linkedin this post should still be there at the end of
    december 2021. The only reason I posted it was not to brag about it but to hope I inspire more people to help others in need.

    So for me now to go on social media and make a post of it dos not feel good. I was raised by my grandmother who told me he who dos good meets good.

  35. Day 4: Referral of ideal clients from day 1.
    • I’ll ask her first, but think she as sufficient clients. If she wants I’ll over her my contacts.
    • I can make referrals of my former students and advertise them for what they are good at and why you should hire them. I do this already if they ask but could do this pro-active.
    • Go over your list from Day 1 (the providers you believe you are already an ideal client for) and refer one or more of them to my network of in any other way.

  36. Day 3: Taking the list of day 2 what can be done to be more their ideal clients.
    • I could try to make more long term contracts and partnerships where I would take over some of the broader service requirements (though they have a group of people that do this and only outsource parts of their needs), and all I would suggest will lead to my contacts jeopardize their jobs / positions.

  37. Day 2: List of providers I’m happy with but that for whom I probably don’t qualify as their ideal clients and what stops me from becoming their ideal client.
    • Branch organisation; Different people that make decisions making a partnership difficult.
    • University of Applied Science Rotterdam; Contacts are fine but contracts run via departments with their own rules and regulation what is also difficult for my contacts.
    • Cities for project on logistics; contract are not the ones that run the budgets and make the final decisions.

  38. Day 4. Refer one or more suppliers to whom I already am “ideal”
    Since we are a community of people with pretty similar needs business-wise, who are currently extra open to reading about suggested / preferred / referred suppliers, I think this community is the very best place to highlight certain parties that can help you.
    • – If you need an affordable website, delivered by an extremely committed person, this is the place. She also does SEO. Full disclosure: she is my partner. That doesn’t make me biased work-wise however. I’ve hired many people, and she has a distinct commitment (I definitely wouldn’t hire her if she was just so-so).
    • – If you need high quality print work (posters, booklets, etc), and the lowest cost, in the fastest way, mostly by way of a Do-It-Yourself online ordering editor, this is the place.
    • – Because of good partnerships abroad, they can always deliver new (no second-hand options here) macbooks at 100’s of euros lower that the market price.

  39. Day 4 11-08-2022

    See your list from day 1 (the providers you think are already an ideal customer) and refer one or more of them – either directly to someone you think needs them OR just by sharing how good they are on social media…;

    I do this regularly for Apple. I once even made a Youtube video of the unpacking of my MacBook Pro. I also made a YouTube video for the LG screen 5k 27 inch.

    What I'm going to do is make a YouTube video of my new electric scooter for entrepreneurs. I am going to explain what the tax benefits are for entrepreneurs to purchase an electric scooter. As a result, I immediately promote the brand of the scooter and show a side of me as an ideal customer. I now drive my electric scooter to my appointments and I also find it more fun than driving a car. Every ride costs me nothing because I have solar panels. Let's get started on the script this week...

  40. Dag 3 - Neem je lijst met providers door waar je blij mee bent (van gisteren) en schrijf op wat je eigenlijk zou kunnen DOEN om meer ideaal voor hen te worden en deel het in de opmerkingen:

    * bringing the practice of everything I learned from my favourite providers into daily life;
    * focus on making small steps; action;
    * spreading the word about the providers I love and am dedicated to.

  41. 1. I am an ideal client for:
    - visual designer: I refer her/ always mention her when presenting the set/book. (i could do that more with name and company name though and even more often).
    -I listen to her advice and feedback.
    - I told her not to give us a discount on her hourly rate, as she offered without asking for.
    - I made sure she was paid in time
    - I will come back to her first when needing visual designer

    Smyle toothpaste
    - I support their cause (no more plastic tubes)- so I think I am more a supporter than an ideal client
    - I invested in them through a loan
    - I refer them to people and show the product even

    - What about plastic free world..:D
    - I think i am more a fan than a ideal client

    Yoga Garden
    - Took their classes
    - Took their teacher trainings
    - I became one of their teachers in the end
    - If/ when asked i showed up to help and also actively asked how to help
    - became also friends
    - I always referred them and still- even now they don't exist anymore.

    Green Choice
    -Support their cause
    -actively refer them
    -live by their standards (solar panels, reducing personal energy use, etc
    -i would not mind a small price hike/ difference

    I do have brands and companies that I buy easily with, cool blue, philips, vegetarische slager, bakery ASN Bank, zilveren kruis, maybe lego and Smyle, Efteling (might be an ideal client) , web designer, apple,, vipassana centre

    I love all these products or services, and will most likely keep on buying them and preferring to buy with them, but
    - I don't support their brand/ organization (apple, phillips)
    - There is a "what's in it for me" instead of team feeling
    - Will go for a cheaper supplier/ discounts
    - Will not buy no matter what
    - might feel a number and miss a personal connection

    Then, I very much dislike it to find myself in a marketing funnel, or to fee pushed to do something (like give a '9' at a questionnaire)
    I am very weary and distrusting of big companies and marketing- it takes time to get my trust on some level, and I expect to see that the values a company portrays, are also seen on different occasions (not only at gaypride or greenwashing).

    So I guess it is about quality, connection and trust to get the feeling of support and togetherness.

  42. I understand and have experienced that if you give something, you always receive something. An ancient wisdom.
    I regularly make a recommendation, but writing reviews, yes I can improve it. This assignment does give me insight or awareness. If a company asks me for a review, I always do that. But almost never spontaneously. So, I will do that more often.
    Also every now and then a nice tip, like recommending a training course or a company, which I think will help them.

    This week I made a list of 4 companies for which I am going to write a review, 4 reviews before Friday.
    Give a good friend a tip for an American company/product that fits her product completely. I don't think she knows this one yet. Also a review for this company.
    This afternoon a local company gave me very good service, I report that on their website.

  43. Day 3 – Go over your list of providers you’re happy with (from yesterday) and write down what could you actually DO to become more Ideal for them and share it in the comments;

    1. bike repair shop: I really have to recommand them to other people, by mouth and bij referral in their website.
    2. Hema: I have to email them about what they see as their ideal client and react to their answer. I would like to test some of their products at forehhand.
    3. editor. Give more positive referrals.
    4. audiovisual hiring company: think who could be new clients for them and email some people in my network that they should try them.
    5. yesterday I forgot to mention Open Circles! Yes I can recommand this program to people in my network!

    I already started to be less greedy through the insights of this week. Havew given referrals and hav given recommandations for other companiesthat are worth it.

    1. “I forgot to mention Open Circles! Yes I can recommand this program to people in my network!”

      That would be wonderful, Alma…
      In the coming weeks we will open some programs for new people (and the next WOMB program in a few months), and it would be great if you could tell your people about those…


  44. Day 3 10-08-22

    Check out your list of providers you're happy with (from yesterday) and write down what you could actually DO to become more Ideal for them and share in the comments;

    1. Ziggo: I had planned that as soon as the opportunity arises, I will switch to fiber optic. If I stay, I will write a positive reference about Ziggo. I still have doubts about this.
    2. LG: With so many LG products, it's weird that I haven't made this known by writing a reference yet.
    3. LINKSYS: I wrote a positive reference about LINKSYS yesterday.
    4. An ideal customer with a small ICT company. Writing a reference for his ICT company. I'll do this as soon as he gets back from vacation. I will also emphasize this one more time by saying this to him.

    I will also write a reference more often. I stopped doing this because I got a lot of spam because of it. How could I prevent this? Does anyone have an idea?

  45. Dear all,

    I want to share with you that yesterday I started to ask potential ideal clients what they want. I have done two in depth interviews (by phone).
    These are the three main things they want when it comes to solve sleep deprivation:

    1. They want compassionate guidance in the process of teaching the baby how to sleep. They often have the feeling of not being taken seriously when it comes to sleep deprivation. They want to be seen, understood and guided accordingly.

    2. They want to have a Parent Support Group where they can share experiences and exchange tips

    3. They want REST. Ideally they would like to have a professional team who can initiate the sleep coaching process for the FIRST WEEK. They want to be able to take distance from their baby during the night so they can sleep and gain strenght to do the sleep coaching continuation (mostly three weeks in total)

    I still will do two more in depth interviews and I am also starting to get answers from the google forms. This is very valuable and super exciting!
    Can not wait to next week's assignment. I am getting ready