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Business Boost in 60 Minutes

If you’re ready to give your business a real push and dump the bad business advice that keeps you confused, overwhelmed, and broke, the Business Boost in 60 Minutes is for you.

This course gives you proven strategies and tactics to boost different parts of your business in lessons of 60 minutes (or less).

Business Blogging

Build Your Online Community and Expert Position

In this course, you will learn how to grow your business using Business Blogging, and understand the 10 biggest blogging mistakes that may be costing you clients.
You will also learn how to get interaction and engagement through comments and how that translates into attracting ideal clients and sales.

Video Marketing

The Most Effective Marketing Strategy Made Easy

In this course, you will learn 10 different types of business videos, and understand which suits best for each strategic marketing objective, be it building credibility or brand awareness, attracting clients, differentiating you from the competition, saving time, building a stronger relationship with your potential clients and more.

Business Growth Acceleration

10 Strategies to Boost Your Business

What makes some businesses stagnate or grow linearly and others simply seem to reach one milestone after another?

This course will give you essential business strategies, techniques and actionable tips to accelerate growth in your business.

Secret Formula to Success

The Fastest Way to Multiply Your Profits

In this course you will learn how to use the Secret Formula to Success to multiply your profits – from smart positioning, to adding (added) value, to powerful promotions, to increasing your conversions, and much more…

Remarkable Product

Create the Product that Sells Itself

This course teaches you the secrets of developing a remarkable product or service that gives your customers a WOW experience.
You will learn how to exceed expectations with a product or service that is remarkable, desirable and, therefore, highly profitable.

Expert Masterclass

Become the Top-of-Mind Authority for Your Market

In the Expert Masterclass you learn how to take all your knowledge, experience, information and advice, and position it, package it and promote it in such a way that you become widely known as an expert and not just that – a highly paid expert.

Once you establish yourself as an expert, business becomes easier and you can focus on what you love: creating an impact in people’s lives.

Crowdfunding Mastery

The Ultimate Funding & Marketing Strategy

In this course you will discover how to generate funds AND… tons of hot leads, activate referrals, generate free publicity and engage prospects and clients.
But the benefits of a well-executed crowdfunding campaign don’t stop here. You can collect accurate market data, generate massive back end sales, attract powerful joint venture deals, build brand awareness and much more.

Enlightened Millionaire

The 15-Step Guide to Wealth, Freedom & Contribution

An enlightened millionaire is someone who makes enough money to facilitate their lifestyle and gives away their excess to those who need it most.
In this course, you will learn all the mindsets, attitudes, actions and habits you need to have or develop in order to become an Enlightened Millionaire.

Ultimate Wealth

Discover your path to wealth

Learn what super skills you must master to become wealthy and live in abundance. You can double your income within a year, with every super skill that you master.
And when you master money and your financial mindset – you will become financially free.   

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