Come Up With New Ideas Every Day

Let’s get started…

First week of the Working ON My Business…

I can’t wait to see where it takes you.

Before we go any further… if you did NOT answer the 11 questions from Fridayplease CLEAK HERE to do that now (you’ll need to scroll all the way to the bottom for that).

When you’re done… let’s get you started with…

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Part 1

In the coming 4 weeks – you are going to “install” 4 new strategic habits that will help you work smarter instead of harder.

Master Entrepreneurs are those that go from where they are now to where they want to be with the minimum amount of steps. That’s what it means to work smarter.

When you get there – doing business becomes easier, life is more flowing, you get results faster

The first habit we’re going to “install” is coming up with NEW IDEAS on demand.

New ideas can be answers to questions, solutions to problems, new ways of doing things… – it’s all about releasing your creative powers.

Throughout the program we’re going to use the MG-SPI system for success

  1. M for MINDSET
    To be successful in anything you do – you need to have the “right” mindset;
  2. G for GOAL
    If you don’t know where you’re going, you have very little chances to get there;
  3. S for STRATEGY
    If the goal is your destination, then the strategy is the vehicle to get you there;
  4. P for PLAN
    This is your roadmap – how are you going to “drive” your “vehicle” in order to get to your destination;
  5. I for Implementation
    You can have the most supporting mindset, the clearest goal, the best strategy in the world and a perfect plan… But without actually taking action – following the plan – you will NOT achieve your desired success.

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

Work smarter instead of harder – means using your most powerful tool – your brain – in a better way. 

Your brain is an answering machine. Ask any question, and your brain has no choice but to come up with an answer (or answers) instantaneously.

We’re going to use this function of your brain – to boost your creativity and transform you to an Idea Generating Machine.

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

Solving your biggest struggle in your business right now.

How’s that for a start of the program?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

You can choose any problem-solving strategy you already know, but I would recommend… for this week practice my favorite strategy:

The Idea Generator

Remember – your brain is an answering machine… so start by stating your biggest struggle as a question.

For example, here is my biggest struggle lately: “How do I get my clients to be fully committed to the process?”

Write your own question down, and then…

Read the question, take a deep breath and start writing 10 ideas for possible solutions.

What ideas? It doesn’t matter. Just write down 10 ideas.

I am pretty sure you can easily write down four or five ideas. But at six it starts getting harder…

This is when your brain starts sweating.

No matter how hard it is… Come up with 10 ideas!
That’s when you develop your “smart” muscles.

PLAN your action in your agenda…

Your next step is to actually plan this process.

My recommendation: plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to come up with new solutions for (the same) biggest struggle in your business.

Every day start with a blank page, and if some ideas keep coming back – just write them down – and keep looking for more ideas.

But don’t trust your memory… Plan those “creative sessions” in your agenda.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT

Take 10 minutes, right now, and come up with 10 ideas how to solve your struggle.

As soon as you have them… write down in the comment box below:

  1. What is your biggest struggle in your business these days?
  2. The 10 ideas you came up with – to solve this struggle.

Repeat this process EVERY DAY for the coming 5 days.
(work on the same struggle during these 5 days)

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your struggle and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear what solution you’ll go for).

  • If still a struggle, during the hot seat Zoom session of July 21 – we can work together to find even more solutions.

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. My issue is getting qualified clients. My ideas:
    1. Publish blogs
    2. Find out what problems your prospects experience
    3. Attract more traffic to your website
    4. Create value for your customers
    5. Become the expert in your market
    6. Post social media messages
    7. Go out to networking events to meet people
    8. Do research on LI and other social media and connect with them
    9. Create an irresistible offer
    10. Advertise on social media

  2. What is my biggest struggle in my business these days?

    Friday 24th 2022

    I started out with: I need to be more visible and that is my biggest struggle. I can rationalize it, I know what to do, but that first step. However, when brainstorming I discovered that in order to be more visible I need help. Because an important reason and (true) an excuse not to do my social media and bi more visible, is lack of time. There is too much work for one person. So the two 'problems' are more or less entangled.
    My 'solutions'
    1. Put an ad in the local newspaper
    2. Put a button 'vacature' on my website
    3. Ask for a zzp'er of freelancer in my newsletter (that is what I did this Friday)
    4. Put a job offer on Facebook and/or Instagram/Twitter
    5. Ask around in my network
    6. Put a job offer in my signature
    7. Put a job offer on LinkedIn
    8. Make a list of what I do in a day (also to see if I could work more efficiently
    9. Make a list: what do I want, what do I need, what do I like and what do I hate about my work.
    10. Make a video.

  3. Sorry I was sick. Couldn't do anything. Catching up now.
    New ideas to get the things done:
    1. make a list
    2. do one thing of the list
    3. buy a paper shredder
    4. "make my bed" in the morning, so one task is done perfectly and I can start the day feeling good
    5. put on the music
    6. be more focussed in chosing/attracting clients
    7. don't have to help everyone
    8. have compassion
    9. meditate
    10. sell the business
    11. emigrate
    12. trust the universe in making more impact without all the stuff
    13. buy a new computer
    14. reward myself more often

  4. What is your biggest struggle in your business these days?

    Get clear on how I want to build my business and get more time to work on instead of in my business.
    The 10 ideas you came up with – to solve this struggle.
    1. Hire a VA
    2. Hire a telemarketing project manager
    3. Work on a licence programme for schools for online trainings
    4. Get a stagiaire
    5. Work with an online planning programme for structure
    6. Look for freelance trainers
    7. Get a temp
    8. Educate a school leaver
    9. Ask around in my network for suggestions
    10. Outsource to other speaking countries

    * What is your biggest struggle in your business these days?
    Making my promise to my customers concrete and thus the solution / result for them.

    * How do I make my promise concrete?
    1. limit the (front-end) coaching options (so not 10 different trajectories)
    2. be clear about my target audience
    3. provide practical information on self-reflection
    4. give a nice hardcover notebook with pen, both with MC logo at the start of the trajectory
    5. illustrate what coaching by me can deliver (see also reviews)
    6. be clear about how they can get in touch with me between sessions
    7. set up intake criteria
    8. share more and regularly short videos of myself on LinkedIn
    9. tell which books and movies have inspired me
    10. tell how many clients I already helped

  6. Idea Generating Machine day 5/5: my biggest struggle in my business at the moment is how to free up time to work on my strategy for my new business

    Yesterday I had a breakthrough. In the Conscious Entrepreneur class I was asked a questions which, in combination with my Personal Life Coach session earlier that day hit a home run: I would down the index of my plan of approach for my new business. It just came to me in a flash based on the questions and with thanks to Dr. Kotter. That's the power of well formulated strategic questions.

    The steps for today are therefore not ideas but my implementation plan. A plan that I commit to fullfill:

    1. Stop procrastinating
    I know what to do. I love what I'm going to do. So get on with it.
    2. Create a sense of urgency (my why)
    3. Create a strategic vision and initiatives for my businessproject HappyHomes.
    4. Communicate the vision
    5. Build a guiding and powerfull coalition
    6. Create and build
    7. Enabling action by removing obstacles (such as raising funds, raising consciousness etc.)
    8. Implement my HappyHome project
    9. Generate and celebrate short-terms wins
    10. Make the HappyHomes concept a sustainable one my anchoring it within the culture of the municipality / country

  7. 10 ideas to get my book sold/ given to many more people

    1. Bring the book to each company that I give a training to sell it
    2. Bring a book to each company that I give a training in to give it to the CEO
    3. We might get more lockdowns again. Make creative actions on how to do online meetings better because we have to 🤪
    4. Do a webinar and give participants the digital version if they show up
    5. Yesterday I had someone saying he wanted the book, why didn’t I send him to the sales page for pre-order? It would be great to have my first book sold already!!
    6. Ask loyal customers what would it need to get my book sold in their company and who I should contact for it
    7. Start doing the warm calls again with LinkedIn contacts with interviews- but now with 5 tips on how to do their online meetings better
    8. Get invited to a podcast on management or productivity (make a list for this)
    9. Find companies ( and moeielooswerken) who might be interested to give the book to their customers as a gift (that’s brilliant, this will be my implementation step)
    10. Go over all the past tips and find the golden nuggets for me and make a list with dates when to implement

  8. Day 5/5

    Stop procastinating, start focus
    Prioritize best ideas to get back in business
    Start with the low-hanging fruit
    What can be automated?
    What can be delegated?
    Complete just 1 action a day
    Analyse: what were best performing products before covid?
    Upgrade and remarket these
    When new course schedule is ready, upsell on earlier students
    Cross-sell on workshop clients

  9. Week 1 day 3 and 4 of 5

    Struggle how do I get ideal clients for my new public leaders program

    1. Make a list of ideal clients who I enjoy working with or want to work with in my program.
    2. Share an important checklist as optin
    3. Create a buyer persona
    4. Describe my USPs Check for yourself: what makes your company really unique? Does that have to do with your service? Your specific products? Your specific approach in your service provision? Maybe it's your price/quality ratio? It can also be multiple USPs. Sometimes you can't figure it out yourself. Then ask some satisfied customers why they chose you. You get a lot out of that for your USPs.
    5. Create survey for ideal customer asking what they want
    6. Join linkedIn groups of the target groups
    7. Thinking about own LinkedIn group for target audience ideal customer community.
    8. Make a content schedule with topics
    9. Create a team for
    10. Ask your ideal clients what topic your next book should be about.
    11. Buy a file of email addresses with ideal customers
    12. Sign up at a speaker's agency
    13. Create a one-time event for the ideal customer's target audience
    14. Think about who I can form a strategic alliance with
    15. Pre-sell the program to an existing customer
    16. Make a podcast
    17. Ask satisfied customers for referrals
    18. Message everyone in your address book about what I do, who I help and what I have to offer and ask them to share it in their network
    19. Share the story of the first place as the best municipal government organization in 2018

    1. I have one question for you Alexander. If i were a woman and looking for a program like yours, I would be hesitant to follow a course/ training with a man. What do you know?

      Why are you the one to go to for me as a public leading woman? Because the TA is fantastic and I think you can add so much value... but this might be a doubt to overcome...

      1. Now that I write this down, I feel something else. Why do you, as a man, think that I, as a woman, need this? Why are you not offering this to the men? am i not good enough??

        I know I am not a leading woman in public but this might be valuable insights in how they think:)

  10. Day 4/5

    Partner with retailers
    Partner with hotel schools
    Create funnels
    Map out SEA strategy
    Google Ads
    Facebook Ads
    Insta Ads
    Write a blog serie on Linkedin for HR managers
    Make a list of ideal B2B clients
    Campaign on them

  11. Day 3/5

    Ask for Google reviews
    Update Google My Business Page
    Update Facebook Business Page
    Add Events to Facebook Business Page
    Add new blogs to the website
    Re-invent my product for leads
    Better copy writing on my website
    Make a list of all recurring business expenses
    See what business expenses can be reduced
    Schedule courses for next autumn

  12. Day 2/5

    Research for supplier of wine samples
    Create new/better sales pages
    Work on SEO for these sales pages
    Set-up an referral program for clients
    Set-up follow up mails after opt-in
    Set-up follow up mails after signing in for the online program
    Re-start with journalling
    Make a daily planning the night before
    Add health habits to my daily planning
    Schedule mail campaigns and offer for Sinterklaas en Christmas

  13. DAY #5

    How should I do my marketing and develop my own style when: 1. the topic is sensitive 2. cold acquisition is no option 3. the competition is big 4. I'm not entirely an experience expert.

    43. Have my clients spreading the word for me: develop nice gifts for my clients to give away to their relatives. Gifts when you don't know what to say. I would LOVE to design nice gifts.
    44. Make Social Media a habit*
    45. Make Social Media fun*
    46. Do a project that's newsworthy and be on the news. Join forces with one of my cool undertaker relatives.
    47. Get interviewed on the radio (NPO2 Ruud de Wild or de Staat van Stasse)
    48. Sell my products in pop-up/concept stores
    49. Contact the art bureaus of hospitals and ask if my work can be exhibited in their displays. With an QR code on the displays, people can easily find my website.
    50. Make a promotion box for undertakers
    51. Design a Monumentalista Christmas box with lots of food for thought. Companies can buy the boxes & give them to their employees.
    52. My Jizo miniboekje could be a give away in magazines like Happinez, Libelle and Linda

    What would my Ideal Social Media look like? Hmm, interesting question...

  14. 1. Trust the process
    2. Expect positive results
    3. Get realistic estimations of risk
    4. Understand the details better
    5. Draw the steps to make them visual
    6. Just take the first step
    7. Keep a track record
    8. Transform the feeling
    9. Implement systems
    10. Be convinced by the big percentage I know/can in stead of looking to the small percentage I'm still growing in.

  15. Ideeën dag 5:

    * Lichtkrachthealing losse (kennismakings)sessies;
    * Lichtkrachthealing korte of langere 3 / 5) sessies;
    * Lichtkrachthealing los, korte of langere reeks live op locatie voor oudere en/of slechter ter been zijnde mensen;
    * Of online of buiten in natuur;
    * Lichtkrachthealing idem in Engels in alle varianten;
    * LKH in combinatie met minisessie yoga hoofd, nek, schouders;
    * LKH icm minisessie yoga armen en handen;
    * LKH icm minisessie yoga adem;
    * LKH icm minisessie yoga stilzitten
    * LKH icm minisessie yoga bekkembodem;

  16. June 24, 2022 How to arouse the attention of potential customers. Day 5

    1. Making a weekly schedule of activities
    2. Good balance, work relaxation, making music/study, family
    3. Don't be too hard on myself and don't get too easy
    4. Goal: know where I want to go
    5. Commitment: doing what it takes in harmony with #2
    6. Confidence: know that I can do it and that it will work
    7. Discipline: steady rhythm leads to flow
    8. Concentration/focus: I don't get distracted
    9. Share successes
    10. Celebrating Successes

  17. Day 1/5
    What is your biggest struggle in your business these days?

    Get back in business after lockdowns

    The 10 ideas you came up with – to solve this struggle.

    Re-engage old clients by email marketing
    Ask them what they want
    re-engage students in online academy
    Make a new online incentive for them ( 1 and 3)
    Plan a short and fun live event before the summer holiday
    Get back in touch with B2B clients
    Get back in touch with old leads who didn't buy
    Set-up an affiliate program
    plan more time to work ON my business
    Re-start with using Facebook

  18. How do I get a constant stream of new assignments? (Day 5)

    53. Contact a salesteam. explain that, instead of them trying to convince people over the phone to buy something, they can now phone people to only ask if they can send them a 2 minute video. More people will say yes, and they can call much more people per day. Then phone them back the next day and now the animation has already done the hard work of convincing them why they would want this product. So using animations to do the selling.
    54. Don't give up on the first 'no'. Some people have to hear the idea of puchasing an animation 7 times before they say yes.
    55. Start giving webinars.
    56. Get on stage at some business event.
    57. Give a TED talk.
    58. Find partners who already do business with bigger corporations and offer them a fee if they can get me in. Or my animation might be an upgrade on the service they are allready offering to those corporations
    59. Invent something totaly new in animation style, something magical, to seperate myself from competition.
    60. start calling past clients and ask them if they have friends/contacts that I can approach that might want an animation
    61. Make flyers and go gine them to people at business events or put them at art galleries, or golf clubs, or...
    62. Find a way to 10x my price, so I only need to make 2 or 3 animations per year.
    63. Find a way to make a 70 or 80K animation, so I only need to make 1 animation a year.

  19. FRIDAY JUNE 24, DAY 5/5


    Thanks to the idea generator process this week and the Q&A session with Nisandeh, I was able to overcome doubt and finally choose the business idea that I will build during WOMB program.

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️THE BABY HOTEL⭐️⭐️⭐️

    The one question (asked by Nisandeh during Q&A) that eliminated my doubt is: “WHICH ONE OF THESE IDEAS WILL MAKE A GREATER CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD?”
    The answer was immediately clear to me. Fear and doubt evaporated in a moment of enlightenment.

    Thank you Nisandeh for this brilliant question. To honor it, today I put the answering machine to work on the following question:

    *How will THE BABY HOTEL make a great contribution tot he world?*

    Hereunder 10 ideas:

    1. By providing lots of caring and loving parenting support via live and online events
    2. By providing reliable, clear,
    practical and very useful information to parents
    3. By building a very strong and international community of parents where experiences, pains and tips can be shared
    4. By providing professional and loving support to babies and their parents during sleepless nights
    5. By providing rest and healing to parents reaching (or already in) a burn out
    6. By teaching parents about their children’s sleeping cycles, developmental needs, behavioral psychology so they know exactly what to do to teach their children to sleep
    7. By rising awareness about the importance of rest, predictability, regularity, clarity and routines for children’s sleep quality
    8. By showing parents that it is us (adults/parents) who lovingly (and mostly unconsciously) give unclear signals and bad sleep habits to our little ones
    9. By joining the dots of the relation between good sleep, good nutrition, good physical and mental activities to achieve a good night sleep
    10. By supporting and facilitating everything parents need to reach a rested, balanced and joyful life.

    So this is the end of our first week! I feel so happy and thankful!

    First, I would love to thank @Nisandeh for your mindblowing and life transformative insights. I truly can not thank you enough 🙏.
    Secondly, I want to also thank @Vered for partnering me with two wonderful accountability bodies. The match is way above my expectations!
    Third, I would like to thank my awesome accountability bodies Stance and Sigrid for your wonderful perspectives, advice and for sharing your experiences with me. I am so blessed to have you!
    Finally I want to give special thanks to all the lovely people that provided me support, advice and insight this week. Thank you @Max Hirschel, @Manny Moerman, @Machiel Emmering, @Marie-Louise Krause, @Sin Declerc and @Ine Mulder! (Unfortunately I have not chosen Dia de los Muertos Ine, but I promise I will make it one day).

    Feels like this choice is certainly one of the most important choices in my life! ❤️

    1. WOW Maru! I'm speechless from the depth of your gratefulness and your dedication to the process. You are truly an inspiration and I can't wait to see your project taking place as I totally agree that it is so needed and would bring a relief for so many people who are in need of it and will definitely support in creating a better world.
      WELL DONE!!!

      1. Thank you dear Vered for your empowering comment! ❤️ Today is a day I will never forget. Only the first week and I already feel the WOMB program is the best business program I have ever taken! Thank you for empowering us to improve the world! By doing so, you also do, at an amazing speed and scale! 😍

    2. Congratulations with your breakthrough, Maru! The Baby Hotel is a brilliant idea and I’m sure you’re gonna make it a huge success. You go girl!

    3. Dear Maru,

      CONGRATULTIONS on chosing your FRUIT THREE: The BABY HOTEL. I cannot wait to follow you on the journey of creation. And I just love the way in which you gratefully shared your announcement. I've learned alot from your the way in which you describe your process. Reflecting on it, I realize that I should adjust the manner in which I approach my new business. I must grap the chance and use W.O.M.B. to realize my dream business and contribution instead of doing what I've always done. Thanks to your input, I realize that my focus need adjusting.

    My business: build custom web front-ends

    10 NEW Ideas on how to generate more value and income without putting in extra hours:

    - HIRE & TRAIN OTHERS s to work the way I do, take on big projects and delegate most of the work
    - RECRUIT TOP FRONT-END DEVEOPERS, select the top talents and connect them with companies for a fee
    - Start a PROGRAMMING SCHOOL (to overcome the IMMENSE GAP between Dutch universities and the actual working environment)
    - WRITE A BOOK about what I do, publish it
    - Create an APP TO LEARN PROGRAMMING by playing games
    - OPTIMIZE WEBSITES FOR DISABLED / BLIND PEOPLE; hire disabled / blind people to test those websites
    - Get specialized in website LOAD OPTIMIZATION, becomes #1 expert
    - Write a book / start a training about the HABITS that made me succesful in what I do for over 20 years alrady
    - Book / training about non-specific PROGRAMMING HABITS that made me an expert
    - Host sessions where I BUILD A WEBSITE LIVE in a couple of hours

  21. 1. Instead of a bigger office go back to a smaller one
    2. Take 1 day in the week and block it for working on the business
    3. Group sessions for parents
    4. Make a shift in my offer, work with me or my stagiaire and pay more
    5. Just say no to a new client
    6. Work with clients longer on one day so I have time off on other days
    7. Reject clients with problems at school
    8. Group clients with the same problems
    9. Concentrate on specifiek problems or age only
    10. Stop working with clients, go back to a study and restart

  22. Day 5:
    How do I get students/clients?
    1. Give lectures/workshops by businessevents.
    2. Organise brainstorm sessions in company.
    3. Hire a event company to sell my training as an event.
    4. Make a call to HRM advisors.
    5. Send a mailing tot HRM employees.
    6. Create an fun event with a Personal leadership.
    7. Find a businesspartner to do the selling. Millenial.
    8. Find a businesspartner to create interviews together etc.
    9. Send a mailing to all the houses in Almere.
    10. Advertise in the local newspapers.

  23. Day 4:
    How do I get students/clients?
    1. Send a mail to HRM managers about talentdevelopment
    2. Make an E-book about Organic leadership to use to collect leads.
    3. Make an E-book about Personal Leadership to collect leads.
    4. Make an bigger E-book about the most important things about psychoadaptiv psychology and sell it.
    5. Find a partner who can sell training and organize marketing.
    6. Make an HRM vacature for facilitator on linkedin etc.
    7. Create a research for HRM advisors about the problems they have to face and ask HRM advisors for there opinion.
    8. Give lectures and do a test with an app where they have to login with there mailaccount.
    9. Make a personal development test.
    10. Create a team to help each other.

  24. Working on my biggest struggle in my business currently:

    - That potential clients cannot find me for what I can contribute to solving their problems and/or seeing their opportunities. What I do can be put more on the market than just a by-product of my work of previous work of work from the university. My main struggle is to position myself based on my expertise and what I can contribute to the market. So it is a matter of the ‘right’ visibility.
    o Lead to that I get business that is too divers (my problem that I like it but);
    o Another issues that clients want one thing but I can offer more than one thing, so I question myself do I create different channels for different things or find people around me that I work together with, employ and supervise so I can indirectly to these many things. This look a lot like what I do in education (supervising master students on projects, some come via a company to my (I help structuring) or I find a student for a company, but this is done via my position in the University. I gain the knowledge but not value for money (or the company/institution gets is cheap).

    Solution directions to tackle in indicated struggle:

    Monday 22 June list:
    1. Update my LinkedIn Page
    2. Use and develop my webpage so it can be as a store of information of who I am, what I did, what I can do and how I helped (including the right testimonials)
    3. Post information on LinkedIn in a regular frequency
    4. Twitter regularly
    5. Re-Tweet relevant post with comments
    6. Start Blogging on relevant topics
    7. Start Vlogging on relevant topics
    8. Write summaries of projects I’m directly and indirectly involved in
    9. Write summaries of relevant projects that I did in the past
    10. Write articles in professional magazines
    Tuesday 22 June list:
    11. Write articles in scientific magazines
    12. Write a or several books
    13. Start of make sure I can have one or more columns in newspapers, website or magazines
    14. See if I can be interviews on several relevant topics
    15. Organize to be interviewed (by friend, colleague or family) [own interviews] to be used in in several multi-media channels
    16. Start a YouTube channel
    17. Comments on the contribution of others in my field
    18. Post Quick solutions “Who to” in several multi-media channels
    19. Start little courses that interested potential clients can follow via any type of social media
    20. Start a full study program on several relevant topics
    Wednesday 23 June list:
    21. Make presentation that I gave (or even after update) available on social media
    22. Get people to redirect (link) my social media on their social media
    23. Develop solutions instructions using generally available schemes and post them on social media for potential clients to start and give a link to offer help.
    24. Start a mailing list
    25. Start a I have a question website and respond to posted questions
    26. Start an online internet discussion forum
    27. Create a party public available knowledge base (source) to be used by many as a reliable source
    28. Develop a set of a bright future where my ideas on this future are incorporated
    29. Start my own magazine
    30. Sticker my car with contact information and a good slogan
    Thursday 24 June list:
    31. Develop a large set of business card with solution ideas on the back
    32. Organize a valorisation center where not only my own results but also the work of others is posted, parts can be just a reference with a link and a short summary others can be enriched with the option for consultancy or an open discussion how things might work out for an interested party
    33. Use my LinkedIn contacts for endorsements
    34. Use my the people I worked with or that I supervised in the past as reference and feedback on my work
    35. Ask my contacts if I can help them and or if the know people that might be interested in help
    36. Formalize a set of hypothetical problems (and elaborate) upon them, show what steps can be taken, ask if this (the problem) sound familiar and offer help
    37. Look into several industries / companies and explain what problem they will be facing if they do not look for adequate support (and offer help)
    38. Go in ‘online’ dialog with others in the field that (partly) agree with me
    39. Go in ‘online’ dialog with others in the field that (partly) disagree with me
    40. Write a scientific novel about a world that can be developed taking the right steps and offer help to do so

    Friday 25 June list:
    41. Organize a pizza session with some friends and ask them for ideas or contacts to discuss opportunities
    42. Interview former students on why they would or would not ask me for my expertise (what expertise) and what the suggest
    43. Gather from literature a set of often mentioned problems and generate solutions and discuss in a selected set of my network if they see the same.
    44. Generate a network around me so I can if request come up still say yes and not worrying about the fact that I have to do it (even it might me that potential clients ask me because the think the need me for the assignment).
    45. Come up with an hypothetical company and demonstrate my skills and consultancy practices within this hypothetical company (easier than the collective of previous projects)
    46. Make a info graphics of what my company (Me Inc.) can offer to clients.
    47. Offer to work for a (half) day at companies (for free of valued afterwards) to give a set of suggestions or understanding problems to revised later
    48. Look for companies that offer sort-like services look what they do for whom and see if I would do the same or how and in what why I differ from them
    49. Demonstrate my skill within a small company that I will buy for this reason and at the same time have a parallel business
    50. Find a way to work as a chameleon (within the set of colors that I have) and adapt the market response to the necessary colors

  25. My struggle for this week is: Get a constant flow of new clients and in that way more revenue and profit.

    Day 5!!!
    1. Find an intern as social media marketeer
    2. create new free giveaway
    3. start webshop with our products and merchandise
    4. Make Summerschool 2022 for FREE
    5. Publish bookchat on our social media
    6. start PO Community
    7. Become sponsor of an Agile Event
    8. Organise a Product Owner event
    9. Promote Kaartenset at certified trainers
    10. Interview Product Owners and publish this on website and LinkedIn

  26. 31. Mail a form and ask who they are and in which stage of the diet they are
    32. Only to the people who filled the form offering the right product
    33. Make more mini funnels dependent what they filled in the form
    34. Offering little packages first
    35. Send them a questionnaire
    36. Dependant what they filled in the questionnaire send the people who are ready to start and want more info and help, send them a calender where they can make a Free appointment with me (Max 15 minutes)
    37. Offer people after a Free call the end product with a better price
    38. Offer people after a Free call the end product with extra bonus
    39. ASK them what they already have and what they need
    40. Devide leads in different groups dependant what stage they are at certain moment in the funnel