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Yildiz van der Zijden

1. My one important goal for 2023: Make the pelvic floor therapy for men 2. Why haven’t I achieved it so far: I’ve got/had the feeling of not knowing enough. Who am i to make this… I need a male pelvic floor anatomic model and to buy it is very expensive (maybe this stupid thing is the biggest reason for not starting yet) Didnt’make time for it yet I have no… Read More

A healthy ‘go to bed routine’ helps your body to know that bedtime has come. SInce I did courses for being a slaapoefentherapeut I sleep much better 🙂 Laptop closes at 21u max Relax, read or watch television Do a Tabata (4 min workout) together with my husband and sometimes the kids Write my plan for the next day Write in my acknowledge diary Write reflection to… Read More

Yes, I love my morning routine! My life changed drastic in the positive way by starting meditation in the moring. 1. 6.09h first bell rings 2. 6.10 extending and flexing my back (holle rug/bolle rug) 2. wash and get myself dressed 3. prepare breakfast 5. I do some big arm movements to extend and strech my body 4. Get myself centered by tapping my whole body 5. Use … Read More

What a content Everybody gives, thanks!! I think most is Said… But for me it’s – Write valie blogs/ artikels – give value tips and information in video’s – use the video’s for social media and YouTube and my website – have a very good opt-in – have e-books – have a Book – have interviews – have results shown on your website – show the best reviews

I use a lot of communication by e-mail 1. I always give an answer. 2. I always say ‘hello’ in the way they said ‘hello’ to me. 3. I don’t assume but ask questions back for more information to give a right answer. 4. I give extra information when I have that in a blogpost. 5. I always try to write their name in the right way (although my name is mostly wrong spelt, I feel m… Read More

I help Woman to stop their urineloss or prolaps. When i’m more known: more Woman would get the right help and they can be sure of a body that can Dance and run and do what they want without being scared of a wet pants.


1. Make my planning the evening before 2. Depending on my planning I now I’m most productive in the morning. So when i have to write: I start with it in the morning When I have things to do that I have to do for a long time… I make my to do list en force myself to start with them first thing in the morning > Eat the frog first. 3. WHen I don’t come to action, but … Read More

A lot has been mentioned, but my top list in difficult times: 1. I have a special box in my e-mail where i keep al my positive e-mails. So when i don’t know for who of what i’m doing al my hard work I start reading these e-mails. Helps me a lot! 2. I stop working and go out for a walk. 3. I take some thinking time. 4. I make a list of what i can do, and start with sm… Read More

Hi there! I use video a lot for these promotions: 1. About me video 2. explaining my program 3. interview with a collegue/expert 4. giving examples about how to do an excercise 5. My product: are video therapiesessions how to stop urineloss or prolaps 6. Using small parts of the videotherapie in my blogposts 7. promotion for my challenge 8. I use my own video’s to… Read More

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