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Maaike de Valk

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1) Incompany: €250 pp Signe up through masterclass: van €597 to €397 2) Most courses I have seen for a Day training is €175-€295 . 3) not yet

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2) they don’t realise they need it. 3) focus on Swimming instructies 4) i can’t think of Anything right now

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So meting to do with believing that’s a possebilety for me .

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Well One of my website has to re-orgenised comleetly. And my creteria’s : Afordebel, good tecnacal Knowledge, and “ontzorgen” I don’t know the English word

I have the incompany training that is a fixed Price per person. And I offer courses that people have to sign up to, they get a masterclass Price live and also when they look the Recording there is a special Price My prices are on the High end Within this segment

Hai My product is a masterclass, then a training, then they can do a deepening training and they can get help to set up lessons for kids with autisme. The Main product is starting up now. The masterclass Ape als to most of the partispaters. The challenge is to correctly help a Child with ADHD or autism to a Swimming degree. These kids are titels to be Bussy, loa… Read More

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I have now 2 incompany trainingen on date and, 5 or 6 people how want to be at a training. I want to give 4 training in a Month with 15-20 persons

B2c are female swiminstructurs in the Age of 30-45 , they ar Living in the South of the netherlands, they are traint at MBO level, She is on payroll with the Boss. Has a famaly with Children Works part-time, there intrests are other Sports, the shape there body is in and there close famaly. My English wrighting is not so Great, I Hope you understand it.

Number 2, I have a mailing list but I don’t do Enough with it . I need to be more consistent with my contact moments with this list.

It’s a Pain to update it. I hired someone to do it for me, it saves a lot of stress

Im worrying that Is don’t have Enough budget for good help. Just keep going the way Ik do and the budget wil come.

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Im also on Facebook and instagram. But instagram not as much. My prospects are on Facebook and LinkedIn

I have plenty of leads but they don’t turn into sales. And I Sometimes miss sales because of ineffective follow-up. Well I need to step it up with follow-up and I need to be more in their face after a masterclass to reminder them of the offer and try to find out why they didn’t buy.

For my it is Keeping up with constant change. I’m fortunet to know Aramik how keeps me informed on LinkedIn. I think I have to Read the mailings of the Different platforms more to keep up.

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Make it a subject of my Daily live and explain more what is possible in my Company?

I don’t think my clients understand all that I have to offer: be Clear about what I have to offer more when I have my masterclass, exploitatie more what is possible

February 28, 2022 Aramik Garabidian

Before working with Aramik, I thought that Linkedin was a rather dull platform and LinkedIn Marketing would be tough. Now that I am learning about LinkedIn with Aramik, I have learned that you can make beautyful connections on this platform , that it is much more serious than facebook, and that I can make blogs without a website. That’s Why I am recommending Aramik as … Read More

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