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Guy Westelinck

November 16, 2022 Optimize What Kinda Works

Day 1: Kinda works: – Old newsletter – Direct mail – Webshop – Brochures – Pure promotional video – Personal help – Via-via Day 2: Optimise: EASY: none SOME EFFORT: Newsletter (new version gets more and more succes), promotional video, webshop DIFFICULT: direct mail, brochures, personal help, via-via Day 3: No easy … Day 4, some efforts: – Keeping … Read More

November 3, 2022 Stop What Doesn’t Work

Day 1: Not working =============== Non-personal videos Offers to customers who are not ready to buy Offers of high end products above the technical knowledge of the customer Time spent on social media Day 2: 3 lists Easy to elim ============ Old news letter Promotions on social media Non-personal videos A bit effort to eliminate =================== Tim… Read More

Thank you for the workshop. It was a clear and complete system. Very valuable and useable. Also why or not to use it was clear and thank you for the transparency in that. Takeaways: – The complete system on 2 A5’s (my notes) – The specific structure of this specific kind of video’s – The 5 steps to implement the system (or not)

October 27, 2022 Evaluation Time

Day 1. Keeping companies running by providing them the electronics they need (world wide scarcity problem) Day 2. Personal support Understanding and thinking along with the customer Open communication Doing the effort to search and find possibilities Finding REAL alternatives Day 3. Linked in posts Promotions Online fast ordering tool Commercial mailing … Read More

Video about how cheap you can go in electronics.

In replay to Bas van Amersfoort

Als dat jouw panic zone is, dan wil ik jouw comfortzone weleens zien, Bas :-). Dit is echt goed, nauwelijks iets op aan te merken en zeker “verkoopbaar”. Twijfel daar absoluut niet aan. Ook je metaforen naar dagelijkse zaken, maken je verhaal duidelijk. En eerlijk gezegd: “prioriteren” lijkt mij supersaai wanneer ik dat woord zie, maar toch had ik geen moeite om 10 minute… Read More

October 21, 2022 Time for Review

Day 5: Solve the gaps, first one: group management (program) Add simple software tool (program and shop) Add “efficient” products (program and shop)

October 21, 2022 Time for Review

Day 3 and 4. Strengths (shop) ————————- Personal contact Extensive product knowledge Fast response time Search service Private stock service Local player Weaknesses ——————- Higher prices No free software tools Delivery duty paid Investment cost 48h delivery Strengths (program) —————————— Personal contact… Read More

October 19, 2022 Time for Review

Day 1. Better: almost everything I did, can be done better. I just didn’t see where it was going to. Preparation Was a bit overwhelming. I had no idea where this was going to. ME: Take more notes to execute the program offline Idea generator Was a bit unclear to me in the beginning ME: Take more notes to execute the program offline Delegate From here on I saw a path ME:… Read More

October 16, 2022 Position Yourself

FINAL day. Adapted the about us page (Dutch):

Over ons

October 12, 2022 Position Yourself

1. Electronics WHO: I help companies getting the electronics they need to function and produce WHY: I believe that I can provide a more personal service and be able to switch faster to other solutions when scarcity hits your electronic needs WHY: I have sourced electronics for many years and as an engineer I know what I’m working with so you get the quality you want WH… Read More

This week I created raw video material for two videos of my first Q&A series and a label I’ll apply on each video to distinguish them from other video’s. Next week another one ;-).

October 6, 2022 Answer THEIR Questions Q&As

In replay to Alma Thoen

Survey tools, DO work, technically. BUT: creating a survey is a SKILL. A paintbrush and some paint, DO work, technically, but when you don’t understand the skill of painting, your results won’t be good. More than 80 % of the surveys I receive are complete disasters as they never got checked from within the point of view of the customer or contain stupid errors agains… Read More

October 4, 2022 Answer THEIR Questions

In replay to Guy Westelinck

Edit: as I see this day is about the format. I will use Zoom. Lot of other fancy stuff available, but this fits the situation at best.

October 3, 2022 Answer THEIR Questions

Not for the electronics part as I don’t have a topic that is hot to them (professional buyers). I am doing the same job as they do. Not YET for the videomarketing part. This will be done and is planned to do in the pre-launch period. It will also be used later to collect input for the structure of the program.

Thank you for the clear plan. Biggest take aways: the trick with the letters behind the search word. The whole idea of making a book from FAQ’s. I combined this idea not immediately for a book, as I decided that will grow organically, but with a video series called “Hey Guy, … ?” And than the dots are the question. So sorry that I did not implement what you asked fr… Read More

September 27, 2022 My Expert Book – Preparation

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Thanks, Nisandeh. Professional electronics is better then, I think (and hope).

September 27, 2022 My Expert Book – Preparation

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Oh, sorry, thanks for reminding me on that. Then: 1. Electronics 2. Video marketing As these two are too broad to do any useful marketing with them, I suppose this will not only be about marketing … I’ll look forward to Thursdag.

September 27, 2022 My Expert Book – Preparation

Reasons why you must publish an expert book;
 1. Easier marketing 2. Easier networking 3. Keeping information structured 4. Helping customers with their first steps 5. Let them discover if this is something for them 6. Ask higher price 7. Use it as extra documentation 8. Use it as a bonus 9. Expert positioning 10. Centralised product overview == Why … Read More

September 22, 2022 When You Hit the Wall Q&As

In replay to Logan Maxwel

Hello Logan, Totally agree with Nisandeh. I just want to add some perspective: – when you act on the distractions, you become a serial multitasker. This will cut your efficiency by AT LEAST 30 %. – when you act a longer time on a distraction, the time to recover your original focus can become up to 23 minutes and 15 seconds (Canadian research tested in an email s… Read More

September 16, 2022 The Gold in Your Expertise

Day 4: Basic video and audio Target: people that want to know the basic tech skills for creating a video. Purpose: to fill the wholes in the knowledge they have Price: 197, but will be a free bonus with larger program “Discover the basics of audio and video” … “so you will have more clarity about what to do, self confidence in how to do it and get the right result… Read More

September 15, 2022 The Gold in Your Expertise

Crash course in brain functioning -> brain models: video -> Basic NLP: video -> Mindset: video Editing, tech reqs: PDF Basic video and audio knowledge: video Script, reasons: video

September 13, 2022 The Gold in Your Expertise

Day 2: – How to create a video -> 1. Purpose, 2. Script, 3. Technical stuff – How to write a script -> 1. Purpose, 2. Create the story, 3. Language tricks – Do you need to write a script -> 1. Reasons why, 2. Reasons why not – What is influencing -> 1. What is influencing, 2. How to influence, 3. Language skills – Understanding editing (technical) … Read More

September 12, 2022 The Gold in Your Expertise

Day 1: – How to create a video – How to write a script – Do you need to write a script – What is copywriting – What is influencing – Understanding editing (technical) – Understanding editing (emotional) – Crash course in brain functioning

September 9, 2022 Publish An Expert Video

Day 3: What means that a cable is microphonic Day 4: recorded it Day 5: haven’t found the time to edit it, will be for this weekend.

September 7, 2022 Publish An Expert Video

Day 2: 1. How to order a component 2. Difference in cables 3. Why a cable is not a cable anymore at higher frequencies 4. How to roll up a cable 5. How to solder (exists already) 6. Why I will kill you when you bridge a fuse with aluminium foil or a copper wire 7. Why the media and fireworkers use the term short circuit when this is completely wrong in most cases 8… Read More

September 5, 2022 Publish An Expert Video

Day 1: Why 1. Easier marketing 2. Easier networking 3. Better connection 4. Making the first contact without having to move physically 5. Give more and complete information through style (voice, tonality, body language, language, … ) 6. Sets me apart of the others that don’t do this. 7. Make contact repeatedly everywhere 8. Use it as extra documentation 9. To r… Read More

A book has come on my radar again. I don’t have the time to write it now. It will be create alongside with my product. 1 times work, 2 results.

September 3, 2022 My VIP Product – Follow Up

The biggest was the system of listing all the detailed problems, finding all the solutions for these and then select them on time cost vs value for the customer. A huge work but a guarantee to have a solid and complete program. Other insights: – The value formula. The parts of it were known but the formula brings them together in a very clear way, which makes it much eas… Read More

September 1, 2022 Your Expert How-To Book

Day 4 1. Customer journey to fast succes 2. I would like to co-operate with other real experts 3. Just a conversion from course preparation to book as it contains all sorts of content already 4. Compile an “Always wanted to know” step by step by situations and questions that rise in the process

August 31, 2022 Your Expert How-To Book

Day 2 (with the help of article of day 3 … ) 1. NLP in marketing 2. Body language in your videos 3. Basic understanding of audio editing 4. Basic understanding of video editing 5. Telling a story visually 6. Getting over your internal objections against being on video 7. Choosing the right marketing platform for you 8. Multiplying your content 9. Basic camera an… Read More

August 31, 2022 Your Expert How-To Book

In replay to Sin Declerc

Thanks :-), you’re welcome 🙂 .

August 30, 2022 Your Expert How-To Book

Day 1: Why 1. Easier marketing 2. Easier networking 3. Keeping information structured 4. Helping customers with their first steps 5. Let them discover if this is something for them 6. Ask higher price 7. Use it as extra documentation 8. Use it as a bonus 9. Expert positioning

August 28, 2022 Grow Your Expert Position

Day 4 + 5 Having too many goals would spread my focus and efficiency too much. Only two goals: – become known as the expert, helping and flexible supplier with personal access – augment my expert status just before launching my training program How to: By creating the right and targeted videos that show my expertise, my understanding of their problem and all the poss… Read More

August 24, 2022 Grow Your Expert Position

Day 2: What I want to be known for: 1. No one left behind 2. Translate technical language to normal language 3. Provide the bigger picture 4. Translate the bigger picture 5. Reliable 6. Based on black on white proven science 7. Straight on honest communication 8. No hidden agenda 9. Motivate 10. Inspire 11. Learn how to fish 12. Loveful confrontation 13. Effi… Read More

August 23, 2022 Grow Your Expert Position

Day 1: 1. To get customers more easily 2. To sell more easily 3. To feel more free 4. To allow myself to express myself more 5. Attract ideal customers 6. Speaking opportunities 7. Easier networking 8. Better marketing 9. Easier branding 10. Better projects

This has been a difficult one for me, for my products and B2B services. I do most of the 10 ideas and these work moderately well. Problem is that I cannot be an ideal customer as a lot of my suppliers don’t share these values. They follow strict rules and a lower service level and hereby limit the service level I want to provide to the customer. When a customer places an… Read More

August 17, 2022 Are You an Ideal Client?

Day 3: More ideal is difficult, they are larger companies with less possibilities for personal contact. They could be more ideal to me if they changed that and then I could communicate better with them so I could become a closer and more active/engaged customer. Day 4: I shared their last blog announcement with an introduction and comment of myself about why I think … Read More

In replay to Marie-Louise Krause

Hi Marie-Louise, yes, I’ve found how this works now (finding answer in the mail and then going to here). Thank you! I don’t do tenders anymore. That is really purely price driven. I cannot beat the international competitors on price. One of them is even a company of the group of Warren Buffet. They have tons of money. And I’ve even been beaten directly by a manufacturer … Read More

August 2, 2022 Find Out What THEY Want

Day 1 What I want to know. 1. What is their biggest challenge 2. What makes them make a choice for a certain supplier 3. What is important for them 4. What would make their job/function a lot easier/better/faster and more enjoyable 5. When they would have a magic wand, what would be the first thing they would change with it That is really all I need to know, otherwi… Read More

Day 4: No idea how I can transform a normal client in an ideal one. Ideal ones are companies (bigger numbers and amounts). I can’t tell a private customer he/she needs to accept minimal pieces. They are a completely different world with completely different needs. For non-ideal clients that are … Read More

Day 3 80 % must be an ideal client. The rest of the 20 % is welcome when the time cost is shorter than 5 minutes to process.

Day 2 1. Open 2. Honest 3. Enthousiastic 4. Willing to learn 5. Being grateful 6. Friendly 7. Sense of humour 8. Authentic 9. Visually oriented 10. Trustable

Day 1 (delayed because of holidays) 1. More fun 2. More energy 3. Being 100 % my true self 4. Better relationship 5. Easier referrals 6. Less discussions 7. Less extra work 8. Less costs 9. More inspiration 10. Easier marketing

It was chaos this week. There is so much to clean up that I needed to make a planning per half an hour to keep the overview on tasks that I want to automate, tasks that needed to be finished, … I booked progress and finished some tasks that were open for months. So that is positive. But still a long way to go. Today I spend a full day on upgrading my systems.

July 20, 2022 Creating Time

Day 2 Agenda is as full as ever but more items in it that I really needed to finish. More things done because saved half an hour by eliminating a non-productive task.

July 18, 2022 Creating Time

Planning every day 15 minutes in the evening and on the evenings that other things are planned that require that I am physically elsewhere, this block will shift to the day before or after. I will count how much time is needed for the STOP and LESS items. Dropping them will deliver me more than the 15 minutes a day.

Nothing really executed this week as I am on holiday right now. Came up with ideas this week that can make my business easier and more efficiently to run. Especially LESS and STOP are what I need. Most of them need to grow an habit of awareness. I will write these down and put in front of me on my desk where I continously can see them.

July 14, 2022 Become Super Productive

STOP: 1. Endless mails 2. Wasting too much time on non-ideal customers 3. Non-productive tasks 4. Doubt 5. Procrastination Doubt, non-ideal customers, non-productive tasks

July 13, 2022 Become Super Productive

LESS: 1. Content consumption 2. Research on projects with almost zero chance of execution 3. Extending product range 4. Non-productive tasks 5. Creating much too long responses on email questions -> create as many FAQ’s of them 6. Attaching value to certainty 7. Sideway activities 8. Doubt and procrastination FAQ’s, content consumption, non-productive tasks

July 13, 2022 Become Super Productive

DO MORE: 1. Content curation 2. Structure 3. Plan and execute (tested and works) 4. Eliminate non-productive tasks 5. Reach out 6. Make things more efficient Content curation, plan & execute, eliminate

July 11, 2022 Become Super Productive

NEW 1. Clean up sessions 2. News gathering for news letter 3. News letter on REGULAR basis 4. Constantly explore tasks that can be removed Just started with something new: a good day planner.

What did you get out of this week’s assignment? – Some parts that can be automated. As these also have an influence on other parts, more work is needed. Why: – Clarity and efficiency Learned: – Gathering insight about what is happening and the paths and processes information and actions follow. Celebrating: – Holiday within a few days.

July 7, 2022 Automate Something New

HOW 1. One hour each weekend 2. Test 3. Log 4. Find Apple-users for testing 5. Test user friendliness 6. Put testers and new users in an emaillist 7. Promote the tool 8. Find all points where information can be confusing 9. Test internally 10. Remember to clean up 11. Respect portability

July 7, 2022 Automate Something New

In replay to Guy Westelinck

And I will need some javascript too.

July 7, 2022 Automate Something New

TOOLS No specific tools, just coding a system in Lazarus, html and php. So everything is connected together perfectly.

July 7, 2022 Automate Something New

1. Ordering process 2. Follow up 3. Efficient history look up 4. Back order overview 5. Automatic reminders

July 4, 2022 Automate Something New

WHY 1. Clarity 2. Centralisation 3. Saving time 4. Short reaction time 5. Overview 6. Looks like the big ones 7. Creating systems out of daily chaos 8. Structure 9. Becoming less tied to the company 10. Making customers’ life easier

June 30, 2022 Delegate Something New

HOW to 1. Draw a structure to define the limits and needs for the task. 2. Look up the delegation template for Fiverr. 3. Check if there is a match. 4. Check their comprehension level. 5. Have a video chat. 6. Be clear about responsabilities. 7. Support their need for clarity. 8. Do the task first and define and optimize it. 9. Create an evaluation/follow-up syste… Read More

June 29, 2022 Delegate Something New

WHO to delegate to? 1. Fiverr 2. Upwork 3. Flex VA 4. Software solution 5. Online automation system 6. Student 7. IBO 8. Hobbyists 9. Educational organisations 10. FB group -> Fiverr

June 29, 2022 Delegate Something New

WHAT to delegate 1. Admin 2. Small graphical design works 3. Transcription 4. Research 5. Content preparation 6. Content pre-curation And that is it. As I “only” do 7 jobs, I cannot delegate 10 jobs. -> Small graphical design works.

June 29, 2022 Delegate Something New

In replay to Vered Neta

Thanks Vered. That I forgot indeed.

June 27, 2022 Delegate Something New

WHY 1. Save time (in the end). 2. Get results faster. 3. Less stress. 4. Get more results. 5. Discover other methods. 6. More space in the mind to be creative. 7. More time for the most important things. 8. Obligation to work more structuredly. 9. Time to take a break. 10. Having a kind of extra sounding board.

1. A wide variety of ideas 2. Be alert for this behaviour – Make a plan with baby steps – Create 2 minutes for every 1 minute I consume 3. That the brain becomes better when excercising this. 4. I celebrated yesterday because a beautiful opportunity existed.

1. Trust the process 2. Expect positive results 3. Get realistic estimations of risk 4. Understand the details better 5. Draw the steps to make them visual 6. Just take the first step 7. Keep a track record 8. Transform the feeling 9. Implement systems 10. Be convinced by the big percentage I know/can in stead of looking to the small percentage I’m still growing i… Read More

In replay to Jellie Banga

Don’t attach too much value on “visibility”. Visibility is sometimes miles away from sales. I know “visibility” is a hype. But visibility pays no bills, sales do.

Thursday for being addicted to certainty 1. Listened about how others do this (done!) 2. Asked another coach I know for ideas 3. Make a plan with baby steps 4. Create 2 minutes for every 1 minute I consume 5. Plan 3 things for the next week that involve uncertainty 6. Keep a record 7. Keep exact costs/gains 8. Use others as a stick behind the door 9. Do every day … Read More

Day 2/5 1. Make cost/gain balance 2. Celebrate gains 3. Do small things 4. Repeat things that work 5. Watch how succesful people coped with it 6. What did this cost me 7. Celebrate the succesful uncertainties of today 8. Self-hypnosis 9. Create a journal 10. Be prepared to take the losses

My struggle: disconnect more from the need for certainty. 1. Just do it! 2. Become consciously aware of this behaviour. 3. Watch a powerful short video. 4. Think about the REAL consequences of a wrong step. 5. What can I miss when I’m not doing it? 6. Take pen and paper and make it visual. 7. Calculate the REAL risk vs. gain. 8. Watch how others did it. 9. Break d… Read More

I am an amazing generalist In my business, I am a lousy executor I want to become known as THE video marketing trainer The best thing about my business is the support The one thing I definitely need to change about my business is structure. What makes me happy in my business is seeing customers grow. What makes me unhappy in my business is inefficie… Read More

In replay to Mariëlle van den Donk

Thank you Mariëlle, wish you a lot of ups too! 🙂 Interesting. Yes, I see, your products are in a market where there is a lot of competition too. It indeed would be wonderful to have ups almost all the time :-). Take care of your loyal customers ;-). All the best!

3. Expert positioning 5. Focus on ideal customer 2. Online presence

In replay to Mariëlle van den Donk

I feel you Mariëlle. Good that you took the challenges and found solutions. I also have ups and downs on which I have very limited control. I also would like more stability. Yes I experience the same: positive results give more energy. Even a positive connection without immediate result gives me already energy. Is it possible that you have a bit the same challenge as… Read More

1. I have a distribution company for electronics and want to narrow it down to industrial customers and schools, even if the competition is huge (companies that are sitting on a mountain of money (1 of them even indirectly owned by Warren Buffet)) in that niche. The values are rather “dry” for this: helping to provide them the products they need. I’m busy starting a vide… Read More

Current business (distributor of electronic components and tools for the electronic industry): 1. Survive against the massive competition of the giants in my niche 2. Buyers of companies and schools that manufacture/develop/use electronics on a professional level 3. Supplying components and tools 4. VERY efficient was to connect with the right persons and make them cho… Read More

February 28, 2022 Aramik Garabidian

Before working with Aramik, I thought LinkedIn was only for boring stuff. Now that I am learning about LinkedIn with Aramik, I have learned that you can be yourself on LI, that it is even a quality to do that. I also learned about creating the perfect profile and the “culture” that works on LinkedIn. That’s why I am recommending Aramik as an Expert, because Aramik certain… Read More

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