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Dunja Kuenen

At the moment my main service is Brain Gym and you have to be qualified to use this brand. An exit could be to sell it to another Brain Gym instructor. Or I come up with a concept in which Brain Gym is not the motor of the business and can more easily be sold combined with a Brain Gym instructor JV.

Most of the incentives have already been mentioned. What is common practice in Brain Gym is a substantial discount (30-40%) when you do a course again (2nd or 3rd time). When attending a course for the first time the book is included in the price. For the second time students bring their book along.

I am also struggling with my prices as most of my colleagues do. We are selling the same product as in the same course which is developed by Brain Gym International and they are strict with the content of the courses. We can add some value to it, but the courses are fully packed for the mandatory hours. What I intend to do is to raise the prices gradually and see what va… Read More

Boost your profits: Brain Gym doesn’t sell lightly in a package. What I did is I made a ‘strippenkaart’ (buy several sessions at once for a slightly cheaper price) for the whole family. Valid for one year as from date of purchase. In this way I know how much sessions I have sold and what I can count on for the coming year as in reserving time for the sessions. Find out … Read More

When you get overwhelmed step out even for 5 minutes. Feel what you need at this specific moment: a clear view, some rest, a walk in nature etc. Or take a simple task at hand which does not require too much thinking. You have at least done one thing for that day. This might just open the space to get all the other things done. You can also look if there is a task which req… Read More

Asking the right questions is key. Take a step back and practice a helicopter view helps me a lot. To see the bigger picture and not losing myself in the details. Set your goal / intention and take the first step. The ‘how’ is not that important. When you focus on the ‘how’ you might miss opportunities, ideas, insights which can take you further.

I have b2c business. It is therefore unlikely that I will use cold calling. When I call someone, client or private, I ask most of the time if it is convenient that I call. If not, what would be a could time to call? That would probably my first question. When I think back to some of those cold call conversations from services like energy, phone companies and the like is th… Read More

Though I have not a team and so far I have only used 2-3 times a freelancer one thing is obvious: communication is key. When I will be working in the beginning with them I will ask to repeat my assignment to see whether they have understood what I am asking. As you are working more and longer with them you can skip this step. At the moment I am training a new colleague… Read More

An extensive list of possibilities of referrals. I got out of the blue a referral from a client. So, I will send that client a thank you note. Time to implement referrals more strategically and find out what works for me.

In replay to Bina Kal

Bina, I like that sentence on the first and last page. I will be thinking of ways where I can implement it in my business.

An interesting way to get more visibilaty and new leads. I have to think really hard to come up with an idea in my line of business. But a seed is planted and who knows what will grow out of it.

My blogging is consisting and I have two consistent posts on FB, one at the beginning of the week and the other on Friday celebrating the week. My website does not entirely resonate with me anymore. So, I plan to make it more like me now then I was several years ago. You grow and so does your personality. It is a process. I want to take up posting videos on FB again. I sto… Read More

Thanks for the tips. Can use it for the next time I launch a new product. At the moment I have no new upcoming product.

Time off is important also during the day. Twice a week I go walking with a friend. We catch up with things we find important and have a walk in nature. As I have only 2 hours of sun on my balcony during the day and love sun bathing I take every chance to sit in the sun during those hours. It is mandatory time off from my laptop as well, as I cannot read the screen. … Read More

I think everything is already said. Just be me. Share my experiences past (with my children) and present. Listen carefully to your clients. Be enthousiastic about your product/service. Love the idea of Ine about the packaging.

I am a member of several FB groups where the parents hang out to find out what they are struggling with. This is a longterm process. Some colleagues of mine are my target audience (parents), so a chat with them reveals also what they are struggling with and sometimes they come for advice. I could go to sportmatches for children, however, it is not one of my favourite p… Read More

In replay to Tineke de Bunje

Hi Tineke, About your #2. You can indeed see it in two ways. What I meant with that sentence (I assume you saw it in one of my comments) is that you give what they ask for and in the process give what they need. For example: a client wants to have more space in his/her calendar. During the conversation you find out he/she cannot delegate. In the process of making more s… Read More

In replay to Max Hirschel

Hey Max, I love your ideas. #8 is also a good one. Never thought about it.

In our family we have the saying: we celebrate everything and when there is nothing to celebrate we celebrate that. 🙂 Having said this I love Bina’s idea of s, m and l celebrations for the different successes. I wil make a list which will take longer that the 5 minutes. For big wins I go to sauna. Preferably alone so I can enjoy it the way I want it. Otherwise I wi… Read More

Right from the start I outsourced bookkeeping and website building. I used a designer for the covers of my courses and my logo. And I am very happy with her designs. So, future designs I will most likely outsource to her as well. The process of outsourcing will be in small steps, just like Tineke does. And I outsourced cleaning of my house. Unfortunately, they … Read More

I am not that far that I can start delegating. However, with all those tips I can start with making a list what I want/need to do myself and what I can delegate when the time comes. Also writing down how I do things. This might help to review my processes and even make some improvements. Thanks for all the valuable tips.

I notice I do everyone you mention. What I haven’t seen yet as ideas: 1. hopping. It really raises your state and gives you also rhythm. 2. go the playground and use the swing. Besides the fun it has so many more advantages.

What a good ideas everyone has. I will add some I use. 1. playing with words: a space between two nouns or written together can change the meaning, like Buitenspel of buiten spel (playing outside or outside the game). 2. a subject that is generally accepted. Is that the only thing or is there more? Like: Are only carrots good for your eyes? In a webinar it was sug… Read More

I have created a digital course De 9 leerstijlen – ont-dek en ont-wikkel het talent van je kind (the 9 learningstyles, discover and develop the talent of your child). As Brain Gym International is very strict how courses and sessions are given I cannot digitilize it and sell it as a course. I can loose my license. So, instead I want to create courses for parents how they… Read More

Already from the start I have my ideal client in my mind. Children with a learning challenge and as the parents will contact and pay you, they are the clients. My challenge is how to find out where they are, which platforms etc. When my kids went to primary school, the school organized once a … Read More

What works for me to get more people to know me is to participate in specific activities. Together with a colleague we gave several sessions Brain Gym for primary school children in a petting zoo. We reached 460 kids, their teachers and several parents, who accompanied the children. I signed up for a Happiness Route (Geluksroute) to promote Brain Gym. I have a … Read More

All great ideas posted by Nisandeh and all the others. Not sure whether these are already mentioned? Have a short presentation what your are passionate about, which might also be outside your business. For those who know they have to have a workout, but skip it have an online workout in the community.

In replay to Marie-Louise Krause

Hello Marie-Louise, I can help you to make your critical parent a supporting parent with Brain Gym. It can be done online. My website and Facebook are however in Dutch. When you click on my photo you can find my website, Facebook page and LinkedIn. When you contact me we can first schedule an initial interview. Looking forward to help you with this. Dunja

I had a call with Vered about my focus. And Vered gave me very valuable advice about working more strategically and to keep my focus on my business. For me it is now important to set a goal, like a course, and break down the steps I need to take backwards. It gives me overview and focus and therefore time to work on my business. It also gives one the time to be creati… Read More

In replay to Gerdy Heek

Great idea to co-create a book with your clients.

In my live courses besides the content of the course I also have tea, coffee, some snacks and when it is a day-training a vegetarian soup to go with the lunch. I don’t serve lunch as many customers have specific diet wishes. My groups are small, so I do the catering myself. Brain Gym courses are not suitable for groups over 16 to 18, as there is a lot of practice and you … Read More

My accountability buddy is very valuable. We connect weekly. One week it is only a chat, the other week we ‘work’ together. Each at her own business, but having Skype open, tell what we are going to do and evaluate the afternoon. It helps me also to work on my business. Furthermore, my website builder gives me tips or gets me out my comfort zone. And for approximatel… Read More

What is important for me for my productivity is that I get enough sleep. So, being in bed on time is essential. Furthermore, make sure that I have enough ‘quite’ days in the week and don’t cramp my week full with things to do. The toll will be paid the next week. A powernap works great for me. I even wrote a blog on this why it is so important. A to-do list works for… Read More

Good list Nisandeh and I find that I follow the main part of them, especially the do’s. When I did something wrong or made a mistake and someone points this out to me I also thank them to give me a chance to correct same. Sometimes I ask someone how so and so is doing, as I missed them for some time. Then I get the story what’s behind the absence of someone. It can… Read More

There is very little I can add to the tips already given. Franck mentioned being consistent which is indeed very important. And Bina mentioned admitting that you’re wrong or made a mistake is also very important. I do that with my colleagues and also thank them that they enabled me to correct things.

Thanks for all the ideas! What works for me is: 1. a walk in nature. 2. doing double doodles. That is with both hands simultaneously mirroring the same movement like a conductor (dirigent). You can do this in the air, on paper and I use it to scrub the tiles in the shower (bonus: saves me time as well) 3. I have a plaything, it is of metal and in the shape of an 8, … Read More

High time to add more fun in my working day. At the moment I am way too serious. When I see it is 11:11 I act silly as it is the crazy number in the Netherlands (and maybe also in other countries). Rocking on the swing is one of my favourites. Doing double doodles. Helps you also with your creativity. Great to be part of this community with so many ideas. Especially… Read More

I haven’t thought about this subjecct yet. So, I am looking from an employee’s point of view what you can do to keep your team motivated and everyone sparks. 1. Treat everyone equally. When one of your team has an anniversary of being with you so many years and you throw a party. Do it also for other team members later on. 2. David already mentioned it. Find the spark i… Read More

I just finished a LinkedIn challenge with Franck Fielemon. My profile improved and I have increased my connections etc. From where I started it has been a huge step. In comparison to others it is meagre. So, don’t compare myself with others! What I learned and what I will continue: 1. being more effective when posting on LinkedIn as in more comments and reactions by imp… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi Aramik, Great tips. I have a question. My clients are people, mostly kids, with a learning challenge like dyslexia, adhd and the like. How can I use the 2-minute Prospect Strategy you describe? Thanks for your ideas on this one.

In replay to Naomi Dongelmans

Thanks Naomi. Braintoss, I will look into it for the smartphone. As I don’t wear watches at all. 🙂

In replay to Vered Neta

Thanks Vered for this great tip. Time for implementation for this useful use of your smartphone.

Implementation is a challenge for me. I come up with ideas during inconvenient moments like driving a car. By the time I arrive on my destination the idea is gone or somewhere back on my mind and gradually disappears. Or I scribble it somewhere, find it back later and have no clue what I wanted to do with it or am able to read what I wrote. What I implemented now to over… Read More

All good ideas and tips. As my clients are kids and their parents contact me it is a challenge to do research on them. When they are on social media I could try and find them to learn a bit more about them, but have to get to know them and their painpoints in a one-on-one conversation. Manage your own state. (I am going to this sales presentation and I will close the d… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi Aramik, I know the mantra as follows: Cash is King, Sales is Queen. But I lik your variation too.

Here is my list I should stop doing: 1. not finishing a project and already working on another one. 2. saying ‘yes’ too many times, learn to say ‘no’ more. 3. comparing myself to colleagues and find my strength. They see it, now it is my turn to see it. 4. keep consuming information/knowledge/education both for my business, but also outside. I will leave the inspirat… Read More

In replay to Gerdy Heek

Number 1 is a good one, Gerdy. Time to finish my projects.

I have a few things automated and am aware that in the future I will use more automated processes. I already automated: 1. Sales Funnel. 2. ActiveCampaign. 3. When purchasing from my website the payments. 4. LastPass for my passwords. Bookkeeping, especially with subscriptions it is a wonderful tool. As already said I also have a job. Once a year we send out the invoice… Read More

In replay to Melanie Lo

Tip #10 is good one, Melanie. Twist and tweak till the habit fits you instead that you fit the habit. Everyone is unique.

The past months I have been working with someone who is very strict with her time. When we make an appointment to work 2 hours, it will be 2 hours. Not longer. A very important lesson. 1. Tell your clients you have until …. to talk to them. Be clear about this. 2. When talking with your client be clear what you need to know to be able to help them. 3. Be punctual a… Read More

I will keep this lesson in mind when I offer to schools. The use of your language is very essential in this one.

How to think strategically. How to choose a social media platform. How to find a good balance between work and life. How to finish projects. How to gain more self-confidence. How to overcome fear of talking to an audience. Though my son is an adult and doesn’t need that much care, I notice that I am not as productive when he is working from home. So, how can you ov… Read More

Contact the client after one or two days how it is going since their visit. Call clients you haven’t seen for a while how they are doing. Send a birthday card on their birthday. When they need to buy something so they can do their exercises at home, lend them fist the material to experience the benefits. When you are not the right person at that moment to help them,… Read More

In replay to Bina Kal

I like your #3 idea, Bina.

Good topic. My morning routine helps me to energize myself and get focused on the day ahead. In the beginning of the week I make a plan for all the working days. What appointments do I have, business-related or not, what has to be done and what would be nice to have done at the end of the week. Every evening I check my to do list for the following day and if necessary … Read More

Appreciate feedback, which is not necessarily negative. In my case most of the time it helps me grow to believe in myself that I can do it. E.g. I get positive feedback with my courses and all the time I was looking at other colleagues of whom I thought they were so much better. Whether you call it self-confidence, extravert, self-believe or anything else: courage to spe… Read More

What I certainly would delegate to a VA is re-purposing my video’s in other social media content like blog post, podcast etc. Good Powerpoint presentations for my courses is an idea. And the list is in my view complete. What I would like to have is a sparring partner and maybe the VA could be that as well. For the time being I don’t have a VA, but I got a tip once: pre… Read More

In replay to Melanie Lo

Hi Melanie, You do have a morning routine and you compare it with others and judge that it is not healthy. Maybe it is healthy for you. When it works for you it is okay. Your jar of will power lasts only for 15 minutes a day. So, when you want to change, change step by step. Start with the easiest one when that is more or less fixed in your system, only then take the… Read More

A good list Nisandeh. Will keep it in mind when I have an unhappy customer. Up till now I haven’t yet had an unhappy customer, but sometimes I make a mistake in my job. My colleagues are my clients there. What I always do is apologize that I didn’t completely follow their instruction or overlooked something. Than I thank them they pointed it out to me and giving me the opp… Read More

Keeping your energy high can be challenging. It can be useful to feel low in energy now and then so you recognize when your energy is high. These are my favourites. Movement: my body needs a lot of movement. In the morning I start with a Tabata and followed by an exercise from Brian Gym. At the office I have a high-low desk. In combination with the song playing on the rad… Read More

I blog once every fortnight taking into account that parents are very busy with their kids etc. I publish them on Facebook, which gives me the most engagement, and LinkedIn. As paper is patient it is one of my favorites to communicate with my audience. And as Max already said a lot of possibilities for a CTA. Sometimes you can even combine the CTA’s in case you are refer… Read More

A challenging topic. Personal growth is important for me and with that I improve my services and can grow my business. A joint venture is appealing as it is indeed a win-win-win situation for everyone. When your business grows you can expand your team and let them handle the things you are not good at. So you wil have more time to do what you are best in.

I use Facebook and have a business page. Some time ago I was more consistent posting on Facebook then I am now. Most is already said. I also use Facebook to become member of a group on a specific topic to find out what they are struggling with, like dyslexia. And people like to buy from people, so, on your personal page they can get to know you.

Take some time to recover emotionally from your setback. Cry, curse, shout whatever it is will take away the sharp ends off your emotions. In this way you you are able to start thinking again. Then try to gain a helicopterview: what does this situation tells me? What can or did I learn from it. Don’t overanalyse the situation, but see what you can do right now to impro… Read More

In replay to Dunja Kuenen

Forgot to mention. Write in my gratitude book what I am grateful for what this day brought me.

My evening routine has some fixed ingredients, but there are also activities which simply come up and I will act on it. 1. cooking dinner. 2. having dinner either alone of with my son. 3. cleaning the kitchen. I prefer to enter a clean kitchen in the morning. 4. if there is still some work to do I will do it or when I feel inspired to do so I do it as well. 5. Chec… Read More

In replay to Melanie Lo

HI Melanie, could not find your reply to me, which I received by mail, to the topic ‘customer service’ on the page. So, I reply on this one. Yes, it was great to talk to you yesterday and I am looking forward to the 23rd as well. Your tips on this topic especially #4 is a good one. Thanks

Though I juggle a bit with my morning routine, depending whether I go to the office, have activities elsewhere or spend the day at home, I have fixed items. 1. before I get up I drink 2 glasses of water together with a supplement, which has to be taken at least half an hour before a meal. 2. I do a short mediation in bed. 3. Then I get up, which will be at 5 when going… Read More

Work to do! Fill in the blank spots and update several items. Entered yesterday a LinkedIn challenge with Franck Fielemon. Likely that in three weeks time I can come up with some extra tips.

In my view the list is complete. Insights for me. 1. Use my social media differently. Just signed up for a LinkIn challenge. 2. Find out more about my parents and what they are struggling most with. 4. Contacted today someone and we have a chat tomorrow. 5. Being more creative with my content marketing.

PLANNING: At the beginning of the week I already plan what I have to do daily. And the evening before I make a definitive list for the following day, including non-business related things. E.g. calling the dentist for an appointment, which can only be done during specific hours. INTENTION: my morning routine includes making an intention for that day. What energy will ben… Read More

I doubt whether I will use a short survey or the like to ask for feedback. It has almost become spam. Certainly the large companies are doing it for everything, either a product or service. Now most of the time I throw them away. Having said that, here are my ideas. When I have made an error I apologize and correct it as soon as possible. I do my utmost for correct spe… Read More

All the 10 points Nisandeh has already written are vaulable to invest in writing a book. And the additions Muriël made as well. I can’t come up with more. I am still looking for a topic to write a book about. So, until then I skip this project. There is still enough to work on.

In replay to Gerdy Heek

WOW Gerdy. You get a lot of value out of writing your own book.

Great topic. I have already heard it so often and still have not figured out how I can take the expert position. Or even feel like an expert. Though people say to me from time to time that I know so much or have a good way of explaining. However, for me most of what I know feels like a piece of cake. I do not feel I could write a book about my expertise at this moment. May… Read More

Take small steps. Be as consistent as possible when you want to achieve something. Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you miss out on occasion. It can be healthy for you, you might fall in to rigidity when you become too strict. Tell someone else about your goal. And it is like Bina sais, it is a muscle that needs training.

I help parents with children who have a learning challenge with Brain Gym, a method with lots of movement which improves receiving, processing and reproduction of information. The difference I can make is that children can fulfill their potential without the struggle they experience at this moment mostly in schools. The parents have more quality time with their kids inst… Read More

You have already mentioned so much, Nisandeh. A challenge to add something to it. A Challenge: I did a short, both in days and duration, challenge live. On Friday I post my Weekend Post where I reflect on the passed week: which successes, lessons and challenges I have encountered and I CELEBRATE! At the moment I am figuring out what I can do best on social media.

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Thanks for the tip, Nisandeh. I get her newsletters, which are very interesting.

Good subject. Not all my eggs are in one basket. I do have an insurance for liability claims in my company. I have a partime job which will cover most of my income in case I am not able to work anymore and it creates a small pension. And I create some passive income in various streams. I have also two pillars individual consults and courses. Besides the trainings I hav… Read More

Interesting topic. Have not really thought about a JV before. Possibilities are: Homework tutors Remedial teachers Remedial educationalists

This is how I handle procrastination. 1. Once a week I make a to-do-list for the coming week and every evening I go through the list for the next day. Has something come up which needs attention first? Can I put forward another item for the day following? 2. In the morning I look again at my list and see which mode, e.g. creativity, manifestation, focus, will I get the … Read More

Great questions Nissandeh and Muriël. As it is not possible to cure a learning challenge like dyslexia I have options to improve the input, processing and output. 1. Why do you come to me? 2. What are your expectations of my method? 3. What help did get or do you get right now? 4. What is your biggest problem right now? 5. How much time are you willing to invest a… Read More

Time to start making short video’s again for the parents with a tip to publish on FB. Be consistent with publishing, so daily, once every so much days or like I did weekly. When you don’t have a large budget shoot outside, it saves you investing in spotlights and other material to have a good video. Make sure the mic doesn’t catch the wind as happened to me last year… Read More

Again a great subject. And you all have valuable tips. Here are mine. As Ine already said, who are you writinig for? Visualize and also tune in on your audience. I also use feeling in the process. I ask myself the question: when my kids were younger would I like to have the information I am now giving my audience? I use Google Alerts for topics, inspiration and resea… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

I agree with Aramik Gerdy. Just do it. Great tip!

Most have already been said here. I use KOE (kaken op elkaar, jaws toghether). Keep asking questions and listen carefully, also what is not being said. What I am still learning to do is to use words /sentences which include seeing, hearing, feeling. In that way you can connect with the visual, auditory and kinesthetic people. And when I manage gustatory (taste) and o… Read More

First of all keep breathing. When you’re stressed or in anxiety you cannot think realistic. So, calm down, relax and then focus on what is going on. When planning a strategy also think about what might go wrong and when it does what action can you take. Create as many possibilities as you can think of. We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we use… Read More

Have a monthly planner for your expenses and tick them off once they are paid. Especially regarding the bills which are collected it is good to keep track of same: monitoring I have dedicated accounts for personal development, fun, charity, clothing and personal care, health, dream, yearly expenses (a.o. some insurances are collectd yearly) and monthly expenses. I have … Read More

In replay to Maria Simons

Thanks for the confirmation of Aramik’s observation.

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Thanks Aramik. Will keep it in mind.

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

@Aramik Well I did it last year for the first time. And as it is for parents and their kids I did it at 8 in the morning the last week of the vacaton. So during the school period is no option. Haven’t found another subject yet to create another challenge.

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

I sell it on my website. And promote it organically on Facebook. Now I think of it, LinkedIn should be on the list as well to promote it. I plan to make a small promotion film for Facebook.

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

I created a course: de 9 leerstijlen: ont-dek en ont-wikkel het talent van je kind (the 9 learning styles: discover and develop the talent of your child). Everyone has the 9 learning styles, but 1 or 2 are best developed. Find out what no. 1 and 2 of your child are and you can support and motivate your child with a.o. school subjects.

What a valuable lists you all have. My list isn’t that long (yet) e-book (help your child to learn better) at the end of the summer holidays I do a challenge with parents and children for 3 days

All great ideas. Most of mine are not origanal. Reduce costs. Raise prices. I created a course: make once, sell often. Can do more of this. I need to work on my mindset regarding this topic.

Keep breathing. Forgive, do not forget. you will get the lesson again. Be grateful. Focus on your success habits and fill most of your time with it, you will have less time for your bad habits. Keep learning.

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi Aramik, Good question. I check what I have to do that day. E.g. writing a blog. What I need most then is creativity. So, I start with the sentence: Today I tune in on the frequency of creativity with grace, ease and joy. My ego says I am not creative. That is a lie, because I have already written numerous blogs. Come on (kom maar door – 3x) and Thank you (3x) In this… Read More

In replay to Gerdy Heek

Congrats Gerdy. You go girl!

In the beginning of the week I make a rough weekly to-do-list for each day and in the evening I check the list for the following day. It also includes social activities, household chores etc. In my morning routine I take some time for journalling, more specific on what frequency I want to focus on that day, like: manifestation, creativity, relaxation, productivity etc. … Read More

Think twice if you need a service or product. Is there a cheaper / free alternative. Can I borrow something? Negotiate on the price. Ask myself: will it add value to my services? Either by improving my service or simplify my work.

Challenging: my target audience is parents with kids with a learning challenge. If yes, we have a common ground as I have 2 sons who are dyslexic. In a networking event I would ask them more about their private life. When having a child with a challenge: What help do they get right now? Is it positively contributing to their challenge? Do you think you can draw out all… Read More

For my niche I contacted the municipal organisation “Binding” which facilitates a platform for organizations and volunteers to connect with eachother. I was brought into contact with the ‘buurtsportcoach’ (neighbourhood sport coach). They organise for schools a specific program with several organisations and I will be on the menu as well. Contacted the petting zoo, which… Read More

Just read some great ideas. When you have published a book seek coverage in the media. Once covered in an article or interview reach out to other press, radio etc. to point out that you have already been covered there. Have a special week for your clients with, in my case, lot’s of services against a special price and donate to a local charity the revenue. Seek for cov… Read More

I have a buddy and we meet once a week to keep us on track and motivate eachother when necessary. I do ‘essential work’ in the morning, which energy do I want to experience today? Could be manifestation, focus, creation, dilligence, relax etc. And then I let my Ego speak why I will not be able to achieve same. Then I give reasons why will achieve my energetic state that … Read More

Most is already said above. Here are my ideas: Attend courses to get new inspiration. I work together with someone and we created a product to fit in a programm that will go to the schools next year for grade 6. So, working and brain storming together. A walk in nature can give me inspiration. Google Alerts for certain topics. When I read an interesting blog posts o… Read More

Time management is probably my weakest point. Every fortnight I have a working together afternoon with a friend. We do it online and work at our own projects. It helps focussing. At the moment I am developing new services and put them into the world with a kinesiologist and we work every week 2 hours on it. Besides posting for my business on Facebook I only take once or… Read More

When possible use Zoom or the like instead of a live event. There is a lot of course material (physical items) I can create myself and check my supply first before buying. Correspond digital. See if you can use things like a beamer for free. Combine your appointments saving when you have to visit your clients, saves time and money. When possible carpool, especiall… Read More

Most is already said. Make sure the photo of you is apealing to your audience (my first photo looked tired). I have a bi-weekly blog. My home page surely needs an update. Keep it simple.

Ideas for a blog post: getting the gist of scientific articles in easy to read blogs. how to …. 7 tips for …. share my opinion on a topic what not to … what to do ….

When I give a course I make a soup to go with the lunch they brought with them. I also ask about any alergies etc. for the snacks I serve with tea and coffee. My groups are small so I don’t ask a caterer to take care of it. I add something extra during a consult and make sure they have a drink. When a child is seeing me I make them the prince or princess, so they feel … Read More

What comes up is DO the things you need to do, DELEGATE tasks you don’t like (and you are probably not good at), DELETE (things, tasks etc. that don’t work) and DARE. Just read these lines in a post: We don’t need people who conform to the standard now. If we want to grow as humanity, if we want to evolve in this time when so many people are waking up, we need people w… Read More

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