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Franck Fielemon

I have not yet unlocked the true potential of passive incomeπŸ˜₯. Thus my main focus is on creating the highest possible predictability of my revenue. With a solid forecasting process, monthly target setting, a healthy pipeline and focus on the sales process. In addition we have a balanced product portfolio consisting of; – Certified Revenue Coach (licensed) we now have t… Read More

Anytime I participate in a network meeting or event some people recognise me from LinkedIn. With millions of views annualy I have created enough visibility amongst my target audience to leverage on. The LinkedIn for Business strategy that I deploy consists of social selling elements, inbound marketing techniques and a structured sales approach. This strategy creates a cons… Read More

– Be consistent – Practice what you preach – Be supportive – Be reliable – Be kind – Give without expecting something in return – Pay it foward – Implement a strategy around Know, Like, Trust, LinkedIn is very interesting from that perspective.

Creativity is a gift. Some people simply lack creativity. What helps me; – Getting inspired by others and learn from others – Always think 2 steps further or ahead – Think in terms of enhancement and levers – Look at things from a different POV – Find ways to improve e.g. growth hacking and keep an eye out for good ideas – Talk to my children and ask them how they… Read More

I have worked with multiple VA’s. So far this never really paid off. I think most of them are over priced (sorry) and still need to learn a lot themselves. It also takes a lot of time to align. What I have delegated; translation work, multiple e-book creations and some event hosting/oganizing. I prefer working with subject experts currently like video makers, magazine crea… Read More

My core strategy; – Connect people – GIVE & Share valuable insights – Provide value to my network

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Stay in the drivers seat and determine your own path. Be a creator not a follower. Very challenging nowadays with social media and information overload. Point taken!

One of my biggest time stealers when I started my business: the invoicing and collection process. I am very happy we have fully automated via woocommerce and mollie. Money in the bank and no manual invoicing/bad debt collections.

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Totally agree on the benefits rather than just the advantages. In Dutch there is not a good translation but we define this as “what does it bring your customers to work with you in terms of money (more revenue, lower cost), time (savings) and energy (stress relief, no worries).

We work with SMART Revenue plans. This starts by defining a SMART revenue goal breaking it down to pieces. And determine both qualitative and quantitative KPI’s like number of leads, quotations, deals, new contacts, followers, profile views, content views etc We set monthly targets, use a good forecatsing tool both top down and bottom up, and keep eachother accountable. Th… Read More

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Ine yes it means meeting them in real life. This could be by phone, zoom or face to face. E.g we organize Link & Drink network meetings on a frequent basis. And it’s one of my good habits to pick up the phone and call one or two new LinkedIn connections every day.

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Collabs with people you like 😁

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Fair point 5 Gerdy – a good future topic for the idea generator

So far my team has grown to 11 people at the beginning of 2020. Due to Corona and some individual decisions we lost multiple team members. Reason for me to rely more on our own staff and I have employed 4 people until right now. For future growth I am looking more in to partnerships and franchisees. We will reduce our own staff again. My learnings; – Only grow with a g… Read More

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Good point in the last sentence. I always ask myself “does this activity contribute to achieving my revenue goal” if the answer is no – it means it’s not important and I shouldn’t do it (myself). If the answer is yes I schedule it or do it straight away.

1. How to celebrate what you’ve achieved 2. Ideas for a customer event 3. How to distinguish better 4. How to develop a real Customer Centric Culture within your company 5. How to create engaged co-workers and team members 6. How to improve the buyer journey of your customers 7. How to become a trusted advisor 8. How to maximize the impact of your sales- and market… Read More

Stop selling consultancy hours and if I do so the rate needs to reflect my 20+ years of experience when people want to pick my brain. I currently ask 197,- per hour but I am considering a firm increase.

This is what I like about my company. Internally we keep eachother accountable. This is ofcourse also part of our service to our clients. Focus on getting things done. Do it right the first time. In terms of actions it’s simple; one, two, three, too many

The day I consider my work as work I’ll stop working. I simply enjoy what I do and although I could be dead serious most of the time I always need to HAVE FUN as well. Ofcourse there are some elements of my job I don’t particulary like. That includes working late hours. But I consider this also part of the entrepreneurial journey.

The linkedIn newsletter is HOT at the moment. In just a few moths I grew to 4,000+ subscribers and when I launched it over 1,000 people viewed my profile. I have actually described the exact process on how to create and deploy the LinkedIn newsletter as a feature to your network in one of my recent LinkedIn newsletters! Also the Linkedin cover story has recently been im… Read More

I enjoy working with customers that’s one pitfall. The second one is the need for income. I just can’t afford to delegate everything unless we fully automate the service and products and that’s not what I desire. So what’s my strategy? Grow sustainable and profitable business only year after year. Make sure to balance between freelance and own staff. We have a weekly strat… Read More

Learn form the case to prevent future failures and optimize your customer experience

Some input from my side: I have been buidling my company in the last 5 years with the help of LinkedIn. Currently I employ 4 people and we work in a team of 8. We have generated millions of views, thousands of leads and attracted close to a thousand customers now. The strategy I apply is based on giving, connecting and adding value to the network. We are usi… Read More

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Bina from my experience the company page is a waste of effort and time from the perspective of impact and reach. However it’s on the other hand almost a “must have” if people consider doing business with you. I would recommend just to create it with a logo, contact details, link to website and product portfolio and an occasional update. Don’t put effort in attracting more … Read More

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Hi Melanie nice to see you here! Groups on LinkedIn sucks! Especially because you don’t get notifications (and you shouldnt want that because some are too large). However in our case it’s a managed Group where we offer course material. So people will proactively visit them and engage on particular content.


Depends on the offering. We have sold a checklist for 25 euro and later combined a webinar with the same checklist, charged around 47 euro and sold it.

This is one of my favorite topics. I am specialized in Linkedin for Business strategies. The most common things are already mentioned by Nisandeh so I will try to add some valuable tips here. πŸ‘‰ Look at your profile from the perspective of a potential customer. What can he/she learn about the benefits of working with you? Are you communicating your value proposition v… Read More

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Good luck @Dunja!

As I am a night owl it means I must get some rest someweher. That’s usually the morning except those days when I have (network) meetings. I love to take it easy. Get up when I awake, prefer not to set the alarm clock. Start with a hot shower and than have some breakfast while reading an old fashioned news paper. Check my Linkedin notifications, DM’s and e-mail. I go to the… Read More

I’m a night owl. Love to work from 20:30 until around midnight. I’m at my best around that time and very productive. Preparing content, planning for next day, work on the website and on the programms we offer.

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Good point nr5 monitor social media to get inspired….also LinkedIn my favorite platform…

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Great Muriël 😍

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Thanks for your input @Yildiz. Do you create all content yourself or do you hire a professional film maker? I could be rather expensive to outsource so much video.

I am a cautious and conservative entrepreneur. Yet I walk off the beaten path but always with a compass, map or GPS. This means that I seek advice in advance, study the subject matter, weigh up the risks, the pros and cons, consider several scenarios or routes, consult with my colleagues and compare ideas with other entrepreneurs. Sometimes I take bigger risks but then eva… Read More

In the past I have set up successful JV and Joint Promotion with trade associations, business associations, purchasing associations and networking clubs. Also the Dutch government has been willing to set up partnerships both local, national and even international. We also work with so called revenue partners (affiliates) which could be customers, vendors or suppliers.

After the ten suggestions above the only remaining question will be, “when do you want to start working together, this week or next week?” Sometimes it’s hard to get someone talking. A good question to start a dialogue could be; πŸ‘‰ What prompted you to download my e-book πŸ‘‰ What has been the reason for you to participate in this challenge? πŸ‘‰ What was the rea… Read More

Some very good suggestions here, thanks! I really like barter deals. Some questions I ask myself; Is the person an expert in his field, do I need this service, will it add value and could this be a paying customer? If the last question is answered YES I will usually not barter. I always look for win-win-win. What else could a barter bring in terms of new connections, addit… Read More

I strongly believe in the “Eisenhower matrix”. It was good enough to win a war. When people prioritize using this matrix they differentiate between Important, Not-Important, Urgent and Not-Urgent. Actions are Do NOW, PLAN, DELEGATE and DO NOT. The biggest mistake people make is using the wrong definition of “What is important”. This risks too many actions eventually e… Read More

Probably it’s human to experience occasional doubts or personal setbacks and lack of motivation. A simple tip that helps me. I sometimes create a milestone post on LinkedIn where I force myself to summarize al the amazing things we have achieved so far. Telling myself it’s not normal. And to be proud. The reactions are usually very positive and this strengthens my thoug… Read More

I get totally inspired by our customers. Talking to them and asking questions about their needs and hurdles has brought many initiatives. Some successful, others NOT. When I started I had 2 products, 1:1 revenue coaching and group workshops around linkedin. I the past 5 years we have developed a complete product portfolio from free content to high end products. 𝗒… Read More

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Our onboarding protocol provides guidance to our customers in terms of what to expect, how to contact us and how we will contact them. This helps them to get maximium benefit from our programs. It seems rather basic but 99% of suppliers don’t do this and just point to a website with contact details or send a confirmation mail after a booking. I have bought many (online) co… Read More

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I used to be an employee at DHL for 21+ years. It was great, I travelled the world, met lot’s of new people, had a great income and ofcourse enjoyed financial stability. It fit my life at that stage with kids growing up. However it somehow came back at me that I missed making real impact. Since I started with I enjoy entrepreneurship and especially making … Read More

Lot’s of ideas shared already. What works well for me: πŸ‘‰ Monthly targets on First Time Buyers. πŸ‘‰ Pricing strategy on new products, starting with special try out/pilot rates, gradually increasing rates with every new “wave” of customers. πŸ‘‰ Value based pricing rather than cost base pricing. 𝗦𝗼𝗺𝗲 π—Άπ—»π˜π—²π—Ώπ—²π˜€π˜π—Άπ—»π—΄ 𝗿𝅘𝅥𝅮Read More

We are growing our lists on LinkedIn with so called harvest posts. This technique is what we learn our clients. Some of them have added thousands of subscribers with a π˜€π—Άπ—»π—΄π—Ήπ—² LinkedIn post. What we have created so far to grow our own list: πŸ‘‰ Free tutorials and work instructions (PDF/Video etc) πŸ‘‰ Free workbooks on ales strategy, successful sel… Read More

In order to build a sustainable and profitable business it’s key for me to keep track on both revenue and cost. I have developed a revenue gap forecast model and update this daily, this helps to predict next months revenue in addition to my pipeline. Reagrding the cost I have specified every dime spent and track/update this again daily. This way I know exactly what my mont… Read More

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Fair point, internal-personal crisis might be harder to manage.

Never waste a good crisis 😁. When I started my company back in 2017 I could not have foreseen (like anyone else) the COVID-19 crisis. We were steadily growing, investing, organizing events and workshops throughout the country. At one stage we had eight revenue coaches from Brabant to Friesland building their portfolios. We heavily relied on our LinkedIn for Business wor… Read More

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Focus/distraction fair point, make sure to schedule enough time!

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What is your experience with the above regarding online versus offline communication @Inge?

I’ll focus primarily on 1:1 sales meetings. Even though I have lot’s of coaching sessions they all start with a sales meeting. πŸ‘‰ Selling is not telling, balance in a good sales meeting? 80% customer 20% salesrep. πŸ‘‰ Ask questions, listen and ask more questions… πŸ‘‰ Have a π˜€π˜π—Ώπ˜‚π—°π˜π˜‚π—Ώπ—² rather than a script, I personally use my own OMZET … Read More

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Your number 3 is a very well known pitfall for salesreps and entrepreneurs. They think they’ve seen it all. But making assumptions is the mother of all f*ck ups. Besides it’s not a good sign of active listening and showing genuine intrest, actually rather disrespectful.

Some interesting thoughts again. Here are mine. Since I am very active on LinkedIn I will concentrate my suggestions around this platform. On linkedIn you have several places where you can share content; in the info block on your own profile, in you company profile, in articles, in News letters, in posts, in comments. πŸ‘‰ Articles are less interesting from a “reach” po… Read More

Hi there! What I have learned form videomarketing is that it works perfectly well on linkedIn. Video could be challenging if you are a perfectionist, some suggestions from my side; πŸ‘‰ It doesn’t need to be perfect! It’s the message that counts. You can easily shoot valuable insights by using your phone and a little microphone. πŸ‘‰ The above also means you don’t … Read More

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Thanks for some good suggestions here Gerdy

In replay to Rik Scheffer


Hi Rik great to see you around here! Hope all is well. Some good suggestions!

Some interesting suggestions here. The way I got media coverage and got asked as a speaker on numerous events like the Social Selling Summit and Dag van de ZZP; βœ” I am executing a LinkedIn for Business strategy βœ” I am extremely visible on LinkedIn (annually millions of views and 20.000+ followers) βœ” I am engaging in various communities both on- and offline,… Read More

Good question. First of all in order to make people buy from you stop selling to them. This may sound easy but it’s the biggest pitfall for entrepreneurs and salesreps. What helps me; βœ… Add value βœ… Listen and ask questions βœ… Listen and ask questions βœ… Listen and ask questions (yes this is important s I repeat it three times 😁) be genuinly interested ✅ Read More

Interesting topic. I am always trying to “connect”. Looking for similarities, shared background, people we know in common. A few simple questions I use; πŸ‘‰ What do you do exactly? Very often this easy question makes the person start to talk. πŸ‘‰ What are your current priorities? This reveals whether there are any relevant topics where I can add value. πŸ‘‰ As a… Read More

Just catching up. Some good tips here! What worked well for me; πŸ‘‰ I have developed a product portfolio around three revenue pillars; Revenue Coaching, Linkedin for Business, Sales Training with 1:1 and group approach both on- and offline πŸ‘‰ I have created an English version of our best performing product “LinkedIn for Business”, we are now selling over 40% inte… Read More

A lot of people make plans but succesful people execute them. 1. Contiously monitor results 2. Recognize and eliminate ineffective behaviour 3. Optimize what works well for you 4. Work on your sales effectiveness, this is not just about a process and structure but also about mindset and 21st century skills 5. Training, coaching and feedback is a crucial par… Read More

What helped me and a lot of my clients; 1. Work on your mindset and definitions. For example, if you don’t like sales or certain elements of the sales process yourself, don’t let this be your guiding principle towards how you approach your potential customers. 2. Think BIG 3. Rely on your expertise and experience

Great tips Bina what has it brought you so far? I particularly like 6! Thing BIG…

1. Have an expert help you out 2. Look for Best demonstrated Practices 3. Look at websites from a commercial perpective and learn 4. Use influencing techniques but keep it ethical, persuasion is ok, forcing/pushing/trapping is not ok and will come back like a boomerang (attracting NOT your ideal target audience, leading to dissatisfied customers) 5. Your website is nev… Read More

I get a lot of practical questions from my customers. Those questions are sometimes perfect material for writing the next post of blog. So far this has led to: How to schedule… How to plan… How to initiate… How to create… How to do… How to improve… How to optimize… How to stop… How to start… How to maintain… How to build an effectiv… Read More

1. Pick-up the phone and call them, not many people do this nowadays 2. Show genuine intrest and ask questions 3. Really LISTEN 4. Give, connect and add value 5. Provide great value for money 6. Be Extremely Customer Centric 7. Have an onboarding protocol

1. Make your customers more successful 2. Share valuable insights 3. Connect and Engage with your network 4. Add value to your network 5. Optimize your sales effectiveness

March 9, 2022 MuriΓ«l Versluis

MuriΓ«l is spreker en workshopleider geweest op het Succesvol Verkopen Evenement van Haar manier van werken is recht door zee en praktisch. Ik beveel MuriΓ«l met SalesDIVA van harte aan als expert op het gebied van verkooptraining.

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