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Jur Houtman

When get overwhelmed, Step out for a moment. Shut down computer/ telephone. Go for a walk, take a shower. Life is not all about working or making money. It’s also health, balance, friendship and love. Love your life, health. Unstress at peak times.

Very nice one! As zzp’er, I don’t often work in teams. Struggle with different approaches to work with others. Taking responsibility is one of the key/major values in my life. Seeing Gordon Ramsey change attitudes in restaurants in 24 hours (on t.v. ) is overwhelming. But you are just not always in controll, because you work with different clients. Finding the balance… Read More

Nice list! Recognizable. Do more than you expect you can! All dayly routines, morning routines, give me so mocht energy, that it sometimes geels like I’ m unstoppable…. Just do that one thing extra in the list. A little over focused? As long work is like hobby, there don’t seem to be any problem. Than work even gives you energy…. But I know there must be some tim… Read More

Go through the mails that were not prioritized. Handle, response them also. ( 2nd quarter of Stephen covey.) Not important but important enough to stay in line. It releases the stress on the todo list, after a weeks holiday without wifi. 😃. Getting things done is so happy for the brain.

Hello there, Good ideas! Always nice to meet likeminded people! I really like those. Reminds me to the first years at artschool. Misfits and dropouts, people that think and act different. Most of them introverts that feel the need to express themselfs. ( want to be seen, as normal people, with different ideas) All living on their own Island, safe, trying to make t… Read More

Go out for a walk in nature to clear my mind. Near to the waterside. Feeling the elements to calm down the mind. Enjoying taking some time of from work. Especially when you’re blocked or overwhelmed/ distracted by ideas, worries, or happyness.

Cook a meal with leftovers in the fridge, and make it tastefull. Work with things you got already. Try to give things a second life. Find out on the internet how things can get reusel again. ( pintetest)

Focus on one thing, seems hard sometimes. Never loose focus on the endresult To reach a goal, there are many ways to go there. I notice that I like the adventure to try each road and learn from it. Steady going on. Small steps. Most of the time, it takes more time. Time will teach more lessons/skills. More skills, more value to others.

Momentarily after two years no work/ business. One question, while the work exploded. Where and how to find the right coworkers that like to work on complete irregular base and still can work motivated and skilled. With the right sizes to fit our costumes. It’s very specific.

Daily routines work! Start off with the “difficult” jobs. Take a break and do the simple/ small tasks later. Don’t stop till a job is finished. Challenge yourself. Plan the amount of time on a job. Just DO it.

Also very important. From the book of Stephan R. Covey. Seven habits of effective leadership . The 4 quadrants, you spend your time on. 1: important things, immediately to do ( problem solving right now) 2: important things, not immediately to do 3: unimportant things, that needs to be done 4: unimportant things, that don’t need to be done. You’d do 2 more often f… Read More

Get up, out of your bed immediately, not snoozing and don’t push the alarm button twice. Take cold shower! Have a good coffee/ tea. Do breathing excercices, stretch. Smile! Welcome yourself in the mirror and wish yourself a good day. You earn it! Keep away from negative people. Stay focused on what you want… DO IT!

Spend some time on health, (Physic) and menthal health, (train your brain), every day.

After dinner, doing dishes. Sometimes go out for running. ( 2 hours after meal). Drink water. Watch some motivational videos on youtube. on different subjects. Or follow a longer video on subjects that inspire me. Art/ history/ mind/ Be thankful for completing the daily tasks. Overthink my tomorrow to do list, to be prepared. Try-out to sleep early.

Most of the time, rise up earlier than the clock is set at 7.00 Take cold shower. Meditate for 10-20 minutes Do stretchings and balance excercises. Sometimes write down my night dreams (were they telling me something?) Have a light meal and fruit Do breathing excercises. (Wim Hof) Go through to do lists and start off the day. Task after task, don’t stop until it … Read More

Use # tags in socialmedia massages. So your messages will pop up in more ereas. Link to others or ask to share your messages on sociale networks. Help eachother. Recommendations.

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

I know it’s not a diary! I DID write about strubble and how to… all blogs on the website. Maybe it’s the lay-out. Changed ideas, topics, ways of writing. I think you can only write from your own experiences and knowledge. But even so…. I did quit after 60 blogs or more. Once in the 2 weeks. After follow-up the course. It’s far more relaxed now. 😃

Set your goal and go! Make a starting list, where to begin up till the end result. Don’t start before you finished other tasks. Block time to finish tasks! Make sure others know, you don’t want to be disturbed! Just do it!

Sorry for dropping out. Since following Open Circles, it changed my life entirely. Morning routines, goalsetting, to do lists for short and long terms, being more determend, disciplined. Reading more books than I ever did, working on personal growth. For the idea, procastination…. not doing things you should do. Scrolling facebook etc. I notice that going through a… Read More

THANKS! Nice lists! Most of the time, I ask how people did find me? What kind of entertainment they are looking for? What sort of audience they expect. (Elderly, Kids, age?) If there is a theme or not? Find out what they expect.

What is it that you want? Redefine your goals. What else can make you and others happy? Devellop your personal growth, meditate, calm yourself. Trust in the good things. Study and let your customers know, you are still alive and kicking and that you will be there if they need you. Give them your love, pride and joy. Make some funny video’s be creative. Learn!

Be more, do more

Nice list! Start with mentioning/ considering what your values are. What are the most important things in life for you! What’s the value of health, work, income, relationships, friendships, environment etc. for YOU! What comes first for you! Work on your values. Live your values!

Raise your standard! You want more? Become more valuable to your clients. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Live a more simple life, so you can cut down your expenses. Invest a little in future projects, to see if these projects can grow. Pay your bills in time. So you don’t have debts.

1. I committed to challenge myself, that’s why I’m here. 2. I love everything I do, which makes it difficult sometimes to choose. Or loose focus! Making clients happy, makes me happy. And you want to make as many clients happy. 3. I’ve seen collegues quit their jobs since Corona stopped many opportunities. 4. personal growth. More important than bussiniss growth. You w… Read More

Once had a barter deal with “libelle”. For their 75 years anniversary I performed at their party for free. They would write an nice article in the media. After 2 Corona years an old client stopped his bussiness and promised a nice article in “Marktvisie”. Sometimes it helps when you send information to local newspapers when it’s “komkommertijd”. They are more willing to… Read More

In replay to Jur Houtman

Bye the way, I’m asked frequently to upload a gravatar. But there is a big problem in the system I think. My mailadresses are already in use????? Can’t make a profile username or passwort omn my mailadress.

As Tony Robbins says: Change your state! Posture. Change your story! (What are you telling yourself) Change it! And follow through!

Get up earlier. Focus on what is important. Your time is your time. If you don’t want to be interrupted for work, set your mobile on silence. Take some time off (in between time). (5 minute meditation) . It clears your mind, to gon on more relaxed and focused.

I see so many ideas coming by. One thing… I call it knowledge economy. Do simple things yourself instead of hiring others to do the work. If you got time learn about all things that sometimes need to be done. Though they might not be appealing, Just do it!

Refresh pages! Put a date on the site when you work on it. Clear the cache memory of the pages. Change dates when pages were published to nowadays. Work on SEO. Change tests.

In my job, there are so many fields to write about. And I did already. Just one challenge, finding people that are interested in the subjects. The blog posts were spreaded on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, but not read. Lots of effort/pain, no gain. Maybe its because, culture is less interesting? Now I sometimes write about others that struggle in a different field (as an … Read More

Sending birthday video by Facebook/messenger. Reply mails with extra personal info that is not on the website. Think with the client, or refer other collegues when I can’t do the job.

In replay to Mirja Hennink

Clear your mind by mindfullness or meditation. Set daily goals. Cerebrale your finished goals. Do something different, out of your comfortzone

Respond quickly, be nice. Thank the customer, that they reach out to you. Tell them the exact steps you take, be open, so they don’t get surprised. Clear prices. Overdeliver. Build relation. ( get to know your client)

Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Had to laugh, don’t solve womans problems… they want you to listen, not come with solutions. Nice video!

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Clients with same values and Who are willing to work. Nice to communicate on the website. Thanks

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Thanks, I’m reïnventing myself already.😃 Now Just looking for what direction to go. I’m not going “bij de pakken neer zitten”. 😄😄😄 All the best. Jur

I implemented the ideas years ago. Now, the market collapsed Cliënts dissappeared, stopt their bussiness. And above all, people are not willing to pay the prices anymore. So now looking for other ways to make a living. Hopefully we will come out lockdown soon. Thanks and greetings.

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