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Inge Ketels

In replay to Muriël Versluis

I love this changing of definition! Thanks Muriël. It’s redefining and changing norms. In what way did it make such a difference for you? I’m curious!

In replay to Gerdy Heek

yes, great idea, to change workplace!

Great topic. Lovely ideas! What gives me fun is: * Using journalling to get into contact with my inner Business Expert, so to have a much higher level of inspiration, great enthousiasm, and focus on my most effective and fun to do’s My standard questions for journalling: *What am I happy with in my business at the moment? *How do I want to feel today in my busine… Read More

In replay to Gerdy Heek

How do you automatically let something on youtube be posted on facebook? I’m still looking how I can do a live on linkedin, youtube, facebook in the same time. Somebody experience? And Gerdy, about TextExpander: can you give more examples how you use it? I’m afraid I won’t use it properly, as I don’t seem to have ideas for it…

What we do for the moment qua automation: – we (my VA) use recurposting for planning on Linkedin – Last Pass for passwords – Autorespond for mails, freebee’s & funnels, groups, inscriptions, invoices, .. I’d love to have a look again at my funnels to update them. Looking forward to all your ideas!

In replay to Gerdy Heek

Great, that idea of TextExpander. I read about it, but not yet implemented. The app for passwords: I love Last-Pass!

In replay to Ine Mulder

Great ideas! About: A classification system for tagging files in your computer: I suppose that Evernote is doing that. I don’t use it myself, but I hear others who are very enthousiastic about it

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Ah, great tip, Nisandeh! It’s like an easter egg search. Perfect fit for today!

My ideas (which might be covered allready in the previous 45 days): how to find these previous 45 topics again easily how to make a premium service how to attract your ideal clients how to have more fun in your work how to uplevel yourself so you can attract more ideal customers how to marke… Read More

So many great questions. Thank you all. There is one I like to add. It is this question: What happens when you don’t do anything about your current situation? Or more specific: What happens if you don’t work with me and you keep doing what you do? Try it for sure in a sales conversation!

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

I like nr 8! 😉

In replay to Franck Fielemon

Great points, Franck! 😉 Nivea, Anna, Oma!

In replay to Franck Fielemon

Hi Frank, it’s quite the same for me. I perfectly can coach/facilitate a person, or a group, online. Maybe because I let them work, keep it very interactive and we’re dealing with real stuff that confronts them and gives other perspectives. So they stay focused. I really love working with people. So … it doesn’t matter so much if it is online of live. How is that… Read More

Great tips I’ve read here! For me money mindset is key. These are my tips: 1. Love money, treat it as a very good friend 2. Educate yourself on financial freedom 3. Change ideas about money (eg I have to work hard to earn money, change it into I work smart and money flows in…) 4. Listen to re-programming songs, like I’m wealthy healthy happy loved and rich: https… Read More

I love one on one communication! Great things are already said. For me, there is one main thing I’d like to deepen: It’s a love affair. 😉 To make sure the communication is on a high positive level (even when it is a difficult conversation): I look for what I can appreciate in the person (or the surroundings). It has several positive effects: – It boosts my s… Read More

In replay to Bina Kal

Stay in the now! So important!

Where is the energy? If I watch my client entrepreneurs, when I listen to their business ideas, I can tell by the energy in the room which will be most valuable. Feeling the intensification of the energy, getting goosebumps, seeing the sparkles in the eyes of the person in front of me: it makes me know: this is a hit! Why? If an idea raises the energy of a person like… Read More

Do the essential (20/80) and with the right energy: First supercharge yourself, so you can undertake inspired action. How to supercharge: coherent breathing, inspirational questions, focusing on gratitude,… Whatever that uplifts and brings you in a higher frequency!

Great ideas, thank you! To get more attention for your article or blog: • Start with a story, that makes clear the problem, the solution, or the shift • Trigger with an emotion • Use title generation to make your subject much more attractive. I use this one:

1. Have focus on how you can WOW , instead of thinking it’s too much/I’m doing enough 😊 2. Send a great book for Christmas 3. Surprise them with great Belgian chocolate 4. Surprise them with biological tea that supports their energy 5. Ask how they are going, where they need help in a personal message

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