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Kimberley Munster

In replay to Gerdy Heek

Thanks Gerdy for your honesty. I can totally relate to one and two.

In replay to Muriël Versluis

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Muriël. To answer your question about the Dutch word ‘gunfactor’ and whether there’s a translation for it in English that means the same thing or something similar, I thought about the word ‘likeability factor’ (Tim Sanders wrote a book about the likeability factor) when it comes to a person and perhaps ‘customer goodwill’ when t… Read More

Currently I’m studying to become a neurolanguage coach. This study provides the tools, information and practise to improve my communication skills. In addition, it also teaches me how my questions (and choice of words) can affect my clients’ brain. In order to learn your brain has to be in a calm state. A learner in flight or flight (due to, for example, lack of confidence… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

WOW ! These are great tips Aramik. Thank you so much for sharing so much value.

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Great tips. I’ve just checked my website and noticed a couple of dead links. I immediately sent my VA a message ;-).

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

I want to thank you Jur for your comment and honesty, because Nisandeh’s comment was really useful to me. I immediately wrote down the sentence suggestions. Thanks Nisandeh.

For some reason I felt some resistance to this exercise, but I guess that’s one of the reasons for this challenge to go through that resistance ;-). I’ve been thinking about blogging, but never really started it. So this is a great opportunity. 1. Common pronunciation mistakes Dutch people make in English 2. Overestimating vs. underestimating your English speaking sk… Read More

In replay to Muriël Versluis

One simple sentence that I’ll write down on my wall. Thanks Muriël.

In replay to Marcel Dassen

Thanks Marcel for your honesty. I really appreciate that. I can totally understand how frustrating that must be, but it’s exactly like you said it. You’re unique and people want to work with you not only for the services you offer, but also for your level of expertise, personality, experiences, practical examples etc. I do wonder though, do you confront people when they’v… Read More

Thanks everyone for all your ideas. One of the things I do is to give my clients the opportunity to be interviewed by me. I’ll offer this as a free service after our sessions together are finished. I’ll do this live via Instagram or recorded via Zoom. Especially the live interviews are incredible. Most of my clients, before working with me, feel really insecure about spe… Read More

In replay to Muriël Versluis

Muriël and Nisandeh, thank you both for this comment about ways to interact with your clients. I think this is super important for lots of entrepreneurs to read. That it is indeed about making a real and meaningful connection to your clients. It is up to you to decide what feels right. When I started as an entrepreneur, I thought that some of my personality traits weren’t… Read More

In replay to Marcel Dassen

Hi Marcel, Thanks for your comment. The part where you mentioned you were being copied and imitated is something I hear more often from experts. I think this happens especially to experts who earned their stripes. May I ask how you dealt with that?

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