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Tine Krijnen

Self sabotaging habbits/patterns, – No agenda, – Starting focussed on a new project, Than being distracted by online orders ( most of the time customers ask items which are out of stock), – Putting the project aside I was working on…… and make the online order. – Those projects need different material and tools…. So very slowly ( weekly ) I happen to create a… Read More

September 30, 2022 My Expert Book – Follow Up

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Thank you again. I will contact him. Tine

September 30, 2022 My Expert Book – Follow Up

Thank you Nisandeh for this super workshop. It had a great ‘Of course this is it’ content! The plan to write a book was there for years, but where to start…….. The biggest insights: With the bookbinding books on my bookshelf I thought such a book has never been written. So much easier to have a question answer book. With ALL the answers in one book, instead of 10 b… Read More

September 28, 2022 My Expert Book – Preparation

1 I want to publish an expert book, because if I stop in a few years all the knowledge gathered will disappear. 2 There was no need yet to publish such a book, because I published manuals on part topics. 3 Bookbinding at scale 1:12. 4 Which paper do you use? Which glue is the best glue to use? Which yarn, cover material, leather do you use? Can you learn us t… Read More

I am teaching miniature bookbinding five. times a year world wide. During the courses applicants have questions book/bookbind related. I have written down the most interesting questions, and the answers I have given. Those answers mixed with parts of the manuals of the DIY kits could be a book that will sell well. Some colleagues think that sharing tricks and i… Read More

Before a cold call… Find out which person of the enterprise to talk to. Developer or man at the top? Never try to sell!!! Ask about their product or service. Know the weak spot of this product or service of which you have the solution ( which you can offer). Be an active listener and let them know /feel in the conversation your knowledge. Acknowledge you had the … Read More

Since the one time workshop double my income, I have been focussing on my newsletter, with explaining a question of a customer, announcing a March bonus for customers buying kits from the website, which gave me extra sales. And March is not over yet. I am working on new covers of the manuals of the some of the DIY Kits I sell, and will ad extra material Which gives me the… Read More

In replay to Han Plaatsman

I understand what you mean. But my experienced learned that those personal questions are easy to think of. The come to the business questions are harder. And by brainstorming now it will be a success at the next meeting to combine both kinds.

This topic is again super. As addittioal questions on top of the questions already mentioned I would like to add these. 1 Where does your company excel, what are you or your company an expert in. 2 Do you have a good relationship with your customers and what business strategy do you have in terms of customer loyalty. 3 Where do you get the most energy from i… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

1 As a miniature book publisher 1:12 I ask clients to think of new historic book titles they fancy. If I take it into production this client recieves the first copy. 2 Find out wich famous person will be highlighted in the artworld ‘ Rembrandt /Shakespeare or like in England 70 Queen Elisabeth, and come up with a product. 3 Think of a ingenious tool for miniature boo… Read More

I thought I start early this time. Three earlier birds already. Your thoughts coversit all, super! recognise nr 5 and 6 of Gerdy. Nr 2 of Aramik is a dangerous one for me. – when I am out of motivation, I start to clear/clean up my workshop. See what I have put in al the drawers and boxes on the shelves. They have project tags but often I do not remember what I meant b… Read More

– Buy you flight tickets to fairs or exhibitions you attend way in advance, or on the 31th of December. This day has the cheapest rates. – Search the internet on rates on another ip address, some sites increase their prices if you don’t decide right away because you’re still comparing. If you visit the site later to book, the price is often higher. – Contact your interne… Read More

Take extra care when preparing the package you send. Customers buy a product either to give it away, but most of the time to give themselfs a treat. When they open the neutrale box they find nicely wrapped order inside like a present! Take extra care in client who is disappointed in product or service.

– Newsletters with question and answer are a success, answering the responses to the newsletter ensures engagement with the readers – Stay focused on the new project and make sure you meet the deadline, because your brain keeps giving new ideas, which distracts you. – Find the right, committed, inspiring talents to help you, so you have more time to focus on your busines… Read More

Thank you again, My next newsletter will have a few questions, asking readers to return the email with their questions, irritations, and frustrations about miniature making and particular miniature bookbinding. And one of their frustrations answered for free.

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

So your advice is also not sending an inquiry email to check if he received my email. To be sure. Tine Great zoom workshop ‘masterclass’ yesterday!!! Double your income!!! Tine

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Hi Nisandeh, A gentleman an expert in the medical field in the USA and worldwide, also an expert in the work of Andreas Vesalius ( 1514-1564) has the desire to publish a miniature version of the Epitome by Vesalius. The rarer ‘Epitome’ of 1543 for medical students and artist. This was intended as a summary of the larger volume. We own two copies he tells me. He would… Read More

After this lesson 1, do not sell yourself short I went through my email to check how I had submitted the proposal in response to a lucrative interesting deal I was offered. ….. I kept within his budget …just.. , Offered him a privat tour in a museum nearby his home to see the quality of my work… He did not reply. Now I am tempted to publish this book myself f… Read More

Your previous lesson and you reply on my comment came just in time. I had a meeting with my lithographer and could change my first plan and agreed to only publish my limited edition. And then I immediately come to your ‘who is the ideal client‘ question. For those clients who value my artwork, o… Read More

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Nisandeh, Thank you for your advice, customized editions is a perfect idea as well!! Tine

Hi Nisandeh, The biggest insight is that I even can increase my active income!!! Which for years had become a kind of burden. I take effort to bind my clients to me by offering free advice and with every order they order I give a tiny piece of material extra which challenge them to order something else. That really works. this has increased my passive income. My active … Read More

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