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Joyce Beckker

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

@Aramik I also love nr. 8. For input during the writing process as well reviews on the completed book with suggestions on potential readers.

In replay to Gerdy Heek

What a great idea to ask: if you could hire me one day for free, how would you use me?

In replay to Ine Mulder

I have the same question Ine. For me this is about a sales conversation.

Joint Venture deals is appealing for me. Must look into it when I launch my new book.

In replay to Gerdy Heek

The second one is so true Gerdy.

Great tips to update and sharpen my LinkedIn profile Nisandeh, thanks!

In replay to Bina Kal

I like GIVE THEM SPACE Bina. In a conversation but also when you are waiting for their answer. Nobody wants to be put under pressure. Just give a friendly reminder after a little while.

For my new book ‘Indische roots, van lijden naar leiden’ I interview ten people who are also experts in the field. I launch them one by one during the presale of my book. The interviews take place with Zoom so that I can upload them to YouTube and other channels. Zoom also provides the audio, so I can use that also. I also claimed the domain name and .on… Read More

I’m the author of ‘Life without Grace, autonoom leven en werken zonder je tweelinghelft’. In July I publish my new book ‘Indische roots, van lijden naar leiden’. If I’m THE expert in the field, I could reach so many more people throught television, podcasts, magazines, internet. This would make a major change in many lifes. My LinkedIn profile is https://www…. Read More

Confronting topic, especially when you wake up feeling self doubt. That’s why I think nr. 9 and 10 are crucial.

I already use your ideas 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 Nisandeh. Till now, I haven’t gone live except in my private groups. Find it more comfortable to shoot a video first and then publisch it on social media.

In replay to Franck Fielemon

Seems like you’ve found a balance between risk taking and being conservative Franck. I think this gives you tranquility.

In replay to Bina Kal

What a great examples Bina. Thank you for sharing.

So true to first reflect on yourself why you procrastinate instead of forcing yourself to actions. It’s always inside out.

Great questions Nisandeh. My priority is to ask them about their passions and desires in life. From that point they will open up and we have a great conversation in which they talk about their needs.

I love video! I’m an author and I make book trailers. That’s also video marketing, right? Also I publish video interviews with (well-known) people from my reader group when the presale for my book starts.

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