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Judith Henstra

When I think of a VA, I think of a kind of secretary who doesn’t necessarily know the business I’m in, so I can only give him/her general tasks. But I, in fact, have some freelancers who do the core work (editing English manuscripts) but who also respond to client emails/calls. I will start to involve them in writing blogs and making images for advertising.

In replay to Ine Mulder

Great goal! But what stops you from getting a VA next week? 😉

I’m the owner of an editing company. We help small business owners who are writing a book in English to get it out there in the world. As an expert in my field, I would encourage anyone with an idea, a method, or knowledge to share it with the world, and I would help them create the best possible book for their audience. My website is

In replay to Muriël Versluis

Thanks, Muriel. Well, sometimes a little push is all I need to get the confidence to do the work. So, 5 minutes can be all I need. It also happens that I really only do 5 minutes and the job is added again on the schedule for the next day (another 5 minutes – unless it’s urgent, of course).

With the most difficult jobs that I really don’t want to do, I promise myself that I only have to work on it for five minutes, just take a nibble. I can do five minutes! Always! And sometimes after five minutes, I keep going. Other times, I stop and I don’t beat myself up over it, because I only had to work on it for five minutes, and that’s what I did.

Set a timer (just like in this challenge!) This will force you to focus on the task at hand and get the writing down as fast as possible. The more time you have, the more time you’ll need!

Sit at my desk – feels more serious and I do more than sitting at the living room table. Use to spend an hour or more ‘working’ online with someone else (both on your own stuff). Don’t touch Facebook during working hours. Consider which business processes could be made more automated/organized. Organize tasks by type (financial stuff, emails, d… Read More

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