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Mirja Hennink

Listening is one of the most difficult things to do. But I really try and make an effort. You get so much information by just listening. I always follow up once I complete a project. How are people doing, how do the things I did work for them. I also think that all people you worked with are equally important. From the secretary to the president of a company. Usually you g… Read More

YES! This is my topic! It is very important to write your own book in order to build your expertstatus. To be honest, you, Nisandeh, are the inspirator to my niche. I am working hard to get my expertise out there in helping people writing their book. My additional tips why you should get your book out there are: 1. You are already a writer, Yes, you are! 2. Your an inspi… Read More

My discipline is to get up every day at the same time. I plan my days in my diary. Plan my free time first. Than excercise. Than my work. I tend to get lost in actionlists. Making them but not doing any of the actions I wrote down. I make them and plan time to do them. My email is not my action list. I scan email. Short actions I do immediately. Long actions I plan in my d… Read More

I have a job with a company. And I have my own business. I am making a buffer of a years salary/ profit. That is security for me. But I also have to let go of security and take a risk/ chance and have faith I can make it on my own. This year is my year. But letting go of security is a major thing for me. I know! I am working on it. The universe is taking care of me.

I have a job with a company. And I have my own business. I am making a buffer of a years salary/ profit. That is security for me. But I also have to let go of security and take a risk/ chance and have faith I can make it on my own. This year is my year. But letting go of security is a major thing for me. I know! I am working on it. The universe is taking care of me.

I look for collaborations as a textwriter with photographers, websitebuilders, marketingcompanies, communicationcompanies, etc.

– Don’t panic. – Don’t work alone. Form alliences. Not only in times of crises but also in good times. Perhaps you feel that you have big competition. But if you approach them perhaps you are suprised by what you can do together.

– Invest, it gives you more profit than the bank. Put money towards it on a regular basis. – Pay off loans and credits – Stop abonnementen. – Be selective in your purchases. I find that entrepreneurs offer their services first for a small amount. It is very attractive. But how many times do you actually follow through? – Sometimes investing largely in one training give… Read More

Thank you for all the tips and tricks. It seems all has been said. Even though I am not here every day, thnx. Use a comment, positive or negative, of your customer and make a story around it. This is what X said, and this is my view on it. The lead magnet is in the personal story and in the use of the comment, and what kind of solution you can give. People recognise the c… Read More

– Try to find partners who can add to your products so you can deliver a broader range, but still make it relevant for your customers. – Dare to share with others and ask them how they are selling. The same as we do here. You always get ideas. – Mostly as an expert you are much further than your client, that is why they come to you. Often you tend to take large steps in … Read More

– I work with positive affirmations every day and putting it out there in the universe. Once you believe this works it really works! Sometimes in astounding ways…. – Think possitively, don’t let any negativity get to you, cetainly in these days – Do the things that are within your circle of influence, if they are not, look at how much energy it will cost you, but prima… Read More

If you work alone, try to limit your costs by working from home if possible. An office costs money. Working online reduces costs. Online meetings can be costeffective (no travelexpenses, time, etc). Try to make working arrangements with your client. Do you need to see eachother every time or once a month fe. realtime and the rest online? Try to collaborate with people. P… Read More

The suggestions a great to read. Many new ideas. I would check if I know anybody beforehand and look them up on google or LinkedIn to get some relevant information so I can ask the right questions. Or get to now some personal things so I can ask that.

In replay to Vered Neta

Thank you mrs Neta, I do my best 🙂

– I contact people who have been a client and ask them how they are doing and what their results are after our collaboration. And if I can help with anything. – Be passionate about what you sell is absolutely true. If you have any doubts or if things are not quit clear about your product, you either don’t have the right product of your sales is not sharp enough. – Write … Read More

– Start with a list of things to do. Pick 2 or 3 things you want to accomplish that day, no more. If you have finished them you will be happy. – What part of the day are you on your best? I am at my best in the morning so I start with things that are more challenging at that time. And do easier things in the afternoon. – Take time off and plan this in your agenda, it is… Read More

– Give them a relevant picture/ photo, very clear, right pixels. In one view you have to see or guess what the picture is about. – Or if it is meant to be funny keep it professional. – Call the media and tell them your news. Only a press release will not always trigger them. Or send the release and then call them. – Choose the right media. By sending to everyone is sen… Read More

1. Be and think positive. I find there are quite a lot of people who are negative. If you surround yourself with those people your motivation goes down. Ask them why they are negative. Otherwise stop interacting with them. Tough choice, but necessary. 2. Don’t stay in a place you don’t like. It drains your energy, and does not give you any motivation to go on and do stuff … Read More

1. Do all the ´hard´ things when you are at your best. I am an early riser and I am very productive early in the morning. I do all my writing, strategies, then. All the things that take less effort I do when my energy is lower. 2. I use Onenote (but any other system will do of course) to register my notes for meetings, actions, ideas, etc. Seems simple but I can look th… Read More

In replay to Mirja Hennink

Also check your huisstijl. Have it done by a professional. It does not need to cost the whole world. But someone who specialises in this is really worth while. I started out with a huisstijl that I thought was perfect. But the colour I chose (orange) and the way I used it was not very inviting for my customers. Then I worked with someone who made a new logo and new colors…. Read More

1. Look for sales for every product you buy. There is always a cheaper version or way 🙂 2. Skip abonnementen or review them. Many information can be found online. 3. Don’t wait for black friday. There are equally good sales during the year. 4. There are special apps where you can put your product you are looking for and when it comes into sale you get a notification. … Read More

1. Geef een gratis kennismaking weg. 2. Geef een gratis e-boek weg. 3. SEO is important but not that important. Focus more on regular content than on writing SEO or improving your SEO. 4. Visitors means your relevant, means traffic to your website. When you are relevant then you must have content on your website that is relevant to your clients. 5. Write about problems… Read More

I always listen carefully to what customers tell me. I use their words in my posts/ texts/ etc. so that they can closely relate to the subject. They feel as they’ve been heard. I keep a list of these words, sentences. Mostly they are the ‘problems’ that my clients have. 1. Choose a word, randomly, from this list and tell a story around this word. 2. Then tell what this w… Read More

Hi, Many tips have already been given 🙂 My tip: people/clients can come up with more ‘no-s’, why things don’t work, instead of ‘yes-s’ why things do work. a. Use the no-s and turn them into yes-s. b. Add one or two no-s into your blog for recognition. Thnx for all the tips!

1. Be available. Pick up the phone when they call you. Reply to emails quickly. 2. Be clear in what you can deliver. Even a ‘no’ can WOW your client. Put it in a nice way! 3. Be consequent. A ‘no’ can certainly change into a yes. Definitely if it is an opportunity, but changing all the time is not a good thing. 4. Deliver one product well

1. Use the socials more strategically 2. Learn how to use socials 3. Eat well and healty 4. Excercise every day 5. Keep your focus 6. Make a plan and stick to it

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