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Maria Daniels

November 7, 2022 Double Down on What Works

What works and do I want to focus on: For my consiousness work: Word of mouth: this is in every thing that I offer. Personal contact: also in everything I offer Litle groups or couples or individuals: bigger groups make me too tired Mentorship in line with being an elder. This is crucial Asking for what I need. That means I want to be asked. Let the people know that… Read More

What I have got out of this week is that I gave myself a far better treatment then I have done for quite some time. And I took some important steps to experience less pressure in my financial obligations I learnend to be more selective in how to become visible My celebration is gratetude

November 3, 2022 Stop What Doesn’t Work

I think that I stopped most iactivities or am in the process of stopping. The middle hard one is to stop with my VOF. The most hard one is to stop with my Leergang. When I read the comments in the WOMB they make me wonder about activities I wanted to start because you decided to stop it. Like posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs. What I get out of it is that I need to… Read More

November 2, 2022 Stop What Doesn’t Work

Easy to eliminate directly: I have a few longterm subscriptions that I can eliminate directly I am going through all my insurances and see how and what I need I stop waiting for too difficult or complex almost done assignments and putting energy in them

November 1, 2022 Stop What Doesn’t Work

What touches and intrigates me most is the mail from Nisandeh today in wich he anounces a very big Stop. What is your vision today Nisandeh? Our path’s will not cross again you write. What are you heading for? This is the second big farewell as far as I know. What is happening? I wish you many many good things! Lately I am giving myself a bit more allowance in Stopping mu… Read More

November 1, 2022 Stop What Doesn’t Work

In replay to Marcel Dassen

Alss ik moet kiezen uit deze twee wordt het met kop en schouders de leermeester. Ontwikkelaar is naar mijn idee teveel coach taal.

October 31, 2022 Stop What Doesn’t Work

What I need to Stop I must stop using too much jargon language. Actualy there are a few keywords that I must use more often I must stop collaboration with people who want but can not deliver I want to stop trying too hard the Leergang. I need to Stop my idea that I am old and so litle time left for more succes. I need to Stop single tracked actions. See the multi use… Read More

October 31, 2022 Stop What Doesn’t Work

In replay to Marcel Dassen

Reading your list I wonder what works for you? You wrote down many strategies I want to implement more. Have you got an idea why they are all not working for you? Somehow I think that will be also the outcome I will get Like something is drastically changing in the “field”. Can you recognize this?

October 29, 2022 Evaluation Time

Optimise: The contact and potential of my network and their networks Getting more serious about potentional working together idea’s that are floating in the air Writing blogs and articles Finding platform that are in line

October 27, 2022 Evaluation Time

What worked best? Word of mouth. I am looking for strategies to use more the potential of my network. People who saw me in action. I need platforms to become more visable Walking my talk in my life and making that visable and something that clients can experience. For instance in my place in Spain. I need to find more ways here

October 27, 2022 Evaluation Time

In replay to Marcel Dassen

It is as if I could have written a big part of your comment Marcel. Sounds familiar to my experiences

October 26, 2022 Evaluation Time

Missing strategic actions in my business where: Not follow through. Going half way and not using the full potentional from almost all I ever developed in my business: like new products like developing new trainings Starting posting on FB but stopped it. Linkedin even worse. Making websites but not follow through by making it visable on Google I lean in in all those ye… Read More

October 25, 2022 Evaluation Time

My 4 most important values are: Inner growth, fluency and flexibility, practicality, quality

October 25, 2022 Evaluation Time

My business vision is: I want to bring an awakening in consiousness to people who long for healing and a profound unlocking of their potentional. For themselves, for those around them and for the generations to come.

October 21, 2022 Time for Review Celebration

What did I get from this week? Best thing is that happened this week is that I see more clear the possibilities to integrate the programm in my life and in the goal: in my business without loosing what is important for me, but have a kind of win win working Visability, making use of my network and modern media has gotten my focus. I started it and it needs follow thro… Read More

October 21, 2022 Time for Review Celebration

In replay to Gerdy Heek

Congratulations Gerdy This sounds big to me too. You give me hope Thanks

October 20, 2022 Time for Review

My weakness I am not operating strategic enough I fill holes with holes, faling behind I am bad in time management I have hardly anything automatic I struggle with getting the right support on a regular base. I need to become more visible: both in my psychological and spiritual work and in exploring my place in Spain I need to use social media I have a network that… Read More

October 20, 2022 Time for Review

My strength: I am quite persistent in where I put my focus on. I can endure and take effort. I know about quality When I wrote in the WOMB about what makes me an expert I had a whole list. I am an expert and an elder.

October 19, 2022 Time for Review Q&As

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Thanks for your reaction Nisandeh Maybe you are right: a lot of work involved or better to sell.the place. I take an other point of view though: I am not a seperate cell in the field of conciousness. Where I am toughed by or believe in is not only about me. There are many out there who share my Ideal or dream or knowing. And needs.. I only need to find ways and platf… Read More

October 19, 2022 Time for Review Q&As

In replay to Marcel Dassen

I like your text Marcel. I think I let myself getting inspired by it. Also I can resonate with your question. I follow you in the WOMB and feel kinship in what we bring into the world. I would like to get into contact with you. Would that be OK for you? Maria Daniels

October 19, 2022 Time for Review Q&As

Dear Nisandeh What would Nisandeh do? We built up a beautiful place in Spain on the majic and unknown region the Altiplano of Granada. Nature, silence, sustainability, harmony and basics are keywords here. It is an mansion with land and caves and space. We have 3 big fully equipped apartments and 6 individual dwellings and 3 clamping tents. Much more potentiaal to creat… Read More

October 19, 2022 Time for Review

Day two: what was good in my actions and in the programm The structure in the programm was good for me: The every day assignment to answer questions in the WOMB . The programm became a part of my life, my thinking. I noticed a mindshift. Many topics changed from “oh no, not for me” into something that is my reach. (The implementation of them is another and more difficult… Read More

October 18, 2022 Time for Review

Day one: what could have been better in my actions and in the programm; Mostly the 5 to 10 minutes schedule each day was a hard one for me. What can I do in 10 minutes? I needed them already to reread or read posts from other WOMB members. I built up a habit of thinking of working on my business though because of these daily questions. Mostly in extra time I created f… Read More

October 13, 2022 Position Yourself

Where: I take you to a deeper understanding of your inner patterns and worlds and from the those around you. I bring you more inner freedom so you can live your potentional, for yourself, for your loved ones in your work and for the world around you I bring you new eyes to see yourself in connection with that wich is bigger then you. I can open you up to psychological… Read More

October 12, 2022 Position Yourself – Q&As

Dear Nisandeh I keep thinking and communicating in long texts and many different types of clients. I tried to resrict myself to couple work but that just does not fit. It is like pourung myself into a too little cup. What can I do to positioning myself in one or maybe two scentenses?

October 12, 2022 Position Yourself

Why am I qualified? De Red line in my life has been around raising conciousness and restoring my inner and outer balance along basic, natural and energetic principles. I deepenend myself in my life and profession. I am a wounded healer who has spent her life on what is going on and how can I put my experiences at use for others who need to become more whole. I had big te… Read More

October 12, 2022 Position Yourself

Why I believe that we live in a time of transformation where a rise in consiousness is possible. I believe that we can own this possibility for transformation and not fall victime of it. I believe that we have to find sustainability in ourselves by living out of values instead of survival mechanisms that covers them. I believe that we need to restore a new balance and i… Read More

October 11, 2022 Position Yourself

Hello Nisandeh How to get more clear in positioning myself is exactly my big issue. I toughed lives people say. Themselves, their families, their work. What is my blind spot in getting more clear in positioning myself? I really wonder. Well, let’s go on: Who do I want to help? I want to help people who have an urge to change the quality in how they are living their li… Read More

What did I get out of this week’s Programm: I have to focus even more. What did I learn from the process: That evaluation needs rest. A fall time energy. I am in full blast growing Summertime now. Many building projects came to fulfilment. Or almost. Next week even more acomplishment I feel very very proud and happy with what we managed until now. And with all the s… Read More

September 22, 2022 When You Hit the Wall

My biggest wall is that I am too busy in my ongoing work. Getting too tired My sense of failing as a mother and grandmother Too much duty oriented instead of atunement oriented

September 22, 2022 When You Hit the Wall

Day two The biggest goals I have for the coming 100 days: Get my mansion in Spain structured and known as a selfreliant and ritualic Retreat Place in the magical nature at the Altiplano of Granada for my own clients and for other trainers and their clients Get my Leergang Practical Spirituality for spiritual leadership known and structured. Write an article or book Ma… Read More

September 20, 2022 When You Hit the Wall

Day one week hitting the wall The process with the generator itself is very valuable. I apply it in more earea’s in my work now. Also in my business I have been working towards these times in my work and on my place for some years now. This month is the peak in realisation. And I see that behind this wave there is a silence, a waiting. In there I need and apply many thin… Read More

September 13, 2022 The Gold in Your Expertise

Lessons: Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves: vondiousness model Selves Dynamic of energetica inside you and outside you Patterns Working with polaritys Purpose, Qualitys on different levels, surviving mechanisms, vulnerability, Soullevel, what does that mean? Personal development in life and work Supervision, Relationship development, Communication and cont… Read More

What I have got out of this week assignment is that my mindset is changing Because of this longterm proces I am changing my language and way of perceving and thinking. Not only in the erea of working on my business, also in my business. I have trouble implementing everything. This period is my peak time in my work. I am traveling at this moment and get my group in Spain… Read More

September 8, 2022 Publish An Expert Video

Why would I want to publish a video? How I sound and look is another more direct way in contacting with my clients Contact is essential in what I offer My clients can sense my presence I can transmit more and more clearly in speach then in writing This medium is quick and practical My clients can be present from a deeper level I can come from different levels It… Read More

September 2, 2022 My VIP Product – Follow Up

Thank you so much for these 4 inspiring and clearifying hours. I still feel the exitement of new possibilities. Insights: I VIP some of my clients half way but do not mention that and certainly do not charge them for that. I have an idea now how and what to do I choose babyboomers as my public. Since i am am one.. Until now I wanted to bring my seniority to younger gene… Read More

Hello all, Hello Nisandeh and Vered This week’s topic I followed not by comments. It was just too much forcing myself in this topic at this moment of time. Instead I plondered around the idea of writing a book a lot because of the topic. I am going to do it in wintertime or early spring. Along the way I keep asking myself the questions from this week. This week I fin… Read More

August 31, 2022 Your Expert How-To Book

Hi all This week I spent overdue time implementing: Contacted my ideal clients, finished my website, “promoting” my Leergang, digesting disapointments business wise, a whole list more to add. In the meanwhile plondering around the idea of writing a book. That I want to do. In wintertime or ea… Read More

What did I get out of this week assignment? That I am an expert and still not know how to name my expertise..i see the importance to be able to do that. It is starting to get ckear I learnend that there is a difference between a calling and an expertise. That an expertise does not need to be the complete content of my developed qualities I celebrate with enjoying the ra… Read More

August 25, 2022 Grow Your Expert Position

Finish my Website Get it online Sent it into the word: LinkedIn, Facebook, mailinglist Ask my Vips to brainstorm with me on the acquisition of the Leergang Handle my dissapoinents the consequente of eralyer decisions Get more clear in buisiness and calling Write blogs The most important is to handle my disapointments at this moment of time.

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Thank you Nisandeh I have to reconsider. I need time for that

Hello Nisandeh Can you please give me advice and direction? I come up with a whole list of aspects where I am expert in. In fact I could even prolonge that list. How do I destilate in that one sentence the essence of all that? Or that one keyeword? I am like a snake biting my own tail in this. Cirkeling around.

August 24, 2022 Grow Your Expert Position

In replay to Lucie Klaassen

Hi Lucie I like very much your list. Especialy Naturalness speaks to me as a possible keyeord.

August 23, 2022 Grow Your Expert Position

In what am I an expert? 1: I give people direction and hope. In that sense I am introducing virgens into an other realm of living. 2: I am expert in combining modern Psychology and Old Knowledge from ancient traditions 3: I know about energetics In and in between people 4: I have a deep developed sense for quality and animation. 5: I know about transformation processe… Read More

August 23, 2022 Grow Your Expert Position

Why become an expert? 1: I do not become an expert, I AM one 2: When I can clearly decide to become an expert I make a stand in myself. 3: I make a stand in myself and thus in the world 4: I always wanted to be a generalist. I often think that experts are closed off people that Know and are being right I am starting to change that mindset 5: into why not being an expe… Read More

Friday. Week 9 WOW Factor A WOW factor van be something like a cliffhanger.Something that sticks in the memory. That can be simpel and does not need to be “,logiccal”. It can have an aspect of respect, celebration and fun. And what I learnend from my buddy: if an Ideal cliënt does not meet up with what you need them to be or do, then it is not an Read More

Thursday week 9 My biggest isights from the hotseat session are: Deliver value and be clear about that. The big difference between mentoring and coaching. I am a mentor Keep it simpel: in simplicity is big mastery. Once you found a good working lay-out for what you offer stick to that. On that basic structure you can built more flesh. Outsource what is not your area o… Read More

August 16, 2022 WOW Your Ideal Clients

Overdeliver WOW your clients Teusday I tent to overdeliver when people come to Spain. Many litle extra’s for their stay in one of our appartments. I underdeliver in the gasps between the blocks of my Leergang. I have got many ideas to do that differently next time thanks to this programm. It is my most dear activity. So I can do do much more to celebrate that and to … Read More

August 15, 2022 WOW Your Ideal Clients

WOW my clients. Make things raster for Them Monday Make my agenda more transparant Sent reminders of apointmants Sent a draft what we agreed on Sent a awareness in audio or record it when we had a session. On their phone Ask them questions about implementation in the in between times Acknowledge that they need a backup system from people when they are gone from … Read More

August 2, 2022 Find Out What THEY Want

Week 7, I combine Day 1 and Day 2 Before I want to vfnd out what my clients would need, I want to be more clear why I want to know that. I realise that anything that I ask says as much about me as about them when the answer me. The questions I have come from wanting to built a bridge and a more adequate form and follow up So before I am going to ask questions I need… Read More

Friday week 6 ideal clients I am more clear about my concept around ideal clients. I see ways to sharpen my thoughts more. I put it into action. Ideal is not a fixed state: clients can hecome more Ideal or less Ideal… Read More

Thursday week 6 ideal clients One of the biggest realisations these days are that I have and had ideal clients. I did not celebrate them or myself with their presence enough. Being on guard for transference process… Read More

Teusday week 6. Who is my Ideal cliënt: My Ideal cliënt has: Commitment Ability to embrace their process Ability to implement their process in daily life Is happy with what I can offer Is open for a click and comprehends the value of that Can pay me with money or otherwise Writes reviews Invités me to their network Invités me to do mentoring on the spot Has … Read More

Why would I want to work with ideal clients? My ideal clients inspire me My ideal clients bring the best out of me and me out of them My Read More

Most of all I celebrate the steps I take with my website. The process helps me to embrace my excellence and qualities and get clear about them. And this sense of freedom. Thanks to the program and most of all to my buddy Arjen. How I celebrate that? By working on it more and more.

July 20, 2022 Creating Time

In replay to Arjen Broeze

Good to read that you give such an importancy to your Stop list Bravo.

July 20, 2022 Creating Time

Wednesday week 5 Today I spent my block working on my business/creating time on speaking with my fellow VOF members on the strategy and planning of getting people involved in the new Leergang. I also shared about my participation and commitment in this programm with you and what that brought me so far. Only by doing that a stream of creativity and ideas came up. Followed … Read More

July 19, 2022 Creating Time

Day two week 5 This day I spent on getting home again. Manny hours of travelling. Although there is plenty of time because of cancellations and waiting hours, It is hard to focus. So I spent my timeblock with reading comments of others. And have first impressions of my new website.

July 18, 2022 Creating Time

Hi, I am back again. The challenge for me is to not creating time by rising extra early or using my in-between breaks I want to systemize this 15-minute time in my days. In the Summer best is from eleven to eleven fifteen. After Summer I may need to reschedule. I give myself this freedom. The 3 hours I want to give to exploration. This is extra time on my business besi… Read More

Dear all Yesterday I missed out because of travelling. The topic automate is not naturaly present in my life and business. I can see the benefit of it though thanks to the flow of comments of you all. I take a few beginners steps: Optimize what I have. We Fact and Basecone. The most important thing is still to make a new website in wich I want to include some automate … Read More

July 6, 2022 Automate Something New

Day three in second week: What automatation tools? I wonder if I am already lost in the forest of this programm or what? Do I drop out here in this second week already? Same time: maybe this is just the big blind spot in my business. I can take a few beginners babysteps. First start again is a good functioning website and from there automatic posts on Whatsapp and… Read More

July 6, 2022 Automate Something New

Day two: What to automate First of all I want to optimize the automatic tools that I already have: WeFact and Basecone I want a system that sents out whatsapp messages with a connection to my new to built website for more info and a new to create system of blogs. A system that builds up my mailinglist with follow through. I am considering to do the same with Linkedin… Read More

July 4, 2022 Automate Something New

Week 3 monday Why automate? 1 Because Nisandeh says it is beneficial 2 Because my Buddies say it is beneficial 3 I read comments in the WOMB that say it is beneficial 4 Colleages say the same 5 Let’s listen carefully to all of them 6 It might be the step off my plattform 7 It could save time 8 it could generatie much more business 9 I can work much more for m… Read More

In replay to Marcel Dassen

Thank you for your reaction Marcel. Thank you for making this bridge. I follow your comments now and have seen your website. Interesting!

What did I get out of this week assignment? I have got a deeper commitment to my own business. And lots of inspiration. I got a deepening sense of how fundamentally I am affected by the catholic mindset, that talents are a gift and those should be used for others. Being a woman born in the 50ths implemented an off sense about how I should be in service. During the… Read More

June 30, 2022 Delegate Something New

Day 4 second week How to delagate: 1) Best seems that I talk more with people that I am already connected with. I took many initiatives that can have a follow through. Being more a pioneer I forget often to earn. In my buiseness and also in my garden by the way. I just let the harvest rot away too many times. 2) The people who are in my V.O.F. I need to take them more… Read More

June 30, 2022 Delegate Something New

I missed day three: Who to delagate to 1) I can delagate to my webside builder when I have a consistant list of what I need him to do on my website. If he can not do that or is not willing I must find another website builder 2) I can delagate the perfect englisch translations to Anna. I know what I can do to give her for that 3) I can delagate the part of the contant of… Read More

June 28, 2022 Delegate Something New

Second day, second week What to delegate ) I want to delegate as much as possible financiel matters like: taxes, Spanish/Dutch system 2) I want a system that warns me to be in time with matters like that 3) I want someone who helps me out with my website. 4) I want someone who helps me out with Linked In 5) I need someone to help me out with computers, telephones e… Read More

June 27, 2022 Delegate Something New

One and one is three One of my mothe´rs lifelessons was that if you want to delegate and have somebody working for you, you must always be at least one step ahead and you need to mentor the process. I still wonder about her lesson. My husband has a totally different style of delegating. He departs fom a trust in what people can accomplish. All in all he is so much more r… Read More

What did get out of this first week ´s assignement? Most important is to be part of this group learning. And in it take my own responseabilities. I got glimpses of the potentional and beauty of this programm. As far as I know now it is very smart in how it is constructed, based on a long time experience. This gives an important boost to my confidence. And I can see… Read More

Thursday My biggest strugle is computer, Social media, website etc 1: Today a Young girl died under a tractor.. We mourn her and her family. And I do my creatieve mind exrecise. Following and in the waters of LIFE 2: I implemented more then one suggestion 3: Now I want to move on to more uplifting parts of my business. And I see it is all connected. So follow through… Read More

Wednesdsy My biggest strugle is my clumsyness with computers, Social media, website etc 1: now I realize how dreadfull this topic is for me. A kind of Dyscalcully 2: Do not victimize yourself, go beyond that. 3. Beyond that is a field of possibilities 4. Reach out in what you need 5: Get ideas from other people 6: There is no need to know it all by yourself 7: Open… Read More

My biggest strugle is my clumsyness with computers, social media, website etc. It costs me tons of time and frustration and it is an obstacle in being visable, in my administration work snd in my money flow. What I realized yesterday is that I fill one hole with another. That becomes more of a structural problem. My thinking suggests: 1: start with taking better ca… Read More

My biggest strugle and this moment is my clumsyness with computers and social media etc. Sollutions: 1 Hire somebody to do this for you 2 Take a personal teacher to get you updated 3 Make a study online 4: Become member of a senior help group 5: Minimize all that seemingly ¨normal¨use of computers 6: Ask someone to look with teamvieuw to help you out 7: Take no… Read More

1: I am an amazing person 2: Money thinker 3: Expert in modern transformational psychology combinend wit Ancient Natural Knowing 4: Personal contact. Guidance 5: Clear focus 6: Fullfilment for everybody involved 7: Too much effort with seemingly no output 8: Being one of the nestors in The Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue since the 80th´s. I am proud that… Read More

My expert position How to work smarter not harder Focus on my ideal clients

1: Where am I now and where I want to be in the futures I spent a lot of time n developing. Myself, my work, my cliënts, my network, my trainingsprogramms, my Leergang, my litle business, my website, my word in wich I can express where I am and what I want to transmit, my place in the Altiplano of Granada of Spain, my relationshios, my everything. Deelneming my understa… Read More

My big vision is to involve people (and myself ) in practical spirituality. People who are sensitieve to the caling to live more their natural nature. Who want to combine modern psychology with the the old knowledge from nature people. Most of the time this are people who are in a shift in their lives. They have done quite a bit of inner work so they are able to hold… Read More

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