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Melanie Lo

self-sabotaging patterns Comparison/envy Fear of loosing everything if things go wrong Selfdoubt: And confirmation strategic plan Compare with who I was and what my business was a few years ago Make a list of all the things that could go wrong and find a solution Just make a strategy and look for someone that has done that all ready to go over that. Make a list… Read More

Hi Hereby my preparation video:

It is not the best one. But I found out that I did not have call to actions. Except with old video’s. I struggled with uploading the video to my computer. Then I found out that I could use airdrop. That was easy. Then editing took a while. I did this as fast as possible. I hope this one is OK! … Read More

October 11, 2022 My Expert Book – Follow Up

Too soon, I tried to use the two platform. But it did not bring me the right questions I tried the Dutch words and English Words around: reading, writing and mathematics. But it does not work

October 11, 2022 My Expert Book – Follow Up

I uses the two links to find questions. I used all kinds of wordsl like: Lezen, rekenen en spelling And also Reading writing and mathematic

October 11, 2022 My Expert Book – Follow Up

Thank you very much for you workshop. Fast and valuable, just the way I like it. I had to reserve a special time to go over it all. My biggest insights: That you can make a book about the top 100 questions my TA has. And that you can find them in two great websites. That really blowed my mind away .

September 28, 2022 My Expert Book – Preparation

1. why I must publish an expert book: It gives me an expert position. It helps me create a training It gives me a teaching tool It helps me create a system I have a book of my buddy that I could really use. We are giving a lunch together for my clients and I show her book to them I can give this book to schools and other and cooperation’s for primary schools. My n… Read More

September 5, 2022 My VIP Product – Follow Up

1. INSIGHT: FIND OUT WHAT THE PROBLEM OF YOUR CLIENT IS.: MAKE IT CRISTAL CLEAR I think I do know what the problem is. But it could be cristal clear. I could ask it more deaply. 1. AHA: During my next VIP lunch, I will have a session it which I brainstorm with my VIP clients. Then I have not only the problem more clear, but also in their words from their perspective…. Read More

How people get to know me 1. PEOPLE work with PEOPLE So in my about me I tell them about my marital status, kids and hobbies. 2. FB BANNER On my FB personal page, the banner is with my family. I remember a client trusted me after that. She got a whole different idea about me. 3. LINKED IN STORY In linked in I sometimes tell a story about results that really … Read More

Support system. 1. Several buddies I have several buddies. One I have already for over a year. We know eachother really well by now. We find out what triggers us and know what to work on. Another buddy group is more about the program at hand. Having totally different groups get different point of view. That means also that you talk about different things 2. Have a… Read More

This list of Nisandeh Neta is great. Hard to ad anything. However here are some ideas of mine 1. Eliminate distraction from ALL your devices. Whatsapp on your computer can still make sounds. 2. If you don’t pick up a sport or musical instrument. It ads a huge amount of energy to be more productive. 3. Take a little time for yourself before you start your … Read More

CLIENTS: 1. Do: Ask and listenbefore you speak 2. Don’t: Be too enthousiastic. If clients try to compliment me, oh you are very enthoustiastic, I know I was not listening enough. 3. Don’t gossip with the clients about your competition. Even if they do 4. Do: If clients have bad experience anywere else listen extra carefully. You might not want to work with them…. Read More

I LOVE THIS IDEA I am still working a lot of time IN my business in stead of ON. Actually I have never worked so much time IN my business. And I recognize a lot of the introduction. 1. VISION Be cristal clear about your vision. How ever, with time your vision can change a little bit. call in insight. 2. Talk to people about your vision. Ask them if they understa… Read More

I just love the FUN tips. I will use them with my clients (kids) as well: Start with a game (instead of ending) Fun tips I ad: 1. I eat lunch with my hubby everytime possible 2. If we have some free time, we practice a bit of golf. 3. At my office the cleaning lady is there, I always great her. 4. I always talk to the receptionpeople, sometimes I sit with them. I … Read More

1. When asking your netwerk, be specific about what you want and need. Also about mindset. 2. The MINDSET can be a little different from yours: What I read in the Quadrant from Robbert Kyosaki was that you need 4 kinds of people in your life. You need them all. How ever. That means that you expect different things from them A work ethic and willing to grow how ever… Read More

1. Be honest about what you really want. Is it a really good idea? Or do other people think it is? Or do you want is. 2. Make the goals inspiring but realistic 3. If you fail to succeed, make the goal a bit smaller. 4. Change is you do not reach the goal. Can be a small change, a big change. Or even the circumstances. 5. Accumulate the time you need for all o… Read More

I have a bit a love/ hate relationship with LinkedIn. Because, so far it was a time consumer. 1. Read the post of Nisandeh, Aramik and Franck. They are experts. I read even in Nisansehs post, thinks we were not tought in the trainings. Because LinkedIn Changad a lot since then. Especially about the business page. 2. Make sure your profile consists of – Questions that y… Read More

In replay to Ine Mulder

Ine I like the fear part: Very recognizeble. I like the word you choose: Being impressed by fear. Thank you for sharing.

1. Stop being misses or mister or busy important 2. Stop working with suppliersthat are not really committed to giver you the service you deserve. And suck the energy out of you. 3. Stop chasing or even work with clients that are not committed 4. Stop trying to take shortcuts by meeting GIANTS/GURU. 5. Stop going to network meeting that do not give you anyth… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Love the idea’s The numbers 2,3,4,6, I can just copy past and implement. A VA is a big scary, I govemy boomkeeper the task to do the invoices. My website/ or marketeer company to do social media ads.

1. I set my 7 goals like the book: Elements of Success 2. I make the different areas cristal clear. Every area on a different color background And pictures from the internet that represent my goals. 3. I use canva to make it look like a scrabbook 4. I … Read More

1. NETWORK EVENT: Start with I AM A ……..I HELP ……………WITH………………. My biggest successtory is…………………… I gave this student a change in life………. ON THE PHONE/AT MY OFFICE 1. Questions; THEIR PAIN, HISTORY, WISHES 2. Then I give my suggestion I can help with……………. to accomplish…………… it will take me … Read More

1.Scheduling new clients with Calendly 2. Rescheduling current client with calendly 3. Email marketing with tips 4. Follow up mails propects 5. Goodbey mails 6. Email marketing old clients 7. Youtube uploads 8. FB posts 9. Retargeting prospects (calendly) 10. Linked in Ads

In replay to Tineke de Bunje

Hi Tineke, I agree with you that small talk is important. I had a golf session. He said:”Ah the karate lady!” We spoke a little bit and the lesson was spot on. He used the info about my private live indirectly without me knowing it. Unfortunately, a coaching acadamey that changes in the meantime is part of your learning process. I learned that the hard way. For … Read More

In replay to Maria Simons

Very good Maria

1. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE THAT CAN FOCUS IF YOU CAN’T It is hard for me to focus and be creative at the same time. Especially if I have to THINK, I like to work with people that keep me in line in the most friendly way. Nisandeh and Vered for example. They help me focus during a 1-1 or other meeting if I struggle with it. 2. START WITH YOURSELF FIRST The mor… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi Aramik, I love some of your ideas: Sone of them because I and some orhers i. This group have the ETR and love to Others because I would love to get more ideas. 1. I love to share about kids How to becone a great parent. You talked about seasons. Children have different faces so there are many. Fear of losing children. Especially when you have girls……hard… Read More

1. Lean WHEN to say no. When is a not so great offer a way in. When is it a bone they throw you. Or a great learning opportunity. 2. How to budget your cost, before hiring people 3. Qualifying a VA 4. When is a good idea or the right time to have a VA? When not? 5. How to qualify a marketeer. Not only if he or she is good enough. But when is there a great fit. 6. When… Read More

RECIPROCITY 1. If Possible I refer my clients to people I trust. As a result my clients trust me more and the people I refer to are very happy. I even got a Christmas box 2. I work with children. However with long intensive programs I set up meetings with the parents regularly as a gift 3. If I recognize I am not the right fit for the clients, I try to find out … Read More

In replay to Naomi Dongelmans

I Naomi, I love the greetz idea. I work with children. I do not do birthday cards, just because I am afraid I will forget one or two. I will check it out.

In replay to Bina Kal

I really like the newsletter for people on their birthday. That is quit easy to do. And to call random clients is also great.

1. MARKETING 2. FINDING THE RIGHT TA and where they are 3. SALES: SELL LIKE A DOCTER I learned to sell as a doctor. Before I hated sales. Now I love is. Because with my sales pitch I do not feel a cheap seller, but I feel an expert. Especially if I decline a client. 4. DISCIPLINE How to follow trough if you do not want 5. LEARN TO DO YOUR CORE BUSINESS AND… Read More

DEAL WITH UNHAPPY CLIENTS If they are right. Actually it never is a problem. Then it is actually easy to solve. If they are not right. Than it is a bit more difficult. 1. STAY CALM Yes! This can be challenging. Especially if people are shouting at you for something you had no control over. 2. LET THEM SPEAK UNTIL THEY ARE FINISH Sometimes the solution they want… Read More

Energize myself 1. OUTSOURCE The biggest thing I did was outsource the following – Cleaning: I hate cleaning – Laundry: I hate doing laundry even more. I first did a barter. My cleaning lady did my laundry. I taucht her daughter. Now she does not want that any more. She askes only €12,50 more. HELLOOOOO….. Well let just say that I thought of it as contribution… Read More

GROW MY BUSINESS Before I was focussing on the wrong things. I compared myself with other people. I still tend to do that sometimes. But my business, my target audience and the way I am is different than anybody else. I know that I have to go out of my comfort zone. And that I need to see what my target audience wants. I learned the hard way if I don’t. How ever, if … Read More

EVENING ROUTINE 1. Cook 2. Clean the kitchen 3. Have coffee with my husband 4. Sport/ practice accordeon 5. Relax

THIS IS A GOOD ONE 1. WEBSITE Have a good website. It has to work. Suite your product and target audience It has to be cristal clear about what you are doing. The website has to be fast. Use it for one perpose only. 2. LINKED IN It is good to have a linked in profile. Even if you do not want to post every day. Make sure you have a great linked in profile. 3… Read More

I have a love hate relationship with blogging. I know some people like them. I know some clients read some of them before they become clients. How ever it is a bit shooting with “hagel” putting a lot of effort in, not knowing what comes out. But I will still try 1. Use video 2. Do it regerlary like every other week 3. Use the …………10 steps to. 4. … Read More

Do every day, 1. PLAN Make a plan for the day It does not have to be a beautifull list. Just a list in your notebook. After one day you see how productive you are. If you were not productive, you realize that immediately. 2. TIME IS PRESSIOUS In my case: avoid useless koffie meetings/breakfast as much as possible. Use your time wisely What I used to have is a … Read More

1. Take a lot of time before the start. Especially with new client. In my case I work with children. I always let the parents come first. When they come with the children, I have time only for them. 2. Respond very quickly to my customers. Most of my client really can’t sleep because of their children. So I respond asap. 3. Invite your clients a nice office/place. It i… Read More

1. Answer questions of your clients that are not complentary to your field. My clients ask me all the time abut IQ test etc. 2. Work with other great experts. I often work and invite experts in my field. 3. Be always positive. Even if you think what you read is crab. In my field their is a lot of garbige. Parents really believe that stuff In stead of going off, like I f… Read More

In replay to Max Hirschel

I like the small steps thing. And, talking to others about your plans.

1 BE KIND TO YOURSELF 2. TWIST AND CHANGE If what you are planning what you are doing is not working, try to set new goals. Twist until you can. 3. LOOK AT THE ROI Especially when you must make great offers, make what you are doing is worth you effort. 4. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN If you make small goals that are easy to achieve by doing them dayly, you can increase th… Read More

In replay to Naomi Dongelmans

I like the celebration what you DID do. The fly mode is a very good idea.

1. In my case I use GRAPHS that children get with their reports when they grow big time 2. I BLOG about things I talk about with parents, if their questions and especially the answers are relevant. 3. a POLL on linked in can be very valuable. How ever, It could be wise to ask some people in your netwerk to respond. The poll must not be too specific. You can connect and… Read More

1. Have a plan A, B and or C Especially when you take on something new. Think ahead. 2. Don’t fall for the “do not think negative” trap Of course it is very important not to think only bad things can happen. But some people take the self forfilling propthesy too far. And try to drag you with them. It is more than normal to have a bad/ worse case scenario and be pre… Read More

This is for me the best generator, because KEEPING CALM is challenging. How ever. Over the years I learned that I used to panic over everything. I panic if I feel that I do not have control over the situation. In my private live I had a use crisis. Thinking we were going to loose everything. But guess what. We gained soo much more than we even thought possible. If we did … Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

I always to read your comments. And I make it an effort to implement at leas one of your ideas. Number 2 is I believe the most important for me. First things first.

When I started I was really nervous when a client came for the first time. In fact, it was a problem even if they became clients. Because I learned to ask the right questions. Meeting a client for the first time is always exiting. 1. HAVE A SYSTEMIZED ORDER I always have a systemized order in my head. I do not plan the questions, but the topics. Then with those topic… Read More

1. Ask questions: – Clients love sometimes to just release some of the stress. 2. Ask questions about what they already did. 3. Ask questions about what they want as a result and what they expect from you. – When is our working together a succes from you. Most of the time I found out since I am doing this, I would go in the totally wrong direction if I did not. … Read More

1. STOP STORAGE> GIVE AWAY My husband and I saved a lot of money by stopping storage. We storaged old furniture if we could not sell it Or to save for the kids if they would move out. We found out that it is cheaper to stop the subscription of the storage and just give it away. We have beautifull Second Hand Stors that are happy with it. 2. STOP SPONSORING GYMS I… Read More

10 Ideas for a New Client Magnet Here are the ideas I picked up that I really like 1. TEMPLATE: a template that can be send to prospects. Although I am afraid it would scare people off a bit. 2. PLAN: In my case working with kids, that can work. Because I find out that children can improve by a plan that they do every single day. So it is good to send parents … Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi Aramik, I like the BONUS the most. I do not know it will work for my clients. But it could be something just by changing the idea a little bit. Therefor you know instantly if your prospects are nice to work with. If they want to do the job.

In replay to Franck Fielemon

Hi Franck I like your Ideas especially – e-book with a 100 tips – Network events, I would like to join next time again

In replay to Bina Kal

Maybe you can contact Annemiek Steur. She is a succesfull serial writer, since a very young age.

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi Aramik, Thank you for this fantastic comment with a lot of value. What I like in your comments, especially this one is the word PLAN I have a JV, you have a PLAN. I have a funnel, you have a 4 step plan. My top of mind is to make a fantastic 4x give away that people really want to download.

In replay to Franck Fielemon

Co-productions: I am working on that as we speak. I do not know what will happen The LinkedIn Private groups: I never go into them. But it seems to work? That is great.

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi Aramik, I really like your list. I like it so much, that I went over it, one by one. (I could recommend that) I made my own Idea Generator on how to use your comment and get the most out of it. 1. I made 3 rows: Do/ Improve/ Do not in my paper notebook 2. I went to all the comments (nr 40 is missing, is that on purpose?) 3. I put all the numbers in the rows. … Read More

1 MAKE a SPICE GOAL BOARD I made a few GOAL board with the 7 area’s of my life. It is so great when you actually succeed the goals. Put great pictures with a picture of yourself in it. Now in CANVA you can let it look like you really did art work. 2. LOOSE PEOPLE THAT SUCK THE ENERGY OUT OF YOU This was a hard one for me. But I lost the professional victems. Ore even… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi Aramik, I like your ideas. except #1. What inpires me is to write my goals every single day. Question, does every goal work? What if your goal does not work? I totally agree on the 90 day challenge. I really like doing this. Because it keeps me focussed, new ideas, celebrate even the smallest succes and at the same time give me a chance to inspire other peop… Read More

In replay to Vered Neta

That would be great. Thank you Aramik, for inspiring Vered to be more visual on this page.

In replay to Naomi Dongelmans

Hi Naomi, looks like a nice idea. Can you give an exemple?

New Succes Habbits 1. Do CHALLENGES and reflect about it I found doing challenges really powerfull. First of all I can celebrate every single day, week. And if I did not follow trough, I can reflect on why I did not do it and learn from that. 2. Do not do it alone. In a COMMUNITY like this it is nice to share, get and give Ideas. 3. What WORKS for you. If yo… Read More

In replay to Gerdy Heek

Hi Gerdy, I really like this comment, because you bailed out because of the rules and regulations. I do know companies that have sooooo many rules just to be able to start. My husband is working for one of them as en entrepreneur. I had the same feeling. This is crazy. Now, he is in and does very well. Now he leans back. They need him very much and he gets what he want… Read More

1. I try to connect with my suppliers as much as possible 2. I try share a membership with bigger organisation if I really need that membership 3. I work with projects of three month. They pay in advance or in terms and add 5% with automation payments 4. I do not work with offertes. How ever, I do email with our agreements 5. Biggest trap: Do not fall for it: What is … Read More

I know that the idea generater is about “What to ask’ But what if you did all that. Pracisted. Got ovations from my pitch, but then realize that it is a waste of time and money? If you know where you can find your clients or suppliers, all those question will not work. So my comments will be about WHERE to GO! Then if you know where to go, you can use the great que… Read More

In replay to Paul van Aarle

I Really like this comment. Can you tell me how this changed you? This sometimes works for me. But I fall back sometimes. Are you always able to think like that? Or do you sometimes fall back.

In replay to Lieve Leysen

Hi Lieve, Nice to meet you here again! What do you mean by give complements?

1. Ask WHAT you can help them with. They they tell their full story. 2. Ask what is the PROBLEM In this question I narrow it down 3. Ask WHAT have THEY DONE already? Sometimes nothing. That is great. You get virgins! If they have had help from other people you must know EXACTLY what they have done already. Or even worse. They want you to compare or compete. I told a pro… Read More

In replay to Muriël Versluis

Hi Muriel, Always a great pleasure. A great gift. Normally I sit down and write down the things I can check or change by reading Nisandeh’s ideas Now I do the same with yours. Here are my comments. 1. GOALS: I set a lot of goals, big GOALS even. But the people have to want. In my mind, working with schools would help. However… The schools do not always want. Having sai… Read More

I had NO CLUE what to write. I started to do a few things 1. Scroll to other peoples messages, especialy from the top commenters. 2. I chose the ones with the likes and comments from: Vered Nisandeh and Aramik and Gerdy 3. I checked out: tree that looked interesting: The PR release (I found the dutch version): RuM on FB and from Janneke van Heugten. I… Read More

1. What brings you to me? What is the problem? 2. how does it effect your child? 3. How does this affect you? 4. What have you already done so far 5. What were the results of your previous efforts? 6. What result do hope for then we are going to work together? 7. How would it change your life and that of your child if you get the result you want? 8. What is the rea… Read More

In replay to Muriël Versluis

I love your list It was really appealing. I had to restrain myself not to call you immediately. The only reason I did not, because I am in the middle of things. Of course I was reading Nisandeh’s comment. For me 40. is something I like to add to my personal list.

This Challenge is not my favourite. Looking at all the great morning routines, I realize I have a long way to go. So I start with total honesty. 1. I wake up at different times. (This I can easily change) 2. I have a hot shower 3. Brush my teeth 4. I have a bad, but mostly gluten free breakfast and coffee. It is nice, and easy to prepare. 5. I read email and bad things … Read More

In replay to Naomi Dongelmans

Hi Naomi, I can totally relate, Also my posting on linked in is not regularly. I also read that you will be constant when your new program is ready. May you could, in the meantime, use one of Nisandeh’s ideas, by just commenting and or sharing on other peoples post that is relevant for your business.

1. Sport: I have an intensive sport where there is a lot of teaching and feedback and learning of everyone. I translate a lot of things I learn 2. Cruises: The way they systemize everything: the way they do their marketing 3. TV programs: (Well not this month of course) like Yinek: I am having a discussion soon with too people in my field. 4. transform my frustration i… Read More

10 Idea’s to keep myself motivated. 1. Write down what I want to do. 2. Check off the things I did 3. I need people around me, that gives me energy. So sometimes I work in a nice hotel. 4. I go downstairs and talk to the front desk of my office building, just talking to them gives me energy to go on. 5. I talk to my buddy regularly. We talk every week. It takes a s… Read More

Ten Idea’s in general. What really works for me is to try to come up with 10 idea’s every time. The reason is that I train my thinking mussle, so to speak. I have to admit, it is not easy. Especially, after seeing all those great Idea’s of other people it is hard to think of something new. However, if I really can’t think of anything new, I try to at least menti… Read More

In replay to Rik Scheffer

Hi Rik, Since I am self imployed, I do not have a lot of large meetings. I like the Idea not to have them. They do not only suck the time but also energy out of you.

In replay to Jur Houtman

It is as simple as that. To get up earlier. I read you also meditate and that it realy works for you how do you meditate?

1. For me outsource my bookkeeping saved time 2. Starting with a todo list. 3. Using a simple (HEMA) notebook. Puting dates on every page simplefies may dayly routine 4. I use now Supersaas for meeting. Make sure it is synchronized well. And that you blocked all the time even breaks or family time. 5. Make sure your clients put and get the information needed for th… Read More

In replay to Paul van Aarle

Hi Paul, I like your tip: a higher price save you money. About work in other countries: Fiver is also a good place for that. How ever. Make sure you know what you want. Sometimes it is better to look more close to home if you need good quality. The more you need to communicate well the better it is to look nearby for suppliers.

In replay to Mariëlle van den Donk

I agree that a bookkeeper is a good thing to have. She is keeping me online. How ever. Make sure you really know the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant. A bookkeeper is also less expensive. My husband is an accountant. In the beginning he did everything. But bookkeeping is really different than accountant. All the invoices lower than €500,- was not… Read More

1. Make a choice: Does it cost me money to paint my house, while being a bad painter. Or do I find a good and cheap painter. 2. Share your office if you need your own space for clients and Co working is not convienient 3. Make sure that if you have insurense on stuff you have the right insurence an pay it on time. Otherwise you find out you are not insured. 4. About in… Read More

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Thank you Nisandeh, I can relate a little bit. I am also an avoider. Especially when I know I spent a lot. The thing I really like is: If I don’t care about my friend, how long will he/she stay around? Not for long. Same with money…

In replay to Yildiz van der Zijden

Hi Yildiz, What do you mean with a great opt in?

In replay to Dick Smit

Can you share with us at least 10 exemples?

1. Have your own you tube channel 2. In my case, working with children: coach the parents as well 3. Be newsworthy: Share the newest trends and use them 4. Show that you are up to date, using the newest material 5. Interview people that are a little bit further than you in your field 6. Interview people that were old clients and ask them how they are doing now 7. Hav… Read More

In replay to Jur Houtman

Hi Jur, I really love the energy from your comment. Congrats with the change in your live. This really inspires me. The FB is very recognizable.

1. Make a list of what you want to do (I hate to admit it) 2. And mark down if you did something 3. Do the most important or the easiest things first, because it is a great way to get in the mood 4. Write down the things you do not want to do down in chuncks 5. If things take too. much time, ask yourself it it was the right thing to do. Is it worth it? 6. If things a… Read More

I am a learning program specialist for primary schoolchildren who have problems with reading writing and mathematic I am known for speed in which children go from from backlog to lead. They start with a backlog and leave often as the lead in their class. I am fast, cristal clear in the problems and cristal clear in the goals, in what I want to achieve in three month … Read More

In replay to Astrid Vincentie

I agree that the website must represent you. You get the right type of clients

In replay to Mariëlle van den Donk

I realized that I had to change the content. How ever some pics are there for ages. Great tip!

My ideas to improve your website. 1. Make you live easy. 2. Do what you are good at. If website making is not you thing, let other people do it. That way you can implement everything you learn from Nisandeh or other great business trainers in a heartbeat. If you are anything like me, make sure you have a company that puts anything in place you want on your website… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi Aramik, I really like the communication and content plan. And what is really important that you know what you want to do next. Maybe you could share with us examples about those two?

Blogposts: 1. Blog about a newsfact relevant to your clients an your product 2. Blog about a topic I learned from during a training 3. Blog about mistakes my clients make 4. About a tool you send, that they can try. In my case, they can try an online product of mine 5. Interview a former customer: Why they came and especially about the advise they can give to new clie… Read More

In replay to Mirja Hennink

I have the same problem. Most tips are already given. However, today I decided to post some given tips anyway. Sometimes the same tip in other words, can trigger you the right way. The tip about the “no’s” is great!

In replay to Nathan Veenstra

I like the “look at blogs of your competitors” Why invent the wheel all the time

Hi Dunja, Thank you so much for contacting me today. I am looking forward to meet you on the 23th. I love the fact that you recognize that your clients work very hard and that they deserve a treat. It is unfortunate that the feedback forms did not work for you. It might be a solution that you improve your feedback form, where people can give you 3 improvements or … Read More

Hi Gerdy, I know you for a few years now. I see your growth. And I love seeing that. Fantastic that you saw the things that did not go well saw as an opportunity to grow. Well done

WOW clients: 1. Use great materials. In my case I use schoolbooks. I see a lot of people in my field, using copies. I alwase use nice new workbooks. 2. Use great envirnment. Live: I have a nice office. I believe is WOW , even if they have to wait outside. 3. Contact your client if they had a setback. See if they are ok. 4. Be very professional if they have a very… Read More

1. Outsource the things that take a lot of time: I even outsource sending invoices 2. Show, let your clients see what you are doing: I am a remedial teacher for children. The parents join. This increases my expert position. The children make better progress because parents know how to help them. And then my expert positions grows 3. Make, let someone make video’s of what… Read More

My insight is: The last few years I did create a platform based on frustrations. And even a conflict with a client My insight is to actually look for problems.

Systemizing: What I am systemizing is teaching process. I am in the process of making my own platform professional. It will help children, from all over the world helping with mathematics (being able to count and multiply till a 100). To make that happen I had to work out every single process in a way that the ICT people could make it into a system the way I invented that… Read More

January 25, 2022 ME#14: The 80-20 Rule

I remember the 20/80 rule. But now I know what I recognize it. I can recognize it in: Relationship, contribution, business. My husband and I lost bigtime on contribution in money, time and very bad energy. But also on other finances. By turning that around, we gained big time on all of that. I was in the past 80% of the business time busy with someone I asked to work… Read More

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