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Bina Kal

Well, the fact that I have reached this post means I kept the momentum, not something I’m usually good at without strict deadlines… So I guess time to CELEBRATE!!! I’ve learned A LOT throughout his challenge and am grateful for participating in it. Thank you for the lovely people who contributed, encouraged and shared their wisdom and knowledge, I’m grateful for yo… Read More

I’m surprised to see that many of the things on this list I have in place…. YIPPEE!!! What I can focus on is Improving my cash flow (there is always place for improvements) and develop a recurring revenue stream – these two I can definitely do…. What I don’t think I can do is #9 – I can’t think of how to replace myself when I am the one who is writing the books a… Read More

For my loyal customers I give: 1. Once a month a Q&A with me. 2. I send Birthday Cards to them with a special poem I writer for them 3. On major holidays I send them a special gift 4.Since 2020 – once a month I have “Happy Hour” with them where we discuss any topic they have in mind 5. WHen someone refers more than 3 clients to me I give them feedback and notes … Read More

For me thinking strategically means focusing on the BIG picture and on my vision. I ask myself the question – if there were no limitations what could I do? what goals would I set? and most importantly WHO would I be. This always opens for me new directions.

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I agree @Ine – it feels as if “cold calling” is an old fashion marketing tactics, especially now when you can find practically any business person online and first get to know them…

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Thanks @Gerdy for this clarification… I then wonder why do people still do “cold calling”? Isn’t it a waste of time, energy and resources?

I must admit that just like Nisandeh I have never done cold calling. THis list is full of valuable information that it makes me rethink whether I should do cold calling Question to this knowledgeable and wise community – does every business need to do “cold calling” – what is the advantage of doing it?

I have two types of target audience but for this specific challenge I guess I’m focusing on my clients who I teach creative writing and scriptwriting, so here are a few ideas on books I can write about: 1. Structure Hacks 2. Loglines Hacks 3. Accuracy and Authenticity in writing Historical novels 4. How NOT to write female characters 5. Ultimate Story Structure 6. Ho… Read More

I work mainly with freelancers, so it might be a bit different than working with a team which are employees. However, for me your #1 – is the most important step and the other one is #7. The way I do it is I first give them my vision and goals for the project they are responsible for. Then I check with them if it’s clear and HOW they think they can achieve it and what … Read More

I have to admit that I have never used crowdfunding… it sounds to me such a hard work, but reading this list makes me re-evaluate this option. Also a friend of mine did use it to create her own album and I’ve noticed that when it’s done right not only she didn’t have to invest her own money she got the following: 1. HUGE media exposure 2, Loyal fans 3. People even … Read More

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I really love your #5 @Max and your #6 – reminds me that in my contract with my publisher it says that for all the e-books there will be a sentence both on the first page and the last one… If you liked this book, don’t keep it to yourself share it with others…

This is such an extensive list I don’t know how much I can add to it. Even more, I need to think how to implement some of those things into my business. What I do at the end of each course I give I ask the participants to think of 3 people that can benefit from this service and write them a letter/postcard/email sharing what they’ve learned and give their friends one of… Read More

Great topic again… In the writing community we talk a lot about the Writer’s Voice, which is something that is hard to grasp or explain, but when you pick up a book of Stephen King you immediately know it’s his even if you just open it randomly in the middle without looking at the cover. Having your own writer’s voice means that people know that you’re different than … Read More

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@Hi Ine, I totally agree with you on #5… when you/I plan a time-out with friends and especially with family it becomes easier to execute it without feeling guilty towards my the business. That’s the reason why I always do a YEARLY planning of my vacations and breaks as part of my yearly business plan. This way I know when to plan my products launches (whether books or c… Read More

For me taking time of is crucial for my creativity. In my yearly planning I always plan taking off two weeks twice a year. It’s also my “Me-TIme” so I combine it with some kind of retreat. However I also make sure that during the week I take some time off to rejuvenate myself, it can be even just 30 minutes a day, but I believe it’s crucial. it can be my daily meditation… Read More

This is a fantastic list. For me #5 is one of the most important ones. Not only it makes them like you it also makes you stand apart from the others. I know that for me that what makes the difference. One of the reasons I’m with my writing mentor is because she has a very distinct voice, which is unapologetic and says things as they are without going around the bush. … Read More

THis one is fun… I never could understand how some people can not celebrate their own achievement and successes. I LOVE doing especially min-wins success celebrations. I make a list of things that I love doing/experiencing/getting and then I divide them into S/M/L rewards for myself. So each time that I achieve something that I call s S success I look at that list a… Read More

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@Aramik – LOVE your ideas and obviously #8 is my favourite…

I’m a HUGE believer in communities and the power of them, so creating one like this would be an awesome thing. If anything the Pandemic has taught us is the importance of a supporting community is crucial for us all. I LOVE the ideas above and here are some of mine: 1. Peer reviews on ideas and projects 2. creating something together 3. Q&A is fantastic and I wo… Read More

It’s been a long journey for me until I’ve learned how to delegate. I wish I had this list when I started it would have saved me – time money and most of all frustration and pain. For me the best advice I got about this topic was that there is a difference between “delegating” and “dumping your tasks on someone” Meaning – you need to take the time to make sure the pers… Read More

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@Ine – Thanks – I like it too… I’m thinking of using it in one of the upcoming emails and see how it would perform

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Hi @Max – thanks so much for this explanation… Sounds simple enough going to try it on my own… and if that’s not going to work going to call my tech wizard – i.e. – y hubby to help me with it…

I must say that many of the ideas above I can use, but I think in the end it depends on your target audience what method would you use. What works for me most is listening to them when they are in their daily activities. I also talk with other type of professions that meet my target group and ask them questions about my target group I try hard to use the language t… Read More

Ohh I LOVE this one, especially that the questions has changed so let’s see if I can use my skills here: 1. Gone in 60 minutes 2. You Can’t Handle the Truth – or can you? 3. Funny thing happened to me this morning… 4. And the Oscar goes to…. YOU! 5. 3 sessions for the price of 1! 6. 75 Loglines Hacks 7. Grammer is a bitch, but doesn’t have to stop you from wri… Read More

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Hi @Aramik – Thanks for you lovely remarks. I REALLY LOVE your input in this challenge and the way you encourage people and acknowledge them As for your question – I share with them many times different ideas I came up with for my next book/project and ask them to help me pick one. I invite them to ask me ANY question they want (even not necessarily in my field) … Read More

I LOVE every single of the ideas Nisandeh offered… Here are a few more that came up to me: 1. Behind-the-scenes – People LOVE to see what goes on behind the scenes of things they like, so give them a peek at your ife or the process of what you do to create the product/service you give your clients 2. Let them know YOU as a PERSON not just as a provider – share with… Read More

I have to admit this one is a bit confusing for me. If I hire a VA is that outsourcing? What is the difference between outsourcing and getting a Virtual Assistant or a Personal Assistant? I guess this whole thing of having a team is overwhelming for me, so would love to get some clarity from those who have experience about it. So far I have, I guess, outsourced: 1… Read More

This might be one of the most important posts not just for business but especially for life. My mother (actually my whole family on my mother’s side) suffered from dementia and I saw the devastating effect it has, so I vowed I will not go down that lane and have researched and changed a lot in my life to prevent this type of end of life for myself. Here are a few thi… Read More

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Thanks @Ine – I LOVE reading your input, each time I learn something new… Happy to read this gave you some ideas.

This is SUCH an important topic, I expected it to be much earlier in this challenge and so happy to read all the above great ideas. Like I said in another post, it took me YEARS to find my ideal clients. I thought that if I’ll focus on the quality of my writing it they will come. Can’t believe … Read More

I guess my whole income is… Passive Income… as my main income is the royalties from my books. However, that sounds so not true…even if you’re in the leagues of people like J.K.Rowling or Stephen King, which I’m not… If people believe passive income means “passive” they are into a HUGE surprise. It’s not just the writing of the books, but also marketing that you… Read More

It took me YEARS to create my ideal client profile. At first it was because I thought it’s not relevant for me as an author (what a huge mistake that was…) Then it was because it was complicated to focus on ONE type of reader. But when I finally managed to create my Ideal Reader everything fell… Read More

This is such an important topic. I wish I knew how important it is to build a support system around me earlier in my life. It would have saved me so much pain, energy and probably would have helped me to get faster to my goals. Even though I’ve learned this lesson in the hard way, I still find #1 hard, but I’m teaching myself every day to do it. I think once we get over o… Read More

I think most of the things that I’m using to make sure I’m productive are mentioned above. The ones I’m using the most are #1, #2 & #8 What I can add is that I make sure that my list of important projects are never more than 3-4 ones. Because writing involves a lot of re-writes I make sure that I’m always working each day on one project that is totally new, one p… Read More

Here are a few more tips I came up with: 1. NEVER USE CAPS – especially in emails as it sounds as if you’re screaming, while all you wanted to do is stress something, better use bold 2. Sum up what the person has said before giving your answer or input – that way they know you listened to them or correct you if you missed something, that way you never ass-u-me 3…. Read More

I must say that I couldn’t come up with any new ideas for this one. All the 10 ideas up here are so crucial and important I couldn’t find anything to add. I guess for me tha main one is KEEPING YOUR PROMISES… The other thing that I believe creates a huge trust is admitting when you’re wrong or made a mistake, as soon as you realise it and apologizing about it and tr… Read More

I REALLY LOVE this one… My whole work is about creativity and yes, obviously there are times when I’m stuck, so some of the things I do have been mentioned above here are some of my ways to get out of that dreadful “Writer’s Block” or when I’m feeling stale with my creativity. 1. When I get stuck with ideas – Pintrest is a FANTASTIC source of ideas for me. I have load… Read More

This post is very confronting for me, especially the first sentence of it. I’m in the business of writing stories so how can it be not about ME? However, when I read the 10 ideas I realised there are things I can do that would be working ON my business. 1. I can definitely automate more – which would free more time for me for the creative writing and I’ll be able to fi… Read More

OOOHHHH THis is such a FUN post and an important one… I really believe that unless you’re having fun with what you’re doing what’s the point of doing it. we spend so much time on our work what kind of life would it be if we’re not having fun in it. Like I wrote yesterday in my comment on starting a team I think having fun with your team is ESSENTIAL for keeping them g… Read More

Thanks to @Aramik I realised I do have a team… When the word team comes up my idea of it is those corporate teams and paid employees, so thanks to Aramik and this post I realised that I’ve been working many years with a team, but I never called it a team I used to call them “My Angel Helpers”. I’m happy to say that some of them have been working with me for nearly a dec… Read More

From my experience there is a difference between how to implement things that we don’t like doing, but know we MUST do and implementing things that are new and scary. The way I handle it is: 1. Those things that I REALLY don’t like doing I first check if I can delegate it to another person that likes doing these things. If I can’t find someone (within 2-3 days) that is… Read More

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@Aramik – I ask my VA to do the research for me and mainly we use the search function and look for producers, directors, scriptwriters, production companies etc… and then connect with them and try to set a Zoom meeting to talk more face-to-face. I will definitely tell my VA to check all your tips and download your e-book – I can always use an expert on stuff that I ha… Read More

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@Frank – Thanks so much for this… so I guess no point for me even to bother with it I can use better my VA’s time on other social media issues

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@Aramik – for me what worked most was first canceling all my newspaper subscription (also save money). Then cancel my TV and all the channels subscriptions (again saving money). Next I blocked all the internet news sites on my devices. As for professional education I made a vow to myself that I will take/buy a course only once I sold xxx amount of products/services of… Read More

As I said before, I do my best to avoid social media as it’s not good for my mental health. However, I use LinkedIn to research about producers and other indie companies that are looking for scripts and to start a relationship with them. I wasn’t aware that there is a difference between a personal page on LinkedIn and a Company one, but I will ask my VA to check whether… Read More

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I think your #7 is SO IMPORTANT… I’ve stopped doing it about 2 years ago (due to COVID-19 nightmare) and have not regretted it at all… Wish people would give it a chance and see how liberating it is…

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Love your ideas too @Aramik and have missed your input which is always so valuable… and… You’re right… I should consider my VA as my team, so in that sense I do have a team. I wonder – you said you use 2 VA – curious to know why do you have 2 of them and what are their tasks, if you don’t mind me asking so openly… Good to have you back…

This post is an interesting post as I could see that except one of the items (#7) all the others are not something I do. even #7 is not relevant for me as I have no team. However, because of #7 I realised that I must STOP doing everything on my own. So basically what I need to learn is delegating and certainly making use of my VA much more (absolutely influenced by the … Read More

To be honest I’m not a big fan of setting goals in the traditional way. I certainly agree that you need to know WHERE you want to get to in order to get there. I’ve known about goals since the mid-’80 and even worked with them for a while, but it only got me stressed out. with the years I’ve found my way of working in order to achieve my dreams. For me what works best i… Read More

I don’t do the typical sales pitch as my pitching is mostly to producers/directors/TV channels as such. However, I found out that there are some basic elements that are good for any pitch, whatever it might be. Here is my take on it: 1. DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH – and don’t just stay on the surface, really get to know who the person you’re going to meet/talk with is – what… Read More

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Thanks @Dunja – happy to inspire others… I really like this one it brought a lot of reactions from them and it’s good also for reactivating old clients.

To be honest, for a long time I thought that automating my business will mean losing the “human touch”. It felt as if I am distancing myself from my clients. For a long time I had the “story” (excuse) in my head that I’m a small business and I know my clients on a personal level and I didn’t want to lose that touch. However, once I realised that I can still maintain the… Read More

This is an excellent topic and so important. I loved going into the brainstorming for this one. here is what I came up with: 1. Don’t be afraid to cut them short (in a polite way) and ask “What is the purpose of your communication?”. I found out that 8/10 times this focuses the other person and makes them get to the point. 2. Communication is your best strategy – so … Read More

I can’t believe it’s been already 45 days!!! I can certainly see how my creativity has improved, which is amazing as creativity IS my profession, but I noticed how I have much less moments of that dreadful “writer’s block”, which I believe is a result of joining this challenge… I have to admit that though when I started on this journey I was skeptical whether it would… Read More

I really loved this topic to brainstorm I always believed that GIVING is the best marketing strategy, but somehow with all the “craziness” in the last few years it somehow dropped off my radar. Here are some things I used to do in the past and should go back to doing it again: 1. Organize a free reading event for a specific group 2. Join a volunteering group and add … Read More

Jee… @Naomi I totally admire your ability to stay cool with such patients. I believe it’s double hard to do that when your whole work is about helping them!!! Unfortunately I had many encounters with doctors and even when they were instances when they were frustrating I always reminded myself that at the end of the day they are too PEOPLE, who probably had a bad day, or … Read More

OMG!! do I suffer from FDD… I used to be proud that I can multitask 4-5 things at a time and thought it was a good skill (not anymore). In my days it was called hyperactive and never assumed it has to do with something I can DO anything about. However, with the years I’ve developed ways and mechanism to overcome my short attention and learn to focus. Many of the thing… Read More

Reading this list and all these great additions in the comments makes me realise how much more I can use my VA. Many if the things you’ve listed I’ve been using her for, but I now see I can certainly use her more on research and even just on proofreading which is tedious work. Thank you all for this fantastic input.

I am a lifetime learner. I believe this is what keeps us young at heart and in mind, AND it makes us grow constantly as a person and in our profession. Here are some things I’ve found useful to practice and master: 1. THE ART OF LISTENING – Listening is a skill and we can all learn it and improve on it. Listening means that we learn how to listen to the other not onl… Read More

The above list is fantastic. I used to work in Customer Service and I wish I had some of those tips. Here is what I learned from that time: 1. CLIENTS ARE… PEOPLE – Even if they sound like barking dogs and sometimes have the weirdest requests and crazy demands, at the end of the day they are PEOPLE… all they want is someone to LISTEN to them. If you can keep your “c… Read More

I’m a great believer in the saying that Everything is Energy – therefore I make sure to be around and use as many things that give me energy and not drain me. Here are some things I found that energise me or help me keep my energy high: 1. STAY AWAY FROM NEWS – If you’re my age, you probably were raised with the belief that you need to keep yourself updated with what… Read More

One thing I’ve learned in life… You can’t avoid setbacks, part of growth in life are setbacks. In my profession as a fiction author being rejected is part of the process of improving my craft and my end product. Here are some ways I’ve taught myself to get over the setbacks and the numerous rejections: 1. FOCUS ON THE BRIGHT SIDE – Like the Monty Python song – I AL… Read More

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@Max – I’ve been doing Morning Pages for nearly 35 years now… I was one of the first people to get Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way and couldn’t believe someone knew what is going on in my head…. Ever since then I’ve been doing it religiously. During the years it has changed a bit – but basically it is writing everything that is going in my head as fast as I can … Read More

I used to be content with keeping my business small. I used to say “a long as I get paid enough to keep the roof over my head and cover the bills, I’m fine… there are more things in life than just my business”…. However, with the years I came to realise that it’s not about what growing my business gives me, it’s what I can GIVE people and how much good I bring into… Read More

I really like your Evening ritual, especially the Clearing process, which I think I’m going to adopt. As for me here is my evening ritual: 1. MOVEMENT MEDITATION – while the morning is more a sitting meditation, I like to do the transition from the “working” hours to “family” time with some kind of movement meditation – it can be as simple a dancing for 30-45 minutes… Read More

Years ago I came to the realization that I need structure in my life. I found out that without them I get lost. It might not be as “carefree” or spontaneous as I would like to be, but I found out that when I do not stick to routines and structure, not only I’m not as creative, productive and effective as I can be, I’m also not as happy and positive and most important not… Read More

I have to be honest – I don’t have a LinkedIn profile and I am not on any social media as I know it is not good for my mental health, which I need to take care of. It took me years to find my balance and having to deal with social media is a very challenging aspect for me. However, I know how crucial, powerful and important that channel can be and after reading these id… Read More

I wish I had this list years ago, I would have saved myself so many hours of frustration and missed opportunities. I don’t have anything to add , but I can definitely improve n the following issues: 1. Position myself differently that I will show that what I am doing is different than others 2. Find out more about my readers and those who need my services 3. Use more soci… Read More

I love this topic, Here are a few things that I believe are crucial to day every day: 1. MAKE AN INTENTION – I always start my day with an intention for that day that guides me through the day. It’s like having a compass that shows me the way during that day and when I’m “lost” during the day or confused it centers me 2. SPEND TIME IN NATURE – Even if you live in the… Read More

I don’t have a big operation, so customer service is basically me,myself and I. That makes it, I think much easier as I think “WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE WOULD I LIKE TO GET” When I think that way it makes things so much easier. I remember that there is a human being on the other side and not just a “customer”. Here are a few things I’ve come up as my best tips: 1. … Read More

I believe that self-discipline is like a muscle, the more you practice it the better you become with it until it becomes a habit and then you don’t need self-discipline as it is part of you. Here are a few ways I’ve found that helped me in becoming good at self-discipline and even turn it into a habit: 1. MAKE IT FUN – when you think of self-discipline it sounds in man… Read More

To be honest, I try my best to avoid Social media as it’s not good for my mental health. However, I do realise the power it has and that it can be used for good. I’m not sure I can add much for the list above, but a few things did come up for me: 1. Post a short example of what you do to attract people to check you out – a friend of mine posts on Facebook nearly ever… Read More

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@Gerdy, I’m happy you find this idea useful for you, I never thought about it as a JV but once I read Nisandeh’s ideas I realise it can definitely fall into this category. I think that when it comes to non-fiction books it will be much easier to do this kind of JV in writing a book as each person can come their own field of expertise and add value from a different aspect… Read More

Ok, I never thought JV partnership are something that is in my field. However, when I read this post and the ideas both @Aramik & @Franck mention I realise that I have been doing LOTS of these kind of JV without calling them that name. Here are some examples that might trigger ideas for others in other type of businesses: 1. Cowriting a book with another author 2… Read More

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@Frans – I really love your #3. – as a writer I find myself sometimes just “doing nothing” and I tend to say I was procrastinating, but later on I find out it was the best time I had as I came up with brilliant ideas and ways to improve what I was stuck with. So thanks for reminding me/us that not all “doing nothing” is procrastination and in the creativity process we s… Read More

That’s so funny receiving this topic today… well any day… I’m stuck in procrastination for a few days. I have a deadline approaching and instead of going over the notes I got from my editor and making the rewrites needed, I’m all over the place doing anything BUT those rewrites. Procrastination is a close friend of mine in all shapes and forms, but here are some ways … Read More

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That’s a brilliant observation @Ine – it helped me working on this topic as I was stuck due to thinking it’s not really relevant for me. But your examples were so good it triggered me to see how I can apply it to my industry and case. Thanks so much for this…

OK… this one is truly a challenge for me as I HATE seeing myself on video, but after reading Nisandeh’s 10 ideas I realise there are more ways to use videos for a business than having to be on one of them. Here are some of my ideas that I came up with relevant for my business as a writer 1. PROMO VIDEO FOR UPCOMING BOOK – My friend has done several of them for her books… Read More

@Marcel – thanks for this clear distinction about habit vs. technique. I guess, for me, in order for something to become a habit I need some kind of technique to install it into my regular life and make it so automatic I don’t have to think anymore about it. Therefore, again, for me, Thinking in Solutions is not yet a habit but a technique as I need to remind myself doi… Read More

Another great topic, which I feel is in my field… though I must say Nisandeh you’ve covered a lot in these 10 points Here are my ideas: 1.ALWAYS, ALWAYS START WITH AN OUTLINE – in the authors community we have what we call “planners” and “pansers”… those that first have to have an outline and structure for their story and only then sit to write, and those that just s… Read More

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LOVE your ideas, especially the last one @Gerdy… The world will definitely be a better place if each of us would make sure that each of our conversations would lift up the other people around us instead of trying to be right or putting them down… This one I will certainly cherish! THANKS so much for this WISE input.

Ohhh finaly a topic that I feel more knowlagable about, though I’m much more comfortable with the written communication than face-to-face, which I find many times confronting… The page can tolerate anything I say while people…mmm. less often… Here are my ideas: 1. LISTEN – Listen not just to what the person is saying, but also to what they are NOT saying. Many ti… Read More

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@Gerdy – LOVE your ideas throughout this Challenge – but this one here is truly great! Love your non-nonsense attitude of “Cut the Crap”, but most of all the practical one of using friends and family to brainstorm on what can be done… that’s an AWESOME one that can be used even when there is NO CRISIS… THANKS!

In replay to Frans Romer

Great tips Frans. Thanks for them and especially your personal example, it’s really inspiring. Your personal example not only makes it clear of what can we do during a crisis, but it also combines another topic we covered in this challenge, which iis Money Mindset, and how to save money. Thanks so much for it…

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@Aramik – AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous and their 12 Steps Program

So @Aramik – you managed to post your comment before me..)) You’re up early…. As for this topic – I always look at crisis as an opportunity to start over… like when your computer crushes (better have a backup, but if not, it’s still can give you an opportunity to start on a clean sheet) For years, everything that didn’t go my way was called a “CRISIS” – when I realis… Read More

I’ve always had a conflicting relationship with money. But with the years I’ve found a way to take control over my money to make my life more enjoyable and less stress. Here are my top tips: 1. First of all – simplify your life – when you take yourself out of the Rat-Race and stop comparing yourself to others you find what is truly important for you and find ways of ac… Read More

This challenge is INSANE with the amount of valuable information. Thank you everyone for all your contribution, As for today’s Challenge I’m amazed to see how many of them I’m already using. What works the best for me are the following: 1. I offer for a limited time my books on Kindle for only 0.99 cents – they can find it there only when they go through my website… Read More

In replay to Gerdy Heek

@Gerdy – your #1 is a great one – get out of being a commodity – I see how powerful that one is, but I’ll have to think harder how I can do it in my profession. That’s my assignment for today! However your #5 is a fantastic one for my teaching business, so thanks for that…

OUCH… this one hurts… I mean the Loch Ness reference – may I steal it from you Nisandeh? I believe that even more than small business owners, writers and authors suffer from the same myth – very few of us belong to the club of JK Rowling or Stephen King, most of us supplement our income with day jobs that hardly cover our meager expenses. The first step in increasing… Read More

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OMG @Aramik!! This is AMAZING!!! Though I do not see myself as an entrepreneur (but certainly as a business owner), your list is so inspiring!!! One thing I will certainly do is print it out and hang it in my office and on a weekly basis check what I can do… THANKS so much for it.

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@Aramik – I LOVE your 10 Commandments for Ideal Life I totally agree with them. I especially like #9 – I always had a “Bucket List” but having one for the business/profession and one for my private life is BRILLIANT!! Definitely going to adopt that one…

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@Frank – Thanks. I’m glad to hear you find them useful as for your question – I think everything I have done and achieved in my life till now is thanks to these principles. I moved to 3 different countries over my lifetime, changed 3 professions where each time had to start everything all over again (in new countries and cultures) overcome bankruptcy, health challenges … Read More

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@Aramik – happy to hear that my ideas are beneficial for you, you’re most welcome to use them anywhere you think they fit. I always say… “There is no copyrights on the Truth” even though I am a writer and bound by them… As for your second idea, my husband keeps bugging me to do it and I’ll tell you what I told him numerous times … When I’m old and grey I’ll have t… Read More

I LOVE this one… Here are my TOP ideas as I can go forever on this issue of goals worth pursuing and on Ideal Life: 1. READ, READ & READ – not because it is my profession, but because there is a whole world in each book. Make it a priority to read at least one book each week and you’ll see how your life turns around. 2. CONNECT TO NATURE – Nature can teach us s… Read More

OMG, This is such a powerful one, I wish I had this challenge years ago when I started my journey as a writer. Writing is a lonely profession and most of the time in order to move forward you need to fight your inner demons. I have yet to meet a writer who does not have his/her own moments of self-doubt and the thought of throwing it all out. Here are some success habi… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

@Aramik – The way I see it…it would definitely be an EVENT, but the media would look at it as promotion and might ask you to pay for covering it, it would be more of an advertisement than a media coverage. On the other hand if you would get famous people that share how they use LinkedIn, or get the CEO of LinkedIn (better founder) then it could be a much more interesti… Read More

Ohhhh… this is a painful one… Us writers we like to… CREATE and WRITE. Deep in our heart we wish it would have been like in the movie “Field of Dreams” where a voice said… “Build it and they will come” but we know it doesn’t work that way and we HATE the whole part of trying to sell our books. We think that this is what publishers were created for. Only after we … Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Hi @Aramik – happy I could inspire you and get you going… Just one remark – better make the event BIGGER than just LinkedIn, which I assume you’re a expert of… Make it something like “How to become an influencer in social media” and LinkedIn would ve one of the channels where you can offer your services as prizes. This would attract others and the media will not see it… Read More

Having been a journalist for many years here are some ideas of how to get the media to cover your story: 1. Have a unique angle to the service/product you want the media to pick up – your service/product does not interest the media – they want the STORY behind it make sure you have it, that’s what would get them interested in you. 2. Make sure you have a BIG WHY (A V… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Thanks @Aramik… I love your ideas in previous posts and even marked some of them to use.. Interesting you mentioned “Emily in Paris”, I disliked so much that program I didn’t think of looking at it from a marketing point of view… might revisit it for it…

In replay to Beata Marton

Love your ideas Beata and totally agree with your #5… I got so many great ideas already from this Challenge… Going to figure which one now to implement

In my industry the only way to move forward is developing new material. The problem is, producers, agents and publishers want NEW but also the SAME something that proved it can be sold. So the sentence you hear the most is “We want the same as… but different” The challenge is there is no story that has not been written before, even Shakespeare realised it and hashed… Read More

A lot of what I do has already mentioned above, but here are some of my top ideas: 1. “Anicha-Anicha-Anicha” – In the Vipassana meditation there is a principle that is taught, which is EVERYTHING shall pass. I love that and use it every time my motivation goes down. I remind myself “This would also pass”. THis feeling that nothing is working would also pass and I start AC… Read More

In replay to Gerdy Heek

Thanks @gerdy for these wonderful ideas. I LOVE your #8 – going to adopt it for myself – what would be the ONE thing that I should do to make tomorrow a success… That’s an AWESOME one

Time management is always a struggle for me as I wear so many “hats” – author, scriptwriter, editor, teacher, entrepreneur and then of course the other part of life – mother, wife, daughter and friend… How do you juggle all these and stay sane. So here are a few of my tips of what works for me: 1. Work in blocks of time – it can be 30 -45-60 minutes but not more – I … Read More

As a “one-woman show” saving money is always at the top of my mind. I thought I was good on this topic but it seems when you spend 5 minutes brainstorming you can always find new places and ways where you can save some money. Here are a some ideas: 1. As I print A LOT of pages in order to edit and rewrite, I use BOTH sides of the paper. I recycle it. it’s good for sa… Read More

Though the purpose of my website is slightly different than what you describe, here are some of the ideas I came up with: 1. Make sure to have a sample of my work available on my site to be downloaded 2. Be clear on who am I looking for (who to attract) 3. Connect the website to all other social media channels that I have 4. Post great reviews from Amazon/Goodreads on … Read More

Funny how I thought, that because my profession is writing, blog posts will not be a problem for me and I fell into a routine of writing the “same ‘ol stuff” In this quick 5 minutes brainstorming I came up with fantastic new ideas I didn’t think before that I can write about. Here are some of them: 1. Film reviews but focused on what screenwriters can learn from that mov… Read More

I LOVED this challenge… My philosophy has always been to treat my clients as friends and my loyal clients as family. I thought I was doing good on this aspect but this challenge gave me an opportunity to find even more ways to make them feel close to me. I am always on first name basis with my clients and also in my communication with them. I make sure to know thei… Read More

Thank you for reminding me AGAIN, how important it is to work ON your business. Most of the time I am lost in working IN my business. I’m happy I joined this 90-day Challenge. It’s so simple, it only takes 5 minutes and I already have so many good ideas of what I should do to improve my business. Here are some insights I had from your ideas and mine: 1. Creating a system … Read More

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