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Merijn Kegel

In what case (regarding your field of expertise) do I HAVE TO contact you immediately?

The things that brings me the biggest successes: – know & love your target audience – check out where they “hang out” (online/offline) – then offer them the perfect solution for their biggest challenge and do all of the above & below 😉 Remember not to sell a steak to a vegetarian 😉

The one that always works for me (on a daily basis): Take the dogs out in the woods for 2-3 hours. Leave my phone @ home. Just walk. No expectations. Ideas pop up like firework. Write the best ones (the ones that really stick, usually only a few) down when I get back. And besides that: Plan lots of holiday weeks/months. – It forces me to be creative in running th… Read More

March 11, 2022 Franck Fielemon

Hands down the most result driven LinkedIn expert I know. After 1 session we had a complete set of posts, from profile to value sharing to “harvest” post and everything in between. This brings LOTS of new clients & revenue in our business. Already for years! We at least 100x this investment. Highly recommended!!

Great points Rowan! Especially the statistics (know your numbers) and let your kids or granny test (of course, it is most important that your target audience can do it ;-))

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Take a webshop for example. 1608 streetwear (1 of our e-mail marketing clients) They target sportive young male adults in good shape who like “street-style” clothing. They want a one stop shop with unique designs, accurate sizes and perfect prizes to order fast & easy. Pretty niche, right? Guess what: their Facebook campaign is cheap. Their email list is growing ra… Read More

Always sell first. In the Netherlands they say “cost comes before revenue”, but this is not necessarily true. Save money by selling first. If you can sell it, spending the money on creating & maintaining it is a no-brainer. It saves lots of useless costs in the first place. No selling = no business.

I think the most important thing of your website is that your target audience recognizes themselves in what they see and read and get convinced that you are the best person/company to help them with (or overcome) THEIR biggest/actual challenge. Only then all of the above will work 😉

Love this lesson. It helped me actually to not wanting every proposal to succeed….. It also filtered the right clients I love to work with. After I experienced the power I actually fired a few of my clients which opened up major opportunities and made me financial free in a matter of months.

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