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Rowan Blinde-Leerentveld

November 16, 2022 UB#05: Create Systems

Do you have a seperate process for each and every product, or even parts of a product? Or do you have a process for each idea, even if you delever it in different kinds op products (template, course, etc)?

October 25, 2022 GD#06: Emphasize Results

What is the difference between the benefits and the results?

Loved this course. I finished it in one day and right after this video I took the time to make a mindmap of the most important insights. Also, added some of my own insights that just popped into my mind. Let me share the most important insight: Lots of my competitors are blogging not for their clients but for their competition. They are writing in a way that is to techn… Read More

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

very helpfull, thank you!

September 15, 2022 DI#04: Up Your Prices

Such a valuable lesson. A lesson I would like to add: Price is absolutely a strong signal for the (perceived) quality of your product as well. Way back when I was about 14 years old and working in my parents shop, we had one item that did not really sell. People liked the product, touching it, picking it up, but not buying. After my parents tried a few things, I sugge… Read More

Hi team, Is is possible to get the blogpost that Nisandeh refers to here? since the website is no longer active 😉

I would only work with the most fun clients and be able to grow my business without the stress that comes with risking my main source of income. So mostly it will allow me to live my best life, servicing those who actually benefit most from my expertise.

July 8, 2022 WB#04: Start Writing

Would you recommend asking different questions on the same sub-topic or not? For instance: Why is trust important? How do you generate trust? Etc.

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

I just now tried the excercise to write for 5 minutes using the dictate function. I ‘wrote’ about 430 words. With some practice I think I can get to 500 words per 5 minutes. I will start checking if it is all good stuff, or perhaps I should stick to 3-4minutes at a time.

Word has a very nice dictate-function. There is no faster way to write than that. Would you recommend using this for the writing? If so, would you still recommend doing 5 minutes of writing or does the time become shorter is this way?

In replay to Dunja Kuenen

How about transforming the lessons into audio as well? Are you allowed?

Ow almost forgot: Always be honest. Even if you F*cked up. People will know that you are open and honest with them and will trust you more.

Get personal. People will talk more freely and tell you more when you have a personal relationship as well. I always ask people about there private live when we first meet and regularly ask about wife and children or share funny stories about my own life. This really helps communication because you have some idea about the others ‘world’ and where they are coming from. Do… Read More

In replay to Gerdy Heek

Hi Gerdy, I always wonder about people that pay a bill just before the due date. What makes this an attractive strategy for you? Personaly I like to pay right away. That way the money is actually gone out of my account (as it is in theory when you buy something). I do notice lately that there are roughly two groups of people: people that pay the same day they receive t… Read More

In replay to Aramik Garabidian

Just wondering Aramik, which lead magnet gets you the most valuable leads? Do you see a big difference at all, or are the leads similar?

In replay to Franck Fielemon

Hi Franck, I was wondering, what amount works for you in charging for a previously free event? For instance webinar of workshop?

1) Treat yourself after completing a dreaded task. 2) find a community that holds you accountable 3) Realize procrastination only enhances your suffering. Just get it out of the way 4) Make it fun. Do the task in a different environment than usual. Work-hub for instance 5) don’t commit to shit you don’t want to do 😉

1) Automate recurring tasks to save time you can invest in helping more clients. 2) Focus and develop your expertise. This way you need less time to perform the same service. The result for the client should be the same (if not better) so the price will stay the same (or increase) too. 3) Schoenmaker blijf bij je leest. Do not spend time on stuff that someone else (c… Read More

Video impression. People love to see what they can expect before they come to an event, meeting, etc. Simple recap video of a workshop, masterclass, etc with key takeaways. Video’s that are either extremely funny or edgy are fun to make and fun to watch for your customers. It is a funny way to highlight mistakes that people are often making, without really offending th… Read More

What is your biggest challenge? What have you tried allready to overcome this challenge? How did this pan out? What were your expectations beforehand? What would be a succesfull outcome for you? Paint the picture for me. What do you like most about your business? Why? What do you hate doing most in your business? Why?

My ideas: 1 ) free strategic session 2) templates (for emails, reporting, checklist etc) 3) explanatory video’s 4) (part of) your online program 5) free workshop (f2f) 6) challenge 7) ebook 8) audio files, which I really want to start trying soon!

#1 Give a deadline to make a decision and remind them about it. Make the deadline short. If they have two weeks to contemplate, they will do so and come up with more reasons not to buy every day. #2 Tell them why it is important they make a decision, any decision. #3 When you sense doubt, ask them what they need to make a decision. Do they need more information, do t… Read More

Have never thought of this before, so it’s a challenge today 😉 #1 organize an interesting event. something that benefits multiple businesses to make sure it’s relevant to write about. Preferably related to current events. #2 Be innovative. Do something new, different and valuable and people will want to know about it. #3 Offer an exclusive. Make sure there is som… Read More

#1 Listen. People will tell you what they need and are willing to pay for if you just listen. #2 Fix your own problems. By fixing your own problems you become an expert at fixing a certain problem. Chances are you are able fix it much faster for someone else. Practice makes perfect right. #3 Stay current on innovations. When new stuff is happening, people will need help…. Read More

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Even better if you can physically walk with your client. I read a study some time ago that found especially men can access their emotions better while walking. While walking we are able to understand an put into words our emotions easier. This goes for everyone but especially men can benifit most. 😉

Ah this is my favourite topic Use one CTA per page, no more no less The CTA button should be in a colour that is opposite the main colour of your website. Google complementairy colours to find out wich colour to use Always keep testing on your website, to find what gets you the best results. And know your statistics. Do not design a mobile responsive website, b… Read More

Underpromise – Overdeliver. This was the very first thing I learned about dealing with clients in my very first job. And it is so true. Tell them they can expect something by Tuesday and deliver on Monday. Just one example. Customized examples/lessons. When you have a meeting with a prospect, customize the examples you have to fit their business. It will be much easier fo… Read More

Take care of yourself. Keep yourself healthy and happy. It is much easier to service your clients when you are healthy and happy and it is much more attractive too. Standardize and automate mundane or repetetive tasks. You will free up more time to be creative and add more value. Go outside. I work at a desk most of the time. Each day I make sure to take the time to go o… Read More

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