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Ron Steenkist

April 29, 2023 EM#03: Your Big Vision

Have a big vision Walk your own path. Contentious entrepeneur “Change the world or go home”Bill Gates 1. more money 2 more time 3 fullfill more potential in your business 4 are you willing to make a difference More return on your investment The 15 points 1. Big vision Powerfull beyond measure Bigger than yourself Create a better world Everything sh… Read More

1 My most important goal: This year, 2023, to sell the last part of my business, a big dental practice, to the venture capitalist who also bought my first 87,5 procent. 2. Why I have not achieved it. At this moment the firm did not react on my letter of resignation 17 December 2022 to be a good leaver and be leaving as a minority share holder. … Read More

November 23, 2022 UB#06: Systemizing – Part 1

Thanks Nisandeh, Great lesson about systemizing. Do you have a place in the business university that you are explain more about solving the conflicts between teammembers? Can you give me more information about handling teamconflicts in your organisation? Ron

November 10, 2022 UB#01: Your 4 Business Roles

My greatest insight is that technicians(read dentists) are happy when they are in a room with their tools.

September 29, 2022 My Expert Book – Preparation

Hello Nisandeh and team, Thx for the change to do the course. List all the reasons: why you must publish an expert book;
 -It is for me important to be an seen as an expert- -for my own significance -to contribute to the world and a Lecacy -I want to complete my mission, bucket list – I like to think and read about logistics in a dental practice, a hobby… Read More

insight: my story is my credibility. I have a story. I use the story. But not often enough. I am founder of.., . and creater of … I do not use it enough. You need to have a shop for the credibility

4th Part of totally 7. Partner with an other expert. Donot do it alone. Is there one person around you who can make you famois and rich? Question is :How can I help other experts? How can I serve them.? Write a book together. Borrow their credibiility win / win aha erlebnis: partner with an other expert

Biggest insight : Always a call to action.

3xP P.x Publishing :Books, Ebooks, Blog , Articles , Blog is easy to do. Write a article. Place it on somebodies other magazine, blog, physical publications like Happinez. Casestudy about a client. From problem to solution Ask if you may use their name. Whitepaper, reports, Ebook, book P -x Presenting Seminar, training, workshop, lecture , speech, tv perfor… Read More

What is your businessmodel? Most of the time you are a copy of other competitors All Experts have the same businessmodel. I will tell. You have 5 blocks. First block – content creation, creator So you create authority Indirectly -you also can create passive income Second block – content delivery you can create 10 x Authority Also you create working income Thir… Read More

Dear Nisandeh, aha moment.” the expert goal is to create content” I create content by podcast and linkedin posts. But i thought more to be a bridge to the “gratis product” . This gives me a big relief. That is a part of the life of an expert to create content!

May 27, 2022 EX#04: Your Audience

2 questions to ask yourself. It is easy to ignore them. -target audience, the one that need to hear your message. Example stop smoking, loose weight. In the first instance you think everybody has to work with you, in your mind, with this kind of problems. /wrong – not everybody is your ideal … Read More

support: I do not understand the question “ how much money do you need to have, to sustain this lifestyle?

-start with a big introduction. -experts work for their passion and not for the money. -money is the byproduct for their passion -record always Action: start making better recordings – better introduction

Sometimes marketing feels like expensive “hoping.” I can’t always tell if it’s working; 1. Especially the time and commitment for the daily post and weekly podcast. Daily post 152 times and Podcast 58 times. Podcast The popularity of the podcast becomes less. The top 1200 views ( nr 1 in Applepodcast -Medicine) , to 350 views. I ve at this moment no gr… Read More

Hello Nisandeh and Aramik, at his moment moment the only thing I do is giving lectures. My priice is not fixed by myself. This week I asked 2000 euro for 2 hours. People refused. Ron

Insight: Do not market your business directly everytime in your blog. Only when it is connecting. only in the beginning when your product is just born. like a birth card. 1 to 12 is a good ballmark for promoting your product in your bloggs.

if you do not tell them, they forget about you

-blog shapes thé possibility for interaction -encourage conversation by yourself – be patient, do not quit

insights -blog for prospects -clients -ambassador and your expert position -always start with a goal , also for your blogs. -how many people cause traffic.? -interaction by comments pro post! -your only can reach your goals if you set them

target: dentist 32 yrs old, man, 8 year working as a dentist. living in surrounding of 30 km from Amsterdam, university, skiing, sailing, surfing, cars, buying from internet b2b dentistry, startup, growing, 30k marketing. budget,

dentist Business Mentor 2 giving lectures to sell their luxury products, communicating, voyage of the client, agenda, scripts , dental leadership, teamwork, financial ownership 4. there is one bigger organisation for 20 years, they organise a lot, have their own magazine, professional organasation run by a dentist and marketeeer. name Dentiva 20 smaller companie… Read More

Hello Nisandeh, The threesome(thing) I like . it is dazzing me. All the opportunities. . thx for the insight.

Dear Nisandeh, I am Dental business mentor. Is ita good idea to claim my position as The Dutch Nr1 TandartsBusinessMentor. I am the only one . 😂

Expert needs a message. How do you package your message? Experts deliver more solutions Workshop, website, book, blog, advise, membership, seminar, products, course. Where is your client now, where do the client want to be.? You are the bridge. In advance you have to make the decision what your ultimate goal is. Aha = not to start low level and than higher. Bu… Read More

May 1, 2022 EX#03: Your Message

Your Message : what is the one thing that people has to know about me. (In 10 seconds.) We are here to fullfill our potential. Your work, your book, your logo is to show your message. Compare: Apple Is that your choice? People buy your message. You are paid for your message. Your message has to touch you , to tears. Use your message everywhere. Message for th… Read More

Strategic Planning. Expert business 1. Message. 2. Audience 3. Solutions 4. Promote your business Lifestyle align with these 4 points Questions 1 How many hours you want to work? 2. How many hours you willing to work? 3.Do you want to be a public or a private person 4. Do you want to work alone or with people. 5. How many days you want to work more tha… Read More

Experts are serving other people to improve their lives Start in the beginning to claim your place Paying is a bonus for your work Expert introduction: Founder, creator Passion and knowledge, we ca n not stop ourselves Coach is time paying Expert is payed for his value ASK more and be an expert You get better clients with more commitment More publicist, big en… Read More

April 30, 2022 WB#02: Topic & Technology

That I can have my already scaped Perfect P.E.A.R.L. System use in Dutch. That I ve to tell more in the beginning when I meet people that I am the founder of this system. I have 7 systems about a dentist practice. Do I need for every system a book?

Writing is the same as speaking. 28 hours a 200pager Earn the right

2. I have email adressses but have not use them properly or not at all.

Nr4 I can not speak about the website of TandartsBusinessMentor. That is my website of my new coaching-firm. The website is new Nr3 The website of my dentist practice is since three years a pain in the a… Because I am partially owner since three years. To many steps to change.

5 problem will be in the beginning time to train and coach

3.I need a better , transparant and easy to Implement follow up System

I donot have time what Needs to be done . I have to many things that have to be done. It gives me a lot of good feelings and also a lot of stress.

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

I expect that my problem is nr 2 and 4 I don’t think my clients understand all that I have to offer; I’m not sure if I am consistent when describing what I do and how I help clients; I am still in a stealth mode. I m not eager enough.

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