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Robbert Bloemendaal

1. One important goal you want to achieve in 2023. Proof of Concept Project liforcengine contracted. 2. Why I haven’t achieved it so far. True: concept not worked out enough yet; still some Field Experts had to be found and their input developed; e-book and website first had to be finished; I also have my regular job to take care of. Also true: fear and shame … Read More

1. Make a list of all your self-sabotaging patterns that you’re aware of (e.g. procrastination, perfectionism, fear of failure, lack of purpose, distraction, self-doubt, laziness, ignorance, envy, comparison, blaming, safety…); Distraction Procrastination Low self-esteem AND exaggerated self-esteem Lack of urgency / Giving up Fear Laziness Shyness 2. Come… Read More

– In liforcengine there are 7 Fields with their own Field Experts. This Expert Book method is perfect to have them identify and answer the most important questions for their customers within liforcengine. – If I interview the Field Experts about these questions, I also have the youtube-video’s. – All in all it is a great way to identify the questions about liforcengine a… Read More

September 28, 2022 My Expert Book – Preparation

In replay to Nisandeh Neta

Yes it is, so let’s keep it a ‘Change Management’. Thanks!

September 28, 2022 My Expert Book – Preparation

Hi Nisandeh, thnx so much for your reflexion. Next try: Area of expertise: organizational transformation

September 28, 2022 My Expert Book – Preparation

1. List all the reasons: why you must publish an expert book Inspire Lay down the full train of thought Gain expert position Establish authorship Make a textbook 2. List all the reasons (and excuses): why you didn’t publish your expert book yet;
 Publishers did not exccept it in the current phase Too far out in its previous form Too much work and tim… Read More

September 13, 2022 My VIP Product – Follow Up

Hi Nisandeh, my biggest insight was your value formula. It enables me to thoroughly assess my offer through the eyes of the client. The second is, that ‘fast’ is more important than ‘cheap or even free’. I am interested to hear more about your small group.

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