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Rik Scheffer

1 Ask for a deposit before delivery of your product 2 Give a discount if customers pre pay a larger number of products (for example if they buy 10 sessions at once in stead of buying them seperately) 3 Keep a good overview of all payments (pending, upcomming, overdue and paid) and act on them. 4 Be aware of costs and adjust your prices to cover the costs 5 Keep improvi… Read More

1 What do you help people with? 2 What is the biggest problem of your clients? 3 Can you decribe your customers? 4 How will your business change in the future? 5 Where do you want to take your business in the coming years 6 What challanges do you need to tackle to achieve that? 7 Why do you do your business?

1 make them know, like and trust you 2 celebrate something and provide a good deal with that 3 demo the product 4 let enthousiast clients of you tell/convince others 5 do not forget to emphesize the emotion of the result the product brings 6 make sure you talk to the right people, your target audience

1 make it personal in your communication with the journalists 2 do not try to only reach the big media, several small media can also give a big boost 3 make it newsworthy, so the journalist are more interested

1 define your target audience, and use that to determine their needs 2 watch the solutions others provide for problems and see if you can improve those 3 do not get stuck in impossibilities, but focus on the ideas 4 take a look at what is in reach and what you might do with that, their is so much information already available that you can freely use to help others 5 ta… Read More

1 set (not to big) milestones and celebrate those 2 celebrate small successes and make them visible 3 write out goal and what you like about it and read it every day 4 focus on the positive 5 focus on the oppotunity and what you might get from it and not the missing r 6 determine priority in your tasks and note for each the impact finishing will have 7 tell/show othe… Read More

1 plan blocks of uninterupted work 2 wake up at the same time every day to maintain a better rhythm 3 try not to have meetings with larger groups 4 have a clear overview of your (soft and hard) deadlines 5 evaluate things that take more time than expected and see if you can improve them in the future 6 think about what you will so the most important aspects will be do… Read More

1 stop paying for stuff you don’t use anymore 2 try to borrow or rent things you need only once or a few times, instead of buying them new 3 investigate the biggest expenses and try if you can do with a cheaper variant or whether there is a equally good cheaper alternative 4 buy things that are more durable and thereby more money efficient in the long run 5 stop doing … Read More

1 focus on the client and his/her pain 2 make it fast 3 share your vision 4 add knowledge articles 5 add option for comments and ask for comments 6 make the call to action buttons stand out, so they will be noticed 7 have a good goal for each page 8 have rewards for comments

1 invitation to a free challenge to help the client 2 give an overview of the current landscape or a topic in your field 3 a getting started post 4 a post about your vision 5 recent or upcomming changes (for example new regulations)

1 give first 2 focus on helping the client 3 Make the client feel understood / Make the experience about the client and his/her problems 4 give a heads up by problems, before the client even notices it 5 overdeliver

1 ask for feedback 2 collaborate with others 3 follow a course / training 4 have coaching sessions with a business coach 5 plan distraction free time blocks to work in without distractions 6 work ON your business in stead of IN your business 7 set goals 8 measure progress 9 have enough sleep

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