Completion Time – Celebration

Working ON My Business – Week 25

This is it… the WOMB program is over… It’s the last completion and celebration.

So… in case you didn’t start yet (or you missed it today)… CLICK HERE to do it NOW.

If your buddy/buddies did NOT do their part so far – make sure to remind them.

And now it’s…

Time to celebrate

Remember – acknowledging, celebrating and “bragging” about our successes and milestones achieved is motivating for us and inspiring for others, and cheering others for their successes and progress is all about spreading love and kindness all around.

So today (like every Friday) – you get the opportunity to share your success or progress, brag about it while inspiring others.

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Working ON My Business – Week 25

This is it… the WOMB program is over… It’s the last completion and celebration.

So… in case you didn’t start yet (or you missed it today)… CLICK HERE to do it NOW.

If your buddy/buddies did NOT do their part so far – make sure to remind them.

And now it’s…

Time to celebrate

Remember – acknowledging, celebrating and “bragging” about our successes and milestones achieved is motivating for us and inspiring for others, and cheering others for their successes and progress is all about spreading love and kindness all around.

So today (like every Friday) – you get the opportunity to share your success or progress, brag about it while inspiring others.

We’d love to hear from you in the comment box below:

  1. What lessons you learned in the WOMB you’re going to keep implementing in the future?
  2. Who have you become as a result of your participation in the program
  3. How are you going to celebrate your completion of the WOMB program?

Then read what other people shared, and feel free to cheer for them, ask questions, show them if they missed something – simply by replying to their comment below.

I am looking forward to read your progress and results and I’m grateful for you spending these last 25 weeks with me.

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Day 5 

    My biggest insight on what’s beneath my procrastination and idea of contribution, as a result of corresponding by mail with Nisandeh. 
Thank you so much for that!
Second biggest insight: most of my self-sabotaging patterns are based on limiting beliefs. This reflects on my business.
Taking care of my thoughts, words and actions will prevent me from falling back too much.

    When triggered, I’ll acknowledge the trigger, thank it for warning and will get back to my statement / vision document for next year.
    Combined with scheduled time for rest, health and selfcare.

    I've become more aware of myself, my blind spots and how this reflects on my personal life and my business.

    I’m going to celebrate the completion by participating in tonights webinar and the live workshop on January 13th

    Thank you Nisandeh. It was great to be mentored by you again, after all those years. Due ‘life’ I didn’t participated as much as I’ve intended, nevertheless also participation on a lower level was very valuable. Will continu the lessons in next year and I’m looking forward to these results.

    See you the 13th!


  2. It is celebration time. I am really proud of myself and of course of all the people in the group. We completed the program!

    What lessons you learned in the WOMB you’re going to keep implementing in the future?
    - I can be proud of myself and I must celebrate my success
    - Not everything has to be perfect
    - I always felt 'guilty' when I was not working. But I only considered working IN my business as working. But working ON my business is equally so not more important. I am going to work ON my business everyday, for minimum 25 minutes without feeling guilty. It will be the first I do every day.
    - I will delegate (more)
    - It is ok to automate tasks
    - I will take one thing to declutter every day
    - Life is, so stop worrying about everything and accept

    Who have you become as a result of your participation in the program
    - I have become a little bit more confident
    - I am getting better in failure and accepting it. Because the other side of failure is success
    - I have become calmer, less stressful (Life is...)
    - I have grown. As a person and as a company. My company has literally and figuratively grown.

    How are you going to celebrate your completion of the WOMB program?
    This is a really busy period so I did not have much time to celebrate so far. But X-mas will be wonderful with my family and after that, beginning of the new year, I am going to Antwerp with my husband. Looking forward to doing nothing for a change. Just be and just relax and enjoy. In the new year I am going to travel more often. I can do that because I am going to find the necessary help and support.

  3. DAY 5

    Lessons you’re going to keep implementing in your life

    * Get to know myself and work out the brain muscle (using the Idea Generator)
    * Ask questions is a great way to learn
    * Work daily ON my business for 15 minutes

    Who you’ve become

    I have become a better version of myself by trusting myself. I am not longer afraid of failure because I know it is a necessary step in success. I can not wait to implement all the lessons learned. I feel as earth that has been nourished and is ready to grow and bear abundant fruit.

    How are you going to celebrate the completion of the program

    I am going to celebrate the completion of the WOMB program by going to my favorite taco place in Mexico and drinking champagne. At that moment I will think of you all! Finally, I will give myself a thinking week and contemplate the goal of 2023.

    Thank you all and cheers!

  4. What lessons you learned in the WOMB you’re going to keep doing?
    - Take time every week to declutter and organize!
    - Start the morning with meditation and put myself in a right (calm) frame of mind
    - Position myself, state how I'm different and only work with my ideal clients
    - Take time to work on my business and focus. One step at a time, don't get overwhelmed!
    - Create 1 video per week and analyze with morningfame what to create next
    - Dedicate time to automate what can be automated and outsource/delegate what can be delegated

    Who have you become as a result of your participation in the program
    - More organized and structured
    - Even more authentic and aware of my uniqueness
    - More daring to get myself out there!
    - More confident that I will become the expert in my field within 1 year

    How will you celebrate?
    - I used to go skiing 2x per year, but since I have my own horses I have not been skiing anymore (more than 12 years). I realized during this program that it is essential for me to take time for ME so I have booked a skiing vacation in February😀! Really looking forward to it!

    Thank you Nisandeh and Vered for this program and for your in depth answers to my questions! You really overdelivered🙏

  5. LAST WEEK, DAY 5 - Completion - Celebration - Continuation

    There are many lessons I’ve learned during W.O.M.B..

    The general lessons
    1. It is wise and important to work regularly ON my business.
    2. It is all about delivering value - it is not about making money.
    3. It is crucial to implement.
    4. I only need to know the first step.
    5. I have far more impact than I thought I had.

    Lessons to keep implementing
    1. Evaluate regularly my activities and apply The Productivity Matrix
    2. Work weekly ON my business
    3. Always be aware of the why and the purpose of what I’m doing
    4. Automate social media as much as possible
    5. Delegate as soon as I can and as much as I can (I started with Kingfisher Design)
    6. Dedicate time every month to discover or develop new services / products (Idea Generator), choose one and schedule the first action for a step by step implementation
    7. Schedule and execute actions to keep in touch with partners, customers and supliers
    8. Use MorningFame
    9. Use LEGO

    Who I’ve become?
    Deze vraag gaat uit van een manier van denken die ik niet meer hanteer. Ik ben niet een andere of nieuwe persoon geworden. Als ik de vraag al zou beantwoorden, dan zou het zijn dat ik juist mezelf heb laten zien. Ik heb denkbeelden over mezelf en de wereld losgelaten die mijn ware zelf beperkten. Ja, ik heb zeker nieuwe inzichten opgedaan en nieuwe gewoontes aangeleerd, maar wel ten dienste van wie ik in essentie ben: liefde. Zo heb ik meer discipline ontwikkeld. Ik erken dat ik geen pure ondernemer ben. Ik heb ervaren hoe fijn het is om deel uit te maken van een groep mensen die zich allemaal willen ont-wikkelen. En … alle reacties op mijn input deze week heb ik als een ongelooflijk groot geschenk ervaren: een spiegel waarin ik durf te kijken en dan blij te zijn met wat ik zie. Ik zie ook de liefde ieder van jullie en ben dankbaar voor deze reis die we samen hebben gemaakt.

    This question is based on a line of thinking that I no longer use. I have not become a different or new person. If I were to answer the question at all, it would be that I just showed myself. I let go of ideas about myself and the world that limited my true self. Yes, I certainly gained new insights and learned new habits, but in the service of who I am in essence: love.
    For example: I have developed more discipline. I recognize that I am not a pure entrepreneur. I have experienced how nice it is to be part of a group of people who all want to develop.
    And… I have experienced all the reactions to my input this week as an incredibly beautiful gift: a mirror in which I dare to look and then be happy with what I see. I also see the love in all of you and am thankful for this journey we have been on together.

    I celebrate by dedicating some time next Tuesday morning to retreat into love-giving silence, by recognizing what I have accomplished this year, and by granting myself time of between Christmas and New Year.

    I will start WOMB again next year and love to see you there. Thank you, Nisandeh, for making this possible.

    Thank you, Nisandeh, for all your time, effort, dedication, knowledge, insights, patience, energy, openess, and for who you are.

    >> I am going to complete, acknowledge and celebrate WOMB . <<

  6. I would like to add one last comment here. And that's a big thank you to Nisandeh and Vered.
    To be honest, I was a bit hesitant and skeptical when Bas asked me to participate in this program. How different it turned out.
    I am extremely grateful that Bas came up with this idea. And that was only possible because you had the great idea to set up a WOMB program. Thanks for that!
    Even though I didn't like it (anymore) every now and then, you made sure I kept going. You pressed the right buttons to move me forward.
    Unfortunately it ends for us now, but these lessons and memories will stay with me for a long time.
    Thank you!

  7. Some of the assignments made a big difference in moving towards the goels/vision/why I described in prep2.
    Great format as well, and a good way to get the habit of 10' a day.
    It was also a big eye opener on moving on. Cleaning and throwing out.
    Who to hang with. I started a real estate training that is giving me a lot of push, and that has made me meet interesting people.
    I implemented a lot. It made a substancial difference. Today, I'm starting the sales of the automation. So full circle is today. A new start, many things ending.
    Have a great life with a ton of FUN, and the wisdom you seek. Time to fly 😀

  8. Day 5 Celebration

    I will continue to use all the lessons and insights that I described in the day 4 assignment. It has created more stability in my work and in the collaboration with Bas.
    The most important ones for me are double down, idea generator, WOMB format, eat the frog and in addition to the list context over content and make the participant work first.

    Who have I become? That's a tough question.
    I think I have definitely grown in my role as an entrepreneur. With the tools and skills I learned in the WOMB , I have gained more confidence and security to work like a real entrepreneur.
    And for me it is important to accept the compliments and confirmations from my environment about this.

    To celebrate, I went to my new favorite restaurant with my wife last Friday.
    And to celebrate the entire program and the successes achieved this year, I'm still thinking about a fun activity with my daughters during the Christmas holidays.

  9. Unbeliefable that WOMB is over!
    It all happened so fast!
    Thank you so much for this experience! I will restart the program on the 2nd or January.

    I learned a lot and the biggest lesson for me was: I can be healthy AND have a growing business by constantly asking myself: I can I do this smarter not harder?

    I am going to celebrate with a vacation starting on Friday. I will spend 4 days just with myself at a nice place and I will map out my 2023.
    Thanks to your help I have a clear strategy and for the first time in 10 years I will prepare a whole year of content to sell my clan.
    This means that I will have time for my book, youtube videos, PR and finding out how to get on more stages.

    I definitely became a better entrepreneur in the last weeks and more confident in taking hard decisions. I sometimes was drinking tea at the gym but that was okay, as I was lifting heavy weights in other projects and have to be more careful than others with my energy.
    I took entrepreneurial decisions on a new level thanks to you and my business buddy’s Gerdy & Machiel. ❤️

    Thank you all for contributing your ideas, keeping each other accountable and celebrating every week! I enjoyed every post!

    I am so looking forward to meeting you in January! 🤩

  10. As in my comments from last week. And last weeks. Working on my company is a joy. As a result of which I experience pleasure and results in my company.

    This last week especially letting go of the guilt of not mattering. I matter.

    I judged myself that I couldn't participate every day and only answered the questions on Monday. Enjoy a day of recovery after fermenting.

    With setting up a new company, running the current company and the failure of my wife that I work with and so I was allowed to pick up her tasks in work and thhis and I did it with love. And also see growth that is needed again.

    Life is...

    More and more often in and through my head. For example, I often have certain words that resonate and linger and that make growth possible.

    We just had our weekly buddy cal on Monday morning at 8:00 am and in it you see and feel a kind of pity that it ends and that we would have liked to have continued with nisandeh.

    And I've had a nice plan for it. During last Thursday evening's meating. Wcome the following schedule to do in my mind for the next 52 weeks starting 1st week of January

    day 1: pot cast

    day 2: discuss tool tool video

    day 3: Discussing the product of the companies I do promotion / research for

    day 4: Ask the bicycle repairman to handle in you tube video

    Day 5: dealing with a repair on video and with texts

    day 6: you tube live

    day 7: I didn't have this one yet but it just came to mind (at first I thought of a rest day or extra day to do other things. But as I learned in this training it doesn't have to take a lot of time and I know that if i'm going to do this for a year my business and my position as an expert will look very different than now. It won't be hard work then it will be more fun and relaxation. I can handle it when there is a question and when the question comes up again can i refer to that.

    day 7 will describe a tool I use in my core value of dignity. and the pillars that I have.


  11. 1. What lessons you learned in the WOMB you’re going to keep implementing in the future?
    - using idea generator
    - working together with like minded people is a must.
    - buddy
    - habit of writing down the parts of challenges and making clear decisions what to do, what not, what to delegate/automate
    - Taking time for reflections
    - always start with why
    - schedule actions and complete them.
    - Use and apply 80/20 rule more
    - irresistable offers.

    2. Who have you become as a result of your participation in the program
    A more conscious entrepreneur, working smarter not harder. More open to business opportunities, working together is fun.

    3.How are you going to celebrate your completion of the WOMB program?
    Buying and decorating a christmas tree with my family.
    Inviting my buddies for dinner.

  12. Day 5:
    - The idea generator
    - The habit of writing down the parts of challenges and making clear decisions what to do, what not, what to delegate/automate
    - Taking time for reflections
    - Keeping an eye on the areas of growth
    - Keep the business clean

  13. Day 5: Lessons I’m going to implement in my life, who I did become and how I’ll celebrate the completion of the program:
    • Have daily moments Working On My Business.
    • Outsource far more than currently.
    • Automate far more than currently.
    • Pivot of things do not work.
    • Spend more time on class A clients.
    • Dump not promising clients.
    • Record 100-15o You-Tubes before the end of March.
    • Write one or more e-books the coming half year.
    • Celebrate successes and failures.
    • Secure food, skills and ‘stress-resistant money’ for rainy days.
    • Think for about strategies to follow and do less go with the flow.
    • Break-down large tasks in smaller one and finish finish and finish.
    • Send bill per direct.
    • Be great full for what I did and can accomplish.
    • Learn from others more and more.
    • Use and apply 80/20 rules more .

    Will have dinner in the city with my girlfriend and share a nice bottle of wine to celebrate the WOMB and plan to review and add missing things before Christmas and make a nice manual from all the output.

  14. Day 5 –
    The lessons I am going to keep implementing in my life:
    The idea generator and the fact that I need time off just to rethink what makes me happy and work on my bussines.

    What I learned:
    I have learned to think more strategically and ask others for help and focus on what I like and makes me happy because then I am in the flow.
    That ROI is the most important for me in bussines and in private life.

    Who I become:
    I think more patient in caring for my self so I can help others.

    I am going to celebrate the completion of the program.
    In januari I will go on a vision quest again and lock my self up again and just let happen what needs to be happening.

    Nissaneh and Vered: I want to thank you both, you realy chanched my life in a positive way, I got more peace with not beeing able to do what I usdes be able to do because of my accident and operation, just accept LIFE IS.
    The insights bussines wise made a big difference and eventhough I was in the WOMB for my own company de Interactie B.V. I got so much insides that I could use for ukIQ B.V. and for FLOW Cooperatie.
    It was not only about bussines, for me it was about life and implemant your bussines in to that.
    I am looking forward to januari and Nisandeh a special thank you for the Resilience Blueprint.

  15. Day 5: my progress is enormously, especially on the fields of creating ideas, making irresistable offers en implementing the best insights I have. Last thursday the biggest insight I got was that life is! That means, what there is now you can't change and accept it, knowing that it is my own choice to change thing from now on to live the life I want in the future. A big thank you Nisandeh and Vered and other backoffice support of your team! And last but not least thanks to my buddies, sure we still will meet eachother after this.

  16. One of the things I have not mentioned yet is that I involve my wife in a different way. It's become part of the weekly celebrations to do something together.

    Last night we celebrated Sinterklaas and we both got each other a board game. We played hers twice already and mine is halfway through open on the table. I love this!

    As for my insights from the Q&A. And also from my one on one session with nisandeh. Life is a training. And with every opportunity to train I can either resist or be grateful for it. What is comes down to is that every time I stay true to my word, I train myself to create my own vision. And then I can celebrate all the challenges and events, because they will train me to be a better person.

    So I have become a more focused, more qualified version of myself over the WOMB .

  17. My insights of the Q&A session of this week:
    - Get people to stay a year in your membership by offering a voucher for another of your products in return.
    - Spend a week in a calm place with no distraction to focus on solving 1 big question.
    - Only invest what you can afford to lose
    - Accept the fact that “life is”.
    - In life, we need to be responding to our potential.

    Who have I become: I am more purposeful about how I run my business, and more aware of how important asking the right questions is, for finding the right answers. That is truly a big gift I received here for the future of my business and life. And I am more conscious about time.

    I will celebrate my completion of the program by going out to a garden center and buy a beautiful poinsettia (Kerstster in NL) to bring some Christmas atmosphere in the house!

    Thanks again to everyone for your support, open-minded in sharing, and inspiration.
    And of course a BIG thank you to Nisandeh and Vered for all they have done!

  18. What I have learned in the program:
    - Define your ideal client and address their needs
    - Spend your time wisely. Delegate and automate as much as possible to free up time for essential tasks.
    - Keep building your expert position
    - Create a great offer (in several levels) to give your clients a remarkable product and experience.
    - Structure all the knowledge that you have into modules.
    - Consciously grow your expert position.
    - Keep evaluating and optimizing as much as you can in your business (and life).
    - Acknowledge myself for my accomplishments. And celebrate my successes every week.
    - And of course I learned many, many things more!

  19. Keep asking why first
    idea generator
    make them work first
    keep falling in love with my clients
    context over content
    Paint the picture of where I will bring them (straight from at the start)
    what if i could solve this by removing stuff (what is the shortest way to get where i want to be)
    asking: do i need it, really really need it, need it now?
    asking for referrals
    ask for the budget/ not having a talk with someone about a deal that does not have the budget
    Make clients work hard for a proposal
    Being higher than the others (standing etc) (leadership)
    Someone asked me to do a session next week- i will not ask money, but a referral letter to their best clients.
    keep looking for conscious virgins
    the setup of the WOMB , in our own program
    value=(dream result x belief) / (time delay x effort)- focus now on time delay and dream result
    creating irresistibleoffers

    1. Oh! who have I become...
      I feel I am more of an entrepreneur now. Making the step to being a business owner. With more confidence and tools to succeed in this.

      As expressed before, I owe a lot/most of the growth of my business to insights I gained by you Nisandeh. It is been the base and the start up until now. You and Vered taught me a new mindset toward money, business and life- this was years ago. I feel tremendously blessed and lucky I could participate in the WOMB . I already see the fruits of stuff I implemented during these weeks (even though by numbers this is a just 6000 euros). In the light of the biggest lesson I took from you: give, I wanted to celebrate by donating 25% of that amount to a charity(s) of you and Vered's choice. I am truly very grateful.

      1. WOW … Bas… thank you for this wonderful acknowledgment, and your generous offer.
        I will discuss it with Vered and we’ll come back to you with the charity/project.
        I have no words… but… THANK YOU!

      2. Hey Bas…

        Again… thank you for your very generous acknowledgment and offer to contribute… you have the mindset of an enlightenment millionaire… we were very touched.

        However, here are a few things we learned from contributing about €650,000 over the years to several charitable projects - first as individuals, then as a company, and later as a foundation (stichting) dedicated just for these causes:

        1. Every charity you give your money to will only pass a certain percentage of your contribution to the end “recipient”. 
They usually keep for themselves between 40% to 70% - depending on the charity and their “business model”.

        2. Two of our foundation board members were lawyers, and one was the top investing banker in Triodos Bank - and it was their responsibility to do a due diligence of every charity who wanted our money. 
They would check 12-20 projects/charities EVERY year - before they found one that they approved as fulfilling our criteria.

        What I’m trying to say is that although the world is full of charities and NGOs that would be happy to take your money and use it for charitable projects - it’s quiet hard to find one that would actually:

        1. Be an “honest” and transparent organization;

        2. Use most of your money to the benefit of the end “user”; AND…

        3. Report transparently on the uses of the money and the results achieved.

        That makes it harder to recommend you a charity we can stand behind, especially that we dissolved our own charity organization about 5 years ago.

        So, my recommendation would be more in line with the values that are important to US today - based on the following values:

        1. Making sure that 100% of your money will benefit your cause;

        2. Making sure that you have an active part in contributing to the cause (we would insist that we will contribute our knowledge, expertise and connections to a project together with the money we contributed);

        3. Making sure that the effect of your contribution will be lasting for dozens of years (or longer).

        So… long introduction… here goes…

        If I were you, I’d take the €1,500 you want to contribute and buy 60-75 young fruit trees that could easily grow in the Dutch climate and plant them in public areas that people could have access to them in the future.

        I wouldn’t go into public parks - as the park keepers might not be happy with your initiative. And I wouldn’t go into forests as those might not have the best conditions for young trees to compete for sunlight and nutrients.

        Best places would be along small roads, outside of farms fences, in places where they’d get enough rain also in summer - so you don’t have to take care of them.

        It’s a project that you can involve a few friends with, and together you can probably plant those in a day or two…

        You will be able to check on your “babies” every year, and you certainly would have the chance to see them in bloom and fruiting within a few years.

        Most of these fruit trees would easily live and produce for a 30-80 years or more. Stone fruits and pears produce for 20-30 years. Apple trees will keep producing for 50-80 years.

        Another variation on this action - is to come to Tenerife and with this budget we can easily plant together 100 olive trees, which will take 5-6 years to produce, but then keep living and producing for 500-1000 years or more…

        I hope that helps giving you a way of thinking, and if you want to use my recommendation - go for it. Otherwise, at least you know how we think…

        Go make the world a better place…

        1. Hey Nisandeh!

          Thank you for that compliment. It is something I have been training and enjoying for years now to the point it comes naturally. And vice Versa- it comes quite naturally therefor I enjoy training it. Due to you I recognised that.

          Also thank you for your great explanation. I recognise your arguments and love your solution. It is completely another direction than I thought of. Which is fantastic and I am getting very enthusiastic thinking of the long term effect of it.

          Since I have a garden I started to love planting and growing plants- so the idea lands in fertile soil..:)
          I am going to put some thoughts and planning into it and put the money aside for to start in spring.

          I am honoured for the invitation to come to Tenerife. Let us share some ideas next week on this as well (in a coachings session).

          I just realised you started the WOMB by saying what type of farmer we wanted to be. It is a perfect wrap-up.

          1. I just realised you started the WOMB by saying what type of farmer we wanted to be. It is a perfect wrap-up.

            You’ve got it!

  20. Day 5

    I keep the idea generator
    power of habits (step a day)
    start with the why
    If I can help people...put my ego aside (its not about me, its about us. We are one)

    Insights from yesterday
    think about what legacy is. for sure a tree
    the balance of 100% 100% 100% (focus?)
    focus on the clients you have, give them what they need and also in the Long term
    enjoy the proces

    the power of questions in training

    Diner with friends on Monday

    bye to you all.
    Thanks for being there with questions and insights.
    It helped me
    Wish you all the best the end of 2022 and al days of 2023

  21. my biggest ones?

    1. the idea generator.
    2. celebrate- I don't do this enough.
    3. really focus. Regularly point out what I want to do and how, and stick with it.
    4. Make sure what I do is fun.
    5. Stick to making videos, books and trainings.

    I think to me what was the biggest relief is to let go of marketing and focus on sales. it fits me so much better.

    Already started with the interviews for the next book. And looking forward to deliver my book to all the companies who helped me create it!

    1. Hm.... not sure what to do with the question who I have become.

      I was already me, now I'm also me...

      But celebrating? OH YEAH!! Planning a ski holiday in feb!! already looking forward to that big time! And will plan dinner with my sister also to celebrate the hard work of the past 3 months.

      1. Dear Gerdy,

        I think you can write about the way the WOMB program has transformed your life. How has it changed you or your ways? I would love to read your answer.



  22. Since my answer to the questions above are already on this week's assignment page, I'll set out my most interesting insights of the last Q&A session yesterday.

    1. The crisp & clear & concise list of how to optimize your productivity mode (3 elements that I fully related to): [1] work from a vision/purpose + [2] keep challenging yourself (physically, emotionally, productivity-wise, etc) + [3] arrange sufficient alone time on various time levels.

    2. Not literally conveyed in this way, but still my takeaway: with a “serial mono-focus” (do one thing really intensely for some dedicated time, and subsequently another thing, etc), you can create “balance” in a rather different and improved way. With mono-focus, you can achieve a lot in a “compressed” time-frame. And then you can do it again for another domain / project. In this way (compartmentalized + sequential approach of interests), you can accomplish more on various domain and see to a balance in that, compared to striving for a continual “blended” balance by doing everything in parallel. Within a couple of years, you'll have a much richer overall balance of what you gradually brought about in your life.

    3. In order to raise the best kid ever (to your own best insight regarding values, etc), become the best person in the areas that you find important (e.g. productivity, relationships, money, health, etc). Then show/explain all of it while doing it, involve the child in everything you do, make the kid really participate (in actions for skills, in decisions for awareness and taking responsibility, etc).

  23. ---- What lessons and other things you learned in the WOMB you’re going to keep implementing in the future? ----

    - Start with the WHY, always...
    - Sharing a solution is much more effective than sharing a method
    - Do what you love (and if you can' what you do)
    - Connect with others and inspire and support each other to grow
    - Do regular reflection and celebration to support that

    - There are many different sides from which I can look at something and all of these perspectives offer something new and unique
    - I can come up with a brilliant list of ideas in just 10 minutes using the Idea Generator
    - Reverse Engineering helps to increase understanding of something I've learned / am doing
    - Sharing with the world is not about working hard, but about working smart and from my heart

    ---- Who have you become as a result of your participation in the program ----
    + More aware of my potential and how to tap into it
    + As a result of that....more confident of myself and what I want
    + More confident about my abilities to generate a good income and take care of myself - also outside of my current business
    + Positive and hopeful about my and our future

    How are you going to celebrate your completion of the WOMB program?
    ~ Taking a full week off between Christmas and New Year's and booking a nice house in nature somewhere in January

    A big heartfelt thank you to :
    * Nisandeh for sharing this program, the continued support and inspiration, enthusiasm and commitment and for the brilliant extra workshops.
    * Vered for the support and inspiration
    * My buddies Jellie and Peter for our weekly meetings
    * Everyone in the program for the support, inspiration and willingness to share and be vulnerable

    Thank you all!
    I wish you all the best, a lot of love and clarity on your path...
    And have a great Christmas and New Year's!

  24. Day 5 09-12-2022

    – On the celebration page (Friday), share the lessons you will apply in your life, who you have become, and how you will celebrate completing the program.

    The most important insight from last night is that it is apparently important for me to hear something more often before it really sinks in. We discussed the insights with each other this morning with Bas and Alexander. The power of repeating the message.

    We also agreed this morning how we will continue with each other and our main challenge for 2023 is to realize an association.

    I now have a working system to increase my expertise status. I love doing this. I now share my experience and knowledge through blogs, video and podcasts. Alexander provided me with a system to promote this experience status.

    My credibility in being authentic and effective has been bolstered by the WOMB . My mission has become sharper by contributing to a better atmosphere and culture in the workplace. More fun in leadership also makes it more fun on the work floor.

    How am I going to celebrate this. Saturday will be a pampering evening for the two of us because the kids are not here. I have something to celebrate and Vanessa can wash away her bad experience from last week at work with a nice glass of wine. I have ordered my book, but not yet in my hands and I already have the commitment to offer it to the mayor of Gorinchem and the director of the Altena College. How cool is that!

    Experiencing and feeling connection is the most beautiful thing there is and we get that thrown into our lap when we are born. It is a choice to do something with it. This is also a call to everyone:

    Wie wil met mij een keer via de webcam afspreken om terug te kijken naar onze ervaringen met de WOMB . Dit is wat ik nog mis en ik zou jullie graag beter willen leren kennen.

    1. So wonderful Marcel, amazing to hear how much happened for you during this program... and it's all because of your own effort, time, persistence... I celebrate with you! Wonderful to hear about your book, and wishing you well! Hope to see you again in January...

    2. Leuk Marcel, ja wil ik wel met elkaar terugblikken op de WOMB en elkaar nog wat beter leren kennen!

      Dank voor jou inspiratie en je actieve deelname.

      1. Dankjewel Alma,

        Waar gaat jouw voorkeur naar uit? Dit jaar of volgend jaar? Ik kijk er naar uit om elkaar beter te leren kennen!

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